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The job part 1
I need a job and fast said John rushing around the house for a dress shirt and tie. He tore apart his closet and found the items. Now that I have that where should I go? He asked himself. He looked in the paper and saw it a job at lard burgers. He had never been there in his life but he needed the money and the pay was 500$ an hour! He got dressed and ran to the burger joint by his apartment. John was a fit man 230 pounds of pure muscle.

When he entered the building be ran to the cashier and said. I need the job here. Then the cashier showed John into a room that had a man at a table doing paperwork. The man looked to be 350 pounds of fat. His dress shirt was holding on to his belly for dear life. And his vest he was wearing hugged the side of his massive paunch.

He looked up and said sit down here pointing to the chair in front of John. So are ya here for the job he asked with a smile across his face. Uh ya John said. Ok so have you eaten here before the man asked. No I haven't John said. So do you like to eat? He asked I guess why? John replied. Oh nothing. The man said just come by tonight at around 10:30 when we close. I looked at my watch it read 6:30 ok I said

Later that night at 10:20 I went to lard burgers. When he got there it was just the man in there. I opened the door and he greeted me. Ok buddy are you ready to work he said. As I'll ever be I replied. He led me into the kitchen were a long table with food almost touching the ceiling the food was mostly burgers and fries but there were other food to like chicken nuggets burritos milkshakes but that was it no healthy food. So why is there so much food? I asked the man. What! The man said. You have to eat it he said didn't you read the fine print he said. What you want me to eat all this I said. Yes get started he said and put a 1000$ pill in my shirt pocket. If you don't eat you don't get money so if that's that give me the money he said. Alright I said and sat down snd started to shovel the food in my mouth.

About an hour later all of my buttons popped off my fat belly it was huge and I wasn't even half way done I looked besides me and saw a set of keys and a note. I could read it form hear and it read. Lock up when your done and come by tomorrow. I put my hands on my gut and rubbed it it seemed to help with the pressure. About 30 minutes later I was ready to eat again. I began to shovel the food in my mouth again.

An hour and a half later and I was done my belly twice the size as when I was an hour in I got up slowly and took the keys and locked the doors and drove home. When I entered my apartment a rubbed my massive belly to sleep...
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