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The Heavy Hitchhiker

Part 1

I was looking forward to my trip out West. The price was certainly right and I couldn't wait to get out on the sunny California beaches with all those hot-looking, trim hunks. Hitchhiking was a sport that I had come to love. I enjoyed the open air and the mystery of who will be the next person to pick up my tight round ass. The morning was sunny as I packed my small duffel with the few pieces of clothing I had--two pair of size 31" Levis, a half dozen T-shirts and my bikini bathing suit that I was going to lie in the sun and show off my tight muscular hot body.

I was on the road by 7 am. Wearing my tightest Levis to show every part of my tight muscular thighs and round curved cheeks, I was sure I would have no problem getting a ride. A tight T-shirt hugged my chest and stomach, showing off my muscles and my erect nipples through the shirt. So, with my jacket slung over my shoulder and my thumb in the air, I was ready for California. By 10:30 am I had gotten 4 pickups; unfortunately 3 were women and one was an older married couple (all not my type). The sun had gotten so hot that I had taken off my T-shirt to get a little sun on my trim physique. Just as I was about to take a break and rest my weary body, a big tractor trailer truck stopped, the door opened, and a deep voice said, "Hop in, sport." Jumping up in the large truck, I looked over to the drivers side and saw a gorgeous hunk. He was brown-haired, blue-eyed, about 32 years old, a brown bread covered his tun-tanned skin. He was wearing a flannel shirt that was half unbuttoned to let his bear fur show. He had a large, built chest that pushed past the shirt, showing his erect nipples through his fur. Best of all was what was spilling out of the shirt and gathering on the top of this tight Levis, practically hitting the trucks steering wheel--it was the sexiest hot firm round beer gut I had ever seen.

"Where ya heading, sport?" he asked in this deep macho voice.

"California," I replied.

"Well, isn't this your lucky day, guy! I just so happen to be going there also, so just sit back and relax. Want a beer?" As he asked, he reached into the cab behind the seat and opened a small fridge and got out two Buds. Handing me the beer, he said "Looks like you're hot, well, being as you've peeled off your shirt to baste that beautiful body of yours. You might as well cool down with a beer. It sure is better to slide a can of suds down the old throat with company than alone, isn't it?"

Part 2

Driving all day and downing a good case of beer, I was feeling no pain. Dan, (that was the hot trucker's name) was very hospitable to me. Every time my beer was empty, he grabbed me a new one.

"Here, friend, slide another down to keep the last one company," he would say as he handled that large round steering wheel, his beer gut bouncing up and down against it. "Hey sport, you look underfed. Why don't we take a break and find a place to snack out?"

I told him I was short on cash. He said "No problem, my treat, sport." As I had not eaten since that morning, I said "OK" enthusiastically. As Dan hopped out of the truck, I was instantly turned on by his full stance pose. His tight Levis were hanging low as his gut spilled over them. His shirt was open, revealing a deep belly button in the middle of all that fur. Dan even looked hot from the back. Standing tall with a bit of an arch to his posture from that gut pulling his bear body forward. As he spread his tight-built thighs to support that big, round, firm, belly up front, I could see that he had a great rear feature! Ya see, he had still kept the tight, curved, bubble butt of a 20-year old, that hung round and firm as it was hugged by his size 42 Levis. I must say that I seldom see a big beer-gutted guy carry around a huge, firm, swollen stomach like that and still keep his tight, rounded curved rear.

As we ate, Dan told me of how he was driving truck for hours, and that the only two things he really enjoys are his "occasional rolls in the back of his cab at the local truck stops with hot young muscle guys like you sport," he said as he reached under the table and squeezed my knee. "and eating and drinking beer."

"Yeah, I guess I packed this swollen bulge on the front of me in a matter of a year," Dan said, as he rubbed the firm sexy mound of flesh that was now his belly. "But it gives me something to do, as I am on the road for 3-6 weeks at a time making pick ups and deliveries, and besides, I can really get a super hard-on in the morning, as I lay on my side in bed and feel this bloated mound of flesh hanging off my front." Dan looked down and lifted his round paunch and let it drop back onto his cock. "Yeah, I can't even see my rod anymore, but that's OK, I know its still there because I pop a boner every time this big gut of mine rubs against it." Dan was massaging his belly with both hands now! As he was talking, I was getting a hard-on myself. Just as I thought I was going to pop my Levis, Dan took one hand off his gut and reached under the table again to squeeze my knee. As he did he rubbed his hand by my hot bulging rod.

Part 3

"Hey, sport, what's this?" He said, grinning. "I see that my weight gaining story and talking about this bear gut has got this big tool hot. You like the thought of my stretching this hunky bear body to the limit with beer and food til it forces this belly of mine to hang over my tight pants, jiggling with every step I take? How would you like to get into my shape? I could really see potential working on the hot, tight chest of yours. Yes sir, with a steady flow of beer and a good, high-calorie diet plan, I could bury that hard stomach in weeks. Yeah, Id replace it with something that would make you cum in buckets every night as you played with your huge, round, expanding beer belly. Hey, I wonder, sport, if your ass has what it takes to keep its shape like mine did, or will it just get big and fat like so many other fatties you see walking around with large, sagging beer bellies, and no ass following behind them, just jeans that hang low under the weight of the big guts? Yeah, I wonder how you would fill out."

As Dan talked, I kept getting hornier and hornier, and I finally couldn't keep it back any longer--I shot a load of hot cum down my leg. As Dan felt it, he said, "You really are into gaining, fella, aren't you?"

"Well, I've often wondered what it would be like, and how it would feel to carry around a gut," I said.

"Well, sport, we are in luck," Dan said. "I have several stops on the way to the coast. What do you say you stick with me and Ill get you on a good high food intake. I think it would be fun, not to mention hot, to see how long it would take to get your body into shape. So how about it?"

Looking at Dan's hot gut hanging over his belt as he sat in the diner booth, I figured what the hell, this hot hunk would be fun to be with, and I would sure have fun rolling in the cab with that big bear body of his. "OK, Dan, you have a deal," I said.

"Great!" he said. "Lets go to the bathroom and see if they have a scale to weigh you on to get your base weight, then Ill measure that tight waist of yours." My base weight was taken at 5'11" tall, I weighed in at 195 pounds, my tight Levis were a 31" waist, with a stomach measurement of 30". I was ready to start pigging out. Dan made sure there was always plenty of beer in the fridge, and we stocked up the cab with lots of junk food to munch on.

Part 4

A week and a half went by, and I was really getting into my stopovers at night in the back cab of Dans truck. He was hot as he kneeled over me, his round gut hanging out in front of him sitting high, even with no pants to hold it back. It seemed to be guarding his long, hard cock. As he cupped his belly with his hand he said, "In no time at all, sport, you'll have one of these just as big as this--or maybe even bigger!" As he would rub my stomach, I could feel that it was getting bigger, and that just made me want to eat all the more.

Kansas was a long, hot, state. At one of our many eating stops, Dan said, "Lets go get a weigh-in check on ya, sport." As I jumped on the scale, I could not believe it rolled all the way up to 230 pounds! I could feel my stomach as it now was pulling out and beginning to sag like Dan's beer belly. I found that it felt the most comfortable when I just let it hang, without trying to pull it back. Dan measured my waist and it was up to a 36" waist with my new stomach measuring 43".

"Good work, sport," he said. "lets celebrate by getting something for dessert, and buying you some larger Levis." As I got off the scale I could feel that my body was starting to waddle. This got my cock rock-hard as I swayed back and forth following my new swollen gut.

When we would stop at the truck stops, I would steer my belly into the bathroom and grab beneath my new expanse as I groped for my dick to take a leak. I must have looked like I was having trouble with my new girth at one point, because Dan reached over from his urinal and grabbed my cock. "Here ya go, fella. I know, it takes time to adjust to this new addition of yours, but until you're used to it, I'm here to help ya. Just relax and take a pee." Dan's firm pudgy fingers felt great on my dick. As he aimed my rod, his furry arm rubbed against my gut that was getting in the way.

Part 5

By the time we got to California, it was 5 weeks on the road. I had started from New York, a streamlined 31" waist, 195 lb. tight muscular guy showing off my pecs, tight abs, and nipples pushing through my skin tight T-shirts. As we rolled into the sunny beach boy state, I was pushing 298 pounds. Dan had me in size 42" Levis (that I had to keep unbuttoned as they were too tight). As we would go over bumps, my huge beer belly that measured 58" would bounce up and down on my cock (getting me hard). Being that none of the clothes I had come out with would fit me anymore, Dan had bought me all new clothes. My gut was now spilling out of a flannel shirt similar to Dan's (only larger). I understood now why Dan never buttoned the front. I found it to be more comfortable to let my bloated front hang out, my belly button now deep and pointing downward.

Dan pulled up to a sunny beach in LA and stopped the truck. As he hopped out of the cab, I followed on the other side. I waddled around to the beach still trying to accommodate my newly swollen figure. It was still new enough that I got rock hard whenever I felt my belly jiggling as I walked, rubbing against my crotch. I stood looking at all the bronzed bathing beauties on the beach basting their bodies. I looked at their tight bodies and remembered the physique I had at the start of my trip, the small bikini that I had packed to wear as I tanned in the sun. I grinned as I thought, "Well, that idea has gone to pot, among other things. I wont be doing that with a belly like this." But, as I remembered how turned on I had been by Dan's gut, I looked at the beach boys sunning themselves and wondered if they might like seeing me in a Speedo.

As I looked down at my huge bulging gut, I heard Dan say "Hey, sport, remember when I told you about what can happen to your ass as you pack on the weight? Well, good buddy, you passed the test. You managed to hang on to your tight bubble butt, even though you're hanging out all over up front." As he spoke he walked up behind me and squeezed my ass. I immediately felt myself get even harder, and I was suddenly ravenously hungry. Dan must have anticipated this, because he handed me a full box of candy bars, and smiled as he watched me eat every last one.

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