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Blue Beer, Lost in the woods! Part 1
A loud continuous buzzing noise flooded the room followed by a few short loud smacks.
Ricky awoke realizing he just broke the corner of his phone trying to turn his alarm off.
He hadn't been used to waking up this early since High school. A 34 year old man waking up at 5a.m. wasn't something he was happy about at all. Finally, he slammed the alarm off violently and hoisted himself up in bed. His back popped as he stretched and then held his head after planting his feet to the ground. Still setting on his bed he scratched his small beer belly and ample chest before he got up.

Ricky still hadn't completely sobered up from last nights beer and pizza binge. Ricky tried to walk the bathroom. But he kept tripping over himself and kept falling to the floor. Ricky was totally in the nude as he liked to sleep that way. As he walked to the bathroom he saw himself in the full length mirror on the bathroom door. Had he gained some weight? As he took a long piss he looked over to his scale and wondered if it was true. "Did I put on weight?" He thought to himself. After he was done pissing he shook his dick in a aggressive manner and got on the scale. "Error" its said the first time. Then, as he reset it he got back on. "3, 2, 1 your current weight is 251 lbs." He said things in a angry grumble and went to the kitchen still in the nude.

"I can't believe how much weight I've put on, 20 pounds in a month!" Ricky felt defeated but that went away completely as his stomach was growling like a starving lion. All was forgotten as he fixed himself a large fattening breakfast. Ten deep fried French toast, a mound of eggs drenched in syrup, bacon, fried baloney and hash browns to the side. He got a jar of whole milk and two beers to start the day. After he ate he was horny. He had 6 more beers and was swollen. His belly was so round it looked like he had eaten a fitness ball. The only other parts of his body that was fat was his big chest, ass and thick upper legs. He knew his belly was making him hard and soon was making his way down his belly to rub his large 6 inch cock and have another beer to put the cherry on top. After he had his way he dozed off in his recliner forgetting why he had to be awake at 5 a.m.

Ricky soon awoke to the sound of whistling in his living room. " Well you said come on in when I got here but I didn't know I was going to get a show handsome!" Said Ricky's friend Paul.
Ricky shot up and covered himself with a pillow but quickly relaxed knowing that Paul had seen him drunk and nude before. Ricky and Paul had been friends since they were kids and had seen plenty of each other growing up to not be worried if the other was naked or not. Ricky knew Paul was gay. And Paul knew Ricky was straight, supposedly. "Well I wanted to start the day with a bang so, surprise!" Ricky said as he winked. "Well you can't go hunting nude so go get dressed handsome. said Paul with a odd grin." And with that Ricky got up, cleaned himself up slightly, got dressed in his noticeably tighter clothes and gathered his gear.

Ricky and Paul were going to meet up with Doniven a thick, black tech-savy country boy Ricky befriended in techschool. They both had degrees in engineering and technology and made tons of money. Doniven was setting up some tech and already had camp set up for when they arrived. As Paul drove towards Donivens campsite he kept looking over at Ricky's belly. Ricky had noticed after some time and looked down to find his belly was peaking a bit out of his shirt. "Sorry, I've gained so much weight here lately nothing fits anymore." Said Ricky. "I don't mind it at all. You look good bud, you needed a little extra weight on you." Said Paul with a big smile. "Really? I doubt the ladies would love it. Monica practically left me over it." Ricky said trying to hide his sad expression by looking out the window. "Ricky, I know this probably won't help much but I think you're handsome. And if I think you're handsome I know someone out there thinks you're a good looking fella just the way you are!" said Paul with his thick southern accent. "Thanks Paul that actually really helps and I know you mean that in the nicest way." Ricky smiled saying. After that both of them were blushing and smiling till they arrived at the camp site.

Doniven had really out done himself, trackers, detectors, cameras, and sound devices went out for miles. Doniven had recently purchased this land, even building his home on the site. Doniven was also the inventor of the hunting devices. He was so rich he only was working because he wanted to. Doniven had the place loaded with animals and the land went on for several miles. The trackers and devices were only to help them if Paul and Ricky needed it. But other than that Paul and Ricky were going to be hunting alone while Doniven watched the cams. Doniven enjoyed this and preferred this to hunting. He was a lazy boy and this was his ideal thing to watch. He got to relax yet still be a part of the action. Playing hot and cold with the boys until they got near a deer or whatever animal they wanted to hunt.

As they got ready Doniven gave them trackers, Walky talkies, and both got a pack with supplies and food. They ventured off from Donivens campsite and headed into the woods. Hours into the day they saw many animals and even came across a bear but no deer were in sight. Paul was still looking ocassionally at Ricky. And Ricky didn't notice until they finally took a break and rested. Ricky's his belly was peaking out again by more than just a little bit. Ricky tried to discretely pull his shirt down. With no luck Ricky went to take a piss and decided to tuck in his shirt the best he could. This only made his belly look even bigger as well as his chest. A little miffed about the situation he zipped up his camo jacket and turned around only to find Rogger was standing behind him. "Are you ready bud? I think we'll try and go for the hill tops and see what we can see from the tree tops!" Said Paul looking down at Ricky smiling but almost in a depressed way. "Sure, but you're climbing the tree, I don't think I could with all the weight I've gained!" Said Ricky as he pat his covered belly.

After venturing out a little further they called it a day and sat up camp. Paul and Ricky made dinner and the two talked about stories of when they were kids. Paul wasn't very hunger and gave the rest to Ricky. Paul had seemed to make tons of food and now he wasn't that hungry. As Ricky got to the point of being completely full Paul handed him a new beer. It was a blue color which wasn't like what a normal beer looked like. Ricky tasted it, he about chugged the whole thing. If it hadn't been for it being so cold he would have got it all. Ricky began to to feel hungry again and started feasting on the food without much thought. after 6 bottles and feasting Ricky passed out. The next morning Ricky awoke naked and afraid. Where was he and why was his butt hurting? There was no camp and the only thing he found was gray jogging pants, boots, and a old worn gray long sleeve shirt that left his gut exposed. After he was clothed he searched for Paul. And only after a few steps he felt his body was considerably different. His gut had rounded out considerably. And the rest of his body was covered in a soft layer of fat. First, he felt his face and as he looked down feeling his puffy cheeks and double chin, with his hands he traced them over his fat tits and thick belly and then felt it in his ass and love handles as he twisted and turned to see his fattened body from behind. Ricky was shocked, staring at his fat hands he thought, "did I get stung by a bee?" That had to be the explanation for it he thought.

After the emotional screaming and walking for miles he found himself at a small clear creek and he looked upon the water. Instead of freaking out he was more in awe of himself. He looked like a different man. His body looked like it belonged to a 400 pound man. And that wasn't all he was turned on by the extra weight. He jacked off near the water and did something he had never done before. Ricky was fingering himself and it felt too good. Before he knew it he was grunting so loud and he wanted to cum but he couldn't. After resting for a bit and still unbelievably hard he finally heard Paul hollering in the distance. Ricky yelled, "over here by the river, I think I got stung by a bee Paul. What happened last night Paul?" After a bit of silence Paul yelled back, "I think I got stung as well, and I don't know what happened but we definitely aren't near camp!" After a few minutes Paul cleared the thickets of the forest and was treading across the creek over to Ricky. Paul had to get naked to cross the creek and when he reached Ricky they both were blushing for different reasons. Paul now had a ball belly and a slight bit more fat in other places but you really couldnt tell. The is until Paul turned around a sec to swat a horsefly and Ricky saw Paul's big plump ass. Ricky couldn't help it he was horny, bloated and now he was turnt on by Paul. " Sorry for the stick up Paul. I just cant get it to go down." Paul didn't say a word. He fell to his knees, grabbed Rickys back side and shove Rickys cock into his mouth. Paul felt of Ricky's belly and grabbed his ass and Ricky was moaning so loudly he scared the birds in the area.

Ricky began playing with his fat and the moaning kept going until he grunted and finally released. Ricky cum was like a hose on full blast! Paul held his mouth around Ricky's cock and ate the juice. It was fluid in motion and went on for about a minute until Ricky collapsed from all the pleasure in the orgasm. When Ricky awoke it was night time and he was alone again but there was a fire going. Through the woods a figure walked towards him cloaked in a rain coat. Ricky was a little scared but then he heard "like my new raincoat? I found it while gathering fire wood." Paul said to Ricky. "Paul where are we? Did you find anything while I was asleep? And um... thanks for earlier." Ricky said looking down and clearly embarrassed. "Don't worry about it Ricky. You don't have to say a word and I'll keep quiet about this. You would do almost the same thing for me so I don't mind. You know I enjoy that sort of thing anyways. I don't mind helping my bud out." Said Paul with sort of a glow in his eyes as he smiled. Again after a pause Paul said, "I found the area where we were last but its miles away and will take us a few days to get there. As for finding anything I found my bag but no walkey or tracker. Its got food and beer to last us the journey and a shirt that barely fits me." Paul took off the rain coat to reveal his gut had got large and his chest lay perfectly like they were on a shelf. Other than that only his ass and upper legs were slightly bigger. After staring at each other in silence Paul said laughingly. " I don't know what's happening to us but your river of sperm made my gut swell and my chest has been leaking... what I think is milk...." Ricky laughed and said "milk? Are you pregnant Paul? You look like you've been carrying a baby! Hahaha" Ricky was hysterical. But Paul was a bit upset by this and barked back, "its your damn fault Rick! If it wasn't cause of your cum I wouldn't be like this!" Paul was clearly upset. Ricky got closer to Paul and apologized. Ricky had never been yelled at by Paul. Ricky pat him on the back and then decided to start supper which Paul had prepped while Ricky was sleeping.

"Paul, I need to tell you something." Ricky said while chowing down on a steak wrap. " I keep thinking about the creek..." Rick said. "What about it bud?" Paul was puzzled by the words. " Paul, I like you." He blurted out. " I like you too bud." Smiling quizzically at Ricky. "No I mean I like, like you Paul! At the creek something sturred in me and I haven't stopped thinking about us. You've always been there for me through thick and thin. You make me smile and you're my best friend. When you done that for me at the creek I finally realized... I love you Paul." Paul was silent and staring deep into Ricky's eyes. "I love you too Ricky." Ricky got closer to Paul and they shared a passionate kiss. Ricky started rubbing the top of Paul's belly and for a moment they forgot about being lost.

As they continued to make out Paul did something Ricky hadnt seen in many years. As they kissed Paul cried. " What's wrong, we can stop if you want?" Ricky looked at him concerned. "Ricky, I've wanted you since I was a boy. But I don't want to ruin our friendship. I need to know if this is going to anywhere." Paul said rather quietly. "Paul I'm not that kind of guy. I wouldn't say I love you and then leave you. Paul, I want to date you. I want to wine and dine you. Paul, I love you and I'll do whatever to prove to you that I want you just as much! Is that something you want?" Paul smiled and pounced Ricky falling on the soft pile of leaves. Time passed and Ricky slowly started kissing Paul's neck and then made his way to Paul's chest and started sucking on his large tits. Ricky had forgot Paul was leaking milk and was delighted by the sweet taste. Paul's chest was swollen with milk and as Ricky sucked on his chest and played with the other tit. Paul was over the top with pleasure like he never felt before. Paul was grinding against Ricky and Ricky started sucking the other breast. Paul felt Ricky was getting larger and started grinding harder into his expanding fat. After Paul was dry of milk Ricky moved down to Paul's cock to return the favor from earlier. Ricky hadnt noticed he was swelling. Ricky also didnt know his pants and shirt had streched so tight they litterally burst off him. Paul moaned loudly and began to grunt as Ricky got better and better at deep throating. Paul was in heaven, it had been so long being with a man his load went early and was surprised it kept flowing like Ricky's did. After it stopped and Ricky stopped swelling Ricky looked 600 pounds almost. Paul couldn't keep it in anymore. "Ricky I know we don't understand what's going on with our bodies but damn I love you growing! That's why I staired at your gut in the car and whistled at you while you slept at your place. I'm surprised you've been so calm about this. Why aren't you freaking out? Said Paul as they kissed. "I don't know, I kind of like it. And I kind of know you like it... I'm so tired of fitting a mold. This is sort of a fantasy for me." Ricky said blushing. " I know what you mean, and I feel the same. I love being big and I love how fat you are now!" Said Paul. " I like it as well, but I hope its not permanent!" This would be my limit and something tells me I'm about to go past that!" Ricky said sort of worried. "Oh I agree but I'll love you no matter you're size bud. Now, get to work on my backside my handsome country chub!" With that Ricky waddle to Paul's now 400 pound body and mounted himself to Paul's ass and fucked away. Not worrying about the extra weight or being lost in the woods. They knew where they were now and it was only a day or two ways away...what could possibly go wrong? The only thought in Ricky's mind as he pounded Paul's fat ass was, "I wonder if Doniven is watching? Where was he in all of this? Why hadn't he gotten to us? Was he okay?" As he thought of that it sort of sent chills down his spine...

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