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Bulge Burger
It was a normal Tuesday afternoon. I had just finished with my morning classes and was done for the day. As the clock tower in town chimed once, I felt a familiar rumbling in my stomach. It was definitely time for lunch. So I sauntered on over to the nearby fast food restaurant. I was greeted at the door by the smell of fries and burgers. I loved that smell, almost as much as I loved my high metabolism for keeping me in such great shape even after all of the fast food I ate on a daily basis. At the counter I was met by a surly employee by the name of Phyllis. "What can I get for you today?” she droned.
"Um, I believe that I would like a Big Mac meal.” I replied.

Suddenly, a bright red light began to flash above my head, and a whistling noise filled the air. "I’m pleased to tell you that you are the one millionth person to order a Big Mac at this establishment,” Phyllis said in a bleak monotone, "You are now entitled to a free prize. Let me go find the manager.” With that the grim-faced Phyllis retreated to the back of the restaurant. She returned minutes later with the manager, Tim. "Congratulation!” Tim said much more enthusiastically than Phyllis ever was, "If you’ll follow me to the back I’ll give you your prize!” So I followed Tim to the back of the restaurant. We entered a small room with a table in the middle with a chair beside it. On top of the table sat one small burger. "This is your prize! Our Super Bulge Burger!”
"This is all I get?!” I asked.

"Yes sir! And now I’ll leave you to enjoy it,” Tim said as he left the room.

I sat down in the chair and examined my "prize.” "Oh well, a free burger is better than nothing at all.” I said. I picked up the burger, and, after three bites, it was no more. It was the best burger that I had ever tasted! Just then, I felt like the floor was falling out from under me. But, I soon realized that the whole room seemed to be descending as if it were an elevator. After about a minute, the room stopped. I walked to the door and opened it. "Wow!” I said when I saw what was behind it. Behind the door, a huge warehouse opened up before me. Mountains of food filled the warehouse all the way up to the top. There were also what appeared to be huge canisters of pop off to the side of the room as well. "This is more like it!” I thought to myself as I began to devour the huge mound of fries and burgers in front of me. I was just grabbing huge handfuls of the food and shoving it in my mouth. It was soooo good!

I barely noticed that as I glutted myself on the endless supply of fatty foods in front of me that I was developing a small pot belly. My arms and legs had gotten slightly fleshier as had my cheeks and butt. Had I noticed this, I still would not have stayed my incredible gluttony. I continued to gorge my growing belly on the food in front of me. My shirt began to feel uncomfortably tight, and it began to ride up my massive belly. After about the thirtieth burger, the button on my pants popped off, dropping my jeans to the floor. Soon, I had polished off a whole five foot tall pile of burgers and fries. My shirt ripped off, unable to contain my massive amount of girth. My belly was hugely bloated and bounced as I made my way over to one of the canisters of soda. These tanks were about the size of a small car. I took the hose and put it into my mouth. I drank and drank and drank. As I drank, my belly grew and grew. By the time that I had emptied the tank, my belly hung down below my knees. It hindered my movement as I walked over to the next massive pile of food and began to dig in.

I would have been full a long time ago, had it not been for some strange effect of the Super Bulge Burger. It seemed that it allowed me to eat endless amounts of food and never be full, although my belly would blow up to mammoth proportions. 

By the time that I had finished the next pile of eats, my belly had grown so large that it rested on the ground. I had to be about six feet wide and twenty feet around! I tried to waddle over to the soda to quench my thirst after eating so much food. However, I soon realized that I could no longer move due to my massive belly. But I still felt soooo hungry and thirsty!

Just as I was about to give up hope, several robotic arms descended from the ceiling. One went over to the soda canisters and grabbed several of the hoses attached to them and shoved them into my mouth. I drained them in a matter of minutes, my belly growing bigger and bigger as I sat waiting to be fed more. By the time that it had ceased its expansion, my belly had grown so large that it forced me forward, actually picking the rest of my body up off of the ground! I paid no heed to this, however, as I continued to eat and drink myself into oblivion.
After what seemed like much too short a time, I went to bite down on the next handful of food being fed to me and found that there was no next handful. I would not have noticed seeing as all I could see in front of me was an expanse of belly flesh. My massive belly filled almost the entire warehouse with its thousands of pounds of soft fat. I caressed my massive belly with my hands. As I did this I noticed that my hands and arms were beginning to expand with fat. I watched as my flat chest developed into two soft little man boobs. I felt my legs and butt get fatter and begin to strain on my boxers. Soon the gain began to get faster. My little man boobs went from an A to about a triple X. My hands became encased in so much fat that I could not so much as move a finger. My arms blew up with fat. Fat hung down off my arms for several feet. My legs grew to be so fat that they encased my feet in a column of fat. My boxers exploded off of my massive ass as it itself grew so fat that it began to even out my massive belly. I felt myself being pulled back down to the ground by the weight of my titanic ass. My face grew to have huge cheeks which hung down from my face. My one little chin multiplied to about fifty of them. 
Just then, a screen appeared on the ceiling of the warehouse. It displayed my massive body on it. I marveled at how huge I had become! But I was still hungry! Lucky for me, a hose descended from the ceiling and landed straight in my mouth. A wonderful sweet cream flowed from it. I suckled the hose contentedly. Just then, my body was replaced on the screen by the face of Tim. "Are you enjoying your reward? I thought you would. Now you have no troubles in the world. Just eat to your heart’s content…..for now anyways. Once you are big enough you will of course be slaughtered. What? Don’t look so surprised. You didn’t actually think that we used simple beef for our burgers did you? Silly boy… Anyway, enjoy yourself…while you can!” Tim said. Once again my body appeared on the screen. I was shocked by the news. I wanted to spit the hose out but I could not. My mind would not let me. Just then, the walls of the room began to lower. I could see so each side of me rows and rows of other men who had apparently met the exact same fate as I had. They were all guzzling from the hoses, each growing slightly as they did so. All I could do was drink the sweet cream and watch through the one-way glass in front of me as another unsuspecting "winner” began to eat and eat, his belly bulging bigger with ever bite that he took.

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