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The Bus Ride
Now this started a while ago.... I mean.... it was a regular day like any other day taking the bus to downtown and all.  Um, let me start at the beginning.

It was the summertime and I was out of college until late August.  It was June when this happened.  I decided to go into downtown to the local computer lab to check out my e-mails and surf the web.  But the only way to get there was to take the local public transit a.k.a. the local buses.  Since I have been taking the bus for a year or so, I had the bus schedule down by memory but the bus drivers are always different every day of the week.  This was due to lack of bus drivers during the week so the bus company had to rotate the drivers once or twice.

But continuing on with the story, I waited for the bus around 10:25 in the morning since it comes by where I live around 10:30.  As the bus reared around the corner of the street to the bus stop, I went into my pocket to get the bus fare ready.  As the bus stopped and opened the doors to let me on, I was wondering what e-mails were going to be on my accounts online.  That’s when I saw this big massive figure sitting in the driver seat of the bus.  My mouth almost dropped in shock to see such a big person driving a bus...not to say I don’t like big people.  I’ve always had a liking to big people or rather big men in general since my late teens.  

The only thing was that I was the kind of person to look but don’t touch or ask since many men I've seen were either straight or married.  But this guy was truly hot and handsome as well as super chub material.  He looked to be around his mid 30’s or early 40’s with long dark brown red hair going down to his shoulders.  He had a matching beard and goatee to complete the bear look to his face with icy blue eyes that makes you want to look at his face forever.  

Then came the best part - the body that was sitting in the driver seat that looked too small for his big figure.  His body reminded me of an image of a potato sack overfilled with too many potatoes ready to burst at the sides.  The bus driver uniform, which all drivers had to wear, was green white striped in the shirt with a name tag on the right side and the logo of the bus company on the left.... and then the pants which was green khakis was truly stretch to the limit like a package of sausages.

I had to admit that I was turned on right there on the spot but didn’t show it in my pants (lucky for me!).  The seconds on the bus felt like hours when I was looking at this big bear daddy.  "Are u going to pay the fare or not,” he asked in a rough like voice.  With that I was awaken from my dreamland with a reddish face to match his beard.  "Oops! Sorry about that...must have been the sun,” I said covering up for my daydream of his body.  After putting the fare into the container at the front of the driver seat, I sat down in the very first two seats of the bus to watch his big body like I was observing true nature in its habitat.  

As I was watching him from the back, I noticed his back was rather huge just like his front.  His whole body looked like he was engulfing the whole driver seat with his bulky frame.  I was guessing at his weight all the way to downtown.  I’d figured as much he had to be at least 350 to 400 and up in pounds.... rather much a good size to be a Santa Clause stand-in during the Xmas season.

The bus ride was half way over when I’d realized that I didn’t get much information about the handsome bear.  I was reluctant to ask any question out of the way of blowing my cover to him.  "Think, Damn it!” I’d exclaimed in my head.  Then I got it...my first question!  I’d ready myself to ask like it was a girl that I wanted to take to the prom.  "Hey there! I’ve never seen you on the bus line before.  What’s your name, buddy?”  Nice but simple, hopefully I will get a reply.  A couple seconds passed, maybe he didn’t here me...maybe he don’t like to be bother with the passengers while driving.... maybe...

"My name is Bill.  If you want to know so what’s yours?”

Once again his big rough bear voice shook me out of my thought like an apple in a tree.  I tried to not hesitate with my reply, "My name is William.  I live here at least two years and going to college here.”  As I was saying this, I did a quick glance over his bulk to see both his hands without a wedding ring ban of any kind.  "Yes! I might have a chance with this one,” saying in my mind with a sneaky grin to my lips.  We began to talk while going into downtown.  Bill told me that he was resident of the state I went to school at as well as begin single for almost all his life.

He also mentioned that he had a few girlfriends in his time and I’d related with him on the subject (minus the big men encounters every one in a while).  "I don’t live too far from where you live at.  That’s the reason I have this bus route since I can get the job done more quicker than any other bus driver,” Bill said while making a right turn.  As I was getting ready to ask him another question, my stop came up.  "SHIT! I have to get off here, Bill,” I said with a growl afterwards.  "No problem.  I might see you again next time you take this bus route since I’ve just started,” Bill said with a smile to his bear face.

"Hopeful to catch you around Bear Buddy,” I said while leaving the bus.
That’s when I realized that I blew my cover, big time calling him a ‘bear buddy’!  "Next time, he’ll asked me about that.... I know it!  Then it’s over!”

The Next Day....
  I was truly nervous about taking the bus into town now since I had blurred out ‘Bear Buddy’ to him.  I went and waited for the bus to arrive at the usual bus stop.  When the bus finally arrived, I was dry in the mouth. My knees was weak in fear but in participation of seeing that big chubby bear again.  The doors open and....HE WASN’T THERE!!!

My fear went into high gear at this time. "What if he changed bus routes because of what I said,” I thought to myself.  I went and asked the bus driver that was driving the bus for today.  He replies that Bill called for a day off for something important.  My thoughts ran through just about everything I could think of that could or should be important to a person.  "Doctor’s Appointment.... Grocery shopping...Sick Mother in Retirement Home,” I thought to myself while almost missing my stop because of it.
Later in the day, I finished checking my e-mail and chatting with friends at the campus computer lab and started my way to the bus depot when all of a sudden.... THERE HE WAS.  

Bill was in a dark blue Ford Ranger parked in the parking lot of the campus computer lab building.  "What is he doing here,” I said in puzzlement.  He waved his big furry paw like hand for me to come on over.  I was a little scared but forced myself to move over to the vehicle.  "So I wasn’t late to see you done with your computer work,” he said with a smirk.  As I viewed the massive vehicle he was in, I noticed a bear flag car freshener on the dashboard.  "You are bear huh,” I asked with a little bit of shyness.
"Been for a while. I thought you can tell by my big size alone,” he said with a healthy chuckle that made his belly shake up and down.  "Cool, I was worried you didn’t like being call Bear Buddy since you wasn’t on the bus today,” I replied.

"Oh! That was because I wanted to chat with you one on one.  The job would’ve made me too tired to get with you so I took the day off.  I’m good for it,” he said with a bit of excitement in his rough voice.  That alone made me very happy to see him.  He offered to ride me home after we stopped by his place for dinner and a few beers.  I agreed happily and jumped in.
It was coming close to sunset when we arrived at his place.  His place was not too far from my place only by a half-mile or so.  He had a big blue and white house all to himself with a bear like welcome sign in the front.  We went in and to my surprise he already had dinner done enough that it only needed to be reheated for a few minutes.  While waiting for the dinner to be reheated he showed me some of his place.  

There was a dining room, kitchen, bedroom with a king size bed, a guest room with a queen size bed.  It was nothing too glamorous but able to keep it in check for being a bus driver.  While going downstairs to the dining room, he pinched my butt a couple of times with his massive size paw while growling in the background.  I see that there was something else going on other than dinner and a few beers by the end of this.

After the meal...
The wonderful meal Bill cook consisted of pasta mixed with meatballs, salad, and garlic bread.  We both sat on his couch and watch a little bit of TV while chatting. I was a little nervous about moving a bit closer to the big sized bear of a guy. All of a sudden he took the bull by the horns and bum rushed me!

"OH MY!” I excitedly said when he groped and bear hugged me. "Well this is what you wanted. Right?” the brute growled under his hot and bothered breath.

"Well. Yes but it was so sudden.”

"I’m sorry,” He said while backing off a bit, "That is how we play around the house here.”

"WE?” I said with a puzzled look to my face.

"Well sure! Do you think a swank place like this will fit under a single bus driver’s salary?” He exclaimed with a bit of laughter. "I live here with my huzbear. We have been together for over three years. We have been looking for a cub to play with on our days off duty from driving the metro buses.”

"So what does he look like?”

"Well. He should be arriving home anytime n…” Before he was able to finish his sentence, there was a knock on the door followed by a jiggling of keys.  The door open slowly and quietly as the big shadowed figure stood in the doorway.

"Bill! I see we have company and a cute one at that!” the shadow exclaimed with slow gravel like voice.  He walked into the light that was in the living room where we were. And here was the grand daddy of all bears! He was about 5’8” with salt and pepper like hair. He was definitely older than Bill just by judging his facial hair and physical appearance. He was a stock but chubby individual with a beer belly twice the size of what Bill’s belly is! I’d nearly fainted on the spot seeing this daddy bear masterpiece.

"Greeting cub! My name is Matthew. And you are?” He said with his hand stretched out for my hand to grasp and shake. I shook his hand and said with a slur to my voice, "My nnnnnname is Willie uh William.”

"No need to be nervous buddy. We don’t bite unless you want us to. HAHA!” He said with a hearty laugh while his belly was shaking up and down.

"So want to know how big we are, huh? I can tell by your facial expression off of me alone,” Bill said "Should I go first or you?”

"I’ll go baby. I’m 5’8” and about 450 pounds here. I’m 44 as well,” Matthew said then pointed over to Bill "My huzbear there is 6’0” and 350. He is 36 years old.”

 I was still stunned by the stats as well as the body appearance of them both. "So what now gentlebears?” I asked looking at both of them as much as I can.

"Any suggestions?” asked Bill and Matthew while looking at me.

The two gentlebears looked at each other.  Bill winked his right eye at Matthew and Matthew winked back at him. As Bill began to sit down on the couch next to Matthew and I, he cleared his throat and said: "Well besides being a big bear couple. We also like this fetish we’ve been doing for awhile.  It is called gaining. Bill and me are gainers but I’m more of a gainer than him.  I’ve always wanted a cub of our own to feed me until I’m maxed out and a hefty 600+ pounds.”   

I was amazed to hear this. I knew a bit about the gaining fetish and REALLY wanted to do this with a guy.  But I was quite shy about it and was mostly a lurker on chat rooms and message boards.

"What about your job as a bus driver?” I asked with a bit of concern.

"BLAH! I’m too fat and old to be doing that anyway. HEHE” Bill laughed as he patted his fat belly; "I’m due for retirement anyway so this can be the great chance to do so. Well, that is if you want to do it.”

I puzzled at the thought of helping out this big bear grow bigger. He was in perfect health by the looks of it and the size was equally matched as well.  My mouth was dry. I was a bit nervous about given either yes or no as an answer.  I opened my mouth to tell them both my answer.

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