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The Traveler

I shifted my bulk in the front seat of the station wagon, several bags of Wendy's burgers at my side. In the rear view, I saw the police car's blue lights begin to flash that too familiar signal. I was speeding. After leaving Wendy's, I had immersed myself in gluttonous pleasure as I stuffed burger after burger into my expanding gut. I hadn't realized that the speed limit dropped to only 45 mph and my fat, lead foot had pushed the car to over 70!

I carefully slowed and pulled over to the side of the highway. I hastily wiped my bearded jowls of the remnants of my fifth burger. Letting out a belch, I shifted my weight in the seat. My huge gut pushed the steering wheel and the horn let out a slight `honk'. Not much more room to grow in this car, I thought to myself.

Looking in the rearview again, I saw the policeman step out of his car. He was tall, maybe 6'1". His slender, muscular build moved fluidly toward my station wagon. In seconds, he was standing at my car window. I surveyed his ample groin, which was now at eye-level to me. All I could think about was how hungry I still was. A half dozen burgers sitting in a bag at my hip.

"Can I see your license, sir?" the policeman ordered, holding out his hand to me. I noticed that he had large, calloused hands. His forearms were thick and covered with blonde hair, lightened by the sun. He leaned forward, removing his sunglasses. Sparking blue-grey eyes stared impassively at me. The cop was GORGEOUS!

"I'm sorry I was speeding, officer. I wasn't paying attention to the speed limit." I stammered as I handed him my license. The smell of burgers hung thickly in the air and my big gut rumbled. Damn, I was starving!

"This you?" he asked in his heavy Texan accent. He began to fill out the ticket.

"Yes sir. I've put on some weight since the picture was taken." I shifted nervously in my seat trying to pick up some vibes from the policeman. To be perfectly honest, I had nearly doubled my weight in the last six months. A nice, plump 343 pounds as of this morning. The policeman may have been suspicious as to whether or not it was really my picture on the license.

He continued to fill out the ticket and I caught a flash of what he was thinking; "Man, this guy is HUGE! I wish I could let myself go like that and pack on the pounds. I can't believe I'm starting to get hard! I need to hurry up and finish this ticket, so I can get home and jack off."

I was astounded!! And pleased!! This hot cop was turned on by my bulk! He wanted to be as big as me!! I seized the opportunity. When he handed me back my license and ticket, I made sure to brush his hand lightly. It was my only chance.

I was standing looking down at the large man squeezed into the station wagon.

I could feel an intense hunger beginning to build in the pit of my stomach. Once again, I had made the switch!! I had transferred my essence from one man to the other.

I momentarily surveyed my new form. Instantly, the policeman's mind and body were known to me. Unlike the man before, this man was in incredible shape. At 6'1" tall, the officer had 185 pounds of solid muscle packed on his frame. Broad shoulders with a tapered waist, this guy's torso was the perfect "V" shape.

I finished the fat guy's ticket and handed it to him. He sat slack-jawed in the front seat. No doubt wondering how he had ballooned up to his current bulk. With the guy still stunned, I reached in and grabbed his half-eaten bag of Wendy's burgers. My hunger was back.

I turned on my heel and headed back to the police car, pulling a warm burger from the bag and devouring it in three huge bites. My stomach growled in appeciation. As I slipped into the police car gracefully, I looked into the rearview mirror. The officer was young, only 27 years old. His blonde hair was cropped short in military fashion. His piercing blue-grey eyes accented his deeply tanned, clean shaven face beautifully. A strong jaw and high cheekbones completed the vision of this Adonis.

Gazing into his eyes, I learned everything about this man in seconds. His name was Jim McAlistar. After graduating college five years ago, he had joined the police force in a small town in Texas called Beaufort. He was single, only having recently broken up with his girlfriend, Tracie. He owned a small house in town and drove a Ford pick-up truck when he wasn't working. He worked out regularly and always strived to keep his body in tremendous shape.

But deep down, Officer Jim had a secret. He desired to be fat, hugely fat. He fantasized constantly about growing larger and larger until he was a huge-bellied cop sitting behind a desk and getting even bigger. He couldn't get himself to take the first step, the first "bite" so to speak. Fate had brought this hunky cop to me and I was determined to fulfill his secret fantasy.

Jim awoke the next morning late, around ten-thirty with a "fat" hangover. Good thing he had the next two days off.

Last night, Jim had fed his insatiable hunger non-stop until 3 am. Pizzas, beer, ice cream, Little Debbie snack cakes, cookies, chips and sour cream, pudding, microwave dinners, you name it. He had literally eaten everything in the house. The refrigerator and cupboards were bare. Exhausted, he finally passed out in bed.

He had delighted in seeing his rippled abs flesh out and grow a soft layer of fat. Any definition he once had had disappeared overnight. His long fingers kneaded the flesh of his stuffed belly. He stood and stretched and realized that he was still hungry. His stomach growled.

Thinking of nothing else, Jim removed a pair of sweats from the dresser drawer and slipped them on. The elastic waist bend stretched to conform to his added inches on his waist. In the mirror, Jim pushed out his stomach muscles as much as he could. It gave the effect of a round, bloated belly. He caressed it lovingly, his cock growing hard in his sweats extending down his left leg.

Jim was soon lost in his fantasy. He tugged and pulled at his nine inch dick, imagining his body growing fatter and fatter. He moaned as he pinched his hairy pec with his free hand. Soon they will lose their definition and grow meatier, like tits. In minutes, Jim was so aroused he freed his dick from his sweats and pumped it until come splattered over his newly rounded belly. He slowly rubbed it into the light fur growing on his gut, liking the feeling of the sticky come in his belly hair.

Jim began to towel his cock and belly off. One night of gluttony does not make a fat man, I reminded him. I influenced his mind by making suggestions to him. You need to eat massive quantities of food and quit exercising to grow! I knew that getting Officer Jim to give up working out was going to be the hardest part of fattening him up, but I had all the time in the world. And besides, I loved the challenge.

A month passed and Officer Jim and I were getting along just fine. He was one of my most willful subjects. Even though he wanted to grow huge and fat, his old habits of exercising and watching what he ate made it difficult to gain weight quickly. But, he was getting bigger and heavier just the same. He thought of his ex-girlfriend, Tracie, fairly often; which caused him to be self-conscious about his eating habits. I needed to find someone to help him bulk up!

In the first thirty days, Jim's weight had increased from 185 to 197 pounds, averaging about three pounds a week. It was a slow process, but as I had said, I'm very patient. His body became less slender and more bulky during that first month. His waist increased an inch and his chest an inch and a half. Small pockets of lucious fat were beginning to form at his waist. The start of love handles.

His muscles were still firm, with just a slight layer of fat. Luckily for me, Jim already had a large appetite. He ate alot of food, but usually worked most of it off shortly afterward. I needed to find a way to slow down his metabolism, a way to make him feel more comfortable about his expanding mass.

At work, a few of the officers noticed Jim's increasing bulk. One guy actually accused him of taking steroids. Jim assured him that he was not, that he just wished to put on a little size. That would be an understatement!! Jim traded in his tightening policemen's uniform for something a little larger. Pants from 32" to 34". Slightly larger shirts which showed off his large biceps and broad shoulders.

But it was taking too long even for me! Then, I had a stroke of luck!! Jim was mowing his lawn one Saturday afternoon when we noticed a guy moving in next door. Immediately, I felt Jim's attraction to this young man. Similarly, I felt that the guy was attracted to Jim as well. He smiled and waved. Jim returned the greeting.

The guy was about 25 years old. Dark, mediterranean good looks. He was a few inches shorter than Jim with a nice, solid build. A little chunky, Jim thought to himself. The man watched Jim surreptitiously, taking in the sight of Jim's beefy, shirtless torso. He admired the light layer of fat around Jim's waist while he unloaded his car.

Jim finished his lawn about the same time that the young guy carried in his last box. He put away the mower and went inside the house. Towelling off his sweaty body quickly, Jim threw on an old sweatshirt and grabbed a six pack of beer from the fridge. With very little encouragement from me, Jim was quickly out the door to meet the cute stud next door.

He knocked on his neighbor's front door. He heard the footfalls of the man as he came to answer the knock. When the guy answered the door, Jim was pleased to see that he was even more handsome up close. He had always considered himself straight, but seeing this hunky stud made Jim rethink his position.

"My name's Jim McAllister," Jim said extending his hand to shake. "I live next door and I thought I'd welcome you to the neighborhood. Interested in a beer?"

The man took Jim's hand and shook it firmly. "I'm Mario. Mario Cavello." He subconsciously drank in the sight of the neighborly stud before him. "A beer would be great. Come on inside."

Mario led Jim into the living room. In it was a large couch and love seat, a few tables and a lounge chair. Unopened boxes everywhere. "Have a seat, Jim"Mario offered.

"Thanks." Jim said, handing a cold beer to Mario. The men began to drink. "What do you do for a living, Mario?" Jim asked, he was very attracted to the Italian stud before him. He liked Mario's thick, hairy forearms and also the thatch of dark hair growing over the collar of his tight t-shirt.

"I'm the new chef at the Grand Windsor Hotel on fifth street." Mario responded, draining his beer. Jim quickly handed him another. A CHEF! What great luck!! "How about you, Jim?" Mario asked, noticing a considerable bulge growing in Jim's shorts.

"I'm a cop here in town." Jim nervously sucked down his second beer. His was getting hornier by the second and wanted nothing more than to get into Mario's pants.

The two men chatted for a while about jobs, family, cars, music and more. In no time, each man had consumed three beers and had a pretty good buzz going. Jim patted his belly lovingly. He realized he was hungry for a lot more than food. His ample groin was very noticeable now.

"I can take care of that for you, Officer." Mario teased. In seconds, he was kneeling before Jim and running his strong hands across Jim's furry thighs. Jim moaned his appreciation and placed his hand on the back of Mario's head. Easily, he guided Mario to his swelling erection. Mario hungrily went down on Jim, sucking his big dick expertly and running hands underneath Jim's sweatshirt. He enjoyed the feel of the extra flesh around Jim's middle and imagined him even bigger.

Jim was in heaven. Thoughts of Tracie were long gone as he felt Mario suck him off with pleasure. He loved the feel of Mario's thick, dark hair through his strong fingers. In minutes, Jim's cock released a torrent of gism over Mario's shoulder. Both men were panting heavily. Mario's hands never leaving Jim's furry gut.

Jim's stomach growled in response. "Jim, are you hungry?" Mario asked, patting Jim's belly. He stood and removed his t-shirt. Jim admired Mario's stocky physique. His torso was covered with dark, thick fur. His stomach bulged beautifully over his tight jeans. Jim guessed Mario at about 170 pounds on a 5'7"frame. Fairly heavily built for such a short guy. And very handsome!

"Starved." Jim replied. He couldn't believe his luck. An Italian, chunky stud moving in next door to him. And a chef too!

Mario ran off excitedly to the kitchen. "I've got some meals leftover from the restaurant last night. It will just take a few minutes to heat them up."

Mario brought Jim another beer from the kitchen and put on the radio. "Make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back." Mario called from the kitchen.

Jim removed his sweatshirt and gently stroked his paunch. He liked the way his fleshy belly felt. He imagined himself gorging on food and growing fatter for Mario. Instantly, he got hard again. This is just what I needed to get Jim to surrender to his voracious appetite.

In minutes, Mario returned with two plates piled high with food. Four inch-high steaming lasagna smothered in mozarella cheese covered each plate. Several meatballs surrounded each plate of lasagna, threatening to fall off the edge.

A loaf of garlic bread and more beer completed the meal.

Mario set Jim's plate before him on the coffee table. "Eat up before it gets cold." Mario ordered. Jim began to devour the lasagna in huge mouthfuls, washing it down with cold beer.

"You're not eating anything?" Jim asked Mario.

"No, Jim. It's all for you. I love a man with a large appetite." As if to prove this, Mario grabbed the extra fork and scooped up a large mouthful from the second plate and forced it into Jim's waiting mouth. Jim moaned at the act of being fed. He leaned back on the couch and gave in to Mario's attention. Mario's free hand slipped over Jim's erect cock and he began to tug on it roughly. Soon, he was shoveling more food into Jim. Garlic bread, whole meatballs, more beer to wash it all down.

After about a half hour, both plated were cleaned spotless. Most of the food stuffed into Jim's gut. Mario curled up next to him on the couch, lying his face on Jim's bloated belly.

"I'm such a pig." Jim said apologetically. "And I'm growing fatter because of it." He liked the feel of Mario's stubbled cheeks against his tight belly and stroked Mario's temple affectionately.

"I hope so." Mario replied, much to Jim's amusement. "It's been a while since I've helped a hot guy like you grow fat." His tongue licked the hair around Jim's belly button playfully.

"This could be the start of a wonderful relationship." Jim said to Mario. Both men groped each other's bodies and kissed deeply.

Mario pulled away from Jim for a moment. "Are you ready for dessert, Jimbo?"

"You bet." He patted his belly in anticipation.

During the second month, Jim's increase in weight had doubled!! He easily packed on about 23 pounds and was getting quite hefty thanks to all the food Mario stuffed into him. He stepped on the scale in Mario's bathroom. It read 220 pounds. Wow!

Jim's gut stretched out over his tight underwear, 38" around. He could still squeeze himself into size 36" pants, but they were getting awfully tight. He stroked his round belly lovingly. He could already smell the breakfast feast that Mario was preparing for him. On a typical morning when Jim slept over, Mario usually prepared a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes or belgian waffles smothered in butter and syrup, a half dozen muffins, half pound of bacon or sausage, and a couple of weight gain shakes made with ice cream and half and half to wash it all down.

Mario had confessed to Jim on their first night together that he had fattened up two lovers before Jim. Hank, a professor in college, had blown up to a tremendous 325 pounds from 195 in less than two years! His last lover, a hotel manager named Dave, had been his greatest accomplishment. He stuffed him every night during the late shift and then made sure he got absolutely no exercise other than sex. By the time they broke up, Dave tipped the scales at a whopping 484 pounds! His stomach was so big that he could no longer see his dick and relied on Mario to service him as often as possible.

Jim wasn't sure he wanted to get that big, but he was sure that he wanted to get fatter than he was now. The guys at work taunted him constantly. Remarks like, "Damn, she must be an excellent cook." "If you get any bigger you'll need your own zip code." and "What's the matter, did your gym membership run out." were just a few of the things he heard on a daily basis. A couple of people at the precinct even left goodies for him on his desk. Doughnuts, eclairs, cookies, etc. Jim ate everything with gusto!

Jim began to get dressed when Mario came in with a tray laden with breakfast foods. "What do you think you're doing?" Mario scolded.

"I'm getting ready for breakfast." Jim replied, trying to squeeze his jeans over his thickened thighs. Mario layed the tray down on the dresser.

He crossed to where Jim was standing with his jeans up around his hairy thighs. "No, no, no. You need to get back in bed, Jimbo." Mario inserted his hands into the tight space between Jim's thighs and his jeans and struggled to pull them down. Jim's expanded belly jiggled with his efforts.

"You are getting so sexy." Mario said, kneeling before Jim. His hands reached up to fondle Jim's new flab around his waist.

"And so fat." Jim laughed, which caused his belly to roll even more under Mario's hot hands. He pulled Mario up and they kissed passionately. Jim felt around Mario's midsection and noticed a few extra inches around his waistline. I got the thought from Mario that not only did he like Jim's increasing mass, but that he may wish to pack on a few pounds of his own. I almost left Jim and lept into Mario, but decided to wait a while. Besides, Jim was no where near as fat as I wanted him. Yet.

Another month passed. With Jim's increasing girth, the police captain promoted him to desk sargeant. A "sit down" job. Both men were deliriously happy. Now they could fatten up Jim even more. Jim had managed to increase another 25 pounds under Mario's fine stuffings. The scale clocked him at 245 pounds with a nice, round 46" gut hanging over his size 40" pants. The rest of Jim's build filled out as well as he was now built like a football linebacker, except with a little extra weight in his stomach.

The two men decided to move in together. Jim's house went on the market and he slowly began to move his things into Mario's larger house. Everything was going great! Mario had to go to Boston for a few days for a convention. I almost left Jim then to take over Mario, but I decided to wait a little longer.

"Be sure to take care of our baby," Mario said, running his hands over Jim's distended gut. Jim had just finished the last of a pork roast along with potatoes, squash and half a dozen dinner rolls. He let out a belch in agreement. `Time for dessert,' Jim thought to himself.

"Hurry back, Mario. It won't be the same stuffing my gut without you." Jim said loosening the top couple of buttons on his jeans. His belly pushed out invitingly and he rubbed it with Mario.

"It's only for a few days. You'll be fine." Mario said. He gave Jim a long, wet kiss and squeezed Jim's gut tight against his own. "Be good."

"Will do," Jim assured him and went to the kitchen for a huge bowl of chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream after Mario had left.

After stuffing himself with pudding, Jim went into Mario's closet to make room for some of his clothes. After moving boxes around and hanging up his clothes, Jim came across several of Mario's old yearbooks from his college years. He grabbed them up and went into the kitchen and got a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator with a one-pound package of Oreos. Something to snack on while he read through the yearbooks.

He leafed through the Freshman yearbook until he found the class picture of Mario. Mario was quite handsome, with strong chiseled features, a Roman nose, a bright blue eyes. His hair was longer then, but other than a few pounds he looked almost exactly the same.

Jim continued to go through the book and noticed that several classmates had referred to Mario using the initials "HGD". What exactly did that mean?, he wondered. He was about to go on to the next book, when a piece of paper slipped out. On it were scrawled several numbers in Mario's handwriting.

The numbers were Mario's measurements during his freshman year. Was Mario a former gainer? It seemed so. A date in October referred to page 67 of the yearbook. On page 67 was Mario's class picture. The measurements referring to Mario's picture told Jim that Mario weighed in at 158 pounds with a 28" waist, 38" chest, 10 1/2" arms, 22" thighs, and 29" belly. Skinny! Jimbo thought.

The other set of numbers referred to page 104 of the yearbook. Jim had missed this picture. In it, Mario was standing before a kitchen table, his belly pushing over the waist of his jeans nicely. Definately a Hunky Chunk! According to the piece of paper, Mario weighed 178 pounds with a 31" waist, 39 1/2" chest, 12" arms, 24 1/2" thighs and a 32 1/2" belly! It was dated June 3rd, 1989. That was about the size that Mario was now. Hot!

Jim snatched up the next book. Again he found a piece of paper with Mario's progress on them. Along with Mario's figures were ones for Hank, the professor Mario had told him about. On September 30th, 1989, Mario's class picture had him at 184 pounds, 32" waist, 40" chest, 12 1/2" arms, 26" thighs, and a 33 1/2" belly. Did some eating over the summer, huh Mario? Jim thought to himself. Hank's measurements were listed as: 195 pounds, 34" waist, 44 1/2" chest, 16" arms, 26" thighs, and a 34" belly. A faculty picture was on page 137 of the yearbook. Damn, Hank was a hot man!! Jim was looking at a guy of about 35 years old, short, blonde military haircut, broad shoulders and big pecs. Nice build. This is the guy Mario packed more than 100 pounds onto? Can't wait to see more pics of this dude.

Jim found Mario's next picture in the middle of the yearbook, dated February 14th, 1990. Valentine's Day! Man, he had grown! Jim thought. In the picture Mario was sitting with his side to the camera in the lunchroom. A newly grown expanse of belly sat on his larger thighs and his face was noticably rounder. A double chin beginning to show. Mario weighed 196 pounds!! His waist had expanded to 34", his chest to 42", arms 13", 28" thighs and a nice, round 36" gut! But Hank was the true gainer! In a separate picture on the same page, Hank was surrounded by about a dozen of the large 5 pound heart boxes of candy. His face was quite a bit fatter, but unfortunately the candy boxes covered most of his torso. The measurements were remarkable! Hank weighed 234 pounds in the picture! A gain of 39 pounds in four and a half months! What was Mario feeding him? Hank's waist was 37", his chest 46", his arms 17 1/2", 29" thighs and a big 40" gut. He signed his picture, `From one little piggy to another. LET'S EAT!'.

Jim paused to go to the bathroom and get something more to eat. His dick was hard as a rock beneath his own expansive belly, imagining these two studs pigging out in college.

Jim opened Mario's Junior yearbook and an entire group of photos fell out! Most of them had dates on the back of the summer of 1990. Jim referred back to the previous book and noted that Hank came into Mario's life in September of 1989. By 1991, Jim knew that Hank would have gained 130 pounds, but it excited him seeing him grow over that summer!

Each picture was of Hank. There were no photos of Mario at all. As the days passed, Hank got fatter and fatter! By the end of the summer, the last picture was dated September 8th, 1990, Hank tipped the scales at a whopping 266 pounds! Hank was bursting out of clothes in most every picture, his large belly pushing out before him in every angle. Also, in most of the pictures, he was laying or sitting in front of massive piles of food! Hank's gluttony was amazing! His now45" gut pushed over his 40" waist, a testament of his piggishness.

But Mario's own gaining seemed to take a backseat to Hank's. There were no pictures of him except for his class picture, which showed his still pudgy face from the year before. Weight, 200 pounds. He had gained less than 5 pounds over the summer and into his Junior year! But Hank continued to expand even larger! The two pictures in the yearbook showed him at a plump 284 pounds!! His waist was now 42" and a 47 1/2" belly.

Jim snatched up the Senior yearbook. He had to see how Mario's college years ended. Jim was a little disappointed when Mario's class picture showed him actually SMALLER!! He had actually lost about 25 pounds over the summer!! His face had lost that roundness that Jim found so attractive. Whatever weight Mario lost, Hank definately found!! And then some!! The pictures of him over their final summer showed Hank at a tremendous 324 pounds!! He was an enormous blob of manfat!! There was a little sadness about that summer for Mario. A letter dated just before school started was from Hank. He was moving away and leaving Mario behind. He couldn't seem to handle all the jibes about his weight from his family and co-workers, so he left Mario. In the letter, he told Mario that he knew if he stayed that he may not want to stop getting fatter!! He loved his new bulk, but was afraid about his desires.

Jim was interrupted in his thoughts by the phone ringing. He hastily stashed everything away and answered the phone on the fourth ring before the machine could pick it up.

"Hey Jumbo!" said a voice on the other end of the line. Jim was hoping it would be Mario, but he recognized the voice as his police captain.

"Hi Captain! What's up?" Jim absently rubbed his furry paunch. He was hungry again.

"Remember when I said I wasn't able to get you into training this year? Well, I've got you in! You leave on Friday morning!" his captain sounded excited about Jim's acceptance into an exclusive training program.

"This Friday?" Jim questioned. He knew that Mario would be arriving from the airport from Boston this Friday morning. He was looking forward to picking him up and having him stuff him up good!

"Yes sir. You need to be on that plane for L.A. by 10:00 am. Drop by today and pick up your ticket. Talk to you then." Before Jim could protest, the Captain had hung up the phone in his ear.

`Fuck,' he thought. I haven't seem Mario in a week and now I won't see him for another whole week! Well at least I can pick him up at the airport and he can drive the truck home.

Friday morning came and Jim had reluctantly packed and headed for the airport. Mario had called the night before and Jim had broken the bad news to him. He was pretty upset, but said that they'll just have to make for lost time when he returned. This wholly excited Jim immensely.

At the airport, Jim was upset that Mario's flight was late from Boston. It would arrive only 10 minutes before he had to be on a plane to L.A. When Jim got upset, he ate. He had already consumed about ten dollars worth of food from the vending machine and was still munching away.

When Mario met Jim in the waiting area, he looked heavier! Jim grew instantly hard at the sight of Mario's belly stretching the fabric of his t-shirt. "Wow, looks like you put on a few pounds!" Jim commented, giving Mario a huge bear hug, their bellies pressing into each others.

"Just about 8 pounds," Mario replied, patting his rounder belly.

"I haven't gained an ounce since you left," Jim pouted theatrically. "We'll fix that when you get back, big boy!" Mario promised.

"It's great to see you," Jim said and hugged Mario again, "I left a surprise for you on the kitchen counter."

It was at that moment that I left Jim and entered Mario. Almost simultaneously, Jim's flight to L.A. was called and he stood there confused and feeling empty. Mario was equally disoriented. I took over for Mario and prodded Jim towards his plane. "You don't want to miss your flight. Call me when you get in."

Jim just nodded and turned away. He looked awkward maneuvering his bulk through the crowds, his big belly pushing him forward. Mario was much more sensitive to my presence then any man before him. His hunger raged inside him, demanding to be fulfilled. His gut growled and we almost ran back to Jim's truck. It was time to really eat now!!

Mario quickly ran to Jim's truck in the parking lot. He could think of nothing but food!! He jumped into the truck, stomach growling. I couldn't believe it! Mario was different from Jim in the way that he welcomed me whole-heartedly. Because there was no resistance to my increased appetite, Mario was doubly as hungry as Jim ever could be.

The ride home was a blur. Mario, leaving his luggage in the truck, ran to the front door and burst inside. He was uncontrollable. He pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his beefy, furry torso. He plodded to the kitchen to see what Jim had left him. On the counter was a large, New York style cheesecake. At least four inches thick. Mario's stomach growled in response. He went to the fridge and grabbed a fresh gallon on milk.

Mario pulled up a stool to the counter and gazed at the cheescake lovingly. He could no longer control his appetite! Mario plunged his face into the cheesecake, gulping down huge pieces of the sweet dessert. In minutes, the entire cheesecake was devoured, made a part of his swelling belly. "Yeah," Mario moaned, he took the gallon of milk and drank it down in large gulps. Each mouthful causing his belly to stretch even more!

Standing, Mario belched loudly, his stomach pushing out over his jeans. Mario had become obsessed with eating. He went to the cupboards and began emptying them onto the counters and dining room table. His goal was to eat everything he could, make a total and complete pig of himself! Mario began to feed on everything from chips to cookies to snack cakes. It wasn't enough. He wanted something more substantial without having to cook.

Mario grabbed the phone and dialed Domino's. He quickly ordered six large pizzas with the works. He unbuttoned his jeans, allowing his belly room to breathe. He stroked it as he thought of stuffing himself with food. He instantly grew hard. While waiting for his pizzas, Mario stroked himself off while fondling his swollen, hairy gut. Thoughts of Jim and himself growing to truly immense proportions excited Mario more and more. Before the pizzas arrived, Mario weighed himself. 189 pounds. Feels great.

When the pizzas arrived, it was only the beginning. For the next six days while Jim was away, Mario concentrated on nothing but eating and sleeping. His gut quickly stretched and grew to accomodate his gluttonous feedings. When Jim called, Mario did not let on that he was gaining. He wanted to surprise Jim. He looked at his new body in the full-length mirror. He was considerably heavier! His hairy stomach stretched out over his underwear, like a basketball! Even now, his stomach was full, but still hungry. He went to the scale before one final gut stuffing before Jim got home. 203 pounds! Fuck!, Mario thought. I've managed to gain 14 pounds in only six days! My stomach feels so big!

Mario walked out of the bathroom, his firm gut leading the way. A knock on the door. Lunchtime! His stomach instantly growled to be fed. The delivery guy stared at Mario's gut as he took the Chinese from him. He quickly paid the guy to get rid of him. There was enough food for a family of four! He had to get all this food into himself before Jim got home.

After dismissing the delivery boy, Mario sat on the couch and dug into the Chinese food. He ate like he'd hadn't eaten all day. Even though that morning he had managed to get to I-Hop and scarf down enough pancakes and bacon to make even the largest man blanch.

Mario leaned forward as he ate, allowing his paunch to stretch down between his thick, hairy thighs. `Wait'll Jim sees me! He thought he was going to be the fat one.' Mario laughed to himself and ate until he finally passed out, his belly completely packed with food, not a scrap left over.

Jim arrived back home a little angry with Mario. He had forgotten to pick Jim up at the airport, so he had to take a taxi home. He desperately wanted to see Mario. Talk to him about his weight gain. During the week, Jim hadn't gained an ounce, actually lost a few pounds. At first, he fretted over his fattened body. But now he was really beginning to like it.

The first thing Jim saw when he opened the door was Mario lying on the couch, passed out. Empty cartons of food were strewn all over the living room. Man, what a sight! His hot lover had been really porking out! Mario layed with his hand across his swollen, hairy gut. He must've gained 20 pounds, Jim thought.

Jim quietly walked over to where Mario lay. He knelt beside the couch giving himself a nice view of Mario's bloated gut. Gently, Jim stroked Mario's full stomach, running his fingers through his thick fur. Mario moaned. Jim leaned forward and inserted his hot tongue into Mario's hairy bellybutton. Mario stirred at the loving attention Jim was lavishing on his belly.

"Hey loverboy," Mario groaned. "Sorry I missed you at the airport." He tried to sit up, but Jim forced him back on the couch.

"You've been a busy little porker, haven't you Mario?" Jim teased, patting Mario's firm, fleshy pot belly. "Got room in that gut for more?" Jim stood up without waiting for an answer and took a package from the table.

"I don't think I can stuff another bite in me," Mario answered, rubbing his full gut.

"I brought you a present," Jim said, pulling a huge cheesecake out of the box. "I want you to eat all of this, fatboy." Mario's appetite seemed to awaken at the thought of being stuffed to the max by his hot lover.

"I couldn't possibly." Mario resisted, trying to sit up. Jim quickly pushed him back on the couch. Jim stuck his hand into the cheesecake and grabbed huge, heavy chunks of the sweet dessert.

Mario seemed to drool with anticipation. Next, Jim straddled Mario's bulk with his own, pinning him beneath his 240+ pounds. All Mario could see above him was Jim's swollen belly peeking out from beneath his t-shirt. "It's feeding time, my sexy hog."

Jim pushed the cheesecake into Mario's waiting mouth forcefully. "Eat it all up. be my big, fat pig." Jim ordered. In no time, the entire cheesecake was devoured and made a part of Mario's sore gut. Mario was afraid he might pass out again. Jim easily flipped Mario over on the couch and ripped his tight shorts from his body. He kneaded Mario's furry, bubble butt with his strong fingers. Mario felt he might burst with the pressure of Jim's bulk on him, but he was so excited anticipating what was coming next.

Jim removed his tight jeans and underwear and plunged his thick cock deep into Mario's fat ass. "Oh yes," Mario groaned. Jim massaged Mario's meatier shoulders and back, patted his swollen sides. "You're my fat pig now, aren't you Mario? Gonna fatten you up nice and huge! And, you're gonna make me bigger too!"

Mario was in immense pleasure. The thought of him and Jim growing enormous together pushing him to the edge. He came violently beneath his hunky lover. Jim's own cock spurting his hot come into Mario's fleshy backside, threatening to fill him up even more. Jim collapsed on top of Mario and whispered in his ear, "What's for dinner?"

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