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The American Cousin

The doorbell resounded through the big house startling me. It was to early for Luis, the mail man to come by, and in this small and sleepy town nothing happened out of schedule. It had to be Grant, my cousin from America, but it was only 11:30 AM and I wasn't expecting him until 2:00 PM! I took the crisp white linen sheets from Julia, the maid, and told her to hurry and open the door. I finished dressing the antique brass bed while my heart raced with the expectation of the reunion.

I hadn't seen my cousin in over 6 years and since then my life had been turned upside-down. When my father died three years ago, along with his debts, I inherited this huge house, which has been in my family for five generations. I had to leave the University in Barcelona and come back home to San Roque de Valdemar, a fishermans village in the north of Spain, to take charge of the estate. I made the best of it and turned the house into a bed and breakfast that, with my eye for detail, has become pretty successful. In the mean time I discovered that I was suited for small town life after all and was missing Barcelona less and less each day. San Roque offered me everything I needed financial security, a job I enjoyed doing and fantastic and abundant food. For a while my sex life suffered somewhat, but then I discovered that advertising my bed and breakfast in magazines that catered to my kind of man, assured me a constant flow of hunky men through my doors, and sometimes my bed.

Grant was the son of Uncle Rafael, my father's brother. Rafael had married an American woman while studying abroad and had made his life in the states, raising his sons as Americans, more for convenience than for anything else. The last time I had visited them, Grant had been a strapping hunk, measuring at 6â2", with a tight 18 years old body, just coming into his own. He had been genuinely fascinated with my tales from Spain and the university, and genuinely impressed by my physical development. Then I was 23, and five years of messing around in the gym had packed a lot of muscle into my 6'3" frame. Grant had been interested in bodybuilding for a while. He had taken me to his gym and I gave him a couple of pointers. Needless to say I drooled all over him when I saw his body in nothing but tight gym shorts, and later in the showers I discovered that he had inherited from our side of the family, not only his huge frame and awesome bone structure but also a dick of prodigious proportions. However I didn't know if he was gay, and a short visit, precluded me the opportunity of exploring any romantic possibilities. Later, when my father died, all communication with my uncle's family had ceased. However two months ago, Grant called to tell me that his father was giving him a summer vacation to Europe as his college graduation gift, and he wished to come and spend the last month of the summer in San Roque. Since then I had often thought of Grant and imagined his body maturing, growing bigger, stronger and finally thicker crowning his massive physique with a stone hard, round belly, until it made me so horny I had to seek relief. And now the reality of what that fantasy could be was standing at my door. With sweat on my palms I closed the doors to the room I had carefully prepared for Grant and went down the stairs to meet my cousin.

I heard his deep bass voice talking to Julia, and when I turned the stairs I gasped! Grant had grown at least four inches! His bulk filled the door blocking almost all light from the street. He had let his curly blond hair grow long and kept it into a pony tail. His shoulders were huge and massive sloping down to the globes of his pecs, that stretched impossibly the knitted fabric of his T-shirt. His biceps bulged like bowling balls going up and down his blond fleeced arms when he took his heavy suitcases from the floor, and started ascending the stairs. Every step threatened to destroy his jeans as his massive thighs expanded carrying his weight up. He must have needed butter to pour all his mass into those tight jeans. His waist looked impossibly small when dwarfed by all that flesh. I couldn't but notice his bulging basket, rhythmically moving from left to right with every step, as if he was concealing a softball in his crotch. And when I thought it couldn't get any better he looked up and my eyes drowned into the icy blue lakes adorning his face. Nothing in my fantasies had prepared me for this vision of manhood.

Grant reached the landing where I was paralyzed and the thump of the suitcases on the floor brought me back to reality.

Hi cousin! Grant said, giving me a big hug that would have crushed a lesser man.

Cousin Grant! My, you have grown! I see you have put what I taught you to good use!

Your arms are humongous! What are we looking at, 17, 18 inches? I said while massaging his biceps.

More like 19", cousin! Said Grant with a face splitting smile. All I can say is I had a late spurt of growth. But, damn, look at you! Talk about big cousin. You a re even bigger than I remembered, but whatâs with the belly, you look huge. Letting yourself go, ah! He said with a hint of a smirk.

It was true. At 6â3",I weighted now 338 pounds. At least 60 pounds more than the 280 or so that I had weighted when we had last seen each other. I had kept working out and a lot of it was muscle but my new life had given me the opportunity to indulge in my fantasies and I had grown a firm round belly that was the envy of all the cider drinking fishermen at the local bar.

Just a little, I said sensuously rubbing my belly in a circular motion.

But donât mess with my gut cousin, IÎm mighty proud of this achievement .I said laughing.

God, is good to see you! He said, hugging me again in an even mightier hug. His large nipples poked at me trough his shirt, as his hands moved rapidly up and down my back, from my shoulders to my waist, foolishly trying to encase both our massive bodies.

The feel of all that muscle against me gave me a boner that you wouldnât believe, so I tried to cover for it by taking his bags and hurrying up the stairs, in front of him, hoping that my dick would behave before we got to his room.

Come this way Grant, I put you in the third floor, down the hall from me. Itâs the big room that goes into the gallery. You will have a beautiful view of the harbor and it has one of the biggest beds in the house. I hope youÎll be comfortable. I said opening the double doors to the room. You can put your clothes in the wardrobe, and the bathroom is the next door to your right.

Great I need a shower after this trip, 10 hours in train from Barcelona and I could bearly fit in those damn compartments.

I Know what you mean. I said. Even if they are larger than in America, they still wont do for big guyâs like us.

I hope there is a gym in this town, Grant said taking off his shirt and flexing his muscles in front of the full glass mirror in the door of the wardrobe. I would hate to lose some of this mass, and working out has been hard during these trip. Now that I could see his body more clearly it was more obvious than ever how serious he had gotten about his bodybuilding. Heâs chest expanded and contrasted as he moved swelling almost beyond belief, and heâs lats expanded like eagle wings. Heâs body had accommodated heâs mass by curving so slightly, forming a concave hollow at the end of his back that was only accentuated by the protruding globes of his glutes. Then I noticed the bulge at his crotch, and damn if it was not getting bigger. He even spread his legs to give himself more room but this only served to stretch his jeans even more precariously over his bulging cock. Well, well, I thought, good for the cousin, his own image gets him hard! I had always been sure he was straight, but now a doubt was creeping into the back of my mind.

Donât worry about that cousin. I have a small gym set up in the basement for my personal use, but I let the guest and a few of the kids in the local rowing team come and use it. I even had a Jacuzzi put in, so youâll have everything youâll ever need. But tell me Grant, have you ever competed?

Nah! The guys at the gym back home kept after me to compete, but I never got into it. I just wanted to get bigger. Come here cousin, He said, take that shirt off and letâs see who is the little cousin now.

I was just to happy to oblige. Slowly I untucked my shirttails and started unbuttoning my shirt form the top, until I reached the lower buttons that were almost bursting, incapable of containing my hard gut.

I was going to need new shirts soon. Good. Heâs eyes were riveted on me, drinking the expanse of my chest, but when I finally opened my shirt letting my belly free his mouth fell open.

Far out, cousin! That gut is even bigger than I thought! You need to go in a diet. He said. But he couldnât take his eyes off of it. As I flexed besides him in front of the mirror his hands strayed from his body and started rubbing my oversensitive belly, sending chills through my spine. Boy, itâs hard as a rock cousin!

Oh, yes! I told him, There is fat and muscle there Grant, itâs just another way of growing bigger.

We stood side by side comparing each other, and at first it was hard to tell who was bigger. He was taller than me now, but I was wider at the shoulders. His chest however was better developed than mine and his nipples that had looked awesome under his shirt stood out lasciviously now, at least half an inch from his pecks, sitting on top of deep pink aureoles at least tow inches in diameter. Yeah, he had me there, but when it came to my gut there was no contest. It may not had been the traditional body he had always envisioned, but the mirror was telling him that no matter how sculpted his muscles were I still looked so much massive. Nobody said anything, but the competition between us started increasing as we hit pose after pose. Grant was getting harder by the minute and I wasnât far behind. I noticed he was using every opportunity he could get to press his hands against his dick, which had apparently escaped his underwear and was now snaking through his pelvis.

You could smell the testosterone in the air while we were flexing.

Finally, he gave it up, and turned rapidly taking his shirt in his hands in a futile attempt to dissimulate his arousal..

Well cousin, I donât now how you do it, but even with all that fat you manage to look good, man. Way to good.

Donât worry Grant youâll body will continue to grow. Perhaps we can train together while you are here.

That would be awesome. He said looking at his reflection in the mirror one last time while I was putting my shirt back. His hands trailed over his torso and landed in his flat stomach, when a gurgling sound came out of it. God Iâm famished, I think the air in Spain is making me hungry.

Donât worry big guy, weÎll take care of that. Go take a shower and change. Lunch is usually served at 2:00 PM but Iâll tell Maria the cook, and Julia to be ready at 1:00. We eat well in Spain and there will be more than you can eat. See you in an hour , I said closing the door to his room. Perhaps this visit was going to turn out better than I had thought. The looks on Grants eyes when he had seen my belly, definitely gave me ideas, and I went down to the kitchen to make sure everything would be ready.

Chapter 2

In anticipation to my cousin's visit Maria had excelled herself. She had been with the family since my father was a child and the idea of having my uncle Rafaelâs son back home had filled her with joy, and when Maria was happy, she cooked like crazy. The aromas that emanated from the kitchen were inundating the whole house. Grant would have his first truly Spanish meal. Soup for starters, cooked with noodles, chicken, cured ham and chorizo sausages, which we would have with big balls of hogaza bread. Then breaded rings of callamarri, mounds and mounds of patacas fritas (thinly sliced French fries), a large tray of ensaladilla ,a salad made with fresh tomatoes and green beans with hard boiled eggs and dressed with home made mayonnaise, white rice cooked with pork fatback and two whole rabbits cooked in a rich olive oil and wine sauce with potatoes and carrots. All of these were to be eaten with the delicious cider so typical of the Spanish north.

The smells most have made Grant rush from his shower because when he came down the stairs his short muscle shirt was sticking very seductively to his still wet pecks, making his nipples even more fascinating. He was wearing a raged pair of denim cut-offs that were an inch short of immodesty, and the firm roundness of his voluminous thighs were pushing them higher and higher with every step.

Iâm starving cousin! I think I could eat a horse.

Well you can eat your fill here Grant. It would delight old Mariaâs heart if you finish everything she puts on the table.

We went into the old dining room and sat on the table. I had had Julia set our places at both ends so that we would be facing each other across the expanse of the table. Seeing only two places Grant asked, Are we the only ones around here? I was expecting to see some guests.

The business is good enough that I try to book only from Thursday to Sunday. It gives me a bit of time for myself and works well. I like to concentrate when I work out, and it never seems to happen when the house is full.

Sounds good. That will give me more time to get to know you better.

Grant said putting half a chorizo from his soup into his mouth.

There it was again, could he be meaning something more than he was saying?

Wow! These sausages are incredible! Grant said while soup and fat dribbled down his chin and stained his shirt just above his right nipple.

Yes, our butcher makes them especially for me. Have a couple more. I said while watching him serve himself another dish full of soup.

Normally it was Juliaâs job to bring the food from the kitchen to the table, but today Maria insisted in bringing in each new dish and hovered over Grant waiting for his approval and encouraging him to eat more. I couldnât get over how sexy my cousin looked. Every time he stuffed more food into his mouth, the movement of his jaws was more erotic and the moans of pleasure he emitted when savoring each new dish had my cock bouncing rock hard below the tablecloth. He was eating with the pleasure and the gusto of those that had been deprived for long.

No wonder you are fat cousin, this food is delicious. He said taking his fourth serving of calamari. I never get to eat like this back home.

Wait until you taste the rabbit. Is Mariaâs own recipe, I said just as Maria was arriving from the kitchen with the steaming tray. She put one in front of him and one in front of me. I could see his eyes across the table fearful and tempted at the same time.

Oh, I donât know if I can eat this much. I thought what we had before was all.

Sure you can cousin, the calamari and the ensaladilla were only the first course. Have some white rice with that sauce, its delicious!

Coma, coma senorito! said Maria. Ya vera como Jose se lo termina todo.

What is she saying? Grant asked.

She is treating us as children, I said laughing. She is telling you to eat, eat, before I finish with everything.

And that did it. The air of competition that had started in front of the mirror that morning , resurfaced. Cousin Grant started to match me bite for bite, tearing the carcass of the rabbit apart, eating even more furiously than before. I was loving every minute of it and couldnât wait to see the results of these meal in my cousins body. Maria brought more rice and French fries, and more bread and cider and we kept eating with our eyes glued to each other, trying to out do every mouthful.

When the rabbit bones were meatless, we bit into them, sucking the marrow, and we absorbed all the sauce from the trays with huge chunks of bread. And when we had cleared the table, Maria brought from the kitchen a big almond tart that normally serves 12 people, and a round of rich smelling sweet sheep cheese. I could see the sweat on Grantâs forehead, his bites were slower and slower each time, but he stood relentless. My own gut was stretching now and I could feel its weight pressing on my dick which had been painfully hard most of the meal. Finally all was cleared and we sat back at each end of the table breathing hard, flushed from the meal and the smell of raw power and sex in the room.

El senorito es casi tan buen diente como Jose, said Maria.

She says you are almost as good an eater as me.

I think Iâve made a mistake cousin. Grant said, his eyes bulging. I have eaten so much my belly aches, I hope I donât get sick!

Youâll be fine. I said. Now we go have some siesta and I will show you the house in the afternoon.

I donât know if I can get up, he responded.

Perhaps if I massage your belly youâll feel better.

Saying these I got up and went to his chair. And then I saw his gut trembling with the effort as he shoved his chair back. His muscle shirt had crept up to make room for the new expansion on his body, and his denim shorts were bearly visible straining to contain the results of his eating. I knelt in front of him and putting my hands on his mammoth thighs I separated his legs to gain access o the bloated belly. The ridge of his abs bowed out now as if they had been stretched over a basketball. First I went for the button on his shorts. Letâs give yourself some room here, I said, and he rewarded me with a deep sigh of relief as the button came loose and his belly expanded. Slowly I pressed my strong hands over this wonderful muscled gut, and started massaging, going as high as to brush his pecks under the shirt, and bringing my hands as low as to brush his pubes. I was in heaven and it was all I could do not to join him in his moans of ecstasy.

Oh! cousin, that feels so good. Iâm completely full. Oh Yeah! he said opening his legs even farther. Suddenly, his ever hardening cock got loose from the confining denim and escaping from the right leg of his high riding shorts, sprang into attention slapping his belly with a loud thump. The precum oozing from his glands left a wet spot that matted the blond hairs running down the center of his abs, driving me out of my senses. Giving in to total abandonment, I started lapping at the spot on his belly, with his cock now thumping my chin in an ever increasing rhythm.

Oh! Yes! Jose, I have dreamed of this moment! You are the sexiest man Iâve ever seen!

I continued happily lapping and kissing his belly, following the golden hair trail up his torso. He started rocking in the chair, getting his cock trapped in between my soft pecks, and when I started sucking his nipples through his shirt, he started bucking. Not wanting to end this in the dining room I finished getting up, gently kissing his neck and his mouth.

Come, Grant, I said without taking my lips away from his. Lets go to my bedroom. And grabbing his enormous cock I pulled him from the chair and up the stairs.

Once in my bedroom, Grant lost the rags that covered him and kissed me.

I loved the way he loomed over me, big and beautiful. He locked into a bearhug pulling both our bodies into my solid mahogany bed. We were desperate for each other. Without breaking his kiss he tore through my shirt and loosened my jeans, freeing my erection. Both our cocks, hard as steel, did battle while mashed between our massive bodies. Finally we separated and he pushed me back into the plump mattress. The look on his face was a mixture of mischief and amazement, like a kid left alone in a candy store.

God, cousin you are beautiful. he said while rubbing my belly and kissing it. Finally Iâm going to see what you taste like.

Still hungry then? I said with the same air of mischief.

For you cousin, anytime. He said burying his face on my navel while massaging the tip of my cock with his chin. Grant slid is body slowly over mine. His nipples scrapes over my belly and the weight of his body rested on mine while we gave each other a long kiss. We were so hot for each other but the insane amount of food we had eaten transformed our first lovemaking into a slow and languorous event.

Finally he came up for air, the pressure of his full stomach on his diaphragm interfering with his respiration. He moved again towards my cock but this time giving me ample room to maneuver and gain access to his. We were in awe of each other, not believing this was really happening while contemplating a copy of our own dick on each other persons. Later we would stand in front of the mirror and marvel again at the funny jokes nature plays, but for now we had other things in mind. The way Grant took my cock in his mouth left no doubtâs in my mind that he knew what he was doing. I was definitely not perverting this boy. In fact I wouldnât oppose him if he wanted to pervert me a little.

The early afternoon was quite, except for the slurping sounds coming out of my room. Slowly the tempo increased, and my own ecstasy was only surpassed by his moans of pleasure as we each came in each others mouth, tasting the sweet and salty flavor of our juices. We fell asleep in that same position, still nursing each other's now semisoft erections as if our cocks were pacifiers. Thatâs how I saw him a couple of Hours later when I woke up. Asleep, nursing on my cock, with his ponytail undone and his blond hair fanning around his head like a saints halo.

Well Jose, I thought this is either the biggest mistake of your life or the best thing that could ever happen to you. And then I realized either way there would be no regrets, and went back to sleep dreaming of what the future would bring.

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