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Cam Model
“Thank you for your time today. You should hear back from us in 2 weeks tops.” And with that, Trent was escorted out from the interview room back into the main lobby. Trent was your average college graduate, 23 and with a bachelors degree in hand and ready to take on the world. However, the world wasn’t very open to him. Growing up, Trent was a big kid. He was chubbier than most kids in his grade. His parents thought that it was baby fat and that it would go away once he got into high school. High school came and Trent didn’t drop a pound, though he didn’t gain much either. He just stayed being chubby kid that jocks would pick on, hot girls would ignore and the outcasts of school accepted. Trent graduated high school and went into college with the dream of getting a bachelors in science and medicine in order to get a job at a hospital pharmacy. Being an outcast, he found recluse in science. He loved watching chemicals react, loved knowing the functions of drugs and how they affect the human body. So it was the perfect field for him, but his body wasn’t the perfect fit for the field. You don’t see many overweight people working in the medical field, so Trent was nervous going into this interview thinking that everyone there would only focus on his weight than on his credentials. During the interview he was sweating like a sinner in church while being asked questions and he felt like an overstuffed sausage in his dress shirt and pants. Trent looked down after the interview feeling a little defeated not having a straight answer given to him after, but he still held out hope and walked to his car.

On his way home, Trent stopped by McDonalds drive-thru and got himself a large Grande Mac meal. Trent’s diet was the healthiest. Being a freshly graduated college student living on his own meant having to cut out fresh vegetables and fruits for packaged foods and cheap drive-thru. He didn’t think it was an issue seeing as he was only 250 at 5’11 and could easily lose the weight once he got the money together to join a gym. However, instead of setting aside money for that goal, he would hit up McDonalds or Little Caesars and splurge. He thought that going a day without eating breakfast or lunch allowed him to eat a huge, energy sapping, grease filled dinner. Arriving at his cheap apartment, Trent got out of his tight business clothes and got into a white t-shirt and sweat pants, the epitome of comfort clothing. He sat down on his couch and set his meal on the coffee table that was cluttered with empty plates and bills. Being that broke college student, Trent had accumulated debt and working as a cashier at Wal-Mart didn’t give him the finances to be able to get himself out of it. Out of the 5 jobs he had applied to, only one had responded back to him and even then he doesn’t know if got the job or not. But Trent took that Grande Mac out of its box and dug right into it trying to forget the interview and hope that he hears back soon and gets it.

2 Weeks have gone by, which was the amount of time the people who interviewed Trent two weeks ago gave themselves to get back to him. Trent was checking his email, mail and phone constantly to see if they have gotten back to him, but they never did. Trent felt devastated that he spent the past two weeks hoping to hear back from them but never did. He felt defeated and laid in bed thinking for himself that he didn’t even earn the courtesy of them saying “No” to him. Trent spent hours laying in bed sunken deep into depression not knowing what to do next. The other jobs he had applied for didn’t get back to him and his bills are piling higher and higher, but then it hit him. Trent was 23, well over 18 and had a computer with a web cam installed. He knew he didn’t have the looks yet to become a cam model but he decided to kill two birds with one stone. Trent came up with a plan to start hitting the gym and get fit. He would follow a strict diet and workout plan the he could find online on those bodybuilding sites and get a toned up enough body that he’d able to be an amateur cam model. Sure he’d start off small and had to create a following before making big bucks, but with the weight-loss he could also apply to those jobs once again and walk in there confidently knowing that with his new body he’d land the job. Trent laid in bed with hopes for his new future but also with the feeling not doing something right. He didn’t think the best of cam models and he knew they got a bad rep, but times are hard and you have to do what you have to do in order to survive. Trent woke up the next day surfing through bodybuilder blogs and looking for cheap gym memberships. He was ready to get his new life started.
Trent went to a low-grade gym nearby that didn’t have many weights or workout equipment but for him it was a nice start. He started his workout with cardio and headed onto the treadmill. 10 minutes he was feeling tired. Trent wasn’t used to running for more than a minute, and that was for catching the campus bus in time. Running on the treadmill for that long left him panting for breath, sweating bullets and knees aching. He needed to rest and took a seat on a lifting bench. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and saw what he interpreted as a sweaty pig. His belly was in showing off in the tight workout clothes that he dug out from his closet that his parents bought for him in order to encourager him to work out and get fit. People walked by and saw Trent sitting on the bench, trying to catch his breathe and stop sweating. He started to feel that anxious feeling he felt back in high school when in the locker room and all the jocks would walk in freely take their shirts off while he had to go in the shower to change with the curtain up. Trent got his stuff together and left as fast as he could. He sat in his car wanting to go back inside but finding himself that he couldn’t because he thought people in there were talking about him, talking about fat and unfit he is. Trent stayed in the parking for a good half-hour before heading home. On the ride there Trent felt that defeated feeling again. He was optimistic about getting fit and being that handsome muscle dude that society says he needs to be. Arriving home Trent used some money his parents sent him to order some pizza. Changed out of his workout clothes and back into his lounging clothes, sat on the couch and surfed the web to find distractions. Trent visited the web site he was going to be a cam model for to see what the categories were and where he would fit best in. There were models for showing off bulk, showing off to the camera and getting nude and there were fetish models too. Trent saw that there was basically a fetish for everything you could think off on there. Trent come across various fetishes that he never thought off, some where alright, others were questionable and then there a few that he couldn’t stomach. Eventually Trent come across the fetish for feedism. He clicked on it and was taken to a screen displaying stills various models, male and female eating or showing off their overweight bodies. Trent was taken back at seeing this. He saw people bigger than anyone he’s ever met in real life on there; and there they were showing off and doing what society tells people like them not to do. Trent was intrigued and started delving deeper into the rabbit hole until he heard a knock on his door.

“Thank you” said Trent to the delivery driver as he took the pizza and handed him a tip. He was so invested into this feedism thing that he forgot all about the pizza he ordered. Returning to his sofa, pizza in hand, Trent went back to see what there was about this fetish. He joined this models cam. Her screen name was BBWTonya. Trent saw this insanely huge woman on screen in skimpy clothing and rubbing her belly. He saw the chat fill with comments of people saying how gorgeous she looked and how they wished they could rub her belly for her instead. The adoration Trent saw being given to this woman was astounding. What he also noticed aside from the loving comments are the tips people were giving her. He knew that this BBWTonya lady was making a lot of money and for what? Being fat? This shocked Trent so much. He clicked out of her cam show and moved on to another one, and another one, and another one. Men, women, all of them ranging from Trent’s size to people you’d see on my600lbs life. Long after Trent had eaten his pizza he was still scrolling through all those cam sites of fat people showing off. He even came across a few of people eating on cam. Calling themselves “pigs” or “hogs” and eating huge amounts of food. People in the chat would encourage them to eat until it was all gone. Trent wasn’t aroused at all by what he was seeing, but he was captivated by how people threw money to those cam models for being fat or getting fatter. Trent spent the rest of the night researching what feedism in and from there he learned about gaining and fat admirers. He was taken to a whole other world, one where he found himself in a good position to make profit from. Trent went to bed with a new game plan. He had quit his gym membership and decided to keep the pounds on for a little longer. If he was fat for awhile, he might as make the most of it.

Trent woke up the next morning and got to work. He signed up for his own cam site through a cam site provider and went through all the legalities of it. Provided his personal info and gave his bank account info for his earning and felt like he was making progress to finally no longer living the life of a broke college student. He was then prompted to make a name for his cam site and he didn’t have one at the ready. He didn’t give much thought the what name he would be under. He racked his head hard trying to come up with a name and a few minutes passed and he typed into the name field EverXpansion. Trent thought to himself that the name doesn’t have to be true to him, just attention grabbing. After setting up his site, he took a few pics of himself to post and then cleared up a space in his apartment to set up his space for him to cam. It was past noon after Trent got everything set up and ready to go. He clicked “begin broadcast” and waited for money to start flowing in. It started off really slow where in the first hour only 2 people came by his site and soon left. He thought it was because of him and began to get anxious and nervous about this whole thing. He was about to click “end stream” but caught himself and told himself that he can still do this, no quitting this time. Another hour passed and someone came into the room but stuck around this time. “Nice beginner bod” said the person on the other end. “Thank you” spoke Trent as he rubbed his belly thinking that was the thing to do. “So, what have you eaten so far?” Asked the viewer. Trent responded by saying he had toast and eggs for breakfast which caused the viewer to comment words of laughter. “You should be eating more than that if you want to expand” said the viewer. Trent awkwardly laughed it off and agreed. There was a moment of silence before the the viewer asked what Trent was going to eat on cam for them. Trent was taken back by this because he didn’t give it thought that he was going to eat right away. He just thought he’d show off a little bit and hope for the best. Trent responded by saying that he was thinking of ordering pizza to which the viewer responded by saying what Trent should order. “Large pepperoni, extra sauce and cheese and 2 liter coke. Eat that and you’ll get a tip from me” Trent was quick to jump onto the idea that he didn’t even consider if he was even able to eat that much, especially on cam for someone else. But in the moment he didn’t care. He just needed the viewer to tip and hopefully get his name spread to other people.

25 minutes passed since he placed his order and both the viewer and Trent were excited. Trent came back into frame with pizza and soda in hand and the viewer told him in a suspicious way to get to eating. “Get started. Make a pig of yourself.” All Trent could do was awkwardly laugh it off and start eating. As soon as he started eating someone else had joined his cam show. After his second slice 3 more people joined in and stayed. Comments started coming in telling Trent to keep going. To keep eating and grow bigger. He wasn’t used to this kind of attention and felt self-conscious throughout the whole ordeal but he couldn’t stop now. Halfway through the pizza he felt full. He let out a groan followed by a couple burps which earned him a couple of tips from viewers, not much but it was a start for him. “Keep going!” “Don’t stop now” “What, piggy can’t keep eating” and other comments as such came into the chat. Trent stood up from his chair, rubbed his belly and took deep breaths for a minute. He read somewhere online that it helped you eat more if you do this. He sat back down and in the next 10 minutes he finished the rest of the pizza and soda. Leaned back into his chair, Trent felt like he couldn’t move. He ate so much than he was used to in the moment and felt it, and it showed. Cheers of encouragement came in the chat telling him how good he did and how impressed they are. He didn’t know who any of those people are, but he felt good that they liked what they were seeing. His first viewer kept to his promised and tipped Trent, and big too. His viewers started to leave the stream when they saw Trent was being unresponsive due to his stuffed belly. He gave himself half hour before turning the stream off himself. He saw how much he made and his lit eye with joy. In just 3, almost 4 hours of doing nothing and eating, Trent had made over $50. He was giddy with joy and couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t much, but it’s a start and a good one too. Trent spent the rest of his day laying on the couch and before heading to bed he ate some chips.

The next day Trent started his stream like before, shirtless and showing off. Overnight he earned some self-confidence about himself and he doesn’t feel as ashamed as before showing off or touching his fat. He still wasn’t comfortable with being verbal, but it was still just his second day, so he was taking it slow. He jiggled his little belly and played with his blossoming moobs. After getting five viewers he asked what they wanted to see him eat. “Cake” “Pizza” “Burgers” etc etc. Trent went with pizza again and ordered a large pizza and 2 liter coke. Took him 45 minutes to down it and throughout the whole thing he got encouraged and pushed to eat it all. This time he had 15 people watching his stream and tipping him. As he moaned, groaned and burped he’d get more tips. He noticed the viewers loved seeing him in pain from overeating how his body handles it. He ended his stream after 3 hours and made $60 dollars. After a week of streaming, Trent made $300 dollars minus his fees. This was way already amounting to be the same amount he made working as a cashier for 7-8 hours a day 4-5 days a week. The extra income was great. He was able to pay his bills and still have some leftover. Saturday night Trent decided to binge on his stream. He went out and got pizza, soda and a cake to eat on cam. That night Trent went hog wild. He ate the pizza and soda in record time of 30 minutes. 15 minutes of rubbing his belly, burping and wiping sauce off his chest and mouth, he moved onto the cake. The cake was red velvet, his favorite. He stared at the cake knowing he was too full to even eat a slice, but people in the chat were rooting for him. Saying that he could do it and that he better do it. Trent cut a slice and took a bit. The flavor overtook his mouth and he was hungry once again. He took another bite, this time getting frosting on his nose and mouth, but not caring. The people viewing him were sending tips and words of encouragement. Slice after slice he would eat the cake until he got to the last slice. He held it in his bare hand, stomach filled to the point of bursting. Involuntary moans and groans escaped his mouth as he rubbed him stomach hoping it would help open up room in it. He was sweating and breathing heavily and the people on the other end of the screen were loving it. They were witnessing a true pig of a man. Totally give himself in to the food just to entertain them and for the money. Someone said they’d tip him $50 if he ate and Trent’s eyes grew wide. He couldn’t let $50 slip away from him. He stood up from his seat, groaning in pain and took a deep breath. He opened his mouth and shoved the slice of cake in. He wanted it gone in one bite. He pushed it in with his finger tips and got frosting all over his mouth and finger tips. He started chewing overcoming the soreness in his jaw. He swallowed the cake almost choking halfway and once it was down, he raised his arms in the air in pride. The people in the chat went wild and cheered him. Calling him a true pig and a saying it was an honor to watch him. He fell back into his seat and couldn’t move again for another hour. The viewer kept his promise and tipped him $50 and with a message “Hope this go towards your next binge.” Trent passed out in his chair without turning the stream off.

Trent was a model for over a month now and making more money than ever. He began to slack off at work too. His daily binges were taking a toll on him. He’d go into work the day after a binge and be too bloated to move around fine. He’d also be too tired and was caught sleeping sometimes at work too because whenever he did a night binge, Trent would stay up until 4am streaming and have work at 10am. And his weight was starting to have it’s affects too. Trent started out streaming at around 250lbs, but yesterday at work he went into the pharmacy area and weigh himself on a scale and was at 280lbs. He was shocked. In just a little over a month he had gained 30lbs. His work shirt was tighter and his pants were harder to put on, so that was even more proof to his rising weight. He shrugged it off though saying that he’d only keep this up for another month or two while he searches for a new job in his dream field, and headed off to his managers office to ask for a new uniform. Two weeks later and Trent arrived at work late. The night before he was up until 3am doing another binge. This time a viewer requested to see him eat as many McDoubles from McDonalds he could eat in a sitting. So after getting off from his late evening shift, he drove to the nearest McDonalds and order 15 McDoubles. Trent got home around 11pm and got to work. Took his shirt off and let his belly free. Before it was just peeking out, but now it started to hang low and jut out. He had a certified belly now with love handles to match. His blossoming moobs were coming into their own as they begun to get perkier. He got in his usual chair, which was creaking, and started the stream. It took him an hour to finish all 15 McDoubles but his viewers weren’t impressed. They wanted more. So Trent order pizza from a late night delivery place and kept them entertained until the pizza came. He was told how much bigger he looks, how softer his appears. He didn’t really like being told that, but he didn’t mind as long as they were paying. Half hour later and Trent was digging into a large pizza and 2 liter coke with cinnamon sticks for dessert. Two hours later and he was leaned back into his chair with sauce smeared on his face and drops on his chest. A belly so noticeable taught and full that it hurt to breathe. Forty people were there to watch the display of gluttony and obesity and loved every second of it. Trent thanked his viewers after 15 minutes of rubbing his belly and letting out some burps. He then headed to bed and slept like a baby with a stuffed belly. He woke up five hours later to his alarm ringing and slovenly hit the snooze button. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was 8am and jumped out of bed. He was late and it was his 5th this month alone.

Arriving at work looking like a mess, Trent ran into work as fast as he could. He clocked in and before starting his shift he needed to cool down and rest. Just the jog from the parking lot to the store left him completely out of breathe and sweating. His coworkers noticed but didn’t say a thing as they saw the chubby guy sit on a bench breathing heavily like he just a ran a marathon. A few minutes passed and he stopped at the in-store pretzel shop to get a pretzel dog before going onto his shift. Hours passed and while Trent was stocking products his manager walked up behind him and asked him to come to the office. There Trent was told his was let go. His being late and lacking productivity was becoming a problem. As Trent headed home he wasn’t upset because now he could dedicate his time to job hunting and streaming. He was actually relieved, even so that he stopped at McDonalds to get a feast to stream for all his adoring fans.

Three months have passed since Trent was let go from his job. Since then he had spent everyday streaming for people online how much he would eat and his growing body. Each meal he would eat, he’d do it in front of a camera. He didn’t want to miss an opportunity where he was able to get money. Day in and day out he would order take out or go through drive-thru’s and get loads of greasy, unhealthy and fattening foods for each meal and only to finish it off. There were no leftovers for him. Every crumb was eaten in front of an audience of people who are his support, his income, his reason to keep going. One day viewers asked for his weight and Trent didn’t know so he couldn’t answer them. A viewer offered to tip Trent $100 if he was over 350. Trent laughed it off and agreed. Later that day he visited his old stomping grounds of the Wal-Mart he used to work at to use the pharmacy scale. He lived stream from his phone to show his viewers his weight. He stepped on the scale and the number read 375. Trent’s face went completely red and he felt embarrassed at how much he weighed. His viewers on the other hand loved seeing that in just 4 months he had gained 120lbs. Trent couldn’t believe it but he knew why he weighed so much. He knew that each meal was enough to feed 2-3 people and it wasn’t like he was eating rabbit food either. He knew that all he did was play videos, watch Netflix and eat all day. There was no excusing his weight gains. There stood Trent in a shirt that was a size too small and let the bottom of his belly peek out and in a pair of sweats. His belly was all fat at this point as it jiggled with every step his took. He no longer had a chest but instead a pair of breasts that rested comfortably on his stomach. A look at his face and you’d notice his chubby cheeks and permanent double chin staring right back at you. Trent ended the stream after the viewer kept his promise and headed home, but not before stopping at McDonalds. Trent got home and had a moment of realization where knew he couldn’t keep this up. His plan was to do this for a few months to earn more money until he found a new job. He didn’t intend this to be his new form of employment, but it was so easy for him. All he had to do was eat a lot of food in front of a camera and with that he earned enough money to pay his rent, bills and even have some to enjoy. But mostly all his extra food went back into the business by ordering more food. Trent knew he had to find a new job before things got out of hand.

A week after having his moment of realization Trent actually had an interview for another shot at a hospital pharmacy. A couple days before Trent went online to find a plus size clothing store to find clothes he could wear to his interview. He didn’t like the idea that he couldn’t shop anywhere like before, but he was happy he found a place for him. The day of the interview he got ready and looked himself in the mirror. He smiled back as he thought to himself to be looking really sharp, even though his belly was completely overpowering his tucked in shirt. He left his apartment with his head held high with hopes that he was going to get the job.

A couple hours later Trent returned to his apartment all sad and defeated. After the tour of the hospital he was interviewed and during the whole thing he was wiping sweat off of his face and keeping his arms down to hide his pit stains. He was a nervous wreck sitting in front of three hospital staff people giving his reasons as to why they should hire him. As the interview ended, they told him that he isn’t what they are looking for but to come back in a few months once he has a better image of what he wants. That was their way of telling him no because he’s fat. That night Trent didn’t stream and his phone was going off from getting so many notifications from his followers asking where is he and when he plans to stream. He ignored the phone and went to bed.

The next morning Trent woke up starving. Not having eaten anything before going to bed was a bad idea for him. He needed food and he needed it about 6 hours ago. It was 11am and he knew that pizza places started taking orders at that time. So he placed his order and waited. During his wait he went through the notifications on his phone and felt bad for not having streamed but he also felt like they were the reason why he didn’t get the job. The people there were encouraging him to eat more and get fatter even though nowhere on his page does he say he’s into gaining. He started to feel angry and blamed them for his grotesque figure and inability to get a job, but then came the voice of reason. If it weren’t for them he’d be homeless right now. He doesn’t have any other source of income and it doesn’t look like people are willing to hire an obese pig. Trent calmed down and set up his cam again. Once the pizza arrived Trent went back to work and clicked “begin stream”.

Months and months have passed since Trent’s second failure at a job interview. He had spent his days inside and doing nothing but streaming him eat, play video games, watch tv and sleep. Every since a fan recommended him to start using Ubereats and Doordash, Trent no longer had a reason to leave his apartment. He had no reason to buy clothes anymore either because a fan was able to reason to him that if he’s not going to leave his apartment then why bother buying clothes that fit. His fans began becoming his friends, his support and his enablers. Whenever he felt bad about his size, he would stream and have them say how amazing he looks and how he has nothing to worry about. Whenever he felt unfit from getting up from bed and wheezing, he’d stream and tell his fans how getting out of bed was hard for him and they would say it’s a milestone, it’s something to be proud of. Whenever Trent would say he needed to find another job his fans would tip him more money and make him forget about getting a job. His fans kept the poor guy with low self-esteem in their grips. They knew he can’t live without them but more importantly they knew how much he was meant for this. Many other people on those cam sites are frauds who only eat a little bit and say they gained so much weight but showed no difference in their streams. Trent was the real deal. He would eat and show everyone there how much of a glutton he was. Whenever they said eat more, he would eat more. If Trent said he was full, they would say he’s not and encourage him to finish his food. Trent became something for those people online to live their fantasies vicariously through. Some of them were gainers who couldn’t gain because of their lives, so seeing someone completely give their life to this was amazing. Trent’s body was no longer his, it was his fans. If they wanted to see him eat until his belly ached, he would. If they want to see him eat himself till he passes out, he would. If they wanted him to be 800lbs, Trent wouldn’t know anything about it but instead he’d eat himself there. He lived for his fans and he couldn’t live without them.

Two years of being a cam model had changed Trent drastically. He woke up on his sofa to his stream still being on and being surrounded by piles of empty food containers and wrappers. To Trent and his fans, this was nothing new. He glanced at the chat and saw good morning texts from people who saw the gluttony sleep. Trent responded back by letting out a hearty belch and started to maneuver himself to get up from the couch and to the toilet to release whatever trash he had stuffed himself with the night prior. Getting up from his sunken in couch was incredibly difficult. His gut was a blockade for him to get up. He had to build up momentum by rocking back and forth in order to get enough power to lift himself up. After four tries he was successfully able to get up from the couch, if you could even say that. That act alone had left him breathless and reclining on the armrest to catch his breathe. His chubby hands supported his bulky frame while he was resting before taking on the journey to the bathroom. Once cooled down he stood straight and walked, or rather waddled, his way to the bathroom. There was so much fat in his legs that it was impossible for them to get past one-another, so he was left with a permanent waddle. Each thigh alone was bigger than your average mans waist. Due to not being completely used to his size, he had to lean on the walls in order to successfully get to the bathroom. The whole ordeal was a marathon for him. He began to sweat and overheat, his body turning into a furnace. He arrived to the bathroom, which was only a few feet away from the couch/bed, completely red faced and sweaty. He leaned on the sink and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. He looked at the mirror and saw a face he did not recognize. Trent didn’t like his newly found physique but he helpless to change it. Cheeks so big they looked like they housed apples. You could barely see his poor eyes. Going down was his chin or rather chins. Three of them if you counted, and no sign of a neck. It was there, but buried under a thick layer of fat. Heading further south he noticed his broad shoulders which were covered in stretch marks, like the rest of his body. Arms were puffy and filled with fat they looked liked pillows. Hardly any muscles in them, which was lucky for Trent because he still had food to bring to his mouth. His wrists had rolls on them, which he never thought he’d get. Then came his chest. Trent officially has grown himself a pair of tits than would make any woman jealous of him. When standing they hung lower and over the first belly roll. His areolas were the size of half dollar coins with nipples to match. When he sat down, they rested well on top of his belly roll and caused his arms to lift into the air. Then as he stepped back from the mirror, he made way to his belly. The most prominent feature on him. Three very big rolls formed his belly and he had stretch marks cascading all over it. Even when not filled to the brim with food, it looked bloated and full. His belly button looked like a cavern in the center of such a prominent body part. His belly hung so low that there was no need for him to wear clothes to hide his privates; his belly took care of that. Trent slowly seated himself on the toilet trying to be cautious to not break it and released everything that had buildup during the night.

Trent made his trek backing to the living room to start another stream. He greeted everyone in the chat room in-between breathes. Trent now started his live streams by weighing himself. A fan had bought him an industrial scale that goes to 1,000lbs and Trent thought that it was too much since he has no intentions of ever getting that big. But with his habits and his adoring fans, he wasn’t left with any other alternative. He stepped onto the scale and gave it a minute to calculate his weight. This was when his viewers would guess his weight and the person with the right answer would control what Trent was to stuff himself with. “697” “700” “699” “705” “710” high numbers came into the chat and Trent looked at them all. Two years ago he’d be shell shocked if anyone thought he weighed over 700lbs, but now, he didn’t seem to care. “702” said the digital scale out loud. Cheers were in the chat as Trent had finally past 700lbs. Just the night before he was 695 and even after unloading this morning he still weighed over 700lbs. Trent was speechless, but his fans were over the moon. The fan who was closest to his weight tipped Trent with a message saying what to eat for breakfast. Trent sat back down on his couch, nearly breaking it and placed his order on ubereats for a KFC 12 piece bucket meal. Trent answered his door nude as usual. He would try to answer behind the door, but there was no hiding his grotesque body. As he carried his bag of grease fried chicken and unhealthy sides, he thought to himself on how he let himself get this far. But those thoughts were soon clouded once the smell of food hit his nose. Trent was a gluttony now, a true glutton. He found pleasure in eating, and not just by eating simple means. He needed to eat until he couldn’t breathe, until he was in pain and on the brink of consciousness. Trent had no inhibitions as he ate. He tore into the bucket of fried chicken and started eating. Letting out guttural sounds as he devoured piece by piece of chicken. Crumbs falling all over his body, lips stained with grease and a layer of sweat building on his forehead. Trent was in his groove and nothing would knock him out of it until he finished eating.

Another day of eating done and Trent felt even worse about himself. All that grease, salt and sugar was running through his body and causing it to slowly fail. He didn’t feel much of that, but what he felt was lethargic and the inability to do anything. Trent’s apartment was a literal pig sty. Piles of empty food containers and wrappers scattered everywhere. The smell of stale food, sweat and fat was thick in the air. As Trent sat on his couch ready to pass out, he thought to himself that he can’t continue living like this. He put on a forum on his site asking for opinions and ideas on what to do hoping someone who take this as a call for help from him. Trent hit post and closed his eyes.

Waking up the next morning, Trent noticed messages on his post. He saw people say it was nothing to worry about. Other said that he needs to dedicate sometime to clean his apartment and others said that maybe it’s time to get some assistance. Trent thought this assistance meant get medical help to lose weight, but his fans meant otherwise. The help they wanted Trent to receive was that of a nurses. Someone who would come to Trent’s house, clean him, care for him and his living area, and make sure he doesn’t need to lift a finger for himself. The comments were saying that he’s getting to the size where he’s basically immobile and should consider it. Someone even linked him the site for government aid in his state. Trent felt horrible seeing these people condone his living style and behavior and not see it like an issue, but something that someone else can fix. Trent talked to a few of his fans who said he should get a nurses aid and they gave him information on it. They were able to convince him that he does need assistance in order to keep living day to day life like he does instead of getting medical help to lose weight. They said that many fat people get this type of assistance and that it’s nothing for him to worry about. They always knew the right stuff to say to him. Later in the week Trent had set-up a phone interview to get a medical nurse funded by his state to come to his house and care for him. Trent was truly losing all shame and dignity as he was interviewing to have someone care for him since he was too fat to do it himself. A few weeks later he was assigned a nurse who would come to his house three times a week to clean up and help him. Trent hadn’t been to a doctor in years too, so this nurse would provide him any medical treatment he has ignored since his drastic weight gain. A knock on his door one afternoon and he knew who it was.

Trent yelled saying that they can come inside, and the door opened to let in a young nurse in. The nurse was named Christian and this was his first patient assigned to him. Christian was 26 and freshly out of nursing school. Christian wanted to be a nurse to care for patients in their home. The reason behind this noble and kind act was because he was fond of seeing people unable to care for themselves. Christian found his kink to be caring for others who couldn’t care for himself, and his ideal patient to care of was someone who was immensely fat. He found it erotic caring for someone who had an addiction to food and unable to stop themselves from eating to get help and lose the weight that they needed someone like him to the things they weren’t able to. Christian took Trent as his patient after a quick glance at his profile. 25, over 700lbs and hasn’t left home in years; a dream come true for Christian. Walking into the dirty apartment, Christian began to look around and saw empty food containers and wrappers. He knew that his patient has never left home in a long time, but it didn’t stop him from using every delivery service possible in order to feed his addiction. Christian began to get aroused at seeing the state his soon-to-be immobile patient lived in. He was eager to get to work. Trent had hid himself in his room in order to save his nurse the shock of seeing him right away upon entering, but Christian quickly searched the apartment to find him, and find him he did. He found Trent laying in bed trying to hide his enormous stomach with a blanket that looked like a kitchen towel in comparison. Trent was embarrassed that Christian found him in that state, but Christian loved seeing his patient like that: taking heavy breathes like he just ran a marathon but all instead caused by the mere act of living, sweat producing out of every crevice and fat hanging everywhere. Christian lent Trent a hand in getting him adjusted in bed, to which Trent was embracive about, but Christian made sure to comfort Trent as he helped the poor blob of a boy adjust in bed.

Two months after Trent was assigned a nurse and he had become immobile. Christian had become Trent’s feeder and caretaker. A week after being Trent’s nurse, Christian had left at the end of his shift and saw a delivery boy going to Trent’s apartment with bags full of greasy burgers. Christian took the delivery from the boy and instead took it to Trent instead. Trent was red-faced thinking that Christian would demean him, scold him and no longer take him on as a patient, but instead Christian handed Trent the food and told him to order more next time and left. After that afternoon, Christian would bring Trent baked goods like cake, pies and cookies each time he went to care for him. Christian enjoyed baking and it was his hobby, and he was more than happy to bake for his patient. Trent at first didn’t accept the baked goods, but Christian didn’t take “no” for an answer. He would put a slice or a cookie in Trent’s face and push it into his mouth until he opened up. Trent tried to stop Christian, but with arms that had no muscle and just fat, he couldn’t stop Christians strong arms from feeding him. This would go on for days until Trent accepted the baked goods and ate it himself. Christian would tend to Trent daily all the while providing him with food. He would bathe Trent in bed and had Trent eat a huge meal during it. While Trent was busy stuffing his face with food, Christian was busy getting into his rolls and making sure to clean them thoroughly. Christian loved touching Trent. He would rub his body with lotion and jiggle it from time to time. Trent didn’t like the way Christian was touching him, but he didn’t say a word. Trent would see Christian get a boner from seeing him eat and even though it made him uncomfortable, he didn’t want Christian to stop being his nurse, so again, he didn’t say a thing. Christian started doing everything for Trent and ensured he ate all the time he was there. And after his shift, Trent would still eat because he had an audience to please. All the extra eating and no longer wasting any unnecessary calories all thanks for Christian had really caused the weight to pile on. Trent would lay in his bed day in and day out, stuffing his face during the day for Christian and gorging himself at night for his fans. Trent had grown so much that the king sized mattress he lived on was no longer visible. His belly had covered it and was starting to hang off of the sides. His legs were no longer visible, only his shin and feet were. Trent’s tits have grown even bigger. They looked like over inflated extra large water balloons and started to hang to the sides. As Trent laid there, his chins and chest weighed down on his lungs and caused him to be wheeze constantly for breathe. Christian couldn’t think of a more beautiful sight…actually he could; if only Trent was in bed wheezing and desperately trying to reach for food that was a few inches short from his grasp and begging Christian to bring it over to him, yeah, that was more beautiful.

Christian was doing his job per usual: cleaning Trent, picking up last nights food binger and running tests on him to see how his health was doing. As Trent was eating away one of Christians delicious red velvet cake, Christian was going over Trent’s health. His blood pressure was 165/90. His triglycerides were nearly four times the average amount, bad cholesterol through the roof, and good cholesterol nearly 0. Trent was prescribed statins, blood pressure medication and diabetic medication, yet here he was about to eating a whole cake to himself and thinking what he should have for his cam stream. Trent ate his cake and finished it an hour before Christians shift ended. Trent lethargically reached his phone stored under his tit fat and asked his fans what they wanted to see. It was a unanimous decision that they wanted to see him binge on pizza. So Trent went online to pizza hut and ordered 6 large meat lovers pizza with extra cheese. He was going to put a show for his fans this night. Trent asked Christian to stay longer until his food arrived, to which Christian was more than happy to agree too. Christian sat next to Trent and rubbed lotion on his belly while waiting to answer the door for the delivery. Trent moaned in pleasure and he had become accustomed to Christians gentle hands rubbing his body. His door bell rang and Christian hurried to answer the door. Trent saw Christian come back into his room carrying boxes of greasy pizza and hunger started to take over him. Trent thanked Christian and Christian said it was his pleasure and he patted the blobs belly wishing him the best. Trent sat the boxes of pizza next to him and grabbed his computer. He pressed a button on his computer and streamed his computer to his tv and streamed himself using a bluetooth camera placed in front of his tv. Trent saw himself in all his glory on his tv. Chins rolling down his face towards his tits, tits hanging to the side and pouring down, a belly that had covered his legs and pouring over the sides of his bed. He no longer cared how he looked, all he cared about was the food and the money he was going to make. His fans poured into his livestream and the show began. Over 200 people showed up to watch him eat. In just 3 years, Trent went to become a legend in the gaining community and someone people aspired to be. He was the king of gluttony and obesity, although he didn’t know he held the title.

As Trent painfully brought the final slice of pizza to his lips, he thought he was going to pass out. He could barely stay awake and could barely think. All he knew was that he needed to eat this last slice. He saw his fans comment and encourage him to keep going. He didn’t want to disappoint. He shoved the slice into his maw, chewed and swallowed. Trent threw his arms to his side and resigned to enjoy his painfully stuffed stomach. Heavy wheezing came from his as he struggled to stay conscious. He was fighting to draw breath in and his fans loved the sound. The sounds of a struggling glutton was music to their ears and what came next was their wildest fantasies come to life.

Trent felt a sharp pain in chest as he was rubbing his belly. He ignored it since chest pains were a part of his daily life, but the sharp pain happened again, and again, and again. Trent used his flabby arms to quickly grab his phone to call for Christian. Trent managed to ask Christian to come back and help him between wheezes and gasps. Christian said to Trent to reach in the drawer next to him to take something that should help with the pain while he was on his way. The phone call hung up and Trent desperately tried to get the medicine Christian had left for him in case of emergencies. Swinging his body side to side only caused him more pain his chest and he started get light headed. Trent couldn’t give up because he feared the worst of what would happen to him. Five minutes of constant swinging and Trent got enough momentum to reach for the drawer. His stream was still going on and his audience watched Trent’s entire body jiggle and slosh endlessly, it was captivating. Trent saw the pills and saw that they were labeled “Nitroglycerin” and instructions to put all 5 pills into his mouth. Trent did just that and soon his chest pain started to ease away. A few of his audience members boo’d that they couldn’t see the more blobs heart give out, but they were in for a treat as Trent started to gasp in pain once again. Trent’s chest pains returned and he grabbed his tit fat, fondling it trying to ease the weigh off of his chest. He was too focused on the pain to notice that Christian had entered his apartment and in his room. Christian stood over Trent taking it what was happening before him. His patient for two months, estimated to weigh over 800lbs had just ate so much greasy food that his heart couldn’t handle the onslaught of grease and sodium anymore. Christians face flushed red as he was aroused at the sight before him and his heart skipped a beat in joy as Trent begged him between gasps for help. Christian stood in front of Trent and said that it will all be over soon. Trent was confused what he meant, but he was even more confused as Christian bent down and started to lift his belly. Christian stayed silent as he lifted Trent’s belly and used one arm to keep it raised and the other to go digging. Trent asked what Christian was doing and saying that he needed an ambulance, but Christian didn’t say a word and kept on fondling around between Trent’s Christmas ham sized thigh rolls. Christian went further in and reached Trent’s pubic fat which was the size of Trent’s belly when he was 375lbs. Trent gasped and moaned out loud as he felt Christian touch and grab his lost member. Trent felt stroke after stroke as Christian was jacking him off. Trent trashed as best as he could in his bed as he felt a sensation he hasn’t felt in what felt like ages. Stroking and stroking, Christian was driving Trent to the edge of an orgasm, one that he knew Trent can’t handle. The stream was still rolling and his audience was in shock seeing someone they didn’t know come out of nowhere and jacking off the poor blobs lost member and ignoring the impending heart attack. It only took about 2 minutes before Trent blew, or rather, oozed out his load all over his rolls of fat and Christians hand. Christian let Trent’s belly back down and stood back up over Trent. He reached into his pants starting to please himself as Trent was having a heart attack. Trent’s heart exploded as he finally had an orgasm ever since becoming a cam model. His body couldn’t handle it after how much he trashed his body with food. Trent started to feel weightless as his body finally gave out. His rasping wheezes stopped as his hearing went out and his vision started to fade. The final thing he saw was Christian hunching over in orgasm and his stream still on catching his final moments. Trent told himself that he was going to give his audience a show tonight and he lived up to that.
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