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That Life Changing Mayonnaise
Joe has always been way too skinny. Every year his check ups always show that he is dangerously underweight. Even certain anorexic patients can be heavier than him. His doctor recommends him a weight gain shake to get his weight back in balance or not he won't live very

When he went grocery shopping, everyone gave him sympathetic stares as if he was going to die soon. He avoided their piercing eyes and quickly rushed to the Medicine and Supplies aisle. He tried to find for the weight gain shake his doctor had asked him to get. When he finally found it, the label said it costs $500. He couldn't afford that with his measly pay. As he walked out, he found a tub of mayonnaise that didn't exactly fit under the Medicine and Supplies aisle. The tub read "WeightGain for the ultra skinny! The best thing was, it only costs $40. He quickly popped it into the trolley and paid for it.

He read the card that came with the tub. It said "Thank you for purchasing a WeightGain produced product. Just apply this product on everything you eat and you will see the results in 3 days! If you don't see weight gain, just return this product within 30 days in it's original condition for a full refund!"

His girlfriend, Lola, strode down the stairs. She gave him a disgusted look as always and snatched the bottle from his limp hands

"A weight gain product, really? Like you've never tried countless ones before. What makes you think this one will work?" she demanded

"No harm trying, right. Plus, if it doesn't, I can just return it for a full refund" he said.

"Whatever, it's time for dinner." she huffed. He sat down at the table, while she piled his plate high with deep fried burgers with thick gravy, battered and fried chicken with butter sauce. Every thing fattening she cooks everyday does not add a single pound to his bony, skeletal frame. He did as the bottle told and started to spread thick mayo all over his juicy, beef patty and fried chicken and started ti dig in. The mayo adds a ton of flavor to his food as he asks for seconds

"Seconds? That's weird, you never go for seconds." said Lola, narrowing her eyes.

"Must be that mayo 'cause its making your food tastier than before." he said, mouth garbled with the mayo he started shovelling into his mouth in big spoonfuls.

Lola quickly dished our another serving of fattening food and he dug in again, this time, pouring half the tub all over his food, flooding it in delicious white goo. He finished his plate in just ten minutes. Lola was wide-eyed as he unbuttoned his pants and loosened the zip on his pants. His midsection looked a little flabbier than usual. She walked over and pinched the flab.

"There's something to pinch now! Wow, that product works it's magic really quickly. He pulled of his shirt, revealing small man boobs and love handles. Lola couldn't hold back anymore. She lunged forward, locking lips with Joe. That night, they had wonderful sex, better than any they had before

The next morning, when he woke up, he felt that he had trouble lifting himself. He finally lifted himself off the bed when he saw himself in the mirror. He was extremely FAT!!

Lola woke up with a start as Joe was screaming his head off. He was bouncing his tits and wiggling his new belly, riddled with stretch marks. Lola, flabbergasted, asked "How did you get so fat?!"

I don't know, it must be that mayo. His face, fattened and chins multiplied with fat. He lifted his belly and let go, watching the sea of flab ripple. He weighed himself in the bathroom and the digital numbers showed 300 lbs. The fattest he has ever been. Lola approached him seductively while whispering into his ears

"I've always wanted a big, fat man. I always cooked fattening food, in hopes that one day, you'll be as fat as you are now. I guess I don't have to wait any longer. Both of them had sex yet again, but this time, Lola was enjoying it better than ever.

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