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Mr.ONeill was once the best flanker there ever was. Built to shit of muscle and the fittest and fastest man ever. But he just disappeared all of a sudden without a trace. The thing is that I can make people do what I want so I told him to move in with me. Also I told him to never change hic clothes and to gain 1lb of fat everyday for the next two years. He agreed and came with me right away. After a while his clothes began to get tight. As this continued his face lost its figure and striking sexyness and got fat. After the first six months his jumper ripped shirt popped open jeans popped open socks ripped and so did his jocks. I went out and bought him more clothes a little bigger for space to grow. His once Abbs turned to a 65" gut his waist 50" hips 59" and his chest lost there pecs and swapped them for moobs. There was more rolls on his body than rolls in a bakery. After two years were up he was 745lbs from originally 208lbs of pure muscle. I made his team think he was there the in tire time. So when he returned for a match I gave him shorts that were past skin tight on him and a jersey that only made it 1/4 of the way down his gut and showed his big juicy moobs. He went onto the pitch and lasted 10 mins before collapsing of how unfit and fat he was. I told him to strip down and masterbate on the pitch but when he went to grab his dick it had shrunk too much and was swallowed by fat. He Began to cry so I told him to just play with his gut and moobs to make him happy. I alowed his original self come back mentally and let's just say he was shocked at first. But he thanked me as he always wanted to be fat. We'll let's say his rugby career went down the drain.

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