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When I started gaining at a trim 175 lbs, I had no idea how far I’d go or what changes my body would go through. All I knew is that I wanted to get FAT as possible, and once I started, I was never going back. Along the way, there have been lots of milestones that I remember indicating that I was getting fatter…and fatter…and FATTER!

The first milestone was after about 20 lbs when I could no longer fit into any of my 33” pants. I traded up to 36” jeans, and had all my suit pants let out. The tailor wanted to measure for the fit, but I said, "Just let them all the way out!” That worked for another 20 lbs or so, then I had to invest in new suits. And 38” jeans!!

The next milestone I noticed was my tits. I was growing flabby ones. Reaching under my arms, I could feel the blubber accumulating around my lats and building up over my pecs. I loved to squeeze that nice handful of fat.

Of course, a big milestone was my belly. As it grew and grew, it got rounder and rounder and bigger and bigger. From the beginning, it was the part that grew the most and the fastest. By the time I hit 250 lbs, my gut was an amazing 50” and felt almost perfectly round. When I sat down, it completely covered my belt buckle.

Fifty pounds later, the belly was starting to get out of control. It was still round, but it had gotten wider and, best of all, really started to hang down in front. It now covered my belt buckle even when I was standing, and when I sat, the huge roll of fat rested on the tops of my thighs. Best of all, the softening underside was always escaping from beneath the bottom of my 2XL t-shirts, and it was an amazing turn-on to see people staring at my jiggling belly fat or to catch a glimpse of my growing obesity in a mirror.

The next milestone came when I hit 350, double my starting weight. Now, my love handles looked bigger than belly was at 250. These massive rolls started way back around on my back and stuck way out over my waistband. Even 3XL shirts were becoming too tight to button around my expanding girth. And there was no way I was going to squeeze into a booth at a restaurant ever again!

At 425, my belly was spreading in every direction. I started having to sit with my legs spread wide, with my mountain of fat wedged between my massive thighs and extending almost as far forward as my knees. In this position, I discovered that I could get off on my own fat by rocking back and forth in my chair. It’s an awesome feeling to have your crotch completely encased in your own volume of fat. It’s also amazing to realize that I had grown bigger around than I am tall.

The latest milestone is 525. I’m three times as big as when I started gaining. I’m so big, I can’t reach around my own girth. My arms, which are bigger around than my thighs used to be, now rest at a permanent angle outward, pressed out by the huge rolls of fat that define my blubbery tits. And these fat melons are dwarfed by my freakish belly, which now is softer, and wider, and hangs lower than ever. When I walk, my mammoth overhang slaps against my thighs with every step. The most recent 100 lbs have been spongier and fleshier than the weight I gained before, but underneath this gigantic mound of bouncing blubber you can still feel the firm belly I used to have.

And who knows what the next milestone will be? I look forward to the next 175-lb gain, taking me to four times my starting weight. Maybe this pendulous mountain of man-fat will hang down to my knees! I can’t wait!! Now serve me up some more food!!! 

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