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The Barn

It was a fairly warm evening when I returned home. The city was hot, but fortunately the farm had a breeze and was a bit cooler. When I got home I took off my suit and tie and threw on a pair of cut-offs and a ratty old T-shirt. I went downstairs and put away some groceries that I had bought during the day.

After putting the stuff away I took the two special bags of groceries and headed out to the barn. Terry was out there. When I got there he was asleep. He was lying on the special bed we had made. It looked like a regular bed, but it was lower and wider, and it could support Terry's weight. I quietly opened the barn door and snuck inside. The barn was clean and comfortable for him. We had purchased the farm a few years back when Terry decided that he wanted to gain a lot of weight. I wasn't going to stop him, it was his decision alone and I was more than happy to help him along. Since we both won the lottery a few years ago, we had more than enough money to make this a reality.

I walked quietly down to his stall and peered over the short wooden wall. He opened his eyes and smiled looking up to me.

"I thought you were asleep."

"I was, but it's feeding time and I am starving," he replied.

"Did you weigh yourself today?"

"Not as of yet. I want to eat first then weigh myself."

"OK, I've got some groceries here." I said producing two big bags of food. It was primarily pastries like pie, strudel, cookies, three cherry cheesecakes, 3 cartons of ice cream, bread, and other rich foods. I put one bag down next to him and tore into it feverishly. I put the other on the floor, next to the trough.

I watched as he plunged into the pie. Taking handfuls of it. Then the ice cream, eating right out of the box. I sat on the edge of his bed licking the spoon, loving every mouthful of it. After about half-an-hour it was all gone. He lied back and smiled.

"I'm STILL hungry!" he growled.

I knew this was a good thing. Watching eat like that made me very horny - and he knew it.

"Step up on the scale, Terry." I asked.

He got up slowly and waddled over to the special scale we purchased. It was a scale that was used for weighing prize bulls that came with the farm. It had a large dial on it that went up to 3000 pounds. Terry certainly didn't weigh that much - nor did he want to - but it was the only scale that we could use. All the other ones stopped at about 350.

Terry stepped up and waited for the needle to stop. I walked in behind him and peered over his shoulder. It stopped. Dead on 645 pounds! I was amazed! Terry moaned in joy.

"Yesterday, I was 640!" he growled.

Now, we were horny.

"Still got that other bag of food?" he asked.

Not answering, I went over to him, unpacked all the food inside and poured it into the trough. Terry went over, stripped off his clothes (which consisted of a specially design pair of shorts and T-shirt) and got down on all fours. He put his face into the trough like a giant pig. It was a beautiful sight - him on he hands and knees - his big belly dusting the floor, his tits hanging down and bouncing around. Another nice thing too was that his cock was long and thick. He was at least 9 inches or so and about 6 inches around. There was no way his belly could hide this monster.

I stripped and greased my now throbbing cock and knelt behind him. He was eating furiously from the trough, grunting and growling like an animal. I tried wrapping my arms around him to no avail. His belly was to huge by now. I managed to pry his ass apart and got my dick in his hole. It was tight and wanting - his muscles pulled my cock in, and I started a light fucking motion. He sighed and growled in the trough - still pigging out on the food.

I could hear him grunting and telling me to fuck him harder. So I started to push a lot harder - his folds of flab started to bounce heavily, and a space was cleared just under his belly on the floor. He was licking and grunting louder now and I was banging my hips against his ass as hard as I could. I was about to cum any second, but I thought of something that would surprise him. I pulled out, and told him to get a couple handfuls of food and sit on his big ass. He got around to sitting and I spread his legs and pushed him back against a couple bails of hay. His big belly was still touching the floor, and the fat on his legs spread out. His rock hard cock now stood out from the under the fat just barely. I told him to get his mouth full of food. He was merrily chomping away at a big slice of pie and I stood up and stood in front of him and forced my cock into his full mouth.

I fucked his mouth for a few seconds, forcing pie and cock down his throat. He growled and swallowed, trying to take all of it in. He put more pie in his mouth and with his free hand started to rub my swelling balls. Finally I couldn't take anymore and I started to cum wildly. It was a tad too much for him, and he gagged a little but he was persistent. The pie, my thick cock, and wads of cum and being rammed down his throat. All the while his belly bounced and wiggled around. Cum and pie started oozing out the side of his mouth when I pulled out. My cock was swollen and red and covered with pie. He eagerly licked it all off.

I got on my hands and knees and pushed his massive belly up and out of the way. I started to like the now swollen and dripping tip of his cock. He lied back and started devouring a box of doughnuts. I managed to get about 7 inches of his cock in me, when he maneuvered himself up on to his knees. He tugged my head and motioned me to feel his ass. I wrapped my arms around his waist and started to feel his ass. It was great. All that flab hanging from his big butt - and he was eating to get more of it.

I had all of his cock down my throat and I could feel his balls begin to heave and I felt a massive surge in his cock. He growled and then yelled as I tasted a huge spurt of cum. Then another, it was all over me. His cock exploded with cum. It was too big for me to handle and was rocking back and forth wildly. His cock just spurted hot gooey cum all over my chest and face. I licked as fast as I could. Hoping to get all of it.

He fell back heavily and groaned.

"I'm still fuckin'' hungry" he growled.

He grabbed me with his big paws and rolled all 400 pounds of me over. To him I was small. He took a big glob of cake and rubbed it down the crack of my ass. He knelt over and spread my cheeks and started licking the inside of my ass. I could feel his huge cow like tongue licking and sucking the cake out of my ass. It felt great. Then I felt him shift around and he put some of his weight on my back and the other on his knees. Then I felt his huge swollen cock enter my hole. He fucked me for a good half-hour. Then he came again, huge wads of cum. I felt the warm hot goo in my ass.

We both fell asleep on his bed. Tomorrow was Saturday. I would go to the grocery store and buy a couple hundred dollars worth of food and Terry would devour it by the end of the weekend.

Terry wanted so much to weight 900 pounds...good thing too. I wanted to weigh around 600. Both of us would have to live in that barn.

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