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"Lift my belly and stick it into me!

"Push against my fat, knead my belly, fuck me!

"Pull and twist the nipples, OH God! that feels fantastic.

"Make me cum!

"Feel them grow.

"Oh Yea!, I’m gonna cum!

"Now together!

"Hold my breasts. Feel them grow for you.

"Suck them, and you’ll get your reward.

"Oh yea. Drink the milk. Pull it out of me. Bit me. Chew me. Drain it! Now the other!

"Pull on it. Suck. Make it huge. Twist it!

"I’m cumming again!

"Get ready for another load of milk!

"Ah! Drained at last.

"You feel sleepy? Go ahead fall asleep on my soft belly, When you wake up you’ll have a surprise! Really I promise not to roll over on you. Just let go.”

I think I’m in love! Sam is wonderful. Big dick, great stamina. 6’’4” and about 8”. He easily weighs 210 pounds. Not even half of what I weigh, but I’m soft fat to his hard muscle. He is three years younger, but so what.

He picked me up at the bar on a dare from his friends. "Go over and proposition the fat fucker. With that much fat they’ll never know if you are in them. Who cares if it is male or female. I mean how can you tell at that weight? Why can’t the hippos stay out of sight, disgusting!”

He never had fat sex before, but I don’t think he will go back anytime soon.

His clothes were tight before. They will be spray paint now!. He made me cum twice and drank my milk between each cum. That will put a total of 20 pounds of muscle on him. I know he wants more muscle. I think he’ll stick around a while.

Bed time!

That’s a nice way to wake up, He is cleaning me up from our orgasms. I feel his head below my belly licking out the cum.

"Come on up here and let’s kiss. You taste really good. Both our cum loads.

"I have your surprise. Help me up. Lets go into the bathroom.

"What did you weigh yesterday morning? 210?

"Step up on the scales. Yea I know it is a large scale. It will handle 800 pounds.

"230 pounds. Feel your muscles, Feel how they have grown. That was your surprise! 2 orgasms to me 20 pounds of muscle for you.

"What do I weigh? Let’s see.

"575 pounds. You like?

"Lets go get some breakfast.

"Don’t do any squats, you’ll rip those jeans. Your nipples show through the t-shirt. They hang off the bottom of your shelf there. Think you’ll get through breakfast before you rip out the seams?

‘I’m starved, let’s head out

"Yea, they know me here. I always get the large chair. Now let’s order, you took a lot out of me last night, but I must say it looks good on you.

"Yes, it is a little difficult reaching past my belly and moobs. You want to feed me?”

I never hoped to get someone to feed me. "Just fill me up!

"I’ll need your help getting out of the chair. I’ve never eaten that much at one sitting before. I’m stuffed and bloated. Want to go back to my place?

"Actually, since I drove you don’t have much choice. Or I can drop you off at your place.

"Do you have any work clothes that will fit for tomorrow? Jeans, t-shirt and work boots. I’m sure you look really butch. Won’t they be too tight?


"Ok, I’ll drop you at your place. I’ve got your contact info. I’ll call a little later in the week.”

I think Sam got off on feeding me. At least if the wet spot mid thigh was any indication. He’s going to have trouble fitting his basket in his jeans tomorrow. His thighs are larger and an erection will be very visible. Nice that he dresses left. Easy to stroke through the jeans while driving.

Great kisser also.

I work for an investment fund that I founded. Fifteen clients, 100 million. I’ve been returning about 8.5% for the past three years. I can work from home, and only need to meet the investors about twice a year.

Convenient, but then most offices can’t handle an almost 600 pound man. I’m happy that my first long term lover helped me set this up, even though he turned out to be a slime ball! Showed his true colors at the end, but everything was set then and he couldn’t cheat me out of it!

Sam was eager to get together again. he called Tuesday night. We are meeting Friday after work. He is planning on staying the weekend.

I am so glad I got Frank to make a change in me. I took over his investments for free for two years as the fee. Now I can have an orgasm without the boobs filling with milk and my partner gaining muscle or fat. Unless there is intense nipple play the milk doesn't come in. I’m not sure Sam would be ready to put on another 40 pounds of muscle this weekend.

Friday, I get the flat picked up. Sam is due about 6:00.

God what a hunk. He is wearing really tight faded jeans, and a black muscle top. Gotta get him to stop shaving his body hair. He will look good with it, and the stubble gets really abrasive on my skin.

I press him against the door and into my fat as he hugs me and kisses me. He can almost reach around me. Almost but not quite.

We were going to go out, but while we were kissing, I started rubbing my belly against him. He pulled me down on top of him and I kept rubbing against his body. My belly came free of my t-shirt letting my moobs get in on the action. 8X shirts are just not long enough to tuck in under my belly. He was panting as I kept swaying my belly over his bod.

Sam came and ripped his worn jeans at the same time. We decided to stay in Friday night.

We ordered in pizza and beer. One extra large and a 12 pack.

I strip Sam of his t-shirt and help peel off his jeans. I run my hands over his pecs and tell him, "You need to stop shaving these. Let the hair grow back, I love the feel of a man’s body hair when I’m pressing against him.”

I start tweaking his nipples and twisting and pulling on them. His pecs and nipples have grown and the nipples point straight down on the bottom of the muscle. I put two 4 oz nipple weights on him and gently tug at them. The alligator clips have bitten into his tender flesh. Sam is totally erect and dripping.

The pizza and beer arrive and I start feeding Sam, he eats ⅓ of the pizza and has three beers. His flat belly is pushed out and he is panting. He lays back on the couch, and I unclip the weights and swallow him to his shaven pubes. His second orgasm of the night is very plentiful, and delicious.

There is still ⅔ of the pizza and nine beers left. Sam strips me and starts feeding me the pizza. He holds each piece up to my mouth, not forcing it in, but letting me chew and swallow before the taking the next bite. Between each piece I have a beer.

Sam uncaps the beer and holds it up to my lips. He upends the bottle and I have no choice but to drain each bottle in one long swallow. He is basically lying on top of me to do this feeding. He feels so light even as he sinks into my flesh.

I finish the pizza and eight beers. I feel like a beached whale. My gut just flows out and down over the thighs almost to my knees. Sam starts lifting it and kneading it. He reaches down and tries to fondle my penis. He is having a hard time finding it.

"I know you say you’re male, but I can’t find your penis.”

"It’s there just very short and very wide. Lift up my belly and put your dick inside my foreskin. Dock with me.” When my foreskin grew back, I found that instead of just covering the head it grew to the point that a man could put his dick into it and pump against my glans. I also now have muscles in the foreskin that can tighten around a dick to provide more stimulus.

At that point in my life I still thought of myself as straight. What was I going to do? My dick was 4” in diameter and Three inches long, Hard. My foreskin was regrowing and I was gaining weight. My dick was being pulled deeper into my growing pubic fat pad. I had to use a mirror to see it, and it looked like a vagina.

Sam found the opening and put his dick in. I tightened my foreskin around his dick and we both soon got off.

As we lay there Sam asked, "How did you come to this?. Did you have surgery? Were you born this way?”

As he was asking he was pulling me toward him, I wound up with my belly pinning him to the couch.

"It’s a long story.

"About five years ago I was an obnoxious frat boy. Just finishing my Junior year in college. I thought I was the best thing that ever happened. I saw two women at a bar, and I wanted them. I started obsessing over them. I started stalking them.

"I followed them from the bar one night and found out they were lovers. I just knew that it was because I had never made love to them that they were lesbians. The next week I saw them at the bar again, but this time they were with a man.

"The guy was about 6’3” and looked to be in OK shape. Not as good as me of course, but OK.
I decided to confront them again. I mean here they were with a man, what else were they gong to do but have sex with him, It was me they needed to have sex with.

"I kept coming back to their table and accosting them. Finally the butcher of the two told me to put up or put out. I had bragged that I had a humongous dick. I had a little bigger than average, but I figured the other guy wasn’t hung. There really wasn’t a basket showing.

"I went with them back to their condo. Where the smaller girl shackled me to the bed so I could see the guy fuck them. He came out of the bathroom, and I knew I was fucked. The guy was easily 12x3. He got it on with both women. I could only watch. I couldn’t not watch. I was shackled to the bed and they basically went at it directly over my head.

"He pumped them both full and then turned his attention to me. I was scared shit-less, but not about to show it. I commented on his recovery time and how long it was taking him. He just smiled.

"He started rubbing his dick against my asshole. Slicking it up with his pre. He grabbed both nipples and gave them a hard twist. I screamed and he pushed in to the pubes during that scream. It hurt at first, then then felt really good.

After he came I felt really sleepy. It was weird, I hadn’t had a orgasm, but here I was falling asleep. When I woke up I wasn’t shackled, but I had a hard time moving.

Frank told me how things were going to be from now on, ”Jack, Julie and Sarah are going to need your help over the next two years. They asked me to impregnate them and tonight I synchronized their ovulation. I’ll impregnate them a little later in the week.

"You have been hassling them for a awhile, and you are going to pay for that. They’ve seen you stalking them here at home. You really creaped them out. Now you are going to help them out.

"You look to be a Junior in college, and about 165 pounds. Congratulations on avoiding the "freshman 15”. Problem for you is that you are going to get the "Senior 90”. Between now and your graduation you will gain 90 pounds.

"Not all in fat, you will develop a roid gut and "bitch tits”. Your tits will grow until by next December they will be full and leaking milk. That works out great as Sarah and Julie are each going to have twins. You can’t tell them this. You will be the provider of milk for two of the babies.

"Julie and Sarah have agreed to have you move in and help them. You will finish college, but you will be the wet nurse to help them out.

"I’ve programmed these changes into you. That is what took so long for my "recovery”. In case you doubt me reach down and feel your "Humongous dick”.

I reached down and couldn’t get my hand around my dick. It was huge! It was also short, I lost half my length!

"Jack, you are now 4” in diameter and 3” long. Your foreskin will gradually grow back, but you will find your length decreasing as your fat pad grows thicker. You might want to call yourself "Jackie” for a while. With your tits and what looks like a vagina you will pass for a butch female.

"You’ve got a lot of changes that will be happening, but if you help Julie and Sarah, I think you’ll wind up liking them. Crap out on them and you’ll regret it. I don’t like spoiled frat boys, and you really burned Sarah and Julie. This is your chance to make it up to them.”

"Frank left the room and I found I could move freely. I had to piss// really bad so I went into the adjoining bath and tried. I had to sit to piss. There wasn’t enough dick to aim standing. I had to push down on my "nubbin” to keep it in the bowl.

"When I finished I stood up and ran my hand down my hairy chest and flat belly. All the hair came off! I had a smooth swath down my front. I got into the shower and had to unclog the drain six times. All the body hair came off. I only had eyebrows, eyelashes, and the hair on my head. It was two inches longer then yesterday. That is when it really hit me.

"What the hell had I gotten myself into?

"I moved into Sarah and Julie’s house that week. Over the course of the next 9 months as they got bigger and more gravid, we actually became friends. I gained closer to 120 pounds, but when the babies came my milk really came in, and they started nursing. Four boys each weighing 9.5 pounds. They were very hungry babies.

"By the time I graduated in June, I had lost 30 pounds. The boys had sucked it out of me. I found that I could orgasm from having my tits sucked. Julie and Sarah taught me to love being penetrated anally. I still thought I was straight.

"After graduation, I stayed with Julie and Sarah. They went back to work and I took care of the boys. I found out that Sarah had quite a bit of money. Since I was a finance Major, I offered to help manage their accounts. That was the genesis of the investment fund.

"Without the boys sucking me dry multiple times a day, I found myself gaining weight. about 10 pounds a month. By the end of the year I was 325 and had hair down to my shoulders. My dick couldn’t stick out of the fat pad, and if you didn’t check carefully you couldn’t see my balls.

"I started picking up men in bars and letting them fuck me. Front or back it was great. I had them suck me dry as well. If a man drank my milk he put on muscle. Bodybuilders started to love dating me.

"After about a year of this I was 425 and I met Gerald. Gerald became a "steady” boyfriend. He wound up moving in with me. I was still staying at Sarah and Julie’s.

"Gerald was an investment banker. He helped me set up the fund, but I had the papers redrawn by my own attorney without Gerald knowing. I was really glad I did this later. Under the first wording, Gerald could have taken most of the funds without my knowledge, leaving me to explain to the investors what happened and taking the rap.

"About two years after I graduated, I hit 500 pounds. I stabilized at that weight. Gerald over the course of that year went from 170 pounds to 300 ripped muscled pounds. All from my tits.

"He loved to fuck me and get me off several times. My boobs got larger each time I orgasmed. He loved sucking me down to "normal”.

"I was assembling the investors when Frank and his lover Jeremiah came to visit Sarah, Julie and the boys. Over dinner one night I told Frank about the fund and offered to help him with his investments. Frank was interested, but wanted to check out the paperwork behind the fund. I had no problem with that , but Gerald started in on the hard sell to Frank.

"I could see that this put up several red flags for Frank.

The next morning while Gerald was at work I met with Frank to go over the paperwork. After reading through the description of the fund Frank turned to me and said, ”Jack, this all looks legitimate, but it doesn't match what Gerald was saying last night. He was promising way more than you are committing to. Whats up?”

"Frank, I like Gerald, but when he drew up the papers for the fund I noticed that there were several strange clauses in them. I spent quite a bit of time going through everything, and found that Gerald would have been able to skip with 90% of the investment funds leaving me hanging to the investors.

"I don’t know if he would have done that, but I had the papers redrafted by my own attorney. I had to borrow money from Sarah to do this, but she agreed with me.

"Gerald is a great fuck, but I’m also seeing a cruel streak from him lately. Last week he made me come four times and never relieved the pressure in my tits. I finally needed to use a breast pump to relieve the pressure. He has done this to me several times. We have even gone out when my moobs were at the largest. He has basically pimped me out to several of his friends.

"You know I get really horny as my tits grow, but this is starting to get to me.

"I’ve put 100+ pounds of muscle on Gerald and I think he is getting ready to dump me and try to take off with the money. I think he was after you just to top off the funds before he makes his move.”

"Jack, I think for your sake I need to make another change in you. I’m going to make it so that the next man who fucks you will be the only one that this will affect. So make sure Gerald fucks you tonight and no one else! Also make sure he drinks your milk as that will seal the changes in him as well.

" If Gerald is planning to screw you over he will start fucking you, and not relieving your milk pressure. He is going to be fascinated at how large he can make your moobs. The more he fucks you and doesn't relieve the pressure the larger your tits will grow. If he gets to the 15-20 range you will look like you have two large watermellons with nipples.

"Eventually he will have the overwhelming desire to drain your moobs. He will then get his reward for being such a pig. He will essentially turn into a pig. You very well may lose about 100 pounds through all this, but Gerald will top out at several times his starting weight.

"Let me know when Gerald has drained you. I have two friends who want to raise a pig. They want to see what a 1500+ pound hog looks like. They will take him off your hands.

"Jack over the past three years you have grown, and matured. If you want, after this I’ll change you to be more normal. I can’t undo everything, but I think you have matured really well.”

"Thanks, Frank. I might want some reinforcement, but I’ve grown to love being large. I’ll just need to find a man who appreciates me for me.

"That evening after Gerald fucked me he rolled off and started to go to sleep. I climbed on top of him, pinning him to the bed, and started rubbing my nipples over his mouth. He eventually gave in and drained me.

"About one week later I mentioned that Frank had transferred quite a bit of money into the investment fund. That Friday Gerald fucked me. Then he inserted a huge vibrating butt plug. I was having orgasms from the butt plug when he started frontally fucking me, and twisting on my nipples. my milk quickly came in and he just let it.

"About five hours later I had passed to 20 unrelieved orgasm stage. I couldn’t get up from the bed as my moobs had grown almost to my crotch. My nipples had grown to be three inches long and 1 ½ in diameter. I was in pain from all the pressure in my moobs.

"That was when Gerald started sucking. He was almost in a coma, but when i put a nipple to his mouth he suckled. It took another three hours to drain my moobs. They shrank back, but not entirely.

"That morning Gerald started again fucking me and making me orgasm. He knew enough that I needed water and food to produce milk and he had a tank and hose filled with watered down baby formula. He thought it was ironic that I was drinking formula while producing milk.

"35 orgasms. My tits were down to my crotch. I was again pinned by them to the bed. Gerald went after them like a starving man.

"He repeated this Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I was able to get away. Gerald had easily put on 100 pounds in the past three days. He could barely move.

"I called Frank and let him know what happened. He told me his friends would pick up Gerald later that evening.”

"Even with the intensive feeding, I was about 50 pounds lighter. The men came to pick up Gerald that evening. They were two huge powerlifters. The picked up Gerald as if he weighed nothing. They told me I could come over and check up on Gerald’ progress anytime.

"I’ve been over there six times. Gerald is now 1,600 pounds and trying for an even ton. They inserted an evacuation tube for his ass and another for his dick. He is in a tank of water to support him, and they have a tank with a hose for his feed. I never knew skin could stretch so far.”

"Frank’s word was good. he made several changes in me. I can now control my lactation, and if there will be muscle growth, fat growth or just plain milk. I also have no health issues, no heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. I can be fat and I love it.

"Yea, I’m still a total bottom, but can you imagine being topped by me? Think of my gut on your back, you’d be flattened before I could get into you. Besides I love it!

"You seem to like feeding me, and fucking me. I’ve fallen for you in just the past two weeks.

"What do I think about 700? How would you like to be a 350 pound muscle bear?

"Oh Yea Baby, Faster Harder Deeper, and Suck Those Tits.

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