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Charlie's prison
Life just sucks! Charles couldn’t believe it. There he sat, in the rugged courtroom; it was almost as sad and pathetic as he was. Charles was a skinny, balding, rotten toothed, four eyed accountant. His life had been spent organizing and counting money for rich people, and before he could join the ranks of his rich idols, he made millions of dollars worth of a mistake and was now sitting in court, being charged for fraud facing 10 years in the state prison. The jury isn’t looking so nice, in fact, the jury looks like a bunch of pricks. The proof of his stupid, stupid, STUPID mistake was building up in court. And now it was done, the judge announces the next court date in which his verdict will be announced. Charles is used to bad luck. He’s going to prison. He knows it. Life just sucks.

His last peaceful sleep in the jail cell was interrupted, the attractive, beefy, cop who was the only nice worker there was the cause of the break in his sleep. 

"Hey Charles, You made bail. You should go have fun while you still can.” 

Charles looked up from his cell to see a thick, statuesque, corporate-looking, weirdo. 

"Who are you?” Charles asked. 

"Hello Charlie. My name is Sid, You probably don’t recognize me, but you actually saved my ass a few years ago with some financial trouble and I’m here to thank you”

Charles wasn’t quite out of his dark place yet, a thank you? Now? 

"Right… so this requires a bail, how?” 

"Charles, if you hadn’t fixed my problem, my company would have gone out of business. Not only did you save thousands of jobs, but I’m richer than shit now. Come on, I must thank you” 

Charles complied and they left the station, the beefy cop smiling at the sight of Sid’s ass as they walked out.

"Well, I don’t think I can do that, Sid.” Charles said as he sipped some black tea in Sid’s mansion 
"you see, I’d like to stay here and try out this experiment of yours, but I have this thing next week were I’m going to prison” Sid laughed and replied with a strange sort of look in his eyes "I can arrange that to never happen, Charlie”. "Yeah, I’d like to see that happen. Look, I got some friends I’d like to visit, so I’m just gonna take off and…” Charles felt a little strange; he felt a sensation in his head. He sat down. Sid smiled...

"oh, it’s kicking in already! That’s good though. Pot in your tea usually takes an hour to get you high, but I guess you’re a lightweight” 

"What?! You put weed in my tea?!” 

"Yeah. I assume you’ve never been stoned?” 

"Oh my god!” 

Charles began to scold and yell at Sid. But the herb had only started to scrape his brain. The first high he had ever experienced was getting to its peak faster and faster. And Charlie was getting slower and slower. While this happened, Sid was leading the now, giggling Charlie down the stairs, into the cellar, and onto a chair. There, in a blur, Charlie could make out some sort of chemical being put on his head, and some sort of fancy room. He mostly remembered the pastries and cakes, and stuff… it was a great satisfaction to his massive munchies.

He woke up the next day, In the same beautiful, small, Victorian room. He had a TV, a dark hole in the ceiling, the internet, radio, and everything else to make a place a home.
He was in a daze from the night before. The TV turned on, there was Sid, greeting Charlie; 

"Hello Charlie. I know this is a bit Saw’ish, of me but I REALLY think I can help you out here if you could just”- 

"How dare you get me high! That is just wrong! Do you have any idea how illegal this all is?! What am I? A lab rat?” 

"Yeah, pretty much” 

"Oh! This is funny to you?!” 

"Yeah… it is a little” 

"you have some nerve!”- Charlie spat a line of rhetorical questions and accusations through his gross teeth as he felt the itchy scruff growing on his face and, strangely also, his once bald head. He continued until some food was lowered through the black hole in the ceiling and he fell for the same trick again. They were pot brownies. 30 minutes later, Charlie was watching cartoons, laughing his ass off while he ate more and more delicious banquettes being lowered through the ceiling. He later fell asleep and felt a mask being put on his face, and some metal in his mouth. 

3 days later he woke up with the hair on the sides of his head shaved as short as the new hair on the top of his head. He looked at the simple, yet better hair and smiled, to see his new, white teeth… and he even had 4 sharp canines. Weird, but cool. Charlie wasn’t so mad about things now that he looked a little better, He figured he might as well enjoy things as long as he can before he goes to prison. Why hadn’t he just been laid back most of these years? Why did he stress so much? And why was he still a little hungry? That all must have been the weed talking again, speaking of weed, more food was lowered through the ceiling. He knew ONE of the dishes had pot baked into it, But he was hungry, so he just went with it. Regardless of how unusually thick he was feeling that morning. 


The lights turned on in his luxurious prison. "Sid? I’m really starting to think you’re a sick person” Charlie said, as he went up to the mirror to brush his wolf like teeth and comb back his short blonde hair. "I know you’re saving me from prison and all, but this can’t be right. By the way, do I look a little chunky to you?” The TV turned on so that Sid could reply "No, not really” he said, obviously ignoring the fact that Charlie was looking less anorexic and more meaty. Charlie could no longer see his ribs or his veins on his chest. He wasn’t fat, but he sure had a little extra going on in his belly. Not a whole lot though. "Well, Sid. Is it absolutely necessary for you to put all of this pot in my food? I mean…come on if you could just…” "Charlie, you would be mad at me and freaking out if I cut your dosage down, especially with your immunity building. I have to keep it rising to keep you cool. Charlie turned around to reply, but was suddenly distracted by the breakfast that was being lowered into the room. Pancakes! …Special ones.


Charlie woke up in the middle of the night, still stoned from desert. He had to pee! he walked his dense, thick, body over to the bathroom and struggled to pull his tight boxers down. As he excreted his liquids, he noticed how much more he was starting to weigh in the mirror. His face looked the same, but his chest was starting to look bigger, his arms, thicker, and his belly had a slight curve to it. He thought to himself that he was going to give Sid a piece of his mind the next morning. But then he forgot and went to go eat the rest of the cookies that had been there by the dozens.

Charlie woke up raising his arms while yawning, with slight difficulty, as his T-shirt was a bit stretched in his mildly big frame. There was just an inch of his round little belly poking though the bottom and his sleeves now covered very little of his upper arms. He crawled out of bed and went to shave around his goatee and long sideburns. He figured he’d try to hide the fact that his cheeks were showing some chub too. He looked at himself and really wanted to talk about this ridiculous weight gain that was occurring. Now was a good time. He had built immunity to the point where he could collect some coherent thought. He turned to the TV and demanded to speak with Sid. "Charlie, I know you want to talk, but the cops are here asking about you and I need to make damn sure they don’t find you. I’ll come down after dinner tonight.” "Oh. Okay” He figured he could get though breakfast and lunch. It wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. So he ate. Little did he know that Sid had actually quadrupled the dosage that day. And when the time came to tell Sid off, He had been laughing and had already forgotten.


This same set of t-shirt, shorts, and socks was really starting to piss Charlie off. He had been wearing it for months and the seizes weren’t catching up to him. Charlie sat there with his shirt squeezing tightly on his big torso, revealing his growing stomach and his shorts starting to do the same with his widening legs. His facial hair thing wasn’t doing him any good for his cheeks were now round and noticeable. "Sid! Get me some new clothes! Clothes! CLOTHES… heheh… clothes… that’s a funny word… cllloooottheeesss… haha. Oh my goodness, look at me! I’m looking all pig like. How cute.” Charlie continued to survey the mirror as he pulled out his penis and started pleasuring himself at the sight of… himself. He was really fucked up at this point.


"Okay so it’s like I like this shirt, but it’s just not a shirt anymore, You see my meaningness, mister Sid? Mister Sid? Dammit! I thought I was getting brownies! I ran out of them hours ago! Where are they? Please! Mister sid!” "Charlie, you finished that last batch of brownies 2 minutes ago” Sid replied to the chubby man though the TV "Oh, wait here comes the second batch” Charlie made a yell of excitement. He ran his bulky body over to the table where the brownies were being lowered, his tight socks allowing him to slide a little, and his round belly exposed by his tiny shirt. For a stoned, chubby guy, he ate them pretty cleanly. He didn’t get any in his thick goatee, or his bulging neck (which was starting to look like a second chin) He sat in his chair, enjoying the meal as he swung his big legs back and forth.


"Dinner time yet?” Charlie asked Sid, who was trimming the fat man’s head into a short little Mohawk "almost” Sid replied. "That should do it. Well doesn’t that look cute! You look like the punk version of the Pillsbury doughboy” Sid added with a tickle of Charlie’s big belly which was no longer allowing Charlie to wear his shirt. Charlie wiggled his bulgy, fat, body laughing as a response "Stop! No tickle! Dinner” Sid laughed as he exited the luxurious prison "of course, just a minute Charlie” Charlie sat there, and waited in his ever so tight socks and ripped shorts, distracted by the cartoons on TV now. He was now looking more like a tight little ball. His double chin made his round face rounder, his sides and back now filled out in love handles and blubber, even his calves were starting to store the new fat that was coming in at such a high rate. Dinner came down and Charlie smelled it. He got up as fast as his hefty self could and stomped over to the table, reaching his thickening fingers out to the banquet. When he was done he decided to jerk off in the mirror again, this time, it was a little harder; He sort of had to reach more around his gut than over it. His penis visible still, but a slight pouch had developed around it that he needed to push back just a little if he wanted to get his hand at the base.


Charlie woke up early today. He wanted to watch some early cartoons. He rolled his enormous body out of bed. His frame was now only allowing him to sport some boxers. The floor was cold for some reason today. He looked for his slippers that he had worn a couple of times, when he found them; he struggled to bend down and pick them up. He was closer to the floor these days, because of his wide legged stance he had developed, But still, his gut was so huge, It covered his view of the floor. Damn this belly, It kept him from reaching to far in front of him and it kept him from sitting any closer than 2 feet from the table. Not just that, but the Enormous belly of his forced the rest of his body to adjust. His but became bigger, His back no longer showed any sign of a spine, His shoulders had expanded and became broader to hold the new mass. No neck was visible, Just a triple chin. The back of his head showed some folds too. His face was extremely chubby and looked much cuter now. Even his ears were thicker. His chest was sagging into some moobs which were supported completely by his tummy. His areolas had expanded and his nipples were thick and big. Charlie finally gave up and just sat down to reach for the slippers. He grabbed them, and struggled to put them on. No good. They didn’t fit anymore. Because his upper body had become so big, his lower body had adjusted too. His feet were huge now, wide pads with sausage toes. He could find a size 11 and the length would fit him fine, but unless he bought one twice the width, It was useless. Now he remembered why he was always barefoot these days. His feet were connected to calves (no ankles) that had been incased in at least 8 inches of muscle. The same went for his fat, buff thighs which now were like redwood tree trunks. He got used to the cold floor at the bottom of his huge feet and his gut (which was spilling over his legs and touching the floor where he sat) and just decided to watch the cartoons.


Sid let Charlie run around outside now. By this time he was too goofy and happy to really know the difference of anything. It was today where Sid heard his door being knocked at. At the front door was a cop. The same cute cop they saw months ago when Charlie was bailed out. "hello officer” "Hi sir, I hate to be a waste of your time, but we had a man bail from our county jail last January, and I was wondering if I could come in and ask you a few questions seeing as how he was with you last.” "Sure come in.” He led the cop into the living room. "Whose there? Is it a person… I’ll bet it’s a person, huh?! Person!” Charlie yelled from upstairs. The cop looked around the corner recognizing the voice, but not the guy. The sound of heavy bare skin quaking on marble followed as the gigantic man ran down. The cop tried to hide his shock… and his attraction. "hi! Hi… hi.. hi… I’m Charlie.” He said, holding out his fat paw. The cop was polite and shook his enormous palm, which could fit two of the cop’s hands. The paw was connected to an arm of fat and muscle. His arms resembled a fat gorilla’s arms on steroids. The 560 lb man was too short to be the old Charlie. His stance was so wide legged, he was constantly bending his knees. The width of his legs didn’t allow them to get close together, and even if they did, his gut would stop it. It stuck out 3 & ½ feet in front of him. His back was curved and led to two huge folds on his sides. His pecks were sagging in a nearly perfect upside-down v-shape and aided to his nearly complete sphere of a look. His cheeks and first chin were now round and convexed enough to make him like a completely different person. He wore a watch, a dog tag, a short Mohawk and some custom made shorts (which were ripping) "whose this?” The cop asked. "a friend of mine, He lives here.” Sid replied "Look I need to finish something up, How about I have Charlie show you the living room and I’ll in… 5 minutes?” The cop nodded as Charlie led him to the living room and shut the door behind them. And locked it.

10 minutes later Sid came back to the living room, shocked to see Charlie and the cop going down on eachother (the cop struggling because Charlie had a pouch which covered his penis almost completely) "what’s going on here?! Charlie is mine!” The chubby cop, shirtless in his bare fur replied "well… you can share him cant you? Or perhaps join us?” "Join you? What do you think this is? A porno?” "No, but you are a sick weirdo” Sid stopped in his tracks… "yeah… I guess you’re right” Sid stripped down and got behind the gigantic round man. The cop went way over to the front. And it was at that moment, that they all realized they had a new, weekly routine. Sid, the cop, and the enormous piggy, Charlie. 

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