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Blue beer, Lost in the woods! Part 2
After a few beers and great sex with Paul. The 600 pound man passed out still in Paul's ass cuddling him like a teddy bear. The next day Ricky awoke feeling like a blimp. He felt a hundred pounds heavier and 100 times hornier and more afraid than ever. "Paul! PAULLL!!! WHERE ARE YOU PAUL!!" He screamed out terrified. Ricky was lost again and laying by a waterfall. Ricky was crying as he made his way down the rocky mountainous embankment. He tripped and scuffed his fat legs and ended up resting on a bolder. After crying for serval minute he couldn't help but to chuckle. He was horny, and his dick was throbbing so much he couldn't even feel the pain from his injuries. Ricky felt his fat as he rested and said. "I'm going to die a fat blob. I know I'm far away from Rogger this time, I can feel it." He sat in silence and wiped the tears from his eyes and tried not to think about the fact he was super turned on by himself. "What's making me so fat and horny anyways?" slapping his fat with both his hands and sighing. Then he thought of everything he had eaten, until... "the beer!" He said. He thought for a minute until the puzzle was finally solved. "Blue beer... blue... beer... hey that sort of sounds like blubber!" He said laughing. Then he remembered the bottles didn't even have a label. Just a symbol on the lid. He drew it out with a stick he grabbed into some soft black and brown muddy sand. "Two small circles and a big circle underneath! That's got to be it! Its some weight gain potion or something!"

After a few moments he gathered his nude fat self up mentally and physically and was determined to find Paul. He waddled away from the stream and into a opening that lead into the forest. After a while he found what seemed to be a old dirt road and followed it. Hours later he came to a clearing where a few abandoned houses sat. It was clearly a long forgotten about area. The houses were covered in mosses, vines and tall grasses that were even on the porches. Determined to find Paul he waddled onward a few steps past the house until he stopped and felt a large droplet smack him on the head. It started raining and he waddled his way towards a house that was more stable than the rest and went inside. On the inside of this house much of the place was fairly in tact and the roof was only leaking through in one spot. Ricky was glad he went back because he soon found the sun was beginning to set. Ricky found a fire place and leftover wood laying near it and made a fire on the stone area of the floor. Luckily the fire place was a dome like shape so it eventually caught the smoke and the room soon became less smokey.

Ricky soon found himself thinking about Paul and was hoping he was okay. Why was all this happening? Why had he kept blacking out? Was he going to keep growing? He was a little upset he had he had lost a entire day. Where was he now and why wasn't Doniven helping them? Clearly this was a set up, he thought. But why would Doniven do something like this? Doniven was straight and had a fiance. He was a good guy so why would he? Ricky was too upset to think about anything like that and soon started thinking of Paul again. "That beer must have awakened my deepest desires. I thought I was straight but I can't help it. Paul is the only guy I'd be gay for. The way he talks, the way he acts. He's always been there for me. He's my best friend. Oh God I hope he's okay! Paul..." Ricky was exhausted from hours of crying and endless thoughts and soon fell asleep with his dick still throbbing.

The next day he found himself in the same spot but with a different body. He had lost weight and seemed to still be tight with fat. He was back to about 450 pounds and oddly he didn't feel hungry. He made his way to the forest and soon was calling out for Paul. Ricky kept walking for several miles and didn't stop once to rest. His voice was now shot and dry. He eventually fell down due to fatigue and realized shortly he had made it to a gravel road. He shuffled his way up and walked till the sun set and fell to the side of the road into a ditch. When he awoke it was raining and he was cold and wet. Refreshed though by the rain he made his way down the road and arrived at a gated property several hours later on what he thought was on Donivens land. The rain had stopped by then. And He was able to open the gate and instantly regretted going into the yard. In the side yard was a man the size of a baby elephant getting fucked by a machine in the ass and was being fed by a feeding tube hooked up to a container on a semi truck pooring vats of blue liquid into the obese man. And in a short amount of time he was the size of the two story house on the property and was a ball like blimp. All the while a man wearing leather was cracking a leather whip and eventually turned off the liquid. He pulled out the tube from the ball of a man and the man started kissing the blimps face. The blimps head and arms were normal, just about. But past that all of it was a ball. He looked as if he was a 500 pound chub setting inside a house sized bubble hanging out ever so slightly.

The blimp stopped making out with the slightly thick leather bear and looked at Ricky. "Looks as if we have a guest, dear!" The blimp said calmly. For someone who looked so very tight with fat while being fucked in the ass, the house of a man was nightmarishly calm. Ricky ran back down the road as fast as he could. Which was to be honest more like a quick waddle. Ricky kept going till a cloth went over his face and then he black out. When he came too he was in a large bath tub in a luxurious bathroom. He was bound to the tub by metal straps on the tub. And was being cleaned by the leather bear from earlier. Ricky was gaged with a ball strap and was struggling to break free. But finally he eased up and began to cry. "Its okay my boy, I'm only here to help you. You must be so lost in all of this. We found your friend Paul as well. So no need to worry. Every thing will be explained son but for now mind if I join you?" The man had on tight gray jogging pants on and was commando underneath. Before getting in the tub the man reached in and rubbed Ricky's still erect dick. As he got in he lowered his ass onto Ricky's throbbing hard on and leaned forward removing the gag. Ricky's dick was so sensitive he didn't have time to scream or fight back. Ricky was moaning and panting as the man bounced up and down on Ricky's dick. Out of his panting he finally got a word out, "Paul" he panted again and grunted in ecstasy. "Paul is fine now relax fatty I'll explain everything to you soon, I promise'" He ended with a devilish grin. Out of the sex Ricky realized he had put some weight back on and was feeling about 500 pounds again. He enjoyed the swaying of his fat in the water and had to admit he quickly became less nervous as the hot bear's ass bounced on his cock. How could being raped feel so good? The grunting and moaning progressed and just when he was about to climax the bear got off and the metal straps came off. Ricky thought about running but soon realized he was still bound as he stood. The bear pressed a button on the tub and a glass wall came down from the celling and encased the area they were in. " let's get you cleaned up before we finish." And pressed a button on the tub again. The tub started to drain and a ceiling shower came on. The man cleaned Ricky up and then the shower stopped and the glass enclosure went away. The man dried Ricky and then went down on him till he climaxed.

Ricky's cum flowed down the bears throat and the man gulpt it down like a pro. The man grew a large ball belly and his breast were full. Ricky passed out again from yet another great orgasm and awoke to the man somehow carrying Ricky to a beedroom. Ricky was dizzy but eventually lifted his head to realize how the man had gotten him to the bed so easy. Somehow Ricky was 250 pounds again and laying next to Paul which was also about 200 pounds again. Ricky teared up a bit and curled up next to Paul and passed out from being so dizzy.

(Now reading the story from Paul's point of view)

Paul awoke to the smells of delicious food, a fat belly overlapping his arm and a hard dick poking at his side. " Ricky bud wake up! Were in deep, deep trouble!" Ricky awoke and kissed Paul. " what, why what's wrong?" He's said alerted by Paul's tone. "Donivens cousin is my Ex boyfriend. He lives on this property as well and sabotaged the entire hunting trip when he knew I was coming. I'm sorry Ricky I didn't know your friend was related to him. Doniven didn't even know about this. I had gotten to the campsite and tried to go into Donivens cabin. Apparently he had been drinking the beers as well which is what's causing us to grow. I couldn't tell if he was dead because his fat closed off the area he was at. My ex's boy toy is what carried you to bed yesterday. If we stay here Jamar is going to make us his trophy blimps!" He said almost panicked. "So that time you gained all that weight, was that Jamar?" Ricky said confused. "Yeah we meet after college and with in the first year I had gained 100 pounds because of him. We broke up because he tried to force feed me and hit me when I wouldn't do what he wanted." Paul said really embarrassed. Ricky and Paul Tried to escape but everything thing was locked and too strong to break. The scuffling and loud banging eventually lead to the bedroom door opening and the large bear boy toy walked in still the same size from yesterday. "Boys, follow me to the dining area, please." The ball belly bear was in the nude except that he was wearing a leather cock strap and a harness. He was holding the whip he had been beating on that blimp of a man from yesterday. "Don't make me use this, daddy wouldn't want to have to whip his favorite boys!" just then he cracked the whip mid air and the two ran out the door realizing they were only a few steps away from the dining area. The room was a large multi area living space and towards what seemed to be the back of the house was a white man turned away from the dining table looking out the window.

"Good to see you again Paul. I missed getting to feed that pretty mouth of yours. I missed caressing your thick hick belly and loving you oh so tenderly. How have you been?" The man turned around and Ricky was surprised to see that the man Jamar was a hot albino black man. The first hot albino Ricky had ever seen before. The man was very masculine, hairy and looked like a chiselled model. Ricky felt It was odd being so entranced by such a bad guy. Paul though, with a look of disgust said, "What do you want Jamar? Do you want to kill me or turn me into a blimp? Whatever you want just let Ricky go home." Jamar chuckled and said "You know I can't do that. Plus, I like Ricky he's very handsome and Andrew has taken a liking to him as well" looking at the big bally belly bear and continued talking. " Now, I don't intend on hurting Either of you. But I do want to, please both of you for a few days. If you do what I ask you will be rewarded." I watched you both theses past few days and I know how in love you both are. I also know your deep desires are like mine in a way. That's why I tried feeding you Paul. I know I hurt you but I wasn't thinking. I wanted you to open up to your desires so badly it angered me when you refused. For that I am truly sorry. Look, I don't want to have sex with you. Or maybe I do, but I want to help you and Ricky explore your fantasies. So if you do what I ask for a few days I will give you my all my blue beer potion for whenever you want it. I know you know what it does. If you don't drink it you return to your normal weight in a few days. The drink makes you truthful about everything and also has a bit of a viagra type formula to make you erect and horny. You'll be my sexy test subjects for me to see what other effects it has as you grow for me. I hope you say yes to my proposal. Its not like you have another option. If you say no then... no pleasure, no reward and then I will keep growing you both till you pop!" At that he winked and said "what will it be boys?"

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