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Once my teacher was skinny and a UFC cage fighter but not anymore. Now he's a slob of fat who loves to slag fat people. When I came back from my holidays there was a year reunion including all the teachers. I went and I noticed that Mr.Clint had gotten even pudgier. Now his gut was like a beach ball and he had no neck just rolls. I went over to a gave him a slap on the ass which just giggled with contact. He turned around with anger but saw it was me and calmed down. I asked him why he had gotten so fat and he said because he didn't love himself. He said he didn't want abs pecs and just to be muscly all over he wanted to be fat. He wanted his abs to turn into a big gut, his pecs to get soft and round into moobs, his chin to grow a twin, his belly button to turn into a black hole, and his back to get fat and form nice round love handles. I asked y and he said he wants to be able to giggle. I asked him to meet me at the disabled toilets in five mins, he agreed. He was waiting outside the door when I got there. I told him to go inside as I went in too and I locked the door. I told him to take his clothes off except for his boxers and he did as I asked because he liked me. I felt up his fat parts and said that he would need my help to get fat. He agreed and I began to fuck his brains out. I today him to always buy clothes too small for him so they would always pop wether in school or not. He told the school that he was on sick leave and would be back next year and the principle agreed. I would measure him every two weeks and then we would fuck rotating from me on the top to him on the top well on his knees because he was too heavy and would crush me. He grew and grew until the year was over and he was just perfect now 398 from 236 lbs. I told him to go into school with super tight clothes on (shirt jumper boxers and trousers) and just eat in class. When he new the clothes would pop he was to stand up and let them Infront of whatever class. He came home and told me everything. He said first his trousers ripped around his ass then the jumper turned to shreds of wool and then the shirt popped off showing the class his gut moobs no neck fat ass round face and now little dick. I thought he deserved some sex and to the bed we went. During intercourse his gut wobbled side to side his moobs bounced and his quadruple chin giggled in waves and it was perfect. Let's just say his career as a UFC fighter are now officially gone

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