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Scott was so excited. He had just graduated from Harvard and was ready to face the big bad work. However, he wanted to travel before settling down. Scott got a call from his best friend Damon saying that he had a friend in New Orleans who had a spare room if Scott wanted to stay. Scott was delighted with the opportunity as he always wanted to visit New Orleans. Upon finding out who this mysterious friend was Scott got so hard. The friend was Scott's crush when he was in high school. His name was Derek and had a beautiful body, luscious abbs tight ass and beautiful arms legs and pecs. When Scott arrived in New Orleans the following week he was so excited he was about to pop. Yes, Scott is gay and as gay as a person can get you could say. Derek was a bit of a bad boy wore a leather jacket tight jeans and biker shades. He didn't care for any rules like parking spaces and so on. As Scott was getting out of the terminal Damon sent him a text saying that Derek was a little different. It didn't make any sense to Scott so he firing really care about it. As he walked out to the taxi pool he saw Dereks Mustang in the disabled zone as par usual. The far door opened and sweet Jesus Derek had changed. About 50lbs of change. He was huge the once tight abbs now covered with a huge gut and he had love handles so big they wouldn't fit in Scott's hands fully. Also his face, once tight with a razor sharp jawline now coated in a layer of pudge. Scott didn't realise that he found this very erotic but Derek did. Dereks eyes honed on the massive dick bulging out of Scott's pants. Scott was so embarrassed but Derek just asked if it was to do with the jet lag so Scott went along with it Scott stayed in the room next to Dereks in the huge apartment. It was so luxiourious with a huge ensure to a walk in wardrobe. A few weeks went by but Scott began to hear some noises throughout the night recently. He assumed it was just Derek coming back from the club with some girl do he went back to sleep. However, one night the noise was so loud Scott went to see what it was and let's just say he was shocked. It was Derek as he assumed but there was no girl it was Derek pigging out all those nights. Derek saw Scott and was a little embarrassed but didn't let it show. With a grunt he asked Scott what he wanted but Scott just didn't answer he was in shock. This explains the huge gut and so on. Derek decided that he should explain and so he did. He said ever since he told Damon to send Scott to him he was always craving food. Scott had a PhD in Chemistry so he said that it was a hormonal imbalance and said that Derek was anxious to see Scott and turned to food as a result. Scott saw this as an advantage as he wanked about Derek ever since he arrived and loved the extra weight on him. He told Derek that he would help him but with a few conditions. 1 week later Scott and Derek had made a great relationship and Scott anticipated that it would soon become sexual. It was Scott's birthday so Derek said that he would have a surprise for him when he got back to the apartment. When Scott returned from work he did get a surpris probably the best one in his life. Derek was standing in the living room squeezing into the original leather jacket and black tight jeans Scott last saw him in before going to Harvard. The didn't fit like they used to. Derek had popped the button on his jeans and the zip on the jacket was ready to split and the leather was being stretched. Also Scott could see Dereks bulge in the jeans cause the were so tight. Derek said that he would do anything Scott asked of him for the rest of the night. Scott asked if Derek wanted to eat the tub of ice cream in the freezer with Scott sitting on bus lap. Suddenly Derek bellowed WHAT DO YOU WANT SCOTT. Scott was so happy so he told Derek he wanted to sit on his lap while he fed him the ice cream and so he did. He then told Derek to take his top off so Scott could feel the gut and moobs he had been dreaming about for weeks. Derek took the ice cream of Scott so Scott could feel him up. Scott pushed on Dereks gut and Derek would grunt and he pinched the swollen nipples on Dereks moobs to see Derek close his eyes and thrust into Scott's leg. Scott's dick was the hardest it had ever been and it seemed to scoot that he wasn't the only one. With Derek being hard aswell Scott asked him the question DO WANT REALLY WANT TO GET FAT. Derek said he didn't know but he really didn't have a choice cause Scott had made the ice cream Derek was eating and put a special chemical in it that made people get fatter. Derek didn't realise but his gut was getting bigger and his ass was getting more junk in the trunk. Scott told Derek he wanted to bring this into the bedroom and in the went. Every step Derek took he gained 5lbs and the clothes Derek was were beginning to rip and it was beautiful. Lucky for Scott Dereks bedroom was far away Part 2 coming soon and so does all the sex

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