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Blue beer, Lost in the woods! Part 3
"Paul just do what the man says! I don't want either of us to die!" Ricky blurted out. Paul was angry but looked at Ricky and then at Jamar and agreed. " fine we'll do your tests it's not like we have a choice. Don't you dare hurt Ricky, Jamar." Said Paul knowing he couldn't do a thing. "I'm surprised you haven't tried to fight back Paul. Your a smart man after all. Are we just a tad bit dizzy? Call it insurance that the two of you don't try anything." Jamar said with a evil smile. "Now, who's hungry boy's! I know I am fellas!" said Andrew as he chuckled. With that, Jamar went over to the kitchen to pull out the feast he had prepared for all of them. Platters of just about every kind of feast imaginable laid out on the 20 foot long table. " You've got to be joking me right?" Paul yelled out. Jamar only laughed and said have a seat at either end. As they sat down. Jamar sat beers down in front of them. One amber color like a regular beer, another green and the now familiar blue.

"what are these Jamar? I thought we were just gaining weight?" said Ricky slightly nervous. "Well, yes and no. The amber color beer cause real weight gain. You wont lose that weight without exercise or pills. But don't worry boys I'm only giving that to you once. The blue beer is the fun fattening shit that goes away later on. The green beer is like the blue beer but, it packs more punch and only goes to your belly. I have two more in the works but for now these will do fine." Jamar being interrupted by Paul. "Just how long are you keeping us here for? What about our lives outside here? People will come looking for us you know!" Paul was angry but Jamar simply laughed. "First I have your phones. In fact I have everything you lost in the woods. I let everyone know you are a thing now. I paid off your bosses to keep quiet and I made it seem as though you ran off together to Florida to have some fun together. I got everything cover Paw-le-bear." Jamar said kissing Paul on the forehead. Jamar waited a moment and spoke again. "I am being kind as I like the both of you. But no more questions or I will make things difficult. You will be here for a month. I have the two other drinks in the works. But for now start with the amber beer and dig in or you'll have to eat cold food!"

Both Paul and Ricky were back to their original weight. Ricky a large 250lbs and Paul a muscular 270lbs with a tiny belly he could suck in and hide. Both drank the amber beer unsure of how much they would gain knowing this would stick to them. But knowing they both liked being somewhat fat they drank it easily. The two felt warm after drinking the beer. Then both felt a hunger like no other. They dug into the food and Andrew followed suit drinking two amber colored beers and chowed down. Paul's belly visibly rounded out like a ball being inflated his chest swelling round as well. Then a layer of fat formed over the tight feeling in his gut and he had a wonderful doughy beer belly. Paul didn't notice his backside had expanded until the arms of the chair broke off. after a hour Paul collapsed and fell asleep from the massive binge. Paul was now a 350lbs bear of a man. His muscles still visible but covered in a layer of fat or two. On the other end Ricky was turning into a ball of fat. Ricky kept going and found himself trying to take Andrews food. Ricky was closing in on 500lbs and couldn't help himself. Andrew was turned on by this. Andrew was definitely about the size of Ricky but kept his form somehow. Andrew looked like a actual bear ready for hibernation. Andrew stood up and pushed Ricky down on his knees. "still hungry boy? Try this sausage and tell me if you like it!" Ricky was starving and horny so he obeyed the order and sucked Andrews fat cock. Andrews body felt amazing. Thick yet doughy and looked like a fat bear god. Andrews body was radiating heat. Ricky was lost in pleasure and apparently so was Andrew. Ricky loved feeling Andrews belly lay on his head. And with every thrust Ricky would moan. Andrews cock feeding him and the embrace of his fat pad. Ricky came before Andrew did cum pooling out on the floor. Andrew slowed and rubbed Ricky's head and then with one good grab he pulled Ricky into his cock and released his load. Ricky blacked out.

"what the hell happened Jamar!!!!! He hasn't stopped growing! Fix him now god dammit!" Paul Roared out. Jamar was in shock. "Paul I'm so sorry I didn't know this would happen." Said Andrew fearfully. "What's going on Paul? Growing? Fix Who?" Said Ricky waking completely now. Ricky looked down and out at the massive expanse of fat. Ricky was in shock and chuckled saying, "Well it looks like I was hungry..." Ricky didn't see layers of fat on him but one round ball of dough and he felt himself expanding. "He's about to be at 2000pounds. I promise I will try to fix this but for now try to relax." Jamar said leaving the room. A few minutes later Jamar came back. " I can fix this but I will need time. For now Andrew will take you to the back yard to try the green formula again. And like I said be quiet and obey." Jamar said loudly muting every attempt from Paul fussing. Ricky simply nodded and said, "Paul, I love you but don't worry." And with that Andrew and Paul went outside and Andrew led him to a clear water lake. Andrew explained it was man made and never needed to be cleaned with a chuckle. Out by the dock was a trampoline like float covered in pillows. As they got to it Andrew helped Paul onto it and The both laid down. Paul was in tears. "Every bit of this is fucked up. My heads swimming is pain and confusion. I'm so worried about Ricky and I don't even have time to worry about being a slave to the both of you." Andrew got closer and rubbed Paul's face gently. " Paul I am Jamar's lover. I have known him for a long time. We had dated sometime before you. And because of you I got a seconded chance with him. We've been married for 5 years now." Andrew showing his ring to Paul. "because of me?" Paul was confused. "Jamar was a different man back then. He wanted monogamy and I didn't. I tried to give that to him. But I couldn't contain myself. I cried for hours before I told him. I broke his heart and your were there to fill it. After you broke up with him. I had found him at a bar. I took him home and I didn't sleep with him. But I did sleep next to him. The next day he revealed his desires to me and I wanted to be apart of his world. I didn't cheat or anything. One day he decided to allow all my desires to be fulfilled as well and eventually we fell deeper in love and married one another." Andrew said while rubbing Paul's belly. "What I'm trying to get at is I know Jamar and he wouldn't let anything happen to Ricky. He's going to be okay I promise. By the end of this the reward will be worth it." Oddly enough this had calmed Paul down. Paul really trusted Andrews words somehow.

Andrew handed Paul the green beer and was told to only sip a little bit of it. Just the Paul belly pushed outward and formed some what of a beach ball belly. Andrew reached for some lotion and told Paul to relax. Andrew then started massaging Paul's body working from his feet to his upper body. As Andrew reached Paul's crotch he gently pulled out Paul's cock and gave him the best blow job of his life. Andrews tongue was a pleasure master and he could definitely deep throat. Paul's belly felt pleasure as well which wasn't something he expected. Andrew still latched on somehow handed him the beer and mumble through a mouthful of cock and said "sip." Paul began to sip and his gut grew to the size of a large beach ball. the feeling of pleasure vibrated Paul's very core pleasure centers. His face was warm and his body was buzzing. Then Andrew pulled out and climbed on top of Paul. Andrew's ass swallowed Paul's dick and Andrew began to ride him like a bull. As Paul sipped the beer he could see Andrew less and less as his belly bowed out and grew larger and larger. Andrew began hugged the ball of a belly as it got bigger and bigger. eventually he stopped fucking Paul and rolled the ball of a man over. Then Andrew tied Paul's upper torso in a harness and shackled his from above then his legs. Paul's limbs were spread out and lifted. all that was holding him up was his tight giant ball belly. Andrew cleaned Paul's dick and poured some green beer on it and went back to sucking. Andrew was very flexible even at almost 500pounds. Andrew sucked off Paul while also oiling up Paul's ass and fingering him. Paul Poured out a mountain of sperm. Andrew grew even more massive. Most all of it going to his gut. He looked to be almost 700pounds. Andrew went to the front of Paul and made him drink the rest of the green beer. Then Andrew made him drink a cup of red liquid. "Paul I'm going to give you a shot of something. Don't worry about it okay." Paul couldn't even think in the moment. He was lost in pleasure. Andrew went to Paul's back side mounted him. Fucking Paul's ball bellied body sent waves of pleasure to the both of them. rocking back and forth it made Paul painfully erect again and in no time at all Paul could feel his cock poking into his oiled up belly sliding back and forth out his belly and Andrew fucked away. When Andrew finally blew his load instead of Paul growing he reverted to his 350pound self. Andrew pulled out a white drink and went back to his 500 pound self as well. Andrew finished the massage, put sunscreen on the both of they both took a nap bathing in the sun. After a few hours of flip over to fry they both jump into the lake and take a long swim. Paul doesn't even realize he's been drugged. For a moment Paul forgot Ricky even existed. And as the day ended and they both shacked up in one of the many guest cabins on the property. The drug had finally wore off. "I'm so sorry Ricky." As Ricky cried himself to sleep. Andrew embraced Paul and cuddled with him tightly through the night.

But what was truly going on? Was Jamar truly helping Ricky get back to normal? Could he really fix him? Why was Andrew so nice to Paul? And why had Paul been so calm? Paul thought about the shot and realized it must being doing something to his memory. Why did he temporarily forget Ricky and trust Andrew so easy? So many questions raced through Paul's mind. "Ricky..."
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