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I don’t usually go on blind dates but the way this man sounded on his ad I had to check him out.

And he was luscious. He stood a bit taller than I was. His profile said he was 6’6” and 280 pounds. His picture showed a shirtless muscled man with dark chocolate skin. I haven’t been out with too many black men but damn he looked good. So we set up a date.

I showed up at the restaurant and saw him standing there in a police uniform which pleased me even more. I love a man in a uniform and figured he was into role play.

I reached out my hand and grabbed his hand and said hi I’m Bobby.

Rick was all he said.

So what’s with the getup. I figured it was just a play costume and he said Just got off work didn’t have time to change.

Oh so you're a cop?

Well prison guard.

Interesting. It didn’t say anything about that in your profile.

Is that a bad thing?

No! No! I just didn’t realize. As a matter of fact I like a man in uniform.

Good. It can be offputting to some so I don’t tend to put that in the profile.

We went in and had a nice dinner. We chatted about everything. He had a fascinating job. It sounded like a action packed day.

As we headed out we stood at his car and he asked if I wanted to follow him home. I did.

Rick and I went in the front door and he turned around and put his hand behind my head pulling me in for a quick kiss. This was the first sexual contact we had that night and I found his thick lips and his intruding tongue exciting. I hadn’t even realized how much I liked it but Mr. Happy did. he started to poke his head out.

We sat on his sofa and continued our chat. This time talking about sexual interests that we hadn’t had the opportunity to talk about in the restaurant. He told me that he was primarily a top but bottomed on occasion I told him I was versatile. I was primarily vanilla only experimenting with a few things but he sounded like he liked he enjoyed trying things.

As we talked I realized that he was unbuttoning my shirt. This lended access to my chest which he rubbed and twisted my nipples. I reached up to unbutton his shirt but he stopped me. This was the first real sign that he liked to be in charge.

He made his way down to my pants as his tongue explored my mouth holding my head in place. As he got my pants unzipped and started playing with my cock it poked out of my boxers.

He reached down and undid my wingtips and soon he was picking me up and dropping my pants to the floor.I stood there naked and he led me to the bedroom and stood me in front of a full length mirror. I was so exposed but I wasn’t ashamed of my body. I wasn’t that much different from Rick. As he stood behind me in his uniform he stood just about 4 inches taller than me. He wasn’t much more muscled than me I worked out a lot and as he dropped his uniform we looked at our bodies in the mirror. I was almost the negative image of him.

He took me to bed and climbed on top of me.

His intruder found it’s mark and I was moaning in pleasure.

As he completed his work and stimulated the cum out of my cock with his rod up my ass he laid exhausted on my chest. I put my arm around him holding him close.

You will be coming to the prison on tuesday.

I can’t I got to work.

I said you will be coming to the prison on tuesday. I want to show you around.

There was something about that, that made me decide right there and then to go.

I don’t know what made me do it but I showed up tuesday taking a personal day and there stood Rick at the entrance ready to lead me in.

Just like cops have ride alongs I found out some times the prisons have open houses where citizens can go in and see what is going on. It was an attempt to humanize the institution in the eyes of the community. Not many took them up on the opportunity.

I got to see the process and meet a few of the less violent criminals and it was enjoyable until I went to leave. I went through the same search and there they found a weapon and that was a felony to have in the prison.

I protested my innocence. I don’t know if Rick was hurt or angry at embarrassing him at his work with the knife but he did vouch for me.

I got a lawyer and was released on bond.

I went through a quick trial and soon found myself in that same prison that Rick worked at.

I was terrified. I hadn’t ever been in jail and now I was. It was with Rick’s testimony that I got just 6 months. As I was processed in Rick introduced me to a thug, a biker big man, and said Tiny would take care of me when Rick wasn’t around.

He was to be my roommate and would protect me.

At my size you wouldn’t have believe I would need protecting but this wasn’t anything I was prepared for.

He was like a big brother. Keeping me safe.

When we went to the yard he watched over me. I would go to work out and as I rose a big meaty hand would fall to my shoulder keeping me sitting there watching the yard.

Tiny wasn’t very talkative.

We would go to the commissary for meals. And he made sure they didn’t skimp on the new guy as Tiny said.

And even in the cell Tiny left me alone.

Rick would come to visit and asked Tiny if I was being taken care of.

And it was hard the first week but I got along.

It seemed as though into the second week my lack of working out was starting to show. I wasn’t getting fat but I was losing my tone.

Soon I was getting double helpings at meals and even though I didn’t want them Tiny saw to it that I finished my plate.

And still the only exercise I was getting was to and from the cell.

Toward the end of the first month I was starting to get a spare tire. When Rick would come to visit I told him about it. I thought Tiny was trying to fatten me up. But Rick just said he has strict orders to take care of you and I would be very disappointed if anything happened to you. He is probably making sure that you don’t make any enemies.

That sounded reasonable. But what about the extra food.

He knows that only the most well connected get to eat well here. He is probably making sure that all the inmates know that you have friends in high places. Just do as he says and you will be fine.

By the middle of the second month I had a full fledged paunch and the beginning of man boobs.

I couldn’t go on with this but as I was getting rounder I was finding it harder and harder to resist Tiny’s meaty paw on my shoulder.

When I protested to the warden he wasn’t as comforting as Rick was. He knew that I knew Rick but he saw me as just another criminal and that Rick was on shaky ground having sponsored me.

I went back and realized that I wasn’t going to have any help there.

So I kept doing as Tiny demanded and I grew. And grew. And grew. Most of the former muscle had been converted to fat. I was nearing 350 and only half way through my six months.

That was when Tiny got more demanding. I wasn’t just doubling my intake but some of the others were putting their leftovers on my plate and Tiny was pushing it in me. And I mean pushing it in. I was resisting and he would hold me around my growing middle and bring a spoon to my mouth and force it down.

At the time of my release I hadn’t been bothered by any other inmate other than Tiny and here I was about double the weight I was when I came in at 530. Even though most would have put on muscle being incarcerated I had just put on fat. I jiggled. And having not had sex in the last six months food became my deepest desire.

It was when I left that I saw Rick waiting for me. The orange jump suit was all that would fit me when I left. I thought they gave you a new suit when you left prison but Rick told me I had been watching too many old movies. I got in the car with him and he took me back to his place.

He seemed even more amorous than he had been when we first made love. He not only squeezed my nipples he squeezed my moobs.

He held me tight, unable to reach around my belly.

I was ready for sex. I wasn’t on my back this time when we went to bed. I was on my hands and knees as he thrust into me. I thought that I would cum but I wasn’t as excited by it as I thought I should have been. It was when he rolled me over on my back and plopped a cheesecake on my belly that I started to get hard.

Rick fed me a slice of cheesecake and stroked my cock buried deep in the flesh.

One after another until I had finished the cheesecake.



What are you doing?

Feeding you.

But I have to get back to working out and find a job.

Oh no big guy. I will be taking care of you.

Ok I guess that takes care of the job but I need to work out.

This is your workout. Rick caressed my belly.

What do you mean?

I mean you are going to grow this. You are going to get so fat you will need help to move.

But I don’t want that.

I don’t care what you want. You are my pig and you are going to get fat. Why do you think I got you put in prison for 6 months. I was hoping it would be for a year. Tiny had to work fast.

This was you? I’m going to the cops.

Who do you think they are going to believe. And don’t think about leaving. You go anywhere I will make sure that you go back to prison and don’t forget you are on probation. That will mean a year easy. And then you won't be able to walk out.

But it sounds like you have that goal in mind here.

But here you will enjoy it.

I was trapped.

As Rick went to work the next morning I weighed my options. I considered leaving but i would need something to wear. I searched the house for something for my size. Sweat pants. A stretchy shirt. Anything.

Then a knock came at the door and I opened the door hoping it would be someone that would help me.

There in the door stood Tiny.

Rick said you need some more incentive.
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