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The Eat-A-Thon
"Ah, there. [panting] Done [more panting]." Jack said, finishing off the last of the 5 burgers that come in each Tasty Burger sack. Before that he had eaten a large pizza as an appetizer, and now the weight of what was in his stomach was literally weighing down his rotund rolls, causing his belly to sag down outside of his shirt and past his skin tight, undersized underwear. "Great job baby!" his girlfriend Erica said, using two hands to lift his belly up and shake it. His belly now reached out and hung down enough where Erica had to lift his ever expanding dough up to get to his dick, which was now fully erect, shooting upward (even through the tight underwear), so titillated it was ready to shoot at even the slightest pleasure. They had first met by chance at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Jack, then sporting 200lbs across a wide but only 5'9 frame, had gone with his buddies to drink pitchers of beer and try to each eat 50 wings. Jack had been the only one to finish all of his 50, and was greeted by cheers from his buddies, which caused Erica's head to turn from her table, where her boyfriend at the time, Mike, was struggling through his 50 wings. Mike was large--6'2, 260--but got bloated from food easily. Erica, shy about her interest in husky men among friends, originally loved that she had found someone interested in gaining to be with, but questioned just how good Mike was at devouring food. What really turned Erica on was when a man ate much more than she thought they could, surprising her with their ability to gorge themselves. So Erica, now with wandering eyes, had slipped by Jack's table when Mike was getting the car and left her phone number, pausing to shake Jack's belly up and down as she left the number. Jack, embarrassed by his sexual attraction to gaining weight, was thrilled and incredibly turned on by the idea of someone else finding his belly attractive besides him. But Erica had to know that Jack was better for her than Mike, so she had devised a challenge. She told each not to eat all morning, and come to her house at 2PM sharp. She would have the exact same amount of food ready for them--two large, deep dish cheese pizzas each--and see how far each could get in 30 minutes. She would date whoever did the best. When she told Mike about her plan, he was angry at first, but in the end, relished the challenge. Jack and Mike both arrived on time, and when Mike saw Jack, he broke down laughing. "You think this little shit is going to out eat me?! What a joke, Erica." Jack said nothing, he was still embarrassed by his attraction to gaining, and still in awe that someone like Erica would find him attractive. Erica set up the dining room table with a divider so that a competitor was on each end, and each could not see the other, but could hear the other gorging. She whistled GO! and started the clock, and each man dove into their challenge head first. Mike was secretly worried about losing Erica, and wanted to start fast. He made sure to cut the biggest slice of the pizza he could chew while he was still chewing the previous bite to speed up his consumption. All Mike heard from Jack's end was heavy breathing and munching--Mike believed this was because Jack was eating slowly. "Better hurry little guy!" Mike shouted as he ate, sure that he would win. As the clock wound down, MIke could feel his gut getting harder and harder, and sweat forming under his tits, dampening the shirt. On the whole he was slightly flush, fighting through his 7th slice. He managed to finish the 8th slice just before time expired, and undoing his belt, stood up to celebrate. "There's no way that little guy ate a whole large," he thought to himself. Sure enough, when he looked over, there was one piece left in the pizza in front of Jack. "Yes!" Mike shouted, looking to Erica for support. "Mike, you were crushed by Jack, why are you cheering?" Erica said, her eyes locked passionately on Jack. Jack's fork and knife were clean as a whistle, but he was covered in sauce and cheese. Jack had immediately picked up the pizza slices and started chomping his way through them, forgetting about forks, knives, cleanliness, and anything else besides the pizza. His adrenaline was racing, and he hadn't felt the pizza going into him at all, his food inspired libido multiplying his hunger to a point of complete insatiability. He had finished his first pizza in a measly 10 minutes, and starting going into the second. About halfway through the second all of the food had settled in his stomach--plus, he had eaten a full breakfast a few hours earlier, being so nervous about the date, and wanting his belly to look good--causing his belly to push painfully against his belt. He unfastened his belt and undid the top button of his pants. The second he did so, the force of his expanding belly shot the zipper all the way to the bottom of his pants, and his belly popped outward, expanding out from under his shirt. Erica, having seen this but not wanting to favor either man during the competition, bit down so hard on her lip that she cut herself, and had to go to the kitchen to dab her lip. When she returned, Jack was powering through the rest of the second pizza as fast as he could. She could tell he was completely stuffed, maxed out, each bite requiring far more saliva and chewing than the one before. But Jack was so determined to eat more and more. He made it all the way to the second to last pizza, and took one bite of the final slice when time rang out. He had, completely and utterly, defeated Mike. Mike, embarrassed, left the apartment immediately. Erica came over and sat on Jack's lap facing him, her own chubby belly rubbing up against Jack's bulging gut, and kissed him on the lips. Jack's hair was wet with sweat, and he had soaked through his shirt with sweat in several places. After they finished kissing, Jack said "So, I should finish his leftovers, right?" Erica's eyes widened. "Well, we can't let it go to waste." She spent the next hour feeding Jack the rest of the pizza, Jack washing down every bite with generous pulls of craft beer. Once he was slightly buzzed, Jack's pace picked up. His belly was completely distended and protruding now, but Jack's appetite grows notoriously whenever he becomes slightly drunk. When he finished off the last slice of the third large, deep dish pizza with relative ease, Erica new she had found her man. ***** Jack was now well over 260 pounds in just over a month with Erica. He realized soon after they started seeing each other that this was everything he ever wanted sexually. Their dates always consisted of eating, drinking, and sometimes clothes shopping when Jack had grown too big for his previous purchases. Jack had undergone quite the transformation already. He was short, but quite wide, so the weight already looked great on him. His wide, doughy belly flopped effortlessly forward, drooping over his waist and falling slightly downward. His ass, already quite big, was now enormous. Erica loved slapping it, each cheek soared outward from his wide legs, and jiggled up and down as he walked. "I'm stuffed!" Jack said, patting his sagging belly. Erica sat on his lap, summoned her best puppy dog eyes, and looked beseechingly into Jack's soft, green-blue eyes. "Baby," She said, "Do you think you could eat just a little bit of dessert? You're doing so great, but I'm just worried about my family is all." The next day, Erica was taking Jack home to meet her family down in New Orleans. Her father and brothers were all huge, ex-football players--all of them well over 300lbs--and though none of them gained, each loved eating about as much as a gainer does. "Of Course! I'd love to," Jack said. Erica smiled, hopped off his lap, and brought out a platter of treats. There were soft, doughy chocolate chip cookies, a bucket of cookie dough, brownies, a huge tub of ice cream, and a gallon of milk to drink. Jack stared open mouthed at the food, just imagining stuffing himself with all of this food was enough to make his dick cum a few drops. "Don't worry baby, you can do it!" Erica exclaimed. "I'll be right here with you the whole time, you got this!" As Erica climbed under the table Jack stood up to remove his underwear. His gut, ass, and love handles all shot outward an inch after he removed the tight fitting underwear. He also popped his shirt off--he would just ruin it eating like this--and sat back down at the table, digging into the cookies and milk first. Erica began sucking his erect penis, and he shot off no more than a minute in. Neither stopped, Jack kept gorging himself on sweets, and Erica kept blowing him. After another 5 minutes, Erica climbed out from under the table and packed their bong. Jack was doing all he could, but he needed some help if he was going to get through all this food. They each took a couple of rips from the bong, and went back to their sexual pursuits, Erica now sucking Jack's balls, one at a time, and giving him a handjob, Jack now devouring the last of the cookies and moving onto the brownies. Erica could hear Jack grunting, and could see his belly pulse as Jack's body sent all available blood down to his midsection to begin digesting this feast. When the noises from Jack stopped 15 minutes later, Erica climbed out from under the table to see Jack, improbably almost three quarters of the way through this feast, having nodded asleep, right hand still in the tub of cookie dough, his face flushed red from the gargantuan effort required to get this far. Erica woke him up far enough out of his stupor to walk him to bet and put him to sleep--there would be plenty of time to fuck before the flight when Jack came to. **** Jack wanted to look good for Erica's family, and was nervous, so he ate vigorously before, during, and after the flight. He had woken up late the next morning, his stomach growling after having turned all of the previous day's goodies into fat, now stretched and empty. Since they would be gone for a week, Erica had cooked all of the food left in the house. Jack ate two flank steaks, 5 pancakes, and 4 waffles before they left the house. On the way, they stopped to get him a dozen doughnuts, which he munched on before security at the airport. Since they flew on the family's private jet (Erica's family was very rich, she paid for all of their food, and neither had to work), Jack ate and drank like a king on the plane--lobster and filet mignon, most of a fairly large chocolate cake. By the time they landed and thanked the flight crew, Jack was already filling up his new clothing very well, but wanted to stop on the way and get a couple of po-boys, so when they finally arrived at Erica's parents house, Jack was already painfully full. "Erica!" Each of them shouted as they hugged her. "Dad! Gary! Bill! Brian! So good to see all of you!" They were exactly as Erica had described them to Jack--each at least 6'2 and over 300 lbs, but far more muscular than Jack was. Jack had played a little bit of football, but wasn't all that tall or muscular, so he hadn't stuck with it. They each introduced themselves to Jack with a firm handshake and a nice comment, as was customary in the South, but Jack could tell they weren't all that thrilled with Mike being gone. "First things first, Erica. We need to see how this guy does with a little football." "Dad, you promised me you wouldn't do that!" "Honey, please, I'm sure Jack's played ball before." "Erica, it's fine. I'll play!" Jack said, easing the tension between Erica and her family. "Alright Jack, but you should know, we play tackle in this family." the Dad said. "That's fine by me." Jack said, not wanting to seem weak before Erica's Dad. Jack felt really strongly about his connection to Erica, and would do anything to make himself seem good by their standards. Erica's Dad and brothers led Jack out to the backyard of their expansive property, where about 20 yards had been blocked off into a field. Since everyone in the family had played on the line in organized football, this family played 2 on 2 football with no passing--it was all blocking, running and tackling. Erica's Dad, now well into his late 50s, sat out the game. Jack followed Erica's brothers in stripping down to just his underwear (no sense in dirtying those nice clothes, they said). The game started, and Jack was getting knocked on his ass on most plays. Jack had been doing power squats and bench presses over the past month to make sure his heart stayed healthy with all of the weight, and to keep his ass and tits looking somewhat masculine as he accumulated fat. But even with these efforts, the brothers were much stronger and taller than him. As the game wore on, Jack played a little better, but by the time things were over, he had not demonstrated himself to be much of a player. The brother on his team, Brian, had even openly scoffed at Jack's abilities in football. After the game, Erica, her Dad, and her brothers all sat at the table outside, still basically naked and covered in dirt, to feast on some of the grilled meat the father had made. Unlike Erica's brothers, who carried a lot of their weight as muscle, with tight drum bellies, Jack carried almost all of his weight in his tits, guy, and ass, making him look much softer and doughier than the brothers. The brothers, like Erica, were blond, and had little body hair to speak of. Jack had expanses of chest and belly hair. The food looked delicious; platters of steak, chicken, fish, a gigantic bowl of mac & cheese, and some vegetables filled the table. After a quick prayer, the family dug in. Jack went last, but made sure to make his plate bigger than anyone else at the table. Jack wanted to remain attractive in Erica's eyes, and given the way these guys ate, he thought he could earn their respect with a big appetite. Jack devoured his plate, and it was immediately refilled by Erica's Dad. He again devoured the plate, and saw it filled back once more. Everyone else ate two big plates, but Jack must have had 5. He could feel his gut straining downward under the table, and his tight briefs digging into his thighs, but Jack was unfazed. He finished every crumb at the table, well after the brothers and Dad had stopped eating. They had said nothing of his preposterous meal until Jack was finished, then they all burst out laughing. Jack, stuffed to the brim, sat back in his chair and patted his belly. "Well Son, that was some pretty good eating you did there, hope you bring that same enthusiasm to the dinner tonight." The Dad said, illicitng further laughter from the boys. "What dinner?!" Erica said with great surprise. "The charity eat-a-thon." Erica's Dad said. "Pepe's in town is hosting a 12 course meal for charity. Donors have pledged to give the winning team 50K for each round they survive to a charity of their choice. The boys and I have entered ourselves and Jack as a team of 5 into the eat-a-thon; hope Jack saved some room!" With that, Erica's Dad and brothers stood up and exited the table, leaving a gorged Jack and Erica behind. Erica and Jack talked for a while, then went up to Erica's room to lay down. Erica massaged Jack's bulging belly, complimenting him on his efforts at the table and on the field. The two were not worried about how Jack would do in the eat-a-thon; Jack had been preparing for this, not only for the whole month they'd been together, but for his whole life. Jack had always been incredibly attracted to stuffing himself silly, but this attraction was always accompanied by shame. all of his friends growing up had been attracted to girls, guys, or both, but never to food. Jack finally had the outlet for his desires he had always craved when he sheepishly gorged himself. Jack tried putting on his old clothes before the eat-a-thon dinner, but they barely fit him. Jack's body had somehow digested all of the food from that day already, and was growling for more, the new fat additions to his body oozing his fat further way from his body and towards the floor. Erica could barely control her attraction to Jack now--he was just obese at this point, already busting out of loose clothing they had purchased for him not a few days earlier. But Erica resisted the powerful urge to tackle Jack's mounds of blubber onto the bed, wanting to preserve his energy and libido for the eat-a-thon. Erica's brother Gary loaned Jack some clothes that were very loose on Jack, though they wouldn't be for long. The family crammed themselves into a limosine and embarked towards the dinner. **** The dinner was held on picnic tables in a large, grassy field behind Pepe's restaurant, each team of 5 getting a table for 10-12 all to themselves. The rules were simple: for each course of the meal, 5 portions would be served to each table. Each member of the team had to finish their plate in order to remain in the competition. If a team member could not finish their plate within the 15 minute time period, the other members of the team would have 5 minutes to finish the leftovers. If the leftovers were finished, the team could advance to the next round, but the member that couldn't eat their portion can't help them out anymore--the remaining team members have to eat all 5 portions themselves. The competition started simply enough--the first course was a bowl of chili that everyone at the event finished quickly. The other tables were filled with gigantic men, many of them friends of Erica's family, all of them just as big as Erica's brothers and Dad. Jack was undoubtably the shortest person there, though his belly now rivaled many of the participants. The second course got to work--a full platter of jambalaya for each person to eat. All 5 of Jack, Erica's brothers and her Dad finished their platters seamlessly, though the jambalaya was much more filling than the chili. Same with the third course, a flank steak. The fourth course started taking its toll on the competition, a deceptively large bowl of mac & cheese. Jack and the brothers finished theirs with relative ease, but Erica's father was slowed by this point, tapping out with only a handful of bites to go. Brian greedily devoured the remaining mac. The team advanced, but were short a member. All but a few teams at this point had lost a person, though. The 5th round knocked many people out--each portion had 30 boneless chicken wings, drenched in sauce. Jack and the brothers were definitely feeling stuffed by this point, but all were determined to max themselves out. Jack was possibly more full of food than he ever had been in his life. The competition, the gluttony surrounding him had brought him to a whole different plane of pleasure. His belly was falling much farther down his body now, reaching almost to the middle of his thighs. The only reminders of how far out his body now stretched were when the belly bumped into the table. It was a surreal feeling for Jack, sitting a full foot and change away from the table, and still having his gut fall into the table. Jack was possessed; he continued eating ravenously. Jack finished the last of his wings with 3 minutes to spare, and began working on the extra plate, while the brothers struggled along with theirs. Of the 3 brothers, only Bill was able to finish his plate in the 15 minutes--Gary and Brian did all they could, but left four or five wings each. Knowing that he only had 8 minutes to finish the remainders, Jack continued at a truly gluttonous pace, getting almost halfway through the extra plate of wings before the original time frame ended. Jack continued pounding wings, his stomach so full it was almost numb to him, the rush of gorging himself propelling Jack's hunger. Jack polished off the last of the extra plate of wings just as Bill was finishing up the second to last wing of Gary and Brian's extras. With fifteen seconds to go, Jack quickly ate the last wing, clearing the plates for the round. Jack was sweating through his shirt now--he was so hot and full that his face felt full, even though he had swallowed all the food. He had a raging erection, so much so that he was leaking bits of cum through his underwear and onto the borrowed pants. Jack looked over at Bill--he too was absolutely stuffed, panting and sweating, his normally tighter belly now bulging out somewhat, but nowhere compared to Jack's. Though Gary was 6 inches taller than Jack, Jack's now humongous belly and love handles had absorbed all of the extra fabric and then some, putting some strain on the buttons. Jack's pants felt really, really tight, so Jack took his belt off and undid the top button, allowing a river of fat to flow from under his shirt, through where his pants had been holding it in, and out under the table, sliding down past the middle of Jack's thighs and almost to his knees. Jack could already feel the extra fat on his body, the weight of it sitting on his lap, his ass splayed even wider than before. Jack looked over at Erica and her Dad--both where cheering and whooping it up, Erica making a point of identifying Jack in the crowd to anyone who walked by. Along with Jack's table, only one other table had survived round 5--and they still had 4 people left. Round 6 was a bit of an intermission--just four chocolate chip cookies. Jack devoured his and the three extra portions of cookies, while Bill only had to handle his own. Bill looked like he was completely maxed out, and Jack knew that if the 7th round had any heft to it, Bill would be utterly useless. Jack himself was completely stuffed, but in the minutes before the 7th round, Jack felt himself gain a second wind. Jack was so horny, and so happy, and so self-endulged in gluttony that he was blind to the shooting abdominal pains his stuffing had caused. The 7th round came out--4 slices of deep dish cheese pizza per portion. Jack salivated. Deep dish pizza was his favorite gaining food. Jack plunged with with impossible enthusiasm into his plate, hoping he had time to get to the other portions on the table. Jack ate and ate and ate, he had sweat entirely through his shirt now, his tits flopping, his belly sagging. As he continued to eat, his belly continued to fall closer to the floor, which weirdly made Jack only feel like he had more space to put his food. At the 15 minute mark, Jack had finished his own plate, the plate to his right, and had taken all but a slice from a third; Bill had only eaten two slices. Bill stared in awe at Jack, wishing he had the same resolve, but totally unable to summon any space in his body. Jack plowed through the third plate, and got then through the fourth with a minute remaining. Jack had made an impassioned effort already (his 4th plate of deep dish pizza, and his 16th! overall slice), but the team still needed him, as Bill had a slice and a half left. Jack was full beyond belief, he felt like he was going to rip. His heart was pounding, and he was uncomfortable in almost every way except sexually, but Jack had come too far to let the round slip away. Jack miraculously finished Bill's slices as time expired. The other team had not finished their slices--Jack's team had won! Jack sat back in his chair to cheer, and in doing so, caused his belly to spill out a couple of crucial inches. The small increase in heft shot all of the buttons off of Jack's shirt, causing his belly to rollick forward. The belly was so impressive, completely gorged, dripping over Jack's waist and through his legs. The belly sat feet outward from Jack's body; Jack now took up an impressive circumference of space. What's more, Jack's heroics had earned an extra 50K for charity, causing everyone to cheer loudly for Jack. The brothers and dad circled around Jack's exposed gut and each gave him a hug and a pat on the belly. Erica came over last and whispered in Jack's ears, "that was the most impressive thing I've ever seen. Meet me inside the restaurant once everyone clears out," and sauntered away. **** The event was to continue on as an afterparty a quarter mile down the road, but all of the participants were much too stuffed to walk, so the entire event rolled out in cars--the entire event except Jack and Erica. Jack hadn't moved from his chair since he completed the challenge, and was now completely alone to handle the task of standing up. It took a considerable amount of effort to get his body in the air, and he was surprised by the energy it required to move this new body of his. He waddled over to the back door of the restaurant, only 30 steps away from his table, but still requiring almost all of his might. The second he opened the door, Erica was there to face him, her eyes wide with lust. She looked him up and down and up and down, Jack a truly impressive sight of gaining at this point. The restaurant was empty, save for the two of them, a pile of pastries on the table, and a mattress Erica had set up next to the table. "What's all this?" Jack could barely manage to get out, exhausted from his performance. "Well, you finished round 7." Erica said. "Let's see how you handle round 8." With that, Erica walked Jack over to her, and laid Jack down on the mattress, his head propped up by pillows. Erica then put as many pastries as she could fit on Jack's wide chest, and on the front of his belly. "Eat up! Don't worry, I won't time you." She said. Erica then pulled off Jack's pants to find that Jack had already ripped through his tight underwear, which only turned her on more. She lifted up Jack's belly, no small feat, and placed herself in between the belly and Jack's now humungous thighs, easing her vagina down onto Jack's stiff cock, riding him expertly. The pleasure of sex always gave Jack some extra room, so he began eating again. Jack began to lose his presence in the moment, so totally sexually fulfilled. He had to separate bites of the donuts, cookies and brownies with copious gulps of milk, given how much food he had ate, but he kept going. Each time he came, Erica simply kept riding him. Jack was so turned on and so gorged that even cumming didn't decrease his erection. She continued riding him until Jack asked her to play with his ass. Jack, upon getting very fat, had started finding it pleasurable to have his ass played with. Once Jack finished what was on his tits and chest (and what had fallen off in arms reach), the two turned this blimp, this whale of a man around. Erica strategically placed two benches around Jack, one running in between his gut and his dick,and one running across his chest, so that Jack could rest on his knees and the benches and give his belly ample space to expand. the belly went all the way to the floor and spilled outwards in all directions. Erica began first with her finger, then with her tongue, playing with Jack's ass, making sure to stroke off his dick every now and then. Jack was now floating on a cloud, his face buried in pastries, Erica pleasuring him over and over. Jack lost all sense of time the pleasure was so extreme. His body felt like it had been massaged and then submerged in a hot tub--everything was warm and gooey. Erica had fashioned a trough to be put by his arms and face, Jack stuffing himself from it with all of the leftover food, his belly ever-growing and continuing to spill out across the floor.
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