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It was late into indian summer when I saw a boy sitting outside of the front window eating his lunch. The first time in what would become a habit.

As I watched he looked around and I was sure I saw him occasionally looking into the window or watching the men that came into my shop.

Let me back up a bit. I am Scott I have a Big and Tall shop. Being nearly 6’7” I am representative of the Tall part and usually the men I hire are more toward the big side or somewhere between. And this was the odd thing about the boy having lunch outside. He was obviously neither. He wasn’t skinny, he looked to work out excessively and at somewhere in the mid 5’ range he wasn’t tall. So why was he here and was I misinterpreting his location?

So I let it go.

The next day he was back. Same place.

For a full week he was there in that same place at exactly 12:20 until 12:40. He even seemed to show up on the weekends.

And then it stopped.

I found that I missed seeing my little boy sitting outside the window but on Thursday he was out there again.

I let him continue his routine for another couple weeks and he barely missed a day. After three weeks and he missed another day I waited for him to return and on that day I saw him show up. I put the closed for lunch sign up in the window and headed out with my lunch. I sat down next to him and opened my lunch bag.

How are you doing? I probed.

Huh? He looked around wondering who I was talking to. Not seeing anyone he said, Are you talking to me?

Uh well fine I guess. Why?

Just wondering. The name’s Scott.

Hello sir.

And you are? I quizzed.

Um I um am Israel.

Israel? Interesting name.

Really? I guess I am just use to it.

So what do you do for a living Israel?


I held up my arms showing that there was no one in the area and looking quizzically at him.

I work at a call center.

Oh the Verizon over the next street?

Uh yea.

So what brings you over here for lunch.

I don’t know I just like it. Nice big tree to sit under. Big bench. Nice scenery.

You mean my customers or me?


I have watched you come around for several weeks now and you seem to be watching my shop at times. So I got to ask is it me or the men that come in?

I don’t know what you are talking about I don’t look at you or your customers.

I think you do but if you want to think that I will let it go.

So are you happy at your job?

I don’t know what you are up to mister but I’m not interested. He got up and picked up what was left of his lunch and headed back.

I didn’t see him for over a month.

It was beginning to get a bit cold when I was once again alone in my shop and I heard a ding at the front door bell. I’ll be right with you. I yelled from the back.


As I heard the response I thought to myself I know that voice but it had been so long I couldn’t place it and I pride myself on remembering people. It comes in handy in my line of work making my customers feel comfortable. So I stuck my head out behind the back curtain and I saw the boy standing out in the middle of the store looking down at his feet and as I came out it looked as though he was going to bolt out the door.

Hey Israel isn’t it?

You remember my name?

It comes in handy in my line of work. So what’s up? Haven’t seen you in awhile. How are things these days.

I’m fine. Well not fine. I got laid off.

So you are looking for work?

Kinda. Thought maybe you would know someone that needs a hard worker.

Well I am a little short handed right now.

Oh no I couldn’t work here. I was just wondering if any of your friends in the area, well maybe you could put in a good word.

Seriously I could use some help I have been here most days alone. I could use someone dependable. And as I recall you were pretty regular on that front bench.

But I am not tall and I am not fat either.

I chuckled a bit and looked at him in the eyes. It isn’t a requirement.

Israel looked up at me and I saw that he wanted to work here.

So I just need you to fill out the application for the records but I will put in a good word with the owner and knowing how much I trust my word I am sure I will give you the job.

But I thought you were the owner.

I am.

For the first time I saw Israel laugh and it was a wonderful deep laugh as he got my little joke.

Show up Monday ready to work.

I don’t know if it was just my own elation that this boy was going to work here or if he really did skip out the door but my own heart was flying.

Come monday Israel was at the front door before I even got to the store. How are you doing my boy.

Great. I hope this is ok.

Israel was dressed in some nice pleated khaki pants and a lavender button down. He had on loafers.

Well not bad but we can dress you up a bit.

We went to the back room and I showed him around. I put the package down on a table at the front desk near the registers and told Israel to take one. It was a couple dozen donuts.

Oh no I had breakfast.

Seriously Israel these are for us and the customers. Take one.

Not wanting to annoy his new boss he took one and slowly ate it as they went around the store.

I showed him how to measure someone and find the correct size. As I measured him I took a suit jacket off the rack that would have been more for big men and it was probably three sizes too big but the tall ones would have draped to his knees.

Here try this on. I like my workers to wear a suit jacket.

Oh. Israel looked down. I don’t have any.

That’s ok we can use one of these till we can get you one.

So as the put it on it looked like he was almost swallowed by the jacket.

I don’t think it fits too good.

Don’t worry we will have it tailored.

And now how about a tie.

You might not realize but big and tall men have extra long ties. The tall men need it because their torso is longer than most men but big men need it to go over that protruding belly.

As I tried to tie it, it draped way down his front. I took the excess and pulled at his Khaki’s and stuffed the extra in his pants. That should be ok.

Are you sure it is ok?

You look fine.

For the first few weeks Israel seemed to be nervous about working in the store. He didn’t know the stock, he hadn’t ever used a register, and he was a bit shy. But slowly he became more comfortable with work and he and Bobby, my other employee got along well. Bobby was a moose of a man. 5’10” somewhere in the range of 350 pounds, I never measured him, and built like a football player. Somewhat fat but more muscled.

As they got more friendly and Israel seemed more comfortable with me and the store I seemed to notice more of the donuts gone by the time I came in to check on things the days that Bobby opened.

Now I know that Bobby didn’t eat donuts at all and the receipts weren’t that much different so I figured that either Bobby had changed his ways or they had found their way into Israel. And I was right.

I took Israel and Bobby out to lunch from time to time at a buffet down the street and it looked like his suit was a bit tighter.

Looks like someone has been working out there.

Bobby naturally chimed in and said thanks. A big shit eating grin on his face.

Yea yea I know you like to work out but I think you have been corrupting our boy here. He looks like he is working out too and going to be a bear like you.

I have no idea what you are talking about I haven’t been pushing this boy at all.

Well it looks like Israel here needs a new suit. We are going to have to measure you when we get back and get you a good fitting suit.

When we got back I measured Israel and his waist was four inches thicker than before. His arms were thicker and so were his legs.

Well pick out a new suit and we will have it tailored.

Israel picked out a cheap suit and I told him to put it on. As he changed I picked out a couple more.

As he stepped out I looked at the suit. Now that is just not you.

Here try this one on.

We had a little fashion show with Israel and soon landed on a nice navy suit. It was marked up for the tailor and I sent him back in to change back into his old clothes. I tossed him a new shirt size large and told him to put it on. It fit much better.

I told the tailor to leave room for expansion since that seemed to be Israel’s direction and sure enough I had the suit let out a couple times before we had to get him another suit.

The donuts became more plentiful when I opened and the more I brought the more disappeared down Israel’s front. I found it entertaining to take Israel out to lunch often and at just 19 he was a good eater and it showed more and more.

By Christmas Israel had once again gone up a couple sizes.

For six years Israel worked for me and there was not a time that he went down in size. At his anniversary I measured him for a new suit and he was now a good foot rounder than he was tall. That made him 75” around at his belly when he was standing and even bigger sitting down. His legs were the size of his waist when he started working for me and he had a positively round face.

Those ties now fit well over his rotund belly.

Israel had visited often as the years went by but there had never been any sexual interaction but that changed Christmas Eve. I had a new suit for Israel and that big fur trimmed red suit seemed humorous knowing his name but I wanted to see my own Santa Claus.
We had a wonderful Christmas dinner followed by a Santa strip tease in my bedroom. I almost came right then but it looked like Santa had something for a good boy as he climbed up on top of me and spread his cheeks to accept my stiff member.

He rose and dropped feeling my cock inside of him and neither one of us could hold on long. I felt his ass muscles constrict as they milked the cum from me. I felt the warmth of his cum dripping down my belly since it couldn’t escape the belly pressing hard onto my abdomen.

Exhausted Israel collapsed next to me and in moments we were moth sleeping soundly.

In the morning I was cooking breakfast when Israel came down wrapped in the largest robe I had and even that left a good third of his belly exposed.

I see I am going to need to get you a custom robe.

We both giggled and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my midsection and I felt his belly press against my back.

God see what Santa brought you.

I had several suits wrapped for Israel in increasingly larger sizes.

As I cooked he opened them and tried them on.

What are you thinking this will never fit me.

Now now Israel you should know by now I like you large.

But this is huge.

I went up to Israel and picked up his belly and said this is huge. Picking up the suit I said this will be massive and oh so sexy.

You want me this big.

Isn’t it obvious?

You know Scott I was watching your store those many years ago.

I know.

I wasn’t really watching you either.

I know.

I liked the mannequins in the windows. I loved their size.

I know.

How? How did you know?

I watched you. I brought in the donuts. I invited you to the buffets. If you didn’t want this you would have fought it all the way. But you wanted this so much and now it is what I want. And I held up the suit.

A twinkle appeared in his eye and he knew he wanted it too.

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