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by Doughtub, 2010

The house looked abandoned, but he needed to find shelter from the driving rain. He was drunk, stumbling drunk, but had managed to make the two-mile walk before the sun came up. The party had been great until that jerk John shot his mouth off and ended everything pretty fast, leaving him walking home without a ride. They had been way back in the country, and after realizing the walk home would take until the afternoon, he had been on the hunt for a spot to rest and get out of the freezing October rainstorm that was pounding down like a fire hose. The house was sitting back from the road, half hidden by trees and with boarded up windows – he’d pry one open and get in, no problem.

Tripping up the uncut grass that had been the front yard, he discovered balled up fast food wrappers littering the two-foot tall golden stocks of plants heavy with seeds for the winter. He laid there for a minute, wondering if he’d survive the night if he just slept there. He wished he had taken a few drinks with him to carry the buzz, which was rapidly fading with the two-hour cold shower he was currently in. There was a hum from the house; the electricity was still hooked up. That alone got him to his feet and around to the back of the old rundown house, where he found the door padlocked and the windows sealed with plywood. If it hadn’t been raining, the flooded driveway would have had fresh tire marks in it.

He managed to pull the bottom of one plywood sheet up and slipped through the opening, tearing his shirt, pants, and scraping his entire muscular back. He fell to the floor, breathing shallow but so relieved to be out of the rain. Inside was pitch black, but he found it warm. Maybe too warm. He couldn’t judge just yet, but he felt like the air inside was very warm and humid. He shrugged it off and dug out his lighter from his soggy pockets, knowing that he’d have to wait for it to dry out before he could get a flame. He flicked it anyways, getting a faint white spark but no ignition. The room he was in was filled with barrels, he could tell from the faint light given for a spilt second. He flicked the lighter repeatedly, getting a firefly-strength strobe light on drums and buckets with words like MEGA WEIGHT GAIN, Crisco, Pudding, Pure Lard.

He found his way out of the room lined with shelves packed to the brim with a surplus of canned and wholesale sized foods. He finally got a flame when he got to the corner of the room – two doors on either wall, and the metal one was too irresistible. He pulled the heavy metal lever and the door let out a puff of freezing cold mist, the quiet hum of a fan blowing the air around inside filling the room. He quickly peeked into the freezer that was filled with stacks of Tupperware bins. Different names were marked on them – two or three different ones, written on about one hundred bins. He couldn’t imagine what it was, but he was too cold to open a bin to find out. He shut the door and heard it click shut, and got a sick feeling in his stomach… ‘What if it’s bodies in there?’

He went back in and opened one marked ‘Doug’ and found it filled to the top with pure white stuff – it looked like Crisco, the other room had tons of it. He went back and out the other door to find whatever other bizarre things were inside. The change in temperature gave him his buzz back, making the experience fun instead of what it should have been. He went through the first floor, finding cardboard and garbage bags everywhere; it seemed like someone was moving in and moving out at the same time. He laughed a little to himself when he spotted a pair of male underwear that was pinned to the wall, so big it looked like a flag. He decided to go check out the upstairs.

He found three doors locked. The last door was unlocked and when he pushed it open, the air was very hot and thick inside – he could smell someone. It wasn’t bad smelling, but it was definitely a person. He listened carefully and could hear no breathing, no sounds at all. He waited before lighting his fire again. When he did, with teeth clenched and eyes wide and excited, he found himself staring at a closet sized room, with old wood paneling all around. Dirty boot prints walked into the wall ahead of him. The door behind him clicked shut behind him and the wood panel in front of him popped out a little. He pushed it and slowly swung the door open. The smell was thicker in there, the lighter casting a wobbly glow into the room. He passed through the panel door, noticing how tight of a squeeze it was for a jock like himself.

Inside, his light caught something that didn’t make sense to his eyes. Drums and barrels raised up high, with steps up to them, constructed out of lumber by a person who was definitely not a carpenter. Tubes led from the barrels, and to a black funnel shaped apparatus that was also hooked to tubes leading from some waist-high oxygen tanks. The funnel-shaped rubber was strapped to what looked like a king sized waterbed – did it just move?? He froze as his mind processed what was in front of him. This was a person!

The tubes were strapped to its face, completely filling its mouth and nose. Its eyes were blindfolded, despite the absence of light. Headphones straddled his fat head. Its hands laid useless to his side, fingers swollen so fat it looked like they couldn’t move. He looked down at arms so fat they were each bigger than his muscular torso. The breasts – he wasn’t sure if it was male of female – were so fat they hung and pooled under the arms, creating an armrest with two giant nipples the size of dinner plates. As he looked at the hugely fat blob in front of him, he felt his cock start to harden.

The belly was enormous, pushing plump legs out so far they were almost doing the splits. It was swollen, yet so soft that is poured out in all direction like melting ice cream. The bottoms of the feet were so fat they bubbled out. This person was too obese to even move an inch. His erection was pulsing now but he had no idea why. He had never been attracted to someone bigger than 200lbs, now he was beyond horny seeing this horrendous excuse for a person in front of him – someone way past being immobile.

He found a light switch and turned it on. The person had tubes coming from under it’s belly fat, and as one chugged water down, and flushed out an even larger tube, he could tell that this person was hooked up to a machine that was feeding him while making sure he didn’t have to move a muscle. The person was a man, he could see that now, the tubes going into his face were attached to a mask that hid everything except his eyebrows, which were unmistakably masculine. His dick throbbed as he thought of how the only way to tell if this blubber heap was male or female was by the eyebrows.

He decided to take out his cock and start rubbing it around on the stretch mark-riddled lower belly pooling out to the end of the mattress. The fat fucker squirmed and moaned in pleasure as he swiped his dick over the endless flab. He slid his cock under the belly fold and felt the weight push down on it. He felt like he could cum. He pulled back and decided to climb on top. He began to mount the huge blob belly, his now-naked muscular frame having difficulty getting up on top of the wide load of lard under him. He found the deep bellybutton in the middle of the pool of fat and dropped his oozing cock into the hole with ease. He began humping the fat, his arms spread out to the nipples, his feet barely touching the sheets underneath. The man groaned as the tubes keep pumping whatever it was into him.

"Yeah, keep eating…” he whispered to the man.

The man moaned deep and he could feel him push with his pelvis below him as much as he could in rhythm with the belly fucking.

"You’re so fucking fat…” he continued, which got another moan.

"Yeah man, you want more?”

The man grunted in pleasure, and he watched as the man’s cheeks sucked harder on the tubes.

He fucked hard and fast, blasting a load of cum in the seemingly endless bellybutton, and kept fucking. The lube of his cock made the second orgasm better, and the third. He ended up falling asleep on top of the blubber bed, his drunken find feeling so comfortable and right for him.

"Well, well. What do I have here?”

The voice came from the far side of the room, waking him up with a startle. His face print was red on the obese blob’s upper belly. He tried to pull his thick cock from the bellybutton but the suction wouldn’t allow it. The person behind him flicked off the light and plunged them into total darkness. He knew he was in trouble. He had only got a glimpse of a muscular man much bigger than himself, and he was still stuck on top of the giant blob. He felt strong hands tie his arms and legs up before tightly tying a blindfold over his eyes. A second later he breathed something in, and felt his body and mind shut down.

He awoke in the dark, his mouth pried open with tubes and a bite plate. His nostrils were stuffed with tubes. He felt his asshole packed with what felt like an arm, that is, until it began filling his bowels and then flushed out. He knew he was hooked into the same machine as the obese man. He felt the tubes down to his stomach, and the tightness in his belly was intense. He groaned, and he wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure.

"It only took him four years to get to that size.” The voice spoke from somewhere in the room.

He moaned, the flow in the feeding tube speeding up.

"He was a little guy, just like you. I make little guys like you into sick guys like him,” the voice said through his teeth.

He moaned against the tubes again. His cock was hard, yet he was terrified.

"I’m not touching your cock until you gain two hundred pounds,” the voice said without a drop of humour. "You’ll be that big in a few months, don’t worry.”

His cock shot as soon as the man’s voice ended. He sucked hungrily on the tubes and moaned for the man, an image of himself trapped like the blob in the other room shot through his mind. His cock spurted more.

"You might just put all the other boys to shame, you little pork chop,” the voice spoke right near his ear. "You’ll get some more of that fat fuck in the other room before too long, but for right now all you have to do is just let it happen.”

He moaned in response.

"I’m going to make you too obese to do anything. You are going to get bigger than the others. Once you’re done, I’ll show you the others. They’ll be all over you, if they could move on their own,” the voice chuckled.

A firm hand stroked down his bloated gut, and a mouth slide over his spent cock. He groaned, his body tied down flat trying to push deeper. A tongue flicked and slid around his erection, before slipping away and leaving him alone in the dark.

"I’ll be back after a week – I expect twenty pounds of fat to be plumping you up by then.”

The door clicked and locked behind him as he left. He was left alone in the dark with nothing to do but let the fluid pour in. His erection didn’t go away. His mind raced. Others? How many fat guys were in the building? How could this be turning him on? Would he have ever been this strongly attracted to pure fat if he had just fell asleep in the yard? Would he keep his sanity now? Would he just let this happen?

He thought of how much lard was downstairs in the freezer, and how much would end up being inside of him, weighing him down until he’s too fat to even bend his fingers. It made his cock pulse and release another little glob of cum. He laid back and let his mind race – taking it all in without a single struggle.
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