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Burger King

Travis opened the kitchen door and entered the roomy apartment he shared with two other college students. It was late, but he could hear the ESPN theme coming from the television in the next room. Travis went over to the refrigerator and removed a cold beer. The bottle cap was twisted off, and several ounces of the refreshing beverage disappeared as he made his way into the living room. He lowered himself into the center of the sofa with a slight grunt and took another swig of beer.
"Shit, Travis, how many did you eat tonight? You're gut looks like you swallowed a bowling ball!" one of his roommates asked 

"Seven," answered Travis, rubbing his bloated belly with one hand, while raising the beer to his mouth with the other, "I managed to stuff seven burgers in this thing tonight!"
"Dude, you better take it easy on those burgers; you've only been working there since what, around the holidays? And you're gut's blowin' up like a balloon!" the other roommate warned.
Travis had only been an employee of "Bubba's Burgers" for six months, but had already grown a noticeable belly. A routine had developed of seeing just how many burgers he could eat at the end of the shift after the restaurant was closed. This was in addition to the burgers that Travis ate throughout his work day. His muscular build now had a round gut attached to it, though he had maintained a well developed upper body. 
"So what do you weigh now, Travis? Are you up to 250 yet?" one of the roommates asked with a chuckle. 
"Of course not," Travis replied, "Hell, I'm only five-nine! I'd be big as a house at 250! I'm only about 225."
Travis had decided not to admit that he went from weighing 205 pounds before his new job began to 235 pounds now, so he lied about the exact number. It wasn't really a lie he thought; he was only "rounding down".
The two other roommates looked at each other and grinned. "Yeah, 225, right."
The kitchen door swung open and Travis waddled in after another shift at Bubba's. It had been nine months since he began working at the burger restaurant, and his belly had continued to swell. 
"So...what's the damage this time?" one of the roommates asked, as Travis slowly moved over to the refrigerator. 
"One dozen burgers! A new record!" Travis answered proudly, while opening the refrigerator door and removing a beer. 

"You look like there's a basketball under your shirt," stated the other roommate, as he reached out towards the hugely rounded belly. 
Travis was in the process of taking the first big gulp of his beer when the finger of his roommate was placed into the deep belly button. 
"Buuuurrrrppp..." Travis let out a big belch, "Be careful, I'm nice and stuffed tonight!"
"You're overstuffed every night! You're as fat as a fuckin' hog...you need to find a job that doesn't do this to your belly," the roommate recommended, as he continued to poke the bulging burger gut. 
"I like working there...the people are great...and so is the food...and its free! Besides," Travis continued, "It's not that I'm fat; I'm just gettin' a bit of a gut!"
Even Travis couldn't help but laughing at that statement as the three of them looked at the huge bloated belly.
Travis had in fact gained a lot of weight. He was now up to 260 pounds with almost all the new weight stored in his very protruding round belly. He had only gone up a couple of blue jean sizes, but even an extra large T-shirt had to stretch to fit over his gut.
The next morning Travis went over to his university's football stadium instead of to the burger restaurant. Bubba's Burgers was going to experiment with selling burgers from a trailer outside the stadium before games. Today was the first try at this new aspect of the business. 
Travis was in the trailer working on the setup. The burgers were not going to be prepared on site, but instead would be cooked back at the restaurant and brought over to the stadium as needed. The first shipments had arrived and Travis was loading the trays of burgers into the heated racks along one side of the trailer. It was hot work, so Travis had taken his shirt off. He was a little sorry he had worn boots and jeans instead of shorts and flip flops, as it was warmer than expected. 
A knock on the door was followed by a shout.
"Hey, it's me...Tommy!"
"Come on in, its open," Travis responded.
Tommy stepped into the end of the trailer. He was also a college student, but unlike the senior Travis, Tommy was only a freshman. He had started working at Bubba's only a few months ago, just after his eighteenth birthday. Tommy was muscular, but leaner and a lot taller than Travis. He saw the shirtless Travis standing in the middle aisle of the trailer.
"Man, your gut's blown up huge," Tommy said as he grinned, and put his hand on the top of Travis' oversized belly. "You look like you're eight months pregnant!"
"Nah, there ain't any babies in there," Travis replied, looking down at Tommy's hand still patting the protruding gut, "It's just beer and burgers!"
"So is everything ready for today or have you been eating all of our merchandise?"
"Everything's about ready...except we haven't gotten' the fries yet."
As the two we discussing the afternoon's plans, the door at the end of the trailer burst open, and in walked their manager, Mr. Cleberg. Cleberg was in his 50s, a big man with a thick mustache who looked to have done some serious burger eating over the years. His dress shirt was tight and the large suede sport coat he wore appeared to be unbuttoned for comfort and not for fashion.
"We've got a big problem boys," Cleberg blurted out as he made his way to the center of the trailer, "a big problem."
The other two listened apprehensively as Cleberg described the situation. It seemed as though he did not get the correct permits to sell food at this location. There were several inspectors from the city looking around that day and checking for the proper paper work. The only solution was to somehow get rid of the burgers, and convince the inspectors that this was only a test run and not a set-up to actually sell any food.
"I've called the store and told them not to send over any more burgers," Cleberg told the boys, "But how can we sneak all of these burgers out without anyone noticing?"
The three men were staring blankly at each other when a smile slowly crept across Tommy's face. "You know," he started, "there is something here, big enough to hold all these burgers, that we could fill up and get out of here without too much notice..." 
"And that is..." Cleberg wanted to know.
"Travis' belly!" Tommy stated and pointed at the huge round gut now very noticeable to everyone in the room.
Travis looked down at his own belly, at Tommy then back at Cleberg. "Well, I can eat some of these, but there's no way I can eat all of.."
Cleberg interrupted, "Considering all of the burgers you eat while on the job, I think you CAN eat all of these. Now get busy! You've got some serious eatin' to do!"

Cleberg turned to Tommy, "You come with me. We'll see where those inspectors are." He reached up to one of the shelves and pulled out a tray of burgers. Then Cleberg turned back to Travis. "You'd better get started!"
Travis realized he had no choice but to eat as many burgers as he could. He sat down at the counter and brought out the first trey as he heard the door close behind Tommy and Cleberg. 
"How could Tommy suggest I eat all the burgers?" Travis thought to himself as he took a big bite. Then he looked down at the growing round gut, "I guess that's why," he said to himself and let out a little chuckle.
The first burger disappeared, followed quickly by the second. Travis was very hungry at the time and started to think that this was not going to be that difficult. He loved the taste of a juicy burger and enjoyed the feeling of a full stomach. 
The second tray came out and then the third. Travis had devoured about 15 burgers when he began to slow down. 
"Oooohhhhh, I'm getting full,' Travis said to no one in particular. "I'm getting big too!" he had looked down at his gut. The belly was noticeably larger and now touched the edge of the counter. He backed his chair up a little to give himself a little more room. 
Travis struggled to eat the rest of the burgers, but he managed to get all two dozen into his now huge stomach. He leaned back in the chair and put his hand on top of the overstuffed belly. A slight smile crossed his face as he quietly celebrated his accomplishment. 
The door swung open and in walked Tommy and Cleberg. Both noticed the giant swollen belly attached to the young man sitting in the middle of the room. Tommy walked over to stand next to Travis and grinned.
"Daammmnnnn...that's a big gut," Tommy noted, and started to pat the burger balloon. "It looks like you've finished off all 'em!"

"I... sure...did. All of the burgers are...buurrrppp... are in here," Travis replied and pointed to his belly.
"Not so fast there; what about these?" Cleberg asked as he pulled out a tray covered with burgers.
"Uh...I guess I didn't see that last bunch...I'm pretty full already though!" Travis replied.
"Yeah, look at the size of his belly...I don't think he can hold too much more," Tommy stated.
"Well, a belly that big should be able to store the rest of these. I've got to go, but when I get back, Whitfield, you'd better have made the rest of those burgers disappear," he told Travis, calling him by his last name. "And Taylor, help get the burgers into that huge gut!" he also referred to Tommy by his last name. 
The door slammed as Cleberg left. Tommy picked a burger up from the tray and turned to Travis. 
"Well, you'd better get started," Tommy suggested and handed the delicious meat and bun to Travis. 
Travis began to slowly eat the remaining burgers. After a few more were added to the bowed out belly, he stopped. 
"My gut's really getting sore," Travis moaned slightly, "I don't think I can eat any more."
"Here, I've got an idea that might help," Tommy responded. He pulled up a stool and sat down next to Travis. Tommy then began to gently message the top and sides of Travis' super swollen gut. The hope was that this action would alleviate some pressure in the areas that had grown so much. 
"Is that better?" Tommy asked. 
"Yeah, it does feel a little better. Keep it up." Travis requested, then began to eat another burger.
Tommy kept up his gentle rubbing and Travis continued to eat until the last of the dozen burgers were gone. 

"Great job!" Tommy said as he stood up and put his hand back on the top of the incredibly bloated belly. "I ain't never seen a guy eat like that. You look like you've swallowed a beach ball! How's it feel, dude?"
"Ohhhhhhh, I feel like I've... burrrrpppp....eaten a whole cow. Man, look how big ...my belly... has gotten!" Travis replied, leaning back in his chair with his hands on the sides of his enormous gut. He looked up at Tommy. "I think I need to... burrrrpppp....go lie down... for a bit."
Tommy helped lift the burger blimp out of the chair with a loud groan from Travis. The stuffed stud waddled through a flimsy curtain and back to the end of the trailer where a large (and fortunately sturdy) low shelf had a blanket over it for a makeshift bed. Travis slowly lowered himself down into a sitting position then carefully turned sideways and lay on his back.
Tommy stared at the burger bloated belly soaring skyward like a huge round hill. He had never seen a gut that size, especially on a man so muscular. It was mesmerizing, the big ball moving up and down with Travis' now somewhat labored breathing. 
The trance that Tommy was in was broken with a loud yell from Cleberg. 
"HEY, what are you guys doing?
"We're back here," Tommy replied, "Travis is restin' after eatin' all the burgers."
Cleberg parted the old curtain and appeared in the back room with a large tray. 
"Well, Travis DID NOT eat all of them...he's still got some work left to do."
The big tray of burgers that Cleberg was carrying was placed on one of the counters.
Tommy had an incredulous expression on his face as he looked at the burgers then back at the huge gut on Travis.
"There's no way in hell Travis can eat all those burgers! Look at his gut, man...he looks like he swallowed a tire from an 18 wheeler!"
"Looks like I'm gonna have to help him myself," Cleberg stated, and picked up a burger from the tray.

Travis was still lying on his back and got wide-eyed as he noticed the burger getting closer and closer. Cleberg stuck the burger in Travis' mouth and watched the bloated man begin to take a bite. But rather than let Travis slowly eat, Cleberg stuffed the entire burger into the big mouth, and forced it further down. Travis was surprised by this latest move, but could do nothing at this point but swallow the burger whole. Cleberg quickly grabbed another burger and repeated the process. After the second one disappeared, Cleberg remarked, "Now that's how you get rid of some burgers quick!"
Tommy was stunned by this sequence of events. He couldn't believe his eyes. Cleberg was literally stuffing Travis with burgers, as the already super-swollen belly was rapidly expanding. 
At this rate of stuffing, it didn't take long for all of the burgers to disappear. Mr. Cleberg placed his hand on the mountain of belly before him and said, "Now, that's a good job of eatin'. I knew I'd be able to get rid of all of the burgers!"
Mr. Cleberg turned away from Travis and picked up the now empty tray. He then left the end of the trailer and went back to the preparation area to clean off the tray and put it away.
Tommy looked at the hugely bloated young man lying still on the makeshift bed. Travis' face was bright red and he was moaning after the vigorous belly stuffing he had just endured. The burger swollen gut was obscenely rounded and bulged in every direction.
"You look like a pregnant horse," Tommy suggested as he began to gently pat the top of Travis' belly, "I ain't never seen a dude's belly stick up so far!"
"My....gut's.... gonna....explode!" Travis struggled to say and then put his hands on the sides of his ridiculously protruding belly balloon, "My....belly ....is.... so.... bowed.... out!"
"Man, you're gut's so much bigger than a beach ball. And your skin is all stretched out and shit...I don't think anything could be more stuffed than your gut is now!"
"The....pressure....is.... so...much...I...can...barely... breath," Travis noted and started gently rubbing his huge stomach with both hands. 
Cleberg walked into the back of the trailer. "OK, boys, its time to go. We're ready to let the inspectors check out the place."
Travis tried to lift his much heavier body off the makeshift bed, and was not able to do so. Tommy and Cleberg had to help the burger blimp up and into a standing position. For several seconds, Travis stood in the middle of the room, slowly rocking back and forth as he tried to establish balance.
"Dude, you're so front heavy," Tommy said, watching Travis try to steady himself, "Its a wonder you don't fall forward!"
"Okay guys, here's the plan. I'm going outside now and meet the inspectors. You two come out a minute or so after I do," Mr. Cleberg described, then continued, "Then we'll let them come inside here and look around. They won't find any burgers in here." 
Cleberg laughed and patted the huge burger storage facility that Travis had become as he walked away.
Tommy carefully studied the incredibly gorged young man, still trying to steady himself. Travis had to lean way back to support the huge gut he was now sporting. His muscular upper body still looked like it belonged to a competitive athlete, but the amazingly rounded belly seemed more appropriate on a overfed hippo.
"So, how does it feel," Tommy asked, placing his hand on the ballooned gut, "You're fuckin' gigantic!"
"I...feel...like...like...the Goodyear blimp has been inflated inside my stomach," Travis looked down at the enormous round protrusion, "The pressure is fuckin' unbelievable!'
Tommy realized it had been a couple of minutes since Cleberg left. "We'd better head out," he suggested, "Are you gonna make it?"
Travis put both hands on the side of his over-inflated belly and began to slowly steer it towards the door. "Yeah, I think I'll make it okay."
Tommy was the first out the door and down the short set of metal stairs. He took a few steps over to where Cleberg was standing and turned back to check on the progress of Travis. 
An amazing site greeted Tommy as he looked back. Travis was trying to act casual as he strode down the stairs, arching his back to support the incredible weight of his belly. He had put on his ball cap and a pair of sunglasses, trying to look cool while still displaying the larger-than-keg sized belly that proceeded him. His boots were loud on the metal steps, then on the concrete as he slowed strutted/waddled over to where Tommy was standing.

Before Travis could say anything, two middle aged men in dark suits and sunglasses seemed to appear from nowhere. They spoke briefly with Cleberg then went into the trailer. Each one gave Travis a second look as they went past. 
"Are those the guys from the health department?" Tommy asked, as Cleberg nodded affirmatively. "They sure noticed how big the gut is on Travis now!"
"I don't think so," responded Cleberg, "They're too concerned with making the inspection of the trailer. They weren't paying any attention to him."
Travis was about to say something to Cleberg when he noticed a young man walking toward him. It was getting within a couple of hours of kickoff of the football game, and the crowds were slowly increasing. And although the three men were standing off to the side of the main flow of traffic, a few people were starting to pass by. 
"HOLY SHIT!" the young man exclaimed, "Check out the size of that beer gut!"
"Just what I need," thought Travis, "A drunk frat boy noticing my big belly!"
The young man was wearing shorts and a cut off T-shirt with the nickname of a fraternity printed on it. He had an athletic build but a bit of a beer gut himself.
The beer swilling man had a big grin on his face as he placed his hand on top of the burger stuffed belly and began to pat it. 
"Damn, you look like you there's a whole barrel in there! Dude, you need to be drained before you pop!" The frat boy kept feeling Travis's enormous gut. He looked back and forth between Travis' face and his belly. "Why don't you come sit next to us and we'll tap this bad boy!"
"It's not beer; I'm just a big eater!" Travis said. The frat boy just laughed and began to walk away. "Yeah, right...there's more beer in your huge gut than we had back at the frat house for all of us!" was the last thing he said before turning away.
Travis turned. "See Mr. Cleberg, you stuffed me too much. My gut sticks out so far it don't look right," Travis continued as he patted his very ballooned belly, "Those inspectors are gonna' be suspicious."
"Nah, its OK...you just look like you have a really huge beer belly...there are some guys around here that have a gut almost as big as you,"
"Well, I don't think..." Travis started to say, but was interrupted.
"HEY! Check out the pregnant dude!" someone shouted. "I've never seen that before!"
Travis turned to see a young man, another student, walking past with a huge grin on his face.
"So, dude...you carrying twins or triplets?...looks like you're about to go into labor at any minute!"
Travis put his hands on the sides of the giant belly ball and replied, "No, man, its just a beer gut; I've been putin' away a lot lately!"
"I don't know dude...looks more like you're incubating something in that fucker...good luck with whatever it is!" Then the young man was past.
The three decided to move away from the pedestrian traffic flow and stand closer to the trailer. Travis slowly waddled over to the side wall of the trailer and leaned back up against it. It wasn't easy supporting all of this added weight, even with his strong legs, so this position gave him a chance to relax a little. 
The door of the trailer swung open and the two inspectors emerged. They walked down the metal steps and over to where Cleberg was standing. 
"I told you we weren't doing anything yet," Cleberg stated, "We're just getting set up for later."
"Well, we didn't find food or any kind preparation materials in there," the dark haired inspector said, "So, I guess you're on the up and up."
Meanwhile the other inspector had stepped over next to Travis and was starring at the enormous gut protruding off the muscular body. 
"That's quite a belly you have there young man," he observed, "looks like you've done a helluva lot of overeating."
"It's just a big beer gut," Cleberg stated, "A lot of the guys around here have 'em. Travis here can really put away the brew!"
The inspector bent down and began to feel the swollen burger balloon. He thumped it twice and then stuck the end of his finger into the deep belly button.
"This belly is incredibly stuffed with something; otherwise a gut this gigantic wouldn't be so firm and tight. What have you got in there, son?"
"Nothing, right now," Travis lied, his extraordinarily full belly feeling a bit heavier as he spoke. " I haven't eaten yet this afternoon. My belly's firm because I used to do a lot of weightlifting and I've still got big strong abs."
The inspector looked a little suspicious of this story, and continued to stare at Travis' oversized belly. "Okay, if you haven't had much to eat then you should be able to help us out. Come over here."
Travis followed the man in the dark suit over to the other side of the trailer. The inspector instructed Travis to sit down on this large concrete bench. The other inspector had left but returned quickly with several brown bags. The dark haired inspector sat down next to Travis and reached into the bag.
"Since you aren't full yet, you shouldn't have any problem downing a few of these," the inspector said, "and as a matter of fact, judging by the size of your stomach, you should be able to eat all of 'em."
Travis was stunned at the sight of a big cheeseburger in the inspector's hand. Travis knew he had to eat or "Bubba's" could be in trouble, so he took the first bite. 
"We confiscated these burgers just before we saw you and were looking for a way to get rid of them," the inspector explained, "And since you said that you were hungry, here's the perfect solution!"
Tommy and Mr. Cleberg looked at each other than back at the already obscenely stuffed gut on Travis. 
"He can't eat no more, Mr. Cleberg; he's gonna pop like a tick after hittin' an artery!" Tommy whispered to Mr. Cleberg.
"Well, he's gonna' have too or they may find out we're lying to them, and then the shit will really hit the fan!" was the response.
Travis continued to eat. He still loved the taste of cheeseburgers, even after having swallowed so many that day. The inspectors were now each sitting on either side of Travis and handing him burger after burger. The young man's hyper-rounded stomach continued to swell as each burger disappeared. Travis leaned back on the bench to give the gigantic sphere some room. The inspectors were surprised that Travis could continue to eat so much with what appeared to be an incredibly bloated belly already. 
Finally, the last burger was eaten and the three brown bags were empty. The dark haired inspector just shook his head.
"Well, I guess everything here is OK." He patted the top of the now grotesquely stretched out belly. " I don't know how you did it but if you could eat all those burgers, you must have been empty!"
Travis could barely speak and his face was somewhat drained of color. He was breathing with some difficulty and looked down to see the amazing ball in front of him. He just rolled his eyes and put his hand on the top of Planet Belly.
The two inspectors got up and shook hands with Mr. Cleberg then left. As soon as they were out of sight, Mr. Cleberg and Tommy quickly sat down on either side of Travis.
"Are you okay, dude?" Tommy said, as he reached out to feel the amazing round gut next to him, "I can't believe it. It's bigger than a pony keg; it's the size of a whole barrel, dude; it must hurt like hell!"
"I.......feel....burp.....like.....I've.....burp..... swallowed....a...cow..." Travis sputtered, "Don't.....get..... too....close.....to..... my....belly.....or....BOOM!"
"You did a hell of a job there, Whitfield," calling Travis by his last name, "A hell of a job in eating all those burgers. Saved us a lot of trouble. I can't believe that even you were able to down that many!"
"I've never seen anything like that," Tommy was carefully studying the perfectly round shape to the gigantic tan ball in Travis' lap, "its as big as the rest of you!"
"Yep, that's a hell of a belly there son, why don't you just lie down and rest that masterpiece for a minute?"
Tommy and Cleberg helped the burger balloon turn sideways then watched as Travis lay back on the bench. The giant stuffed stomach was sticking straight up into the air, matching the outline (and almost the size) of the university's domed basketball arena in the background. Travis continued to moan and rub the very swollen sides of his now record setting gut. 
Cleberg noticed another one of his workers approaching from a distance. The young man was also a college student, and was dressed in the uniform from the restaurant. He was carrying several large white boxes. 
Tommy also noticed his co-worker walking up. "Hey, what's Alan doing here,"
"Oh shit," Cleberg responded, realizing a mistake, "I forgot to call the store and tell them not to send over the french fries. Alan must be bringing the fries."
Alan got close enough to recognize the two men, then noticed the burger mountain on the bench. 
"Oh my god, what the hell happened to Travis," Alan said as he moved closer, "He looks like he swallowed a Volkswagen!"
"No, he just ate every single burger we had here plus a few more," Cleberg replied, "So he needs some rest."
Travis just responded to this conversation with a loud belch followed by a little more moaning. Alan moved closer to Travis and asked, "You really ate four fuckin' dozen burgers?"
Travis muffled another belch and just nodded his head in the affirmative. 
Alan placed one hand on the giant burger-blimped belly while holding the boxes in the other. He leaned over and said to Travis,
"So, you want fries with that?"

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