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This is the story of my very good friend, Travis.

Travis and I met the fall semester of our freshman year of high school. We met at a gymnastics tournament we were both competing in. Travis was 5'11", had deep green eyes, light brown hair and a very tight, jock body. We didn't really talk very much that season until we found each other competing once again in diving. That's when we began talking and becoming friends.

The next few years were very good for both of us. We both made it to our regional, sectional and even our state competitions. Our scores were always very close and even though we are very competitive we managed to become very close friends.

In the fall of our sophomore year at college (5 years later) Travis was driving a car, when a drunk driver, crashed into him, killing his pregnant sister and her husband. Travis suffered only minor physical injuries in comparison, however emotionally he was devastated!

Travis and I have always been big eaters and could afford to be since we were so physically active. Travis changed quite a lot when his sister died. Travis went into a deep depression and gained about 20 lbs. in the next 3 months.

January finally came around and so was Travis, thankfully! Travis's tight body was now just a bit soft in the belly. He was talking about getting back in the swing of things, but I told him not to push himself too hard. Personally I kinda' liked the bit of softness to him! He smiled and said "OK. To be honest so do I."

By the end of the spring semester rolled around Travis was at a nice and plump 237 lbs. a total gain of 69 lbs.! I am sure everyone has heard of the freshman15 but, this was better than that!

That summer when we went back to the pool again. Some of our friends were quite shocked at Travis' transformation. To me, on the other hand, watching him sun bathe and swim was incredibly erotic! The next two years were fun. Travis 'unintentionally' kept gaining. By our graduation he weighed in at 323 lbs.

Travis is now on a quest! We took a small vacation following graduation when he had this revelation. We had ordered room service and were eating in bed. I was sitting behind him. I began to rub his massive belly and slowly licking and nibbling his ears. I began to hand feed him, not allowing him to touch the food for himself. Food became our sex toys. That night I tied him up with some liquorice rope, straddled him, and feed him until he was ready to explode.

Travis is now a chemist and weighs about 405 lbs. He belly measures a whopping 82" and he is the sexist man I know!

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