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Jealous wife gets even
Mark learned early how to use his looks to get what he wanted. For starters he has been tall all his life. He was 6' tall by age 17 and hit 6'3" in his freshman year of college. Being tall he stood out in a crowd already but since he had the chiseled good looks of an Abercrombie and Fitch model he was constantly getting ogled. He always had people paying attention to him, automatically got the best table in restaurants, got out of speeding tickets and was able to get any guy he wanted with just a wink.

He grew up in a large middle class family in the Midwest. His dad was an ex NFL quarterback so sports were a big part of Mark's life. He played football, baseball, soccer and basketball when he was young, but as he started towering over other kids his age he was moved into a full time basketball player.

He got a scholarship to UVM out of high school and that's when he me Lebron and Jen. Lebron was a 6'6" Nubian prince with glistening black skin and a 9" cock. Mark's first sexual encounter had been with his high school basketball coach and he loved the feel of getting fucked by a hot, tall black man with a big cock. Mark always carried a 9" dildo with him so he could watch himself in the mirror and Lebron's cock was amazingly similar. He loved to watch himself in the locker room mirror late after practice when the other guys had gone and left him and Lebron alone. He loved to see his tight white bubble butt get fucked by Lebron.

Jen was introduced to him by a mutual friend. Jen was an heiress to a $20 million fortune and Mark was lazy so it was love at first sight as far as he was concerned. She thought he was hot and he wanted her money. He did have a tough time on the wedding night playing a top, but he took one for the team. He kept picturing Lebron's hot 9" cock as he quickly screwed his mousy, plump new bride.

Jen's father gave them a large home for a wedding gift and since Mark was in sales he traveled all the time sleeping with boyfriends in every major city. He loved to check himself out in the mirror especially his tight little ass. Every morning he would get hard looking at his image in the mirror and sometimes it would take him an hour to leave the hotel room because he got so giddy looking at his perfect face and body. He had modeled in high school for A&F so he had a network of hot friends from all over that were always glad when he came to town for a workout and a ride on their cocks. His tight, white ass was famous for how hot it was and how well it fucked big cocks.

Jen bore Mark 4 children which was amazing considering they only had sex twice a year at most. Jen was surrounded by her family and had put on what she called "happy fat" she loved being the mom in the minivan taxiing kids from event to event and eating fast food all the time. Mark stayed lean and toned and at 32 years of age could easily pass for 25. With a wink he could pick up any hot guy he wanted and he loved to watch himself getting fucked by big dicks in the mirror. He loved it so much he developed the habit of videotaping all his sex capades. Lebron was in the NBA now so Mark flew to Atlanta once a month to see his part-time lover and get his ass pounded. He loved it when Lebron invited his NBA friends over to fuck the out of town guest with the hot ass. They always told him how hot he was as he would stretch out his 6'3" frame and then bend over for some rear action. He also loved sit on a hot guy’s lap top to ride his hard cock.

Right after Jen had baby number four she was going through Mark's closet one day and found a collection of dildos, gay porn magazines and Mark's video camera. She sat in tears in the den that afternoon watching her beautiful husband strutting has ass and taking cock into his ass as was shown in the video replays. She ate a gallon of Haagen Daasz, loosened her sweat pants and plotted her revenge. She was not going to get mad; she was going to get even.

When Mark came home from work that evening Jen had prepared a huge feast. She handed Mark a 900 calorie shake when he walked in and told him to drink. Mark said he wasn't hungry but Jen would not take no for an answer. She led him into the den where Mark's dildo collection and gay magazines were strewn on the table and she hit play on the VCR. Mark's jaw dropped as he watched himself on the screen shaking his ass in front of a beautiful blond lifeguard. His mouth remained wide open as he saw his wife sitting in a beach chair behind him as he led the lifeguard over the dunes. Mark watched himself take off his bathing suit and suck the young lifeguard’s dick and then insert the swollen dick into his tigh,t hot bubble butt. Mark pleaded for Jen to turn it off but she would not stop the tape until the lifeguard had come in Mark's face and then peed on his chest and balls. The last scene showed Mark running into the ocean and then sitting back down next to his wife with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Eat" said Jen. "I'm not hungry” said Mark. "You will eat what I tell you to eat or I will send copies of this tape to daddy, your parents and your boss". Oh shit thought Mark as he gulped down the shake and sat down to start eating. Not a word was spoken. About halfway through the meal Mark had to unbutton his pants and loosen his belt. Hell hath no fury he thought to himself.

Every day now started out the same way. Jen made sure Mark ate 3 huge meals a day, snacked in between, ate a huge dessert and drank 6-900 calorie shakes per day. She was on a mission. She had bought Mark a whole new wardrobe so that his clothing could keep up with his expanding belly.

Mark began to feel sensations he had never felt before. He began to feel himself wiggle when he walked, he was always surprised to see his reflection when he walked by a mirror and he was oddly aroused every time he touched his belly. He would actually sit for hours alone in his bedroom with a huge 9" dildo and watch his fat wiggle as he pounded his own ass.

Mark was always used to getting a lot of attention but somehow the attention he was starting to get was different. No longer were people ogling him and checking out his ass. Now they were giggling when he walked by and pointing at his huge protruding ass. Secretly he started craving every meal and he got to a point where he had to always have a piece of food in his hand. His oral fixation had to be constantly satisfied. He was a fat man and there was not turning back now.

Jen in the meanwhile was plotting Mark's ultimate humiliation. For starters when she started feeding Mark, she had started going to a personal trainer. In fact she had lost 30 lbs. and was in the best shape of her life. She got a nose job, a little plastic surgery, dyed her hair and suddenly she looked like a smoking hot 25 year-old. Mark on the other hand began to look like he had aged 20 years. Jen was secretly putting an additive in his shakes that was making his hair fall out and a bald spot was clearly evident where he once had had a hot, spiked jock haircut. The couple now looked the opposite of their wedding photo. They once looked like a tall hot jock on a sympathy date with a plump, mousy looking girl. Now he was a 6'3" bald tub of lard standing next to a hot looking blonde who wore skin tight clothing and low cut dresses to show off her new set of boobs.

Jen secretly had a private detective track down all of Mark's boy toys including Lebron and each one of them received a special delivery. Each guy received a box and when opened revealed a pail filled with sand and a scooper. Attached to the scooper was an invitation that said:

“Come join Mark and friends for a fun-filled weekend in Key West all expenses paid. Pack your hottest bathing suit, thong, lube and dildo and come on down. Enclosed is your first class ticket to Key West and confirmation of an all-inclusive stay at the Island House Resort. Mai Tais are on me, can't wait to see all you hot, tanned boys in sunny Florida.”

Jen chartered a plane to Florida for Mark and their chef and her trainer and makeup artist. While they plane cruised at 30,000 feet Mark was being fed by the chef and Jen was working out and getting all dolled up for the festivities. When they landed in Miami a young man greeted them plane side with a wheel chair. Mark had become so large he had a tough time walking very far. They all got into a stretch limo and headed for Island House in the Keys. The hot young guy had ogled Jen and now the limo driver was flirting with her. Mark felt like he was going to be sick as he gorged on pizza and beer dripping tomato sauce onto the white shirt that was stretched to capacity around his very large waist.

When they checked into the resort a hot young guy wheeled Mark to the room past the pool where hot barely clad young men were laughing and splashing giddily. Mark sighed and looked down at his large girth and thought "no way am I going to get lucky this weekend".

Around 4 p.m. Jen handed Mark a 4XL see thru white thong and said "here put this on". Mark replied "come on Jen no one wants to see me in that!" but she just held up a DVD and Mark capitulated.

A hot young gay guy wearing 2Xist underwear wheeled Mark to the pool and he could hear the sound of loud music and laughter. Jen had arranged a hot bod contest and all the guys were there. She also bought several rounds of tequila shots for the crowd so they were rowdy and horny. Jen, Mark and the hot young guy approached the stage from the back and 4 young men hoisted Mark up 3 stairs and plopped him on a couch on the back of the stage. They chuckled and grinned at each other as they touched his body fat and Mark was oddly aroused at having his large belly caressed and being manhandled.

An announcer came out and told the crowd it was time to start the contest. Bad Romance started playing and Jen motioned to Mark to take the stage. He hoisted his large thighs off of the sofa, put on his Ray Bans and walked to the back of the curtain. He had been letting his body hair grow to cover his bulges but Jen had made him go to the Spa this morning and get a full body wax so the crowd could admire every roll of fat; he didn't even have any ass hair left. As the curtain opened a wave of shock went over the crowd. The music had stopped and for a split second you could hear a pin drop. Lebron stared in disbelief. His once beautiful white workout partner was now a large fat bald man. Suddenly Lebron felt old and he reached out to his hot, young blond companion and started sobbing. Several of the guys Mark had made fun of for being fat in high school and college rushed on the stage and started playing with Mark's fat. You could hardly see his penis under his rolls, but somebody found it and began pulling on it. Being surrounded by so many hot guys Mark wished he had his figure back but he was getting very turned on when suddenly three big guys hoisted him into the air. His sunglasses fell off and his large ass and belly wiggled as they carried him to the pool and threw him in.

That night after a very large meal and 2 hot fudge sundaes Mark was lying in bed naked when someone knocked on the door. It was Lebron and the hot young blonde. They were still in their pool wear and the blonde was carrying a tray of cupcakes. Lebron looked hot as ever his black skin glistening as he pulled out his 9" hard cock and motioned to Mark to get on all fours. Mark was getting wet watching himself in the bedroom mirror and seeing Lebron's huge black dick go into his ass. The blonde slowly fed Mark cupcakes while Lebron pounded his ass.

Jen flew out the next day but Mark convinced Lebron and the blonde to stay for a few days. They lolly- gagged by the pool every day having a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and Mark got them hooked on his 900 calorie shakes. After a few weeks of relaxation the blonde had put on 30 lbs., but Lebron had blown up like a balloon! Mark loved to watch the three of them in the bedroom mirror every night rolling around and playing with each other’s fat while Lebron took turns fucking Mark and the blonde and they all took turns feeding each other.

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