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Hello! My name is Andrew and I am, or rather was, the best soccer player in South Carolina and possibly the country.<br><br>

Being a champion was what I always wanted and I was working hard toward that end when this all happened.<br><br>

It was a year ago when I was at a bar in midtown and if I had been observant I would have noticed a group of men chatting in the corner. I hadn’t given them a second glance because they were doing what every other person was doing in the bar. Chatting each other up and cruising the masses.<br><br>

I was drinking water. I didn’t drink alcohol even though I was of legal age. That wasn’t good for my soccer champion goal but that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself and my body was a great draw to the boys. I hadn’t had sex that often, again it was just more important to my career to focus on my soccer but I wasn’t a prude. I would have one or two sexual experiences a year since I was 18 so I can’t say I was experienced but I wasn’t totally incompetent.<br><br>

When I was confronted by one of the gentlemen in the corner he asked if he could buy me a drink. I was a bit flippant and told him I didn’t drink alcohol and turned to walk off when he put his hand on my shoulder and apologized for interrupting me but he just thought I was cute and wanted to say hi. I looked at him again and saw that he had a hairy chest and of all the men I have been with all had a hairy chest. I put my hand to his chest and felt his heart beating. He seemed a bit nervous but it really wasn’t visible on his face.<br><br>

Why I went home with him I will never know but I did and that was the step that changed everything.<br><br>

When we got back to his place there wasn’t a lot of ceremony to it. We got undressed and I saw what he looked like and he saw my body. I was smooth and a very well toned body. The bit of fur I had was on my crotch and under my arms but that was about it. He had the furriest chest of all the men I had seen but at least his back wasn’t furry. He wasn’t a muscle god, he had a bit of a gut on him but he had at one time been quite a buff guy from the looks of it. This might be a good relationship to develop he might be able to give me some tips on working out. But first we were going to have sex. And we did. I was normally a top and that is how we started. I fucked his ass and that cushioned ass was nice to fill. I had only bottomed once and the guy had a tiny dick so I don’t really count it but I sure counted it when he entered me. Stars showed as the pain of my ass being opened up for his massive rod. It had to be at least 9 inches long and fairly thick but I took it all the way. After a little bit of a rest I had another go at him and we both dropped to the bed and laid there. <br><br>

I’m going to get something to drink you want anything? He asked me. <br><br>

Sure some water would be great.<br><br>

He came back with a tall glass and I downed it in one gulp. Damn I was thirsty.<br><br>

When I awoke I was in a cage on a cement floor. The cage wasn’t tall enough for me to stand. It barely allowed me to hold myself up on my hands and knees. <br><br>

I tried to scream but there was a hose down my throat that was attached to the side of the cage. I tried to pull it off but it was locked in place with a strap that went under my chin and was unmovable. I looked up into the man’s eyes questioningly and that was when he dumped something into the funnel at the end of the tube. It flowed down the tube and I felt my stomach becoming painfully bloated. The pain in my ass from the night before was nothing in comparison.<br><br>

This was my life for the next month. I would be fed this way every two hours and I would sleep between the feedings. I think I even slept during some of the feedings. <br><br>

I awoke one morning with the tube out of my throat for the first time. I had already noticed my once flat stomach was rounding out and my pecs were beginning to soften but I could still work out and get back to my old size. <br><br>

I started screaming hoping someone would hear me and help me get away from this maniac but I became hoarse and tired from the exertion when the guy came down and opened up a small portal in one end of the cage. I tried to reach out and grab him or somehow get the cage open but after more exertion I became exhausted and the man spoke for the first time in a month. <br><br>

Stick your head through the hole. <br><br>

After quite a wait I did so and there he locked my neck in the hole like a set of stocks. He dropped down a false back to the cage so my ass was up against it and I was on my hands and knees. He moved a machine up to my ass and I felt a dildo pressing up against my hole. He lubed me up with lard. I know this because I saw the can of crisco as he took it from the shelf. <br><br>

Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go.<br><br>

Not a word came from the man.<br><br>

He continued his work and soon the machine was properly positioned and the dildo was at the entrance of my ass.<br><br>

He then went to the side of the cage and put some contraption on my pecs and when they were all attached he dropped some solid food into a trough at my face. The first solid food I had had in a month. <br><br>

I looked up at him wondering what he wanted me to do. <br><br>

Eat! He ordered.<br><br>

I just stared at him.<br><br>

EAT! He demanded even more forcefully.<br><br>

I was able to put my hands through the slats in the cage and began to slowly feed myself from the trough. I felt the contraption on my chest begin to pump my pecs. And the machine at my back began to thrust in and out. They began slowly and as I ate they got faster. But as I got filled I slowed down and so did the machine. It seemed to know when I was about to cum and it would stop and if I slowed down it would do so too.<br><br>

The man sat there in a chair watching me stuff myself. I got painfully full and there was no way I was going to be able to finish it all but when I slowed or stopped he would demand that I continue. <br><br>

I don’t know how I did it but I finished it off and I was finally allowed some sexual release. I hung at the portal in a somewhat comatose state as he removed the machine at my pecs and the fucking machine at my ass. He took out the false back and released me from the portal and I collapsed to the floor. He took the hose that he would use to clean me off and hosed me down. I had gotten use to this but this was the first time that my nipples were so tender from the attention. <br><br>

I went to sleep and awoke the next morning with the hose in my throat again.<br><br>

This was my routine until today when I was too big to lay on the cement floor any more. I was propped up by my belly and on my hands and knees. Usually with the tube down my throat but the monthly sexual release helped and that fucking machine’s dildo was now the size of a two liter bottle and my tits, yes I now had tits, gave milk.<br><br>

The end of the cage was opened and a leash and collar was put around my neck. It was hidden under layers of chins but I did have a neck there somewhere.<br><br>

I was too weak to do anything but crawl but that seemed to be what he wanted anyway. He talked to me like a pet. Come on. He would say. This way. Tugging at the leash leading me to a platform. As I got on top of it he looked at a readout that wasn’t visible to me. <br><br>

Oh my you are a good piggy. 858 pounds.<br><br>

That number flashed through my head but I couldn’t remember anything but the past year of stuffing. How big was I when I started this I thought but I couldn’t remember. It must have been in the mid 150 area but I really couldn’t remember.<br><br>

This way piggy. I crawled to a doorway, it was more of a small garage door that he rolled up. There was a van backed up to it with a ramp up to the back. He led me up the ramp and attached the chain to a bolt on the floor and I collapsed on the floor of the van and went to sleep.<br><br>

When I awoke the man was tugging at me wanting to lead me to a pen in what looked like a nice white barn. I could hear other people in the barn and saw one or two others being led to pens just as I was.<br><br>

I wasn’t able to look up very well. Maybe it was all the fat on my neck. Maybe it was the lack of use of the muscles in that area but I saw the others a bit and some looked about my size.<br><br>

I awaited the man’s return when I was led out to a stage and there were several other guys on their hands and knees in similar situations. There was a black guy that looked familiar. It looked like Daniel, the quarterback from one of the neighboring schools but this guy was huge. The others I didn’t recognize.<br><br>

And now for the tests. I heard an announcement made.<br><br>

Troughs were put out in front of us and we all looked up at the emcee that let the feeding begin. All manners of food were dropped in the troughs and we all began stuffing ourselves. I could see that the others had been trained to eat just like me. But it didn’t take long before I was the winner. I was so painfully stuffed and I just wanted to roll over and go to sleep but that wasn’t going to happen.<br><br>

Next fucking machines were placed at our backs and started up. It wasn’t just about who came the first it was the amount of cum that was produced and the way that we came. This was my second win. My facial expressions, my cum production beat out the fact that I wasn’t the first to cum and so I beat the others in volume and style points.<br><br>

The last contest had us sitting up and breast pumps were attached to our tits. The all looked very big but being fat they should look big but they looked full like a woman’s looked full and as the breast pumps were started I began to give milk. I had never seen how much I produced before but there were huge quantities coming from my nipples. Cup after cup was emptied from my tits as were the others but they soon ran dry even as I was still producing.<br><br>

My final win proved I was a champion.<br><br>

After the contest I passed out again and found myself at the front door of my parents house. I hadn’t been there in quite a long time and they were surprised at the tub of lard that sat at their front door not realizing that it was their son. I hadn’t talked to anyone in over a year now and had almost lost the power to talk but when they realized that I was their son they helped me in and got me to a Dr. Amazingly so I wasn’t in that bad of health even at the size I was. <br><br>

I lost almost 500 pounds of fat, bringing me to well over twice what I had started out at. But I wasn’t happy. When I got mobile again I went out in search of my captor but couldn’t find it. I did find a feeder eventually and moved in with him. He liked my story even though I don’t think he believed it.<br><br>

My nipples never stopped giving milk. And we eventually got me back up to 850. Not being so restrained I was able to walk around enjoying my size this time.<br><br>

And as we would frequent the buffets and the bars I would search the faces of the men looking for him but there was never a hint of recognition. I did see a group of men huddling in the corner of the bar I was first approached at but this couldn’t happen again to someone could it? I surveyed the twinks in the bar wondering who might be a champion.

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