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Making weight
Brad lay back, getting ready to do another set of reps on the bench press. His hard smooth young jock body was clad only in a very tight pair of cut off sweats; they made his already big thighs look HUGE. At 17 years old he already has a stomach that most men dream of, a rock hard 6-pack that was well oiled and flexing as he hammered out his reps. His shoulders and chest and arms were very well muscled and they bulged with size as he finished his last rep with the 350# weights. He stood up and towered over most off the boys in the gym at 6'1"190#. He strutted his hot body around flexing and posing in the mirrors rubbing his over developed muscles. 

Mario intently watched his boyfriend Brad from the other corner of the room. Some of the guys knew they were together but didn't say anything cause most of the guys on the football team would give there left nut to spend a night with one of these hot studs. Brad had moved into Mario's neighborhood the summer before his junior year in high school. Brad was a short fat kid weighing in at about 230# at 5' 6", he had a very large belly that he couldn't hide if he wanted to. The kind of belly that constantly hung over his jeans and it would shake with every move he made. He obviously has quite an appetite. Well even at 16 Mario knew he liked his boys with a BIG appetite and an even bigger belly to go with it. So Mario and Brad became great friends, Mario would buy him food and Brad would eat it while Mario watched Brad's gut expand out farther and farther. It was a win-win situation. 

Brad loved to watch Mario workout all afternoon long while he was stuffing his face with junk food. He would eat a doughnut for every rep Mario did. They were both getting HUGE!! Mario stood at about 5'11" and 175# with a very nice bulging jock body. By the end of his workouts, Mario would be all pumped up and Brad would be lying there rubbing his HUGE overstuffed gut saying how full he was. Mario would keep telling him, 

"Eat up FAT BOY and grow that belly for me" 

Brad would cram more in to his fat face knowing how hot Mario was getting watching him. 

"But I'll get fatter!" he'd say, 

a wicked smile whilst rubbing his thick overstuffed gut. 

"I hope so" he replied. 

And then Mario would leap off his equipment straddle his growing FAT BOY and cram down a few more doughnuts into that huge expandable belly of his. 

Mario thought, "Good, this is working out so well. Brad just keeps getting fatter and he loves it as much as I do!" He smiled and smacked his FAT BOYS round gut! Brad smiled wondering when they would be eating again. 

Then Mario did something he'd regret for a long time, he talked Brad into working out with him, he told him 

"Brad you really need to build up your muscles if you want to keep growing that gut, you need a strong body to carry all that weight 

Brad said, "No I'm o.k. I'd rather just eat and watch you get bigger, stud!" 

Well as soon as Mario threatened to stop feeding his overstuffed gut Brad said, "Fine!" 

Brad was a natural at lifting weights and proved to be one of those lucky guys that all men envy, putting on muscle fast. Mario noticed Brad's gut was shrinking as his chest and arms grew. He started feeding him more and more but Brad just keep putting on muscle faster. After a month he was down to 200# and shot up to 5' 10". He wasn't as fat as he use to be but Mario still thought he was hot. Now he'll have a fat jock to play with, so he was happy. But by the end of the summer Brad was a different person he was down to 180# and up to 5'11"he was all muscle with 5% body fat. He was harder then Mario was. Mario kept his body just a little soft from all the eating he loved to do. I wouldn't call him fat or anything just beefy. 

When Mario took him to school the first day, Brad became an instant hit. The girls all drooled over him and I think he even turned some straight guys gay! He walked all over that school like he owned it. He became an entirely different person. He would wear the big loose jeans that were in style but they were always tight across his huge round butt, and tight over his ever-thickening thighs. He keep his white blonde hair shaved short in a crew cute and he had the hottest big green eyes that made everyone melt and assured that he always got his way. 

But Brad always stayed true to Mario even though he was a huge flirt with all the guys and girls. Everyone pretty much knew he was Mario's. 

Mario woke up from his daydream and realized he was rock hard thinking about last summer with Brad. He didn't even notice Brad was right in front t of him until he grabbed his rock hard cock making Mario jump. Brad just smiled at him and said "I will see you in the shower stud." He watched Brad walk away his body dripping in sweat, his powerful shoulders and chest narrowing into his small 33' waist. Sticking out far further than his waistline, his ass was at this time described best as two huge, round, hard globes of muscle. His thighs so big they almost rubbed together. 

As he showered with all the other guys it was hard keeping himself from getting hard as he thought about how fat Brad use to be. It's not that Brad wasn't hot now; it was just that he missed Brad's big belly and helping him grow it. Every time he tried to get him to eat junk food Brad refused saying 

"No way Mario, I don't want to get fat again, look at this body don't you think I'm hot?" 

"Of course I do but I missed feeding you and watching my little FAT BOYS belly bulge" 

"Well that not very likely anymore, I'm a shoe in for first string next year, I can't get fat! I have to stay in shape over the summer." 

"What is one little pig out chubs?" Mario begged. 

"Maybe over the summer I will, we only have a few more weeks of school left. We will have fun this summer when we go away O.K.?" 

Mario's parent had a cabin up in the woods and him and Brad were going to spend the summer there working out and fooling around. They were both looking forward to it, Mario more so. Mario had a plan for this summer, he was going to get Brad back the way he liked him FAT and round! 

The last few weeks of school were awful. Brad started talking about not going and staying here to train. He was getting really mad when Mario would rub his stomach and call him "FAT BOY", Brad would push him away and tell him to cut it out. It took a lot of promises (and lies) on Mario's part to get Brad to go. He kept telling him 

"Hey I'm the best trainer you ever had, remember what a fat pig you use to be before I came along?" 

Brad started thinking about it 

"Dude ill make you huge (now that was a promise he knew he could keep) no one will recognize you (another promise he will keep!!)" 

Brad decided to go. They drove up the next week and the cabin was already stocked food, all junk food. But Mario wouldn't let Brad in the kitchen to see. He said I'm in charge of your diet this summer don't worry. The first night they had the hottest sex. Mario ran his hands all over Brad's over developed body knowing that soon he would cover him in FAT! 

Afterwards Mario told Brad that he was talking to the coach before he left for the summer and he told him that there was going to be a new kid next season who was transferring here from another state. 

"Coach said he was HUGE! 6'5"260# and that he was going to get first string over you if you didn't put some bulk on this summer." 

Brad freaked out; he had to be first string he worked way to hard for it. 

"Mario you've got to help me put on weight! Please I've got to get BIGGER!!" 

"Ill do it Brad but you have to do everything I say, eat everything I give you. O.K.?" 

I saw a little bit of fear in his eyes as he ran his hands over his rock hard 6 pack and gulped, 


"Great we will start tonight. Hungry?" 

And the food started flowing! Meals just ran in to each other so Brad couldn't tell when one was ending and another beginning. That night he ate non-stop till he begged Mario to let him rest. 

Mario just keep stuffing Brad's face with handfuls of cakes and pies, pouring beer and gainer shakes down his throat. He looked up at Brad and watched as his abs slowly started to disappear underneath all that jock flab. Hours went by and the feeding just went faster and faster, now as Mario looked up at Brad he saw his belly had blown up into a bloated gut. It was packed full and was as rock hard as the rest of his body. 

"Please no more, I can't even move!" Brad pleaded. 

But Mario would just stuff his face with more food every time he tried to complain. Soon all Brad could do was swallow and wait of the next mouthful and that wouldn't be far behind! Brad laid there his belly was grossly distended and stuffed round. He clutched at it and rubbed it. Looking down in horror as he realized he couldn't see his abs anymore. Hell, all he could see was this huge belly pushing out from his waist. 

"I thought you were going to help me, I'm just getting a fat gut!!" 

"We need to put some weight on you first, don't worry FAT BOY" 

Mario slapped his gut and smiled. Knowing how big he'd get him. His jeans were digging into the over ripened flesh of his lower belly and they were getting tighter by the minute. Mario started pouring more gainer shakes made with whole cream into him to bloat him up so he would bust open his pants. He moaned and wiggled his over fed jock body until it finally popped open and his gut grew before Mario's eyes! Brad fell asleep with Mario rubbing his overstuffed belly and stroking his huge cock. 

After days of non-stop eating and little to no activity, Brad really started to blow up. His belly was round and stuck out far. His chest had gotten softer and beefier. His once hard thighs now soft, rubbing together on the rare occasion he walked. His butt had turned into 2 HUGE globes of fat just jiggling whenever he walked. 

His clothes got tighter with every meal. Soon there wasn't a shirt that would fit over his fat round growing gut. Brad was truly turning into a fat x jock. Mario started funnelling beer into him watching his growing boys belly slosh from side to side. All he could wear anymore was his jockstrap, everything else was to damn small to stretch over his newly fattened jock body. 

Brad barely knew what was happening anymore, Mario keep him drunk or high all the time. All he remembered was the endless stream of food making its way to his over gorged body. 

By the end of the first month Brad weighed in at 250# and he was HUGE! Mario looked at him on the scale with food in each hand stuffing his fat face and moaning as him stomach kept expanding. His once powerful chest was now soft rounded pecs that hung down to his over blown belly. His fat huge thighs hadn't been brought together in 2 weeks. When he sat down his huge bloated jock belly spread his over- packed thighs apart so it could hang down and expand. 

No one would believe that this use to be such a tight jock. Now Brad just lies there day after day like a fat tick looking ready to pop at any moment. Just gorging him self with food and beer, Staring at his HUGE body as it continued to expand everyday. 

Mario was in heaven, it couldn't have worked out better. Sure the first few days were hard trying to get Brad to eat all the time but now he would eat on his own, remembering how hot it felt to be stuffed and have someone worship his HUGE growing gut. And god knows Mario loved to do that. After Brad ate more then his fill, Mario would rub his heavyset gut, until he could start to hand fed Brad. Brad would just lay there in ecstasy feeling his gut balloon up til he thought he would pop, and just before he couldn't eat another bite, Mario would stop feeding him and just rub his huge bloated body waiting for the next meal. 

It was a summer in heaven. Mario watched Brad sleeping on the bed on his back. His gut was huge and towering above him. Mario climbed on top of that huge gut and straddled it and woke Brad up by starting to funnel beer right into his swollen gut. He hooked his FAT BOY up to a keg and watched that fat belly balloon, all the while telling Brad what a pig he was going to make him 

"See I promised I'd make you huge FAT BOY! Did I lie?" 

Brad just kept expanding underneath him growing fatter and fatter and helpless to stop it. 

"Come on FAT BOY keep swallowing pig." 

He'd shake his huge swollen gut and watch it slosh from side to side! Brad's gut was starting to pick him up off the bed. Mario was riding that HUGE belly, as it was getting FATTER!! Brad couldn't believe what Mario had done to him; he knew he was just going to keep getting bigger. Well if this is what the coach wants, this is what he'll get. Mario's looking out for me, he thought. 

Even Mario was putting on a gut with all this food and beer around, Brad would notice and say 

"Ha you're getting fat to chubs! Look at that round belly" 

Mario would reply with making Brad even fatter and stuffing him more and more! Brad couldn't even remember what it was like to be thin or to be able to bend over or see anything but his hugely swollen gut or even skip a meal! Brad was in ecstasy being a huge jock pig! He would sit there and eat and stuff his belly while Mario would explore every inch of his overfed body. Sucking on his large swollen pecs rubbing his distended belly. Reaching his hand in between his fat thighs and under his powerful gut to reach his cock so he could stroke it. Brad just moaned and ate faster. Mario with fat jock belly up past his elbow reached farther in to play with Brad's huge cock, now the only thing hard on this former jocks body. They were both so happy but summer was coming to an end and they had to go back, football training was about to start. Mario couldn't wait to show off his HUGE jock pig to everyone! 

Brad knew the coach wanted him bigger well he was going to get it. He felt huge. The scale in the cabin went up to 300 and Brad was well past that now. They didn't even know how much he weighed, at least 350-400# of fat jock. 

Mario had to get a brand new uniform for Brad there was no way he would fit into his old one. This one was HUGE but it still was a tight fit. Mario had to get under Brad's huge gut and lace up his pants while Brad held up his gut. Then the jersey didn't come anywhere close to covering his huge gut. It just cleared his chest and part of his gut leaving his lower belly totally hanging out fat and round for all to see. 

When he walked his gut sloshed from side to side and he had that FAT BOY swagger that jocks get when their bellies get to big! 

As he stepped on to the field the coach said to Mario 

"What the hell is that? 

Brad's jaw dropped as the coach came over and said, 

"Who is this fat porker? He cant play I don't even think he can walk let alone run!" 

"It's me Brad!! I just put on some weight" 

By now the team all crowded around Brad gasping. 

"Damn he's fat" "He's huge!" 

One of the guys said "Wait till Brad gets a load of this porker." 

Mario replied with "This is Brad" 

Everyone freaked 

"What the hell happened to you?" 

"How did you get so fat?" 

"Look at Brad he's all belly" 

"What a PIG!!" 

The coach said "Mario get him off the field he cant play like that" 

"Coach we can't get rid of him, Brad is our best player!" replied Mario 

Coach knew he couldn't just turn his back on Brad, he was supposed to be his star player this year. He had to find something for him to do so he could stay part of the team. Besides he enjoyed seeing the way this jock really filled out!! He had always wanted to fatten up one his boys on the team himself and the way everyone else were reacting, staring at Brad's HUGE FAT belly, rubbing it and poking him, he decided that Brad should stay. 

"Fine!! Brad can stay on the team", cried the Coach. 

Everyone was so stoked they all gathered around him congratulating him. The coach figured what the hell he is hot and hell probably only get fatter, Ill just make sure that I keep him on bench. 

And that's what happened. Brad did play a few games, one by one the young high school jocks would run out on to the field and Brad would always bring up the tail. He would come out at a fast waddle and the crowd would go crazy, yelling and screaming!! Brad would get into the first line up of the game. He'd look massive in his uniform. It was made just for him, but everyone could see the laces on his pants were stretched so tight and there was a big gap where the material would never meet again. His FAT love handles poured over the waistline in HUGE rolls of flesh. Brad had a HUGE thick swollen belly that just hung off his body like a keg of beer. Brad only did one or two plays per game and then he would use his huge rounded ass to warm the bench the rest of the time. 

But that really wasn't that bad. Brad liked to be able to just hang out and watch the game from the side. Plus the team always made sure there was a lot of fattening food for Brad to pig out on while he sat there, thanks to the Coach and Mario who both agreed that this FAT jock is no where near BIG enough. A few guys where always assigned to Brad to make sure that he gorged himself for each game and the whole team enjoyed watching him blow up from the sidelines. 

Buy the forth game of the season no one could believe how Fat Brad had gotten. Every single guy on that team had put a few hours in to taking him out and letting him gorge himself. This time when Brad came out (and it wasn't a fast waddle. a waddle? yes! Fast? No!) He got into the line he leaned forward and his Massive bloated gut hit the ground with a loud thud before he could even touch the ground with his hand. His gut just anchored him to the ground. The crowd gasped at this huge fat jock with that massive gut planted on the ground, holding him there, because he could never be ever to lift it up. 7 other team members had to help him up. 

And that was the end of Brad's football career, but Brad stayed with the team he just didn't play anymore. For every game the under classman assigned to him would dress him in his ever shrinking uniform and make sure that he keep him self stuffed sitting on the side lines getting fatter with each game. 

And that he did, every game saw him 10-20 pounds fatter then the week before. The other jocks on the team would talk about him all the time, talking about how they could actually see him get FATTER during the game. His fat bloated gut growing over his disappearing lap, pushing his overstuffed meaty thighs further apart as it hung down. Soon it would reach the field, Brad was getting so big. 

Needless to say Mario was never happier. The season was coming to a close and Brad's final weigh in took him up to 550# and Mario was up to 250#. They looked great together and were planning on attending Ohio State together. Besides turning into a huge x jock porker, Brad learned how to coach a game from the sidelines when the coach was helping stuff him during the game. Brad is going to be the newest assistant football coach for O.S.U. and Mario is going to run the nutrition program for the athletics dept. 

This left every one happy except the coach who was going to miss both the boys. He heard someone behind him 

"Excuse me coach" 

The coach turned around to see a large corn fed Midwest boy just like he liked them. He was 6'3"at least 300# very large build with a prominent belly already. He looked like a very big sophomore. 

"Coach, my name is Mike, I'll be transferring here next year and just wanted to meet you. I plan to go out for the team and was wondering if you could give me some summer training tips, my weight is way down and id like to bulk up more!!" 

"Mike, welcome aboard, if there's anything I know its bulk. And I can tell you can hold a lot of weight. How about I help you this summer?" 

"Really? I'd love that!" Mike replied while lifting up his shirt and stroking his ample gut.

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