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Big Kevin & His Slave

He strode heavily and slow into the store. He was a very big man - the kind that needs special attention. He was a usual customer of the store -- a fat man's clothing store -- but the salesman that usually looked after him was away. It was me and the manager, Jim, in the store today. It was a quiet day, nothing special going on. It was snowing and looked like it was about to get worse.

"Hi, how are you today?" I asked, approaching with my usual opening sales pitch.

"Not bad" he replied, breathing heavily.

"Greg isn't here today -- because he's sick and the weather outside is getting worse," I explained.

"Oh that's OK. I needed to come in anyway. I've got a big weekend ahead and I need to get some things," he replied, still with labored breath.

"What was it you were looking for?"

"Well, I need new pants. These ones have worn thin in the crotch, and, they're getting tight," he said, with a small grin.

"Really? Well - let's see what we have. Do you know what your size is?"

"Well, about 3 weeks ago when I got these pants, it was 76 inches."

"Really," I said, a little turned on, and a little concerned, as I didn't think we had anything bigger, "let's see what we've got here."

I walked past the entire pants section to the very end - past 72, 74, 76, and eventually came to 78's.

"Well, we have 3 pairs of pants in a 78, and I'm afraid that is it," I said, smiling.

"Well, before I take any, I will try on a pair." he said, moving towards a pair.

"Sounds good. Let me know if you need any help."

He waddled off to the back of the store with a pair of pants over his thick, fat arm. I was amazed. He had worn thin a pair of pants in a few weeks. He was huge! And a 78 inch waste! He must be gaining weight, I thought.

"Well, these are OK, I guess," he said, returning after a few moments from the changing room, looking a little dismayed.

"Really -- what was wrong with them?" I asked.

"Too tight!" he retorted.

"Really? They're the biggest we've got!" I said in a surprised tone.

"I know." he said with a noticeable smirk on his face.

"Let me look at them for a sec here - let's see if we can take them out a little," I said moving over to him.

He handed the pants to me and I was checking the waist band. It was a little damp from his sweat. I didn't mind, it was worth it.

"Would you like me to measure your waist?" I asked while checking the waist, which yielded nothing to allow for expansion.

"Well, if you think it'll do any good," he replied.

I pulled my tape measure from around my neck and checked it's length - 85 inches. Hopefully he wouldn't be beyond the limits of my tape! I knelt down in front of his massive belly and threw the tape around his hips. I picked it up and pulled it together about where his belly button was.

"Is that too tight?" I asked.

"Nope." he murmured.

"Good -- you'll be looking for size 83. I don't know of anything that comes in that size, but, I have seen 84."

When I said '84' I distinctively heard a murmur from inside his belly. He grunted! I got back up again and he was smiling.

"Good, can you order some in?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know. I will have to check with Jim and see what we can get. What was your name?"

"Kevin. He'll know me."

"OK," I said and walked back to the small office where Jim was.

Jim wasn't a small man. He was somewhat pudgy, about 250 pounds and tall. He carried the weight well.

"Jim, what is the largest size pant we can get? I've got Kevin here, Greg's customer, who needs about size 84," I asked, peeking around the door.

"Kevin? Kevin's here?" he asked.

"Yep. Just in the store."

"Send him back. I'll take care of it," he said.

I returned to Kevin who was now pawing some 6X shirts.

"Too small." he said, grinning at me, holding the sleeve of one of the shirts.

"Jim would like to see you in his office," I said.

Kevin waddled to the back of the store and disappeared into Jim's office.

Kevin and Jim were in the office for about 2 hours - and the winter storm outside was getting worse. No customers had been in the store since Kevin arrived, and it looked like it was going to be a $150 day.

I walked back to the office and put my ear up to the door. I didn't hear anything except for what sounded like someone rattling papers.

"Jim, may I come in?" I asked, tapping on the door.

"Uhh - yeah." came the reply.

I opened the door. Jim was sitting at his desk doing was paper work, Kevin was no where in sight.

"Where is Kevin? I didn't see him leave," I asked quizzically.

"Well, Bruce, let me tell you something," Jim said, motioning me to the chair. "Is the store locked?"

"Yes, I closed it before I came down here - we're not going to get any more business today."

"Good. How much do you know about Kevin?"

"He's big. Lives in the area. I think he works for the government or something," I replied.

"Yes, he is big, and yes he does live in the area. As for working, he doesn't. He retired many, many years ago."

"Retired? Retired from what?" I asked.

"Everything. Hit the jackpot. Nine and a half million dollars." Jim beamed.

"What!?" I exclaimed. "You mean he's a millionaire?"

"Yep. Actually, through his investments he has managed to save up about another 2 million. He's quite rich."

"Wow, I never knew!" I said shocked.

"Here is something else you probably didn't know. He is into something called 'Gaining'." Jim said informatively.

"I've heard of it. Quite interesting," I replied.

"Yes, it is!" Jim said, beaming even more.

"How much do you think he weighs now?" Jim asked.

"Oh, I don't know - about 700 pounds?" I guessed.

"Close - he weighs in at 835 pounds," Jim said.

"Wow - that's huge!" I exclaimed like a kid. "How big does he want to get?"

"Well, his goal right now is 1200 pounds. We'll see what happens after tha,." Jim replied matter-of-factly.

"OK, how do we do it?" I asked eagerly.

"Good. I knew you'd want to help!" Jim smiled.

Jim took me back behind the office to a part of the warehouse behind the store. There was a small room with a light on. Kevin was reclining on a metal supported bed/chair. Jim indicated that it was specially designed for Kevin. He was naked, with the exception of a large towel around his abdomen.

He was huge. Simply massive. His tits wrapped around him like another pair of arms. And his arms were huge - his upper arm was the size of most skinny people's thigh, and his forearm was thick and pudgy like an over stuffed sausage. He had three folds of fat hanging over his extended elbow. His belly projected almost straight out from his chest, just under his tits. It hung low, really low, to about his knees. His thighs were huge and folded with fat. He looked like a huge sausage.

Beside him was a buffet of food; chicken, cream, butter, eggs, loaves of bread, gravy, potatoes, beef, turkey, ham, and an absolute plethora of cheeses and fatty yogurts. Seeing him and all that food made my dick almost jump out of my pants!

He was eating, but didn't have a plate in front of him. He simply had a handful of food and was stuffing it in his mouth. His multiple chins were flabbing under his jaw, greasy and wet from him slobbering as much food into his mouth as he could.

"Kevin wants a slave, Bruce," Jim said devilishly.

"Really? What kind of slave?" I asked.

"The kind that will feed me, constantly. The kind that will force feed me. The kind that will put a tube into my mouth and down into my belly and feed me pureed food while I sleep. The kind that will look after all of my sexual needs, any time - day or night. The kind that will make sure that I am fed. The kind that will look after any sexual urge, no matter how dirty or disgusting. The kind that will massage my mounds of fat. The kind that will swallow my cum. The kind that will lick my ass clean of shit. The kind that will put food on his cock and force it down my fat throat. The kind that will make me 1200 pounds of fat. Can you do that?" Kevin asked, still chewing on food.

"Yes!" I replied.

"Get naked," he demanded.

Jim left the area and walked back to the store. He closed the door behind him and bolted it.

That night, after Kevin had finished off about 45 pounds of food, he was feeling horny. He wanted sex - big sex.

His bed/chair had a special hole cut in the bottom of it so he could take a shit. He demanded that his slave get under the divide and lick his butt clean after he took a shit. I eagerly got on my back and slid under the bed which held this massive body.

I spread his fat cheeks apart and gazed into the shitty hold above me. It was wonderful. The smell of sweat, shit and food drove me mad. I put my whole face right into his crack and began licking, sucking and kissing his rectum. I licked it clean. I stuck my tongue as far up his ass as possible, all the while he sat back, yelling like a madman in ecstasy.

After cleaning his shitter, and got up and went in front of him and pushed back the mound of flesh that covered his cock. His cock was average in size, and was sticky from cum. He had already cum, but that was going to stop me. I began sucking it again, and it immediately came back to life. All of his fat was surrounding my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I could hear him eating ravenously again, which really turned me on. Shortly afterwards, he blew a huge loads of hot cum into my wanting mouth. Load after load of the hot goo was forced down my throat. It was dinner time for me. Finally, after he had shot enough, I could feel warm piss being drained into my gullet. I swallowed all of his piss eagerly.

I was going to enjoy being his slave.

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