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A Dark Education Part 1
James was a young lanky college student who lived with his dad. His dad was a teacher of maths at his school. In the past James' dad had gained a lot of weight going from 150lb to a massive 370lb.James tended to get erections just thinking about his father's soft hairy stomach and wished his dad would destroy his ass with a foot long cock. Today at school he was giving out presents to his favourite teachers for Christmas. He seemed to only give to the old gay teachers or the fat gay teachers. Today while he was giving his present to his geography teacher, Roger, he asked James to come back after school today. James' eyes lit up at the thought and he couldn't wait to see Roger again. The rest of his day was fairly tedious and he couldn't stop thinking about his teacher and what was going to happen. At 5pm school had shut and it seemed like he and roger were the only ones left in there. As James was walking to the classroom he could hear a scream come from the classroom. James dashed towards the room and walked in. As he walked in his eyes bulged as he could see all the teachers he gave presents to praying to gluttony and gluttony was in front of them force feeding the head teacher through a rubber dildo that was forced down his throat. "Welcome James!" Roger exclaimed as he waved James over with his big furry paw. James was speechless but Roger just grabbed hold of his ass and pumped his 16 inch cock up his wanting ass. He grunted and then after about half an hour he came into my wanting ass. He got up and whispered softly in my ear. "We will gain as much weight as you please James. Just request how big you want us and we will get as heavy as that." Part 2 at 10000 views! Thanks for reading!
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