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My Dream Come True
I stumbled slightly through the club doors with my group of friends. As the bass music grew louder, I focused on the mesmerizing flashing lights and held myself together. I’d been working hard over the years. Knowing about the stereotypical world of gay men, I immediately found a job at a health club, and began training with my coworkers. I applied for college aimed for a degree in health and fitness.

I knew how judgmental the world was. All I wanted was to find that happiness: a beautiful man to fall in love with, who will kiss me romantically at our beach house. Not much to ask for, right? I trained hard for that perfect body: working out every day, consuming massive amounts of food to gain muscle. And it wasn’t easy. I had the body of a twink, and it fought to stay that way. Over the years, I had to learn how to increase my appetites and take so many supplements. I studied immensely, not to only have the perfect body, but to also be a successful consultant/trainer.

I knew if I fought hard, it’d be worth it in the end. I knew I was attractive. I received compliments often regarding my boyish good looks, but I refused to let that get to my head. I was grateful for my looks, and was very thankful to anyone who complimented me. But I knew if I was able to build up the perfect muscle body, I’d be irresistible, and I’d find that perfect man to be with. I wanted to be in love, just like in those romance novels.

Now I’d finally gotten to that point. I was now 21, and a junior in college. I developed a tan complexion. I had grown to a tall 6’1 frame and 200 lbs of lean muscle. It had been next to impossible, but I even managed to develop a six pack with a ‘v’. I wasn’t just toned. I was buff too. And it felt great. But deep down, as I strode through the club with my narcissistic fitness group of friends, I still felt self-conscious deep down. Like I would never achieve the perfect look that I wanted. I would never be that guy that drew stares from everyone.

As the night drew on, the drinking increased, and the music and dancing continued. Regardless of how I felt inside, I definitely turned some heads at the club. I had a blast, being able to legally drink, and dance with sexy boys. As the hours drew on, my so called “friends” slowly dissipated, as they had found their lovers for the night. I ended up alone, and feeling terrifyingly lonely, regardless of the guys dancing with me.

It was at that moment where the music stopped, and yet everyone was still dancing. I couldn’t hear the music anymore, because I was drawn into the crystal blue eyes and fair skin of a man across the room. He had long, light brown hair that was brushed out of his face, and a rugged square jaw, with a bit of scruff. He looked in his late twenties, closing in on thirty. His eyes practically glowed in the darkness, to which I felt I was melting as I stared into them. He clearly worked out, his arms incredibly defined through his dress shirt, and his pecs were excessively built. His legs and ass looked thick under his tight jeans. He seemed to be alone.I think he sensed the undertone of insecurity and shyness in my eyes, because he quickly drifted towards me with a handsome half smirk.

The music droned out as he pulled me away from the large crowd, “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

I had already had about 5 too many, but I was finally 21, and completely ready to lose my virginity to a man. And this guy was more than what I had hoped for. I agreed. As the night grew on, I grew more drunk. He laughed with me with this charming smile, and held me tight with his burly arms as we danced. His name was Dominic, and he worked as a chiropractor.

In my mind, this man couldn’t be more perfect. He’s beautiful, sexy, successful and charming. I wanted to sleep with this man. I just hoped that I would live up to his expectations. I felt myself constantly facing the ground, hunching my shoulders, and folding my arms in front of me. He must have known how insecure I felt, because he was doing everything he could to subtly give me compliments.

My friends had all vanished from the club. That wasn’t much of a surprise. So I took the chance to mention it to Dominic, and he offered to give me a ride. Before I knew what was happening, I was going back to his home. I was barely lucid at this point, as he carried me up the stairs to his penthouse. Of course, he had a successful career. Why wouldn’t he have a large, beautiful home? Everything was decked out with modern décor and a chic style. As he settled down in his home, he relaxed a bit. I was clearly still nervous. Dominic took my coat and rubbed my shoulders. I turned to him and gazed into his eyes. He gave another adorable half smirk as he leaned in and kissed me. I was nearly melting as we wrapped our arms around each other. His buff body embraced with mine. I could feel my raging hard erection pressing against his bulge. We walked through the living room and into his kitchen. He opened up his refrigerator and turned to me. “Are you hungry?”

Trying to stay timid, I replied, “I’m. I’m okay.”

He smiled and pointed at me, “You’ve been drinking so much. That always makes me hungry. How about something sweet?” He pulled out a full plate of cinnamon rolls. There were six of them, each the size of a fist, completely doused in icing. He warmed up the oven and let them heat up. I felt my stomach gurgling, not having something so sweet in so long. Focused on fitness, things like cinnamon rolls weren’t in my meal plans. But this was the night of a lifetime. I should have some fun. I agreed, and had a cinnamon roll. He slowly ate one as well. By the time I finished one, he was only about ¼ done with his. He handed me another, and brought out a bowl of extra icing, pouring it on top of my 2nd cinnamon roll. I ate it in about 3 bites, the delicious icing dripping down my cheeks. It was so delicious. We looked down at the plates, and there were 3 more cinnamon rolls left. I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow he ended up sitting in front of me, feeding me one after another after another. Before I knew it, I had eaten them all. I had a potbelly for a stomach and a raging boner.

Dominic brought me into the bedroom. I was so stuffed as he undressed me, revealing my distended belly. He took off his clothes. I was mesmerized by his massive bulging pecks, and ripped six pack. He embraced my body in his massive arms and grinded up against me. We intertwined our legs, kissing passionately. But something happened that I didn’t expect. I started to lose my erection. To my embarrassment, I couldn’t get it back. “It. It must be from all the alcohol.”

He then walked out of the room, and came back in with a box of donuts. “That’s okay,” he said. “It’s 2 A.M. Technically its morning. How about some breakfast?”

I laughed, “Are you kidding? I couldn’t eat another bite! Plus this is the worst I’ve eaten in years.”

Before I realized it, I was mesmerized by his enchanting eyes and smile again. “You’ve got to enjoy life a little.” He climbed back into the bed, and brought a chocolate glazed donut up to my lips. I started chewing and swallowing. Within minutes, I had eaten 5 donuts, and had a raging hard on once again. Dominic started grabbing my 8 inch dick, jerking it back and forth, feeding me with his other hand. “I’m here to serve you,” he said. “Keep eating.” I grabbed the rest of the donuts and started scarfing them down, as he brought his lips to my cock, and began blowing me. I could barely handle the amazing senses coursing through my body. As I finished the last of the dozen donuts, I came in his mouth. My muscles tensed. I poured out sweat, and the hunk of a man lied down next to me as I fell asleep.

The alcohol hit me hard, and I slept like a rock through the night. When morning finally hit, I woke up in a serious daze. My hangover was nonexistent, but everything felt as if it were spinning. Had I been drugged? Was I high? I’m not sure what was going on, but I was lightheaded for sure. It took me a moment to even realize that there was something wrapped around my face. What was it? It was fastened around my head and covering my mouth. It was some time of tube going into my mouth. I couldn’t close it. It led to a pipe that was distended by a very large bowl 10 feet above me.

My hands and feet were tied as well. What was happening? After a few minutes of realizing all this, I finally also realized that I was swallowing. Whatever was hooked up to my mouth, it was feeding me something. Something warm and mildly sweet. I was drinking it for god knows how long, and yet I barely noticed. It was just like a reaction to swallow. I was able to slightly lift my head up, despite the dizziness. I was still naked, but the room was warm. My belly was clearly bloated from whatever I had been consuming.

“You’re awake,” said Dominic’s voice as he walked in the room, his bulging muscles showing through the tank top he wore. “You probably need to go to the bathroom. I’ll help you.” I dropped my head back down as he untied me and took the contraption off my face after turning it off. He picked me up and helped me walk towards the bathroom. My heart was rushing. I was terrified, but I didn’t know if I could even walk without his help. I wasn’t going to just do nothing. I took the moment, and pushed him away from me. Dominic slid back as I stumbled towards the front door. My muscled tingled and I fell to my knees. He then came close to me and turned me on my back to the ground. I tried pushing him away, but he lied on top of me and stared back into my eyes. His bulge was pressed up against my naked body. Before I knew what was happening, I was making out with him on the hardwood floor, once again completely mesmerized by his sexy appeal.

I never would have made it to the door, even if I tried. Whatever I was drugged with, practically made me limp. After several minutes of foreplay, he helped me to the bathroom. I did my business and then he brought me back to bed. “Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Oh, come on. I’ve seen how self-conscious you are. I pointed you out the moment I saw you at the club. You’ve been trying too hard to be something that you’re not. I know what you want. I’m here to make you happy.” And with that, he put the funnel back on my face, and I began to consume more. Dominic would come back in, every few hours to refill the container. I’d see containers of heavy cream, melted lard, chocolate syrup and melted butter being put into the container. Dear God, what was he doing to me?

For the first week my body wasn’t able to handle the change in diet. My stomach was constantly in pain, and going to bathroom was even worse. But after that week my body began to adjust, in more way than one. Between the trips to the bathroom, I’d notice my abs were completely gone. I didn’t really have any pudge, but the muscle had vanished in a week’s time. How many years of work, gone in a week? My stomach was constantly filled to the brim. Lots of times my stomach was in pain from being so full, but it was a good kind of pain. I’d gotten used to it by that point, and would continuously chug the cream once the pain had gone away.

It was obvious to see that I was somehow turned on by this. My dick was constantly hard, and Dominic was more than happy to take care of that. He’d finish by lying on top of me, and jerking off on my growing body, his cum splattering on my belly. After week 3, I had a small pot belly. It was obvious during the bathroom breaks that I was having trouble balancing with the difference.

At this point, I had learned how to swallow while I slept. I was sleeping a lot more lately, and still drinking the cream at the same time. Something about that must have picked up the pace in my weight gain. Either that, or the fact that Dominic was constantly coming home with fast food meals, filling me up with a different taste. I loved the unique taste of the foods, and scarfed them up like I hadn’t eaten in months. I was like a starving child.

Two months had gone by. Clearly no one had been looking for me. I felt huge. My belly was swaying and jiggling whenever I took steps. It was so soft and squishy. It was amazing the way it bounced when I walked. And my chest. dear God, what happened to my pecks? These things were just handfuls of fat now. Sometimes, Dom would let me fondle them. I had breasts. “You now weigh 230 lbs. Congratulations, you’re finally considered obese. You’ve gained 30 lbs of fat in 2 months. Not to mention the muscle you probably lost.”

I started to tear up a bit. “When are you going to stop this?”

Dom looked at me and kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll stop once you stop getting turned on by it.” He then smiled and hooked me back up to the machine.

After that day I went through a bit of identity crisis in my mind. Why was I getting turned on by this? What was happening to me? What will happen to me? A few months passed before I realized it. There was constant eating and sex. I had gotten to the point where my mind had drifted away from me, and all I did was consume. My throat was as constant as my heartbeat, swallowing every second. After 3 months, I had reached 300 lbs. Dom pulled me out of the bed, to which I groaned at the stop of the cream entering my mouth. I wobbled across the room, my belly jiggling and slapping against my crotch. My large breasts would shake and bounce with each step. I dragged my feet as he put me on the scale. I could see how excited he was. I reached 300. He immediately grabbed my belly and began kneading it with his hands. He dug his fingers into my lower belly fat, jiggling it and pushing it up as he buried his face into my shrinking cock. There was a huge difference in my cock size. What was once 8 inches, was now only 5 from the weight gain. He began to work on my erection as I cried, “No. I’m hungry.”

Dom immediately lifted his head with an evil grin on his face. It worked. He had finally gotten me addicted. I was a fat pig now, and all I wanted was to eat. Dom brought me back to the bed and tied me back down, attaching the feeding tube back to my face. The cream began flowing back into my mouth, and I swallowed like a happy pig. After this, Dom was barely able to keep up with me. My appetite had increased, and I was consuming more cream than ever before. I was gaining fast at this point. After another 3 months, I had reached 400 lbs. My belly now hung completely over my dick, which was now only 3 inches, thanks to the massive pad of pubic fat. When I sat up, it was only about an inch, and my massive belly reached half way to my knees. My doughy rolls of belly fat rippled like an ocean wave with every breath. Dom loved to push his fists into my belly, and watch it jiggle like a water bed. He’d also grab hold of my breasts, which were now easily D size. I couldn’t even think of the last time I wore clothes.

Dom started doing something different lately. Even though my gains were increasing, as well as my eating, he made sure to give me time to walk around and get some exercise around the house. Whatever drugs he had been giving me to keep me from running away, it was obvious he was giving me less. At this point I was addicted, and I had no interest in leaving. I was in love. In love with Dominic, with eating, and with my fat. And nothing was hotter than my rippling blubber against his ripped body.

Dominic was constantly running to the store to restock on the food supply, because I was eating everything like a rabid animal. I would suck the cream down faster than what was possible. And when he’d bring me real food to eat, I’d shovel it in like there was no tomorrow, spilling all over my body and then licking myself clean later. I’d barely take time to breathe I was so turned on by food.

After another 3 months, I reached the big 500. Dominic presented me with a gigantic cake the size of wedding cakes. I couldn’t believe how much I ate. It was so delicious, made with whipped cream cheese icing. When he brought me out of the bed to weigh me, my belly flopped so hard against my legs, it sounded like 2 men were butt fucking with each step I took. My dick only stuck out 1 inch while standing, although my belly hung half way to my knees. My breasts were the same size as my head. So plump and beautiful. I loved to grab them both and kiss them. Dominic loved sucking on them as well. When sitting, my dick was actually sucked back inside my pubic fat, and my belly spilled over my knees like too much pie crust. Dominic would love laying on the bed, and having my crush him, my belly fat pouring on top of him, and spilling over each side of him. He couldn’t breathe, but I could feel his pulsing dick pushing against my fat belly.

When we showered, he’d press me up against the wall, and shove his cock up between my pubic fat and my underbelly. As he fucked my fat, he’d passionately kiss me, moaning and thrusting under the steaming hot water. It was the best sex I’d ever had, and he was fucking my belly!

After 600, everything changed. I was getting to the point, where I could barely get out of bed. Although I didn’t really want to. I loved eating so much, I would eat whatever he put in front of me. Dominic proved that to me, when he brought me a plate with 10 sticks of butter. I was so starving, I shoved one in after another, the butter melting on my lips. I’d stick each one in, like a fat cock, and moan in delight as they entered my stomach. My belly had become so immense, it was difficult to express. It hung practically down to my knees when standing, and when sitting, you could barely see any of my legs at all. There was just so much belly. My breasts were the size of watermelons. Dominic and I were having sex multiple times a day, every day. Our sex lives had never been so incredible.

I told him about my desires to get so fat, I could never leave the bed. And that’s when Dominic stopped me. “Oh, don’t worry babe. You’ll still gain weight… but you WILL be getting out of that bed, you fat fuck.” It was that moment when he pulled out the largest pair of shorts I’d ever seen. They were pink and black striped. He helped me struggle to put them on in bed. They barely covered my ass and thighs, and were skin tight. He then gave me a massive beach towel. Then he changed into a skin tight, blue speedo, which accented the “v” in his crotch and his massive bulge. His rock hard pecks, arms and abs looked amazing. It was at that moment when, I suddenly realized what was going on. “Let’s go for a ride.”

Dominic called for a taxi van, because I couldn’t fit in his car. The taxi driver looked astounded, at my fat blubbery body. I tried covering myself with the towel, to no avail. Dominic smiled with excitement as he sat next to me. The drive seemed to take forever. Thank goodness Dom brought an enormous picnic basket with us. I ate about half of it on the ride there. As the doors opened to the public beach, we stepped out of the car to the stares from hundreds of people. The beach was packed, with the beaming sun and roaring waves. I struggled to waddle through the hot sand. My belly jiggled and swayed against my legs. My heart heaved with discomfort as my massive boobs jiggled and bounced against my ribs. Everyone around us glared with astonishment as I trudged through the sand, and finally sat near the edge of the water with my towel. Dominic came running over, and wrapped his muscular arm around me. I laid flat on my back, my belly swaying. Dominic leaned his body into mine, and kissed me dead on the lips. I finally had my dream come true.

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