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I had it all, except friends. I was incredibly sexy and practically lived at the gym. I was trolling bars for a nice man to fuck and wasn't having much luck. After looking in the fifth bar of the night I walked home without even a glance at my chiseled body by anyone! After I got half way home I saw it. A hunk of a guy waiting for the bus. Usually I only liked my men perfectly sculpted, but my dick was dripping with precum as I looked at the beefy man before me. I decided to talk to him after a self pep talk. As I walked over the man turned to me and said his name was Phillip and he liked me and wanted to take me to his place for a drink. I was in awe! The hunk I was just going to ask out had asked ME out! I quickly attempted to agree but something horrible happedt, my allergies went crazy for some reason and I sneezed all over him! He offered me a tissue that I gladly accepted, but this tissue smelled funny. I smelled it again and black spots danced across my vision multiplying until I completely blacked out. I woke up in a very small room that smelled strongly of BO and shit. I could hear what sounded like machinery and muffled grunting. After looking around in the dim room for a while my stomach let out a loid growl. I wondered how long I had been unconscious and decided about ten hours at most. I dozed off an hour later and had a strange dream about food. WIRRRRRRRR CLANK! WIRRRRRRRRRRR CLANK! I jumped awake suddenly at the loud sound of an elevator. That's it! I was in an elevator! It seemed that I was rising fast and the sounds of grunting and thumping grew louder. Another minute later and I emerged in the corner of a huge warehouse with a modifying sight before me. Around me were a bunch of morbidly obese guys that were naked! All of then had to be at least 350 pounds and some were even bigger. There was a large shaft opening in the ceiling every 100 or so feet and food was constantly spilling out of them landing in piles on the cement floor that was slippery with cum and sweat. Three lardos waddled over and stripped me naked! They threw all my clothes into a small shaft and tried to start fucking my ass! As I screamed for help more sex crazed lardos found their way over to me some carrying handfuls of fattening burgers and others with their small dicks dripping with cum in their sausage fingers. They dragged me to one if the dildos lining the walls and forced my mouth over it. At first I protested and then I tasted the syrupy liquid and instantly go a massive hard one. My stomach also started to beg for food as it expanded leaving room for more and more food. I sucked eagerly for 10 minutes getting hungrier and hungrier for the lardo's cum and the delicious foods all around. I let go of the wall feeder and turned to the armada of horny lardos behind me. I grabbed the closest one and started to suck him off anticipating the sweet taste if his cum. He came in seconds and my awaiting mouth and belly welcomed it graciously. This went on with other lardos for hours until I wanted mote than just cum. I ran to the food piles that were always swarmed with other lardos and ate. I ate until I could not move and just lay there in the pile of greasy and delicious foods while another lardo sucked him off. [Three weeks later] Most days I had the same routine: eat, suck, eat, fuck, eat, sleep. I started to really gain weight too. My sculpted body is long since gone and has been replaced by rolls of jiggly beautiful fat. Every so often we'll see an Original. They're all well past 800 pounds and are always surrounded by other lardos all fucking and feeding each other like little families. I just sit by a drop spot and eat the deliciously fattening foods with gusto devouring so much I can't move. I've ballooned to 450ish. I think. I can't really tell and it never really bothers me. I just eat. [One year later] Food suck fuck. That's all I need and all I do. No one speaks. Only grunts and moans of pleasure. When the elevator comes up the new meat is fucked hard. Men no more. We are swine. We eat suck fuck eat sleep. [Two years later] So big..... more food..... sleep.... hmmmm............. R.I.P.

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