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The Waiter At Blue Mondays
It was the beginning of my senior year of high school, late September to be exact. This year was going to be a great one, I could feel it already. My class load was much smaller than it had been in the past, I had earned plenty of credits as an underclassman, and I had finally lost the weight I was trying to lose over the past year. Up until the start of junior year I was 190lbs, and 5’8. This always made me miserable because none of the boys I sought after would even give me a second look; my only plus was that I had a cute face. So my only choice was to lose the weight, and start my life. So here I was the start of a new school year, and 40lbs lighter than I had been the previous fall. With more free time than I could find use for, I decided to get a small part time job on the side as a waiter. The holidays were coming soon, and I knew the tips would add up quickly. I applied to many places, but no one seemed to be calling me back, until when I was just about to give up. A chain restaurant named Blue Mondays that I had applied for gave me a call one afternoon saying I got the job and to come in the next day to start work. 
The next day I arrived at Blue Mondays happy as can be and was given my uniform. The manager asked me what size shirt and pants I would need, and proudly I told him 30 waist pants, and a medium shirt, what I didn’t know at this point was that this wouldn’t be my last time I would tell my sizes to the manager. Going back to the bathroom, I changed into the black pressed dress pants, and white button up shirt, and placed the Blue Mondays employee pin on my chest. The manager sent me up to the front to meet Adam, the host who was going to show me around, the first few weeks I wouldn’t be waiting table, I would host along with Adam as he showed me what was what. I almost fainted when I met him; he was a gorgeous 5’10, slim, yet well defined 24 year old. I could see his pecs pressing against his uniform’s shirt, and I knew I wouldn’t mind him showing me around at all.
The first few weeks at Blue Mondays flew by, and to my surprise Adam and I hit it off. We had so many things in common, and sometimes it even seemed he was flirting with me. I felt comfortable talking about everything with him; I even told him about my weight loss the year before. This subject struck Adam weirdly I thought, from the moment I told him he seem to try to bring it back up every time we worked together. Telling me that I must have looked fine when I was heavier, and that he thought I might even look better if I put it back on. I just told him that he was crazy, and how I thought I looked terrible as a doughboy. He was sweet though, and said not to worry about what I ate, and that being a little bigger was fine.
Finally the time came where I could start waiting tables, I loved it, but my time with Adam was less and less, he was just a host, and I moved on to where the real money was. When we were together though, the flirting, or at least what I thought was flirting continued. The only bad thing about waiting tables was that I was constantly around the food, so whenever there was a mess up in the kitchen or free food came up, I found myself munching more and more throughout my shifts. This wasn’t great, with each time I worked I could feel my uniform getting tighter, and before I knew it I had put on 10lbs. 
One night when Blue Mondays was short staffed, the manager asked me to host along with Adam so that when the rush came we could both keep on track seating people. Towards the end of the night when things were slowing down, Adam got a little friendlier than I had ever imagined. He pinched my my newly forming love handle, thanks to all the extra food, and said that I was taking his advice. I stood there red in the face when Adam said something that shocked me. Are you gay? He asked. Nervously I stammered out a yes, and Adam said he was glad to hear it. I asked him why, and he looked at me funnily and said, you haven’t gotten the fact that I’ve been flirting with you the past few months. My heart jumped and I exclaimed " Really, I’m so glad to hear that ". Well then he said, would you like to go out with me sometime. I almost screamed yes, and we decided the following Friday we would both take off from work, and head to dinner and a movie.
Friday came, and Adam picked me up right at 7. He said where he was taking me to dinner was a surprise, and that I deserved it after all my hard work. I didn’t really understand what he meant by that. I tried to dress with a few layers, because by this point I was back up to 165, and I was having a hard time slowing it down. To my surprise we pulled into the Happy Buffet, a place that I frequented quite often only a year ago. My mouth watered as I saw all the food, and Adam knew it, suggesting almost everything spread out before me to put on my plate. After about an hour at the Happy Buffet I was stuffed, and Adam was too, he had his fair share of food also. The night went on with a trip to the movies, and a scenic drive home, allowing us some time to get to know each other a little better in the car. When we pulled up in front of my house Adam told me something that made me feel incredible. He loved what I looked like, and also that with each day that past at Blue Mondays I looked sexier and sexier. As he said that he grabbed my bloated overhang, and kissed me. Whispering that I he would love me at any size but that there’d be more to love if I just gave in a little. I took this as a signal to give in to the temptations at Blue Mondays.

2 months later

It was a few days before Christmas, and Blue Mondays was super busy as people grabbed food to fuel themselves for shopping. Adam and I had been dating for two months, and to his excitement, I took his advice and gave in. I was up to 185lbs, just 5lbs less than I had been before I started to lose weight, a few weeks earlier I had to go to the manager and up my pants and shirt size from a 30in that was about to blow to a snug 34, and my shirt went up to a large. I thought I should have taken bigger sizes but Adam told me he liked to see my body running around the restaurant in something snug. Adam and I had some great nights over the first few months, we headed to the Happy Buffet often, and I was HAPPY to say that a lot of my poundage was added there. Every time after we left he would love to come and hug me from behind, grabbing my overhang in the process. Adam had been doing some manager training during the time as well, and soon he would be able to take over a shift and close the restaurant himself, he promised me when that happened we would have a little fun, but that was still about a month away. He made me feel so good about myself that I only cared about what I looked like for him, and found myself stuffing everything I could into my mouth, to make myself sexier for him. I had one month to try and pack on as much as I could so that our special night at Blue Mondays would be worth it.
The rest of Adams training was delayed so he wasn’t able to start taking over shifts until the start of February, this bought me more time to get myself ready for him. Adam didn’t want to do it his first time closing, but his second time. What he wanted was for me not to work that night, and show up later on after he had gotten the place ready. He would text me when it was time. Around 11:00pm, I got a text saying " Hope you’re hungry”. I got in my car and rushed over to Blue Mondays. When I walked through the entrence, I was greeted by Adam asking me if I would be alone or have a guest join me, jokingly as if I was a customer. I said I would be solo, and his reaction was well sir there will be more food for you then. I sat in the booth, I could feel my thighs spreading. What can I get for you Adam asked, and I told him to surprise me. He quickly ran into the kitchen and came out with three carts of food. My eyes widened as I looked at all the hamburgers, French fries, pasta, deserts, and milkshakes. Adam cam up to me and said well sir it seems we have all this food and it’s on the house for you, would you like some company? Yes I said, and with that he dove at me and kissed me passionately, all while his hand fished at a bowl of French fries. When he leaned back the fries hit me almost as quickly as he had, and I was chewing as fast as I could. It was a constant flow of food, and my clothes were tightenting fast. Adam seeing that I was uncomfortable unbuttoned my jeans, and slipped them down around my ankles. What I was left in was a pair of boxer briefs and a polo shirt that I had out grown. Well sir adam said, it seems it’s time for the free dessert. He grabbe a piece of cheesecake and shoved it into my mouth. Next came the chocolate sauce. It did’nt go in my mouth though, Adam slipped my shirt off, and poured in over my jiggling gut. He went down licking every drop while he squeezed my thighs and love handles. Coming up he kissed me, and I could taste the chocolate on his lips. Adam stood up and said, now here comes the best part. He grabbed my hand, and took me out back into the kitchen. All I was in was my boxer briefs, and by this point his shirt had come off exposing his muscular 5’10 frame. When we walked through the door, I saw a scale, and Adams eyes widened. Get on he said. The needle flew past the 190 I had once been and landed on 210, 20lbs fatter than I had ever been. Adam grabbed my gut and kissed me, whispering "I love you’.

Things between Adam and I were never better, we had just hit our 6 month anniversary, and I had just hit 220lbs. After gaining 70lbs in a little more than 8 months, I decided it was time to slow it down. I didn’t want to be too fat when I graduated. Adam understood, and we made sure the feedings were done with lower calorie food. That way he could stuff as much food in as before when he fed me, but I wouldn’t pack on the weight so quickly. All in all I had only put on another 10 pounds in the past few months thanks to this, and taking a few mile long walk after school each day. We were happy, that was the most important part. I was making great money waiting tables at Blue Mondays, and Adam had moved up to the first assistant manager, meaning the only person above him was our head manager, the one who had given me my first of many uniforms all those months ago. My only issue with Adam was the for the past two months, really since I had slowed my gaining down, I noticed he had a bit of a wandering eye. If a hefty guy walked into the restaurant, he would have no problem checking him out, even if I were with him. Although he tried to make it seem like he wasn’t. He was never like this when we were first dating, and I was getting concerned.
On an average Tuesday afternoon, I walked in ready for my shirt, and I saw Adam sitting in a booth in the back of the restaurant, along with another guy. I could only see the back of the guy’s head, but I could tell he was probably cute. I didn’t think much of it because all Adam was doing was interviewing him to be a waiter, until the two of them got out of the booth. The new guy was hot, or Adam’s kind of hot. He was about my height, tan, with dark hair, and from what I could tell one of the most perfectly shaped doughboy bodies I had ever seen. He had a plump stomach, thick thighs, and a fat butt. I guessed he was maybe ten or fifteen pounds lighter than I was. There was a big problem; the look Adam was giving him was all too familiar, I should know, it was the same one he gave me just before we started dating. Adams lips moved, and I could see that he had just said, " You’re hired ". The two shook hand, and parted, Adam headed out back to the kitchen, and the new guys straight towards where I was at the door. He walked by me with and said a quick hello, and went out the door.
Out back I went up to Adam and asked about the new guy. He said he seemed great for the position, had been waiting tables for about three years, and was looking to work almost full time. His name was Ryan. Adam was barely looking at me. Oh I said, so I guess you’ll be seeing him a lot if he’ll be working that much. Without even making eye contact he said yes, and I could see a small smile on his face. His first shift was the following Saturday, coincidently I had the day off.
A few weeks went by, and I worked a couple of shifts with Ryan, he seemed nice enough, and from what he looked like, it was no surprise the way Adam kept looking at him. Adam and I kept up our normal routines with each other though, I would see him a lot on week nights when work was slower, and then during the day on the weekends. I just sort of said to myself that I should just let the Ryan thing drop, and trust Adam. He had always been loyal to me. I had so much going on anyway, my graduation was just days away, and I was taking a lot of time off to do senior activities at school. I decided to trust him; he was my boyfriend after all.
By the start of July I noticed something a little strange about Ryan, his uniform was getting tighter. It happened to a lot of us when we started waiting tables, but his buttons were tightening a little to fast for me not to be suspicious. We all got a discount on the food at Blue Mondays, and once a month we would be picked for a drawing to win a $100 gift card. I had never won, but a lot of people I worked with had, it was completely by chance, so no one could ever cheat. The gift cards were always kept out back in a safe; the only people who had access to them were the managers. One night close to closing time I noticed Ryan was holding one in his hand as he walked into the kitchen. I knew it was one of those gift cards, because they always had a big stamp across them that said employee. He had left his wait book where he kept all his orders, and money for the night on a booth near by the kitchen door. I walked over slowly, and flipped it open. Inside were at least 15 or 20 of those gift cards, enough to feed him for the rest of the year, or fatten him up over the summer. I knew the only way he could have gotten these was through Adam, who else would be trying to burst Ryan’s buttons.

Another week passed before I could work myself up to do anything about the gift card situation, and Ryan just seemed to be growing at a pound a minute or something. He was smaller than me when he was first hired, maybe 10lbs or 15lbs less, but now we were the same. I knew he would pass me soon, Adam must be really enjoying seeing him grow I thought, it made me mad, but I didn’t want to lose him. Adam meant so much to me. There was only one thing I could do, I had to give in again, just what Adam said to me in the car that night in the Fall. The only way I could get him back was to fatten up, and tempt Adam with it. It wouldn’t be the hardest of tasks considering how much I loved to eat, but I needed to make sure I got his attention while I did it. Each date we went on I made sure to wear a tight pair of jeans, and a too too small shirt. This would get Adam going, and sway him from his time with Ryan. I never thought anything to deep was going on between those two, for all I knew Adam was just giving him the gift cards, and watching him grow as he used them, so with that thought in mind I hoped we I could just sweep it under the rug once I won Adam, and we could move on together. I wanted it to be like it once was. 
I was eating more than I ever thought I could, my clothes were getting so tight, and my body was so much bigger than it had ever been. I felt myself actually having a hard time waiting tables. It got harder and hard to walk down the rows of tables, and my butt got wider and wider. Adam was noticing, because when it wasn’t busy, he would sneak in a pinch of my love handle or gut when no one was looking, he hadn’t doe anything like that in months. When August rolled around, and I went to my freshman orientation at college, I got a few comments on my growth from some high school friends I hadn’t seen since June, and a few more harsh ones from the upperclassman. I must have set a record for the amount of times I was called fat in one way or another that day. It didn’t help when after a free lunch of pizza and soda, I stood and without realizing it my overhang was exposed to the entire freshman class sitting in the caf.
From the looks I was getting from Adam I knew I was winning him over. Ryan kept growing, but I could tell that I was always a few pounds ahead of him. Once night when I wasn’t working, I decided to surprise Adam when he was closing Blue Mondays, I was hoping we could relive that night we had in February. I walked in, it was almost midnight so I knew Adam would be alone, all the dining room lights were off, and the kitchen seemed the only place where there was any activity. I took it upon myself to wear the same outfit from that night, My tight pair of 32in jeans that I had no business wearing in public anymore, and my medium sized polo shirt the now exposed the bottom half of my gut. I didn’t wear an undershirt under it, figuring it would look sexier if I showed as many rolls and buffet damage as it could. I pushed the kitchen door open, and my mouth dropped.
There standing in front of me was a shirtless Adam, and Ryan. I could see that all those gift cards had done some fine work on Ryan’s body. His tight workpants were unbuttoned, and as he turned around he flabby belly jiggled, as he looked at me shocked. Adam on the other hand wasn’t as surprised as I would have thought. He seemed almost happy. To top it all off, I looked down, and Ryan was standing on a scale, I could see the bright read digital numbers reading 234lbs. Don’t be mad Adam said, I walked up to him and grabbed his right hand, placing it on my belly I said, "You’ve lost out on a lot of potential here” and I turned away heading for the door. He followed me, and grabbed my shoulder turning me around. He kissed me, and said, " You’re the one I love, and he’s just a gut to play with, come with me”. He took my hand and walked me over to the scale, Ryan moved of the way. Get on he said. I stepped up, and after a few moments the number stared back at me. 245lbs. You did this for me? He said. Yes, I wanted you to only love my body, not his too. I enjoy both of them he said, but I only love yours. Let me get you to 250lbs, and hey, look at Ryan, I’m sure he would love to help, and I think you would like it. He rubbed my gut as he said this, and I quietly said yes. Ryan came up behind me and squeezed my love handles. Me and Adam we’ll be your trainers for the night, how about that. Yes I said, and with that they sat me down in a booth, and fed me for the rest of the night.

3 months later

Adam and I were happy again, Ryan was out of our relationship, he had found his own. A new slim waiter was hired and took to Ryan’s body pretty quickly, leaving Adam and me to ourselves. I was closing in on 290lbs; I had gained 140lbs since the start of my senior year.

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