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Packing on a Cruise
The first time I went on a cruise, I had no idea just what to expect. I had heard that the food would be plentiful, but I was unprepared for just how much and how often it was available. And the variety! It was truly a gainer’s paradise, and I took advantage of it.

The breakfast buffet lasts from 6 a.m. to 11, followed immediately by the lunch buffet, which lasts until 3:30. That is followed by snacks, tea sandwiches and a variety of sweets, which are available until dinner time, and the pizza and pasta buffet stations are open until midnight. And that doesn’t factor in the snack bars at the pool, or the room service options that are available 24 hours a day.

But the highlight of cruise cuisine is always the multi-course dinners, where you have your choice of the main seating at 6:15 or the late seating at 8:30. You have your choice of appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, side dishes and desserts…and you can order as many of each course as you want.

Needless to say, I rarely wasn’t full, and in 8 days, I managed to gain 10 lbs and returned home having finally hit the 300-lb. mark. That convinced me that I had found my perfect vacation.

Inspired by the experience, I immediately began planning my next cruise, and I knew I wanted to sail for a full month so I could really take advantage of the plentiful food. But packing was going to be a challenge. By the end of my 8-day cruise, I was straining to button my shirts and my pants. Of course, that was a real turn-on, but I knew that with any luck, 30 days at sea would require more than one size wardrobe. And shipboard dress codes require casual, semi-formal and formal attire for the evening in addition to the usual shorts, t-shirts and swimming suits for daytime.

When I arrived at the port, I had a three enormous pieces of luggage. Checking in to my stateroom, I asked the porter to store two of the suitcases. I would wait to unpack the third case, which contained a selection of 3XL shirts, 46” pants and my size 54 tuxedo that would fit my 312-lb physique. (Yes, I had put on another 12 lbs since the last cruise!) There was a buffet waiting for me on the next deck.

By the time the ship sailed, I had put away three huge plates of food and was ready to relax by the pool. Returning to my stateroom, I admired my stuffed belly as I changed into my swim trunks and a tank top. Up on the pool deck, I stopped by the snack bar to get a couple of cheeseburgers, fries and a soda, then located a deck chair in a shaded spot and proceeded to stuff my gut more.

Feeling pretty stuffed and somewhat sleepy, I closed my eyes and drifted into a nap with the pleasant thought of the 30 to 40 pounds I was going to gain on this cruise.

When I woke up an hour later, I was surprised to find I felt hungry again, so I headed back to the snack bar. Even though I was scheduled for the early seating, it was still almost 2 hours until I would have dinner. Another cheeseburger platter wouldn’t spoil my appetite!

As I savored the burgers, I noticed a chunky young man get out of the pool. Drying himself with a towel, he took his time as he rubbed the terry cloth over his handsome belly and beefy/flabby pecs. He looked to be around my height and, I estimated, weighed around 270 lbs.

Putting the towel around his neck, he headed to the snack bar, got a couple of burgers with fries, and took a seat at a nearby table. He was sitting in profile to me, so I could admire how his paunch folded over the waistband of his swim suit. After wolfing down his burgers, he leaned back and gave his swollen gut a long, firm rub. At that point, he turned his head my direction, caught sight of my stuffed belly (which probably looked as huge as it felt), then looked me in the eye and gave a sly smile.

My heart jumped at the obvious interest he took, but I was too startled to keep his gaze and I turned my head. By the time I looked back, he was leaving the pool area, which gave me a good look at his developing love handles.

I decided I should prepare for dinner. Back in my stateroom, I found that the porter had delivered a basket of goodies, a bottle of champagne and a plate of hors d’oeuvres, which I sampled as I changed out of my pool clothes. The dress code for the first night was casual, so I put on pair of khakis and a polo shirt and headed for the dining room.

Being single on a cruise, you’re bound to share a table at dinner with strangers. It’s an automatic way to make acquaintances, and the variety and quality of the food is usually a good topic of conversation. And the chances that you’ll be seated with other fat men is pretty good, and that can lead to some friendly, if unspoken, competitive eating.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at my table to find the chunky guy from the pool already seated there. We greeted each other with big smiles and introduced ourselves. Daniel had just finished graduate school, and this cruise was a gift from his parents. He explained that his folks were concerned that he’d gained a lot of weight during grad school, and they thought a long cruise would help him relax and get back into shape. I confessed that I’d gained 10 lbs on my last cruise, and he just tossed back his head and laughed.

We were joined by a young couple. Steve had the physique of an ex-jock—he had played baseball in college—and Susan was a bit of a party girl. She quickly assumed that Dan and I were together, and I was surprised that Dan said nothing to dissuade her of that idea.

The dinner selections that evening were marvelous, and plentiful! As the biggest of the three men at the table, I set the tone by ordering two entrees, which encouraged the other two to do the same. The waiter took it all in stride and, in fact, made a point of presenting our second dishes with quite a flourish. By the time for dessert, I was feeling really stuffed from my first ship-board day of eating, so I ordered just one. But Dan and Steve were enjoying their first cruise dinner, and they doubled up their desserts.

After dinner, Susan and Steve headed off to the disco, leaving Dan and me to get to know each other. We went to one of the ship’s lounges, ordered a couple of cocktails, and he quickly turned our conversation back to my weight gain from my last cruise. He wasn’t critical, but rather very curious how I had achieved such gains. Maybe it was my full belly, maybe it was the cocktail, but I found myself confessing how I had purposefully taken advantage of the plentiful food to pack on as much as I could. And now I was planning to continue my weight gain on a trip that was nearly 4 times as long.

Dan took all this in with wide-eyed fascination. By the time we finished our second cocktails, he casually mentioned that he should probably eat something to absorb the alcohol. When I suggested we head to the pizza buffet, he almost sprang up from his seat.

His enthusiasm rubbed off on me, and we each managed to stuff down a half dozen slices before we both began to pant from being so incredibly full. I found the whole experience an incredible turn-on – being so stuffed had also made me very hard – but I still wasn’t certain Dan was a gainer like me. However, when he stood and announced he was feeling very tired, I couldn’t help notice that he, too, was sporting a massive hard-on. He said goodnight and made as quick an exit as he could, considering how massively full his growing belly was.

I picked up a couple more pizza slices to take back to my stateroom, where I finished unpacking my suitcase. Included in my luggage was a new scale that went as high at 500 lbs. Stripping out of my clothes, I stepped on the scale and was thrilled to read "315.” Three pounds on day one! Admiring my growing girth in the mirror, I rubbed my tight gut with one hand while stroking my firm cock with the other.

The next day, I followed the routine that would serve me well for the next 29 days. Up by 7, I showered my increasingly fleshy frame, then headed for breakfast, where I would spend two or three hours making repeated trips to the buffet.

Sufficiently stuffed, I then settled into a deck chair by the pool. Stripping off my 3XL t-shirt to catch some sun, I fell into a nap to help digest my first enormous meal of the day. Inevitably, I’d wake up to a growling stomach and a revived appetite.

Each day, it became a little more difficult to heave myself out of the deck chair, but the prospect of another hefty stuffing at the lunch buffet was plenty of motivation to get myself moving. Plates and plates of food later, I would waddle back to my deck chair, where I would invariably sleep off my massive lunch while cool ocean breezes blew across my increasingly expansive paunch. After my nap, I would take a dip in the pool, then stock up at the snack bar or head back to the buffet for a mid-afternoon nibble.

Some days, Dan would meet me at the pool or I would catch a glimpse of him passing through the buffet during one of my marathon breakfasts or lunches, but for the first week, we usually didn’t catch up until we sat down at dinner. He was always vague about what he did during the day, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves at dinner. The meals were always gourmet, and we both typically ordered double of the entrees and at least two desserts. Steve usually ordered seconds, too, and if he didn’t then Susan would hail the waiter and order for him.

I was gaining at least a pound or two a day, and it was obvious that Dan was getting fatter, too. By the end of week one, I couldn’t button the jacket of my tuxedo for the second formal night of the cruise, and I noticed that Dan couldn’t button his tux, either. He seemed self-conscious about it and reluctant to eat as much as usual that night. But after some good wine and the seductive tastes of our first and second courses, Dan’s appetite kicked back into full force, and he finished two entrees and ordered a third. Not to be outdone, I ordered a third, too, and challenged him to match my three desserts.

Dan asked if I wanted to join him for after-dinner drinks, and I agreed but told him I needed to change out of my tux because it was feeling ridiculously tight. Dan nodded and said he worried that he would have to skip the rest of the formal dinners because he had gotten too fat for his tux. I told him to go change and then swing by my stateroom.

Back at my room, I called the porter and requested that he bring me one of the two suitcases that I had asked him to store for me. Within minutes, he appeared with the luggage, and I unpacked a whole new wardrobe. Similar to what I had been wearing for a week, but now size 4XL shirts, 50” pants and a brand-new, size 58 tuxedo. The new khakis and button-down shirt were actually a bit roomy, but I smiled knowing that they would soon begin feeling snug. I left my first wardrobe for the porter to launder and re-pack.

Dan was waiting for me at the bar, squeezed into what was probably his roomiest outfit: drawstring pants and a polo shirt stretched sideways by his lovehandles and unable to cover all of his protruding gut so that the lowest curve of his belly was clearly visible. He looked a bit puzzled when he saw me in clothes that weren’t snug, and I took the opportunity to tell him how I had packed for this cruise.

Over drinks, I told him the whole plan: how I had booked this cruise with the explicit purpose of gaining as much weight as possible during the month at sea. Dan took it all in with wide-eyed amazement, and after I finished describing my daily feeding routine and told him I now weighed 325 lbs, he sat silently for a few moments.

He then looked me directly in the eye and confessed how urgently he, too, wanted to grow fatter and fatter. He described how he had already gained nearly 100 pounds during grad school, and that he had been spending the first week of the cruise sneaking snacks throughout the day. I commented that I could tell he’d successfully gained a few and asked if he wanted to weigh himself on the scale in my stateroom.

Dan nodded agreement and got up to follow me to my room, but I suggested that we stop by the pasta buffet on the way. We each got two enormous bowls of pasta and an entire loaf of garlic bread and settled at a table to stuff ourselves. Dan ate ravenously, and I noticed his shirt gradually creeping higher and higher over his expanding gut. When he went to get a third bowl of pasta, the full curve of his lower belly fat was visible. Not to be outdone, I devoured a third bowl myself and felt my own belly stretch to new girth.

Sufficiently stuffed, at least for the moment, Dan and I walked slowly to my stateroom. Before he stepped on the scale, Dan told me he’d boarded the cruise weighing 274. I think we both expected that number to have gone up, but neither of us was prepared for the readout on the scale: 289. No wonder his clothes had looked so strained! 15 pounds in a week!

Dan stared down at his engorged gut, lifting his shirt and running his hands over the big sphere, and I took the opportunity to do the same with my increasingly massive belly. Dan came over and pressed his ball of fat into mine, and I got a huge rush feeling so much flesh against flesh. And, in that instant, my appetite came raging back and I suggested we order room service.

Within minutes, a cart loaded with goodies arrived at the stateroom. To my surprise, Dan directed me onto the bed, then began feeding me, gently massaging my belly and whispering how fat he wanted me to get. I completely submitted to his encouragement and, after gorging as never before, I drifted into food-induced sleep.

When I awoke a little later, I noticed that the rest of the room service food had been devoured and Dan was passed out on the stateroom sofa. Obviously overstuffed himself, he had removed his shirt and loosened his pants to give his bloated belly some freedom.

For a few minutes, I couldn’t move. The weight of my distended abdomen felt like it was pinning me to the bed, and I just lay there feeling fatter than ever. Eventually, I sat up, only to be surprised at how much more of my belly now rested in my lap. I thrilled at the feel of the heavy roll of blubber weighing down on my thighs. And the top of my belly extended straight out, forming a big shelf of fat. I spread my legs and felt my growing gut sag down like an enormous sack of pudding.

Dan stirred awake. Seeing me sitting like a Buddha on the edge of the bed, he came over and stood right in front of me. His distended man-gut with its deepening belly button was at my eye level, and I grabbed him by the love handles and buried my face in his luscious, puffy paunch. Dan then knelt down, used both hands to lift my Buddha belly, and plunged his face into my throbbing crotch. I can only imagine how it felt to Dan to have the full weight of my belly fat pressing down on his head. The combination of sensations I experienced was unlike anything I’d felt before, and I came with a force that caused all the fat on my body to shake.

Afterward, Dan reached for his polo shirt and attempted to put it on, but it was clear that it was a futile task. Dan’s gut was just too enormous now to be contained in his old size. His pants, too, were unable to refasten, and he confessed he was worried he had nothing left to wear for the remaining 3 weeks of the cruise.

I assured him he had nothing to worry about. I would have the porter deliver my freshly cleaned first wardrobe to Dan’s room, and he would find sufficient roominess in these clothes that fit me until I hit 325, everything from swim trunks to a tux.

Both of us were still exhausted from our marathon evening of eating, but before turning in, we made plans to meet for breakfast the next morning. I drifted back to sleep with thoughts of just how fat I might get with a fellow gainer encouraging me to grow.

After a very restful night, I met Dan at the buffet. He looked much more comfortable wearing the clothes that I had outgrown but that were merely snug on him. We took turns bringing plates of food back to our table, and after a couple of hours of dedicated eating, I enjoyed the feeling of my belly pressing into the table edge. Dan, too, had pushed himself to the limit. We headed off to relax on the pool deck.

During the first week of the cruise, when I visited the pool, the sight of my big belly drew a few stares from some of the other passengers. Now, when the two of us showed up at the pool with our increasingly enormous man-guts exposed, we seemed to command the attention of most everyone. I secretly thrilled at the snickering as people watched one of us struggle to lift our heft out of a deck chair, or the outright look of shock on some faces when they saw us bring plate after plate piled high with food back from the snack bar.

Lunch was even more intense than breakfast – a couple of hours of hard-core, hedonistic belly-stuffing, leading to a heart-racing, heavy-breathing finale of fantastically fattening desserts. Naps, and more snacking, helped pass the rest of the afternoon by the pool.

That evening, at the early dinner seating, Dan arrived in my size 54 tux looking fat and handsome, while I was now wearing the size 58. Perhaps it was the fact that we weren’t tightly squeezed into our old tuxes, but we ate that evening like we’d been on a diet all day. Of course, we had been on a diet of sorts…an incredibly fattening diet that was having a very noticeable effect.

As we finished dinner, Dan asked our waiter if he had an available table at the late dinner seating that was about to start. The waiter, who clearly enjoyed facilitating our extreme eating habits, invited us to stay right where we were and he would bring us the entire meal once again.

I was impressed with Dan’s dedication to our mutual gaining, and I relaxed my overstretched stomach muscles to prepare to push my consumption to the next level. I guess the recent days of overindulgence had increased my capacity, because I had little trouble repeating the entire multi-course meal, every bite.

Still, when we were done, both Dan and I had to walk very slowly back to our staterooms. I was accustomed to eating big, but that night I felt like I’d eaten enough to feed a whole football team. Not that I was complaining, because the sensation of carrying my heavy, overstuffed belly was entirely enjoyable, and the thought that I was fatter now than I had ever dreamed of being just made me want even more.

As I undressed, I caught my reflection in the mirror and saw how stretch marks now spread all across my expansive abdomen like distance markers on the road to unrestrained obesity. The fat on my belly was a little softer, too, and it jiggled and rippled with every move. Best of all, the sheer weight of the added gut flab had caused my belly to extend farther and hang lower than ever before. Seeing how much bigger I’d gotten, I found myself hard as a rock. Realizing I was living my fantasy of growing into a genuine fat man, it only took a few firm strokes to climax.

From that point forward, the days followed this basic routine for Dan and me, and the results were noticeable almost day to day. After 10 days of this, both of us needed another wardrobe upgrade. Fortunately, my third suitcase was packed with 5XL’s, 54” pants and a huge size 62 tux. Dan inherited what I had just outgrown, though he was working hard to catch up with my gains.

The final week and a half consisted of nearly nonstop eating. Before leaving my stateroom for the breakfast buffet, I would order room service. Some days, Dan and I stayed at the buffet until they switched from breakfast to lunch service, and we would just keep eating and eating. I was amazed how quickly my appetite would recover after stuffing myself for literally hours at a time. Every night, we enjoyed double servings at both dinner seatings, and then retired to his room or mine to gorge on another mountainous order from room service and enjoy some sweaty sex by merging our mutually mountainous bodies.

By the last night at sea, both of us had to struggle to button the jackets of our tuxedos, but that didn’t diminish our raging appetites. The waiter indulged us by bringing us one of each option for each course and, as usual, repeating the whole thing again during the second dinner seating.

Back at my stateroom, I brought out the scale, which I had purposefully avoided for the past three weeks. I could tell by the fit of my clothes and how I looked in the mirror, not to mention the looks I got from others on the ship, that I had successfully gained a lot of weight. It was obvious, too, that Dan had packed on the pounds. Now it was time to find out just how far both Dan and I had come since boarding this cruise. And to celebrate, I had arranged for the porter to deliver a cart full of luscious desserts and a couple bottles of champagne. I popped a cork and poured us each a glass of bubbly, then hand-fed Dan a fist-full of cheesecake.

Dan was especially excited to weigh in. As quickly as an over-stuffed fat man can, he stripped out of his tux clothes and down to his snug briefs. The sight of his pudgy bulk immediately got my pulse racing and I became as excited as he was to learn how many pounds he’d packed onto his obese frame. Taking a deep breath of anticipation, Dan stepped on the scale. Eventually, the result of his month of indulgent fat-building had a number: 340. A gain of 66 lbs since the day we left port. Dan slapped his enlarged belly with delight.

My turn. Wearing just my XXXXL boxers, with my proudly protruding gut folded far over the waistband, I step on the scale. I could feel my cock grow massively hard and press against my pendulous belly fat, a feeling that I had only recently been able to enjoy because my belly now hung so low. I had to lean over to see the scale’s readout, which announced I weighed an astonishing 389 lbs. Realizing that a month at sea had packed on 77 new pounds caused me to shoot right then and there.

I turned to Dan and grabbed him in a big, fat bear embrace. Our monumentally huge guts pressed together, we kissed with the same ravenous desire we typically devoted to stuffing our hungry mouths. Moving to the bed, we continued to explore the engorged folds of flab that engulfed us. Despite having just shot a load, I was ready to cum again as Dan stroked my throbbing dick against my waterbed of a belly. Mutual belly play alternated with mutual feedings as we finished off the champagne and desserts, and eventually we were both more stuffed and sexually fulfilled than either of us had ever felt.

As the ship sailed back into port, I packed up my largest wardrobe that was now fitting pretty snug. I would have to stop at the Big and Tall shop on the way home if I was going to have anything to wear to work. I smiled at the thought of my co-workers’ expressions seeing me so much fatter. And the feel of so much new flesh was the best souvenir I could have taken home.

But my focus was already on the next 30-day cruise that Dan and I had agreed to take six months later. And I thrilled at the prospect of packing three more suitcases with larger and larger clothes I would eventually outgrow.

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