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Cannibal Caviliar
[size=15] Merlin couldn't believe his ears. He had just been chose to be Prince Arthur's manservant! He was going to go crazy from the excitement.
He made his way to the head court for his hearing. As he approached, he could see the big oak doors of the building. As they opened for him he felt like royalty. He let out a sigh and a smile and walked on.
As he stepped inside, his eyes widened. The court was huge! There was a huge glass dome above that let in magnificent light. Their were gold plated torches lining the walls. And as he looked across the room, there sat King Percival with his son Prince Arthur to the right. And Queen Guenniver to the left. He walked slowly up and bowed. He looked up to the royal family and his eyes layer into Prince Arthur. What he saw was a surprise. Prince Arthur, unlike he was advertised, had a small belly poking over his rope belt.
But his gleaming smile completely vanquished the fact. He was like a movie star in a castle.
"Please welcome Merlin, former servent of Drendate, scientist and medical engineer. Merlin, welcome to Camelot!" Announced KING Percival.
Applause filled the court room. Merlin bowed again.
"Please allow the rest of my family to announce their welcomes to Merlin, now manservant, of my son and Prince Arthur of Camelot!
After the hearing, Merlin was escorted to Arthur's room for a brief tour of what he was to do. After about halfway through the tour, Arthur's guards were dismissed which left only Melin and Arthur.
"So you are probably a very excited boy." Said Arthur.
"Yes sir, I am very excited." Said Merlin nervous because he was talking to a Prince.
"Well, we are almost to my room and then we need to talk." Said Arthur.
Merlin stole a glance at Arthur. He seemed very friendly which would make his job a hell of a lot easily. He saw again, his small belly poking out from his body. And to Merlin's bewilderment, Arthur pulled out two pastries from his robes.
"Here you go, Merlin. A little welcome gift. I am a bit hungry too so I can't imagine how hungry you are after your events."
"Thank-you sir." Said Merlin.
"Please, call me Arthur. We are going to become great friends so you might as well call me by my first name as I will you."
"Deal" said Merlin with a smile and Arthur smiled back. And he next thing he did was shove the whole pastry in his mouth and swallowed.
"Ohh. That was good." Said Arthur rubbing his belly.
Merlin slowly unwrapped his and took a small bite and was caught by surprise as Artgur brought his strong hand across the pastry and shoved it into Merlin mouth whole. Merlin's mouth was stuffed so he couldn't talk.
"Get used to eating this way because that's how me and my father eat too. It's a family tradition and you are part of the family." Said Arthur with a smile.
Merlin swallowed quickly then said, " Yes Arthur."
And with that they smiled at each other.

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