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My summer vacation
It was the beginning of my summer vacation, I was seventeen at the time ending my junior year at high school and looking forward to my final year. I was sitting at home waiting for my mom to come home from work, she told me she had a special surprise for me. I dreaded the news but was at the same time curious. Finally at five thirty I heard the front door open.

"Hello, anybody home?” My mom hollered from the living room.
"I’m right here.” I said as I came down the stairs.
"I have got the best news for you.” She paused and pulled an envelope out of her purse, "It’s a plane ticket to Hawaii, You get to spend the summer with your Aunt Jenni and cousin Bradley.”
"Are you shitting me?” I responded overly excited.
"No, I shit you not. Hurry up and get packed the plane leaves in the morning.”

I gave her a big hug and ran up the stairs to pack, I couldn’t wait to see my cousin he is really cool, and we always got along both of us being two males the same age and both into skateboarding. My aunt isn’t blood related she married my uncle and man is he lucky she is really hot. I haven’t seen them in about four years, so I was really looking forward to this.

The next day after a long flight I made it to my aunt’s house, the woman who answered the door was not what I expected. She was a very, very large woman, but it was my aunt I couldn’t believe it but there she was standing in front of me.
"Caleb, my you have grown, then again you’re probably thinking the same thing about me.” She smiled and gave me a hug. " Come inside, let me take your bag.”
"Is Bradly out skating?” I asked while I gave a quick glance around there huge house.
"No, he doesn’t do that to much any more, he’s in the living room playing a game.” She set my bag down and put her hands on my shoulders, "My look how skinny you are I bet you barely tip the scale at one hundred and fifty pounds.”
"Yeah, right on the dot.” I felt a little weird like she was sizing me up.
" Why don’t you go join Bradly and I’ll bring you two a little snack.”
I walked down a short hallway and into the living room, there I was shocked more then I had been at the door. Bradly sat in front of a big screen t.v. and he must have weighed five hundred ponds if not more. His stomach stretched to his knees and he had man boobs worthy of a bra, his arms were the width of watermelons and his countless chins!
"Have a seat, do you play Halo?” He said with a deep voice, most likely from the fat covering his face.
I couldn’t speak, I just nodded my head. I guess he could tell I was in shock because his next sentence could only mean he was a mind reader.
"Me and my step mom have found a new found love in food. If you’re lucky you too will find the same love that we do.”
His statement made me a little uneasy, but I knew he was only playing around. Until Aunt Jenni came in with our "little” snack, she brought in a huge cart with cookies, pies, cakes, chips, sandwiches, cupcakes, and fudge. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I told myself don’t let yourself go, restraint.

Three Weeks Later…

I had just finished drying off and attempted to put on a pair of sweats I had brought with me and they were super skin tight, I could hear the stitching separate. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had let my willpower go. I got on the scale two hundred and ninety eight pounds, I couldn’t believe it. I put on a sweat shirt that was equally as tight as the pants and went downstairs for breakfast.

As I entered the living room, where we spend all our time, my Aunt and Bradly commented on my tight clothes and new weight.
"Wow, look at you,” my Jenni came over to me and rubbed my belly, "We’ll take you out after we eat and get you some bigger clothes.”
"You keep this up and you’ll be as big as me.” Bradly said with a smile and then began to gorge on pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, doughnuts, and a half a gallon of orange juice.
I sat down and followed suit, I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist it tasted so good, and the weight I had put on made me feel so good. I actually started to envy Brad, I wanted to not only be as big as him but bigger. I wanted to keep on growing and growing until I couldn’t even move. As I finished my meal I thought to myself, "Do it, come Caleb indulge, become a huge blimp.” So I asked for seconds and I received.

While we looked at the big and tall clothes at Wal-Mart I started grabbing clothes that were a lot bigger, when asked why I was getting them I just said that I wanted to make sure I had room for growth. That received a nice little smile from my aunt and a laugh from my cousin. I wasn’t joking though, but they would soon find out, sooner then even I planned on.

Four weeks later

I sat in my chair and a half and snacked on my third bag of chips, we were watching Willy Wonka, the older one, and talking about how much we would love to be in the room made of candy. I’ve put on an additional two hundred and fifty pounds I now weigh as much as Bradly, I had to borrow a pair of his sweat pants. I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that if I get any bigger I won’t fit in my chair, apparently I wasn’t the only one that noticed.
"I’ll have to bring in a love seat for you soon.” Aunt Jenni said with a big smile and followed by an even bigger laugh.
I waddled to the bathroom and had to turn side ways at the door, I studied myself in the mirror, I was enormous, my belly covered my lap even when I stood up, my tits, yes tits, sagged down too, my butt stuck out like an air conditioner and my thighs touched all the way to the knee. I lifted my huge gut to take a pee and had a hard time reaching my dick, which seemed smaller surrounded by all this fat. Five more weeks left, I don’t think I’ll be able to get up and move by then. I smiled at the thought, I hope so.

As the weeks past my weight ballooned, now weighting in at eight hundred and fifty pounds I barely got up. Aunt Jenni did what she said she would and got me a love seat for my wide body. I noticed that Brad was looking slimmer, in fact he looked like he had lost almost as much as I had gained in the past three weeks.

"Ready for lunch boys?”
"Yes.” I said with a mouth full of food. I never stop eating.
She brought in a huge platter of sandwiches and pizza, wings, chips, cookies, brownies, soda, two pies and a whole cake. She put the platter right next to me and I dove in. I looked over at brad and he was only drinking a slim fast.
"What are you going thin on me?” I said stuffing my face.
"I just figured I could loose a little weight and with you here I’ve lost almost two hundred pounds.” He raised his can as if to toast me. "Thanks buddy.”
I looked down at the food and then myself, maybe I should go on a diet too. That thought quickly went away as I realized that I loved being a huge blimp.

My mom showed up to take me home, boy was she surprised when she entered the living room and saw her son had swelled up to a whopping one thousand four hundred pound mountain of fat. She stood in awe for awhile before she could speak.
"What the hell have you done to yourself,” then turned to Aunt Jenni, "And how did you do this to him?” She walked around me poking and prodding.
"Are you mad?” I asked my voice so deep from the thick folds of fat that surrounded my face and neck.
Just then a huge smile grew across her face, "No, I’m not mad you just exceeded our expectations. I mean we had hoped for a lot of growth but…wow.”
"You did this on purpose? Why?”
Aunt Jenni stepped forward, "You were chosen to be the king of this island, and the king must be quite frankly, fat.”
"Island?, I thought I was in Hawaii?” I was so confused.
"Well, actually we are about four hundred miles west of Hawaii.” She moved in front of me. "You see you are part of the royal family but no one can take the throne unless they are at least seven hundred pounds, and you exceeded all expectations.”
I just laid there on my specially made bed, I felt real good except a little hungry. I couldn’t believe this was all planned, I thought I just let myself go but now I realize that I was meant to be a giant lard ass.

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