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Chatting with Bazz
It was another dull Saturday night. No one around and nothing to do. So like many young people of my generation did when they were bored, I went online. Going through my usual blog roll, I found my mind wandering, every so often I'd go and check on of my gainer sites. I can't really explain it, but I always had this fascination with being, for lack of a better word, fat. I don't know why, but the thought of packing on the pounds and ending up a few sizes larger was something I spent a lot of time fixated on. After browsing my favorite site for an hour, I decided to head onto my messenger. The window loaded and an IM popped up. Like I said, I spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff, so I had some online friends into it. 

The IM was from another guy I knew who went by the SN "Bazz”. We hadn't met offline before, even though he only lived about a half hour away, but we talked almost daily through web cam or mic, gamed together, went to the same forums and stuff like that. 

Bazz: Hey, in again tonight? You gotta get a life man. Haha.

Bazz wasn't a gainer like me. More of a well-wisher than anything. Every so often, we'd RP together. He'd be the encourager fattening me up, taking me from 170 pounds upwards to 300. It was always a nice little escape where I could actually gain. Bazz and I had known each other for about 3 years now, and he knew how much difficulty I had keeping weight on. I'd tried it a few times with his advice and encouragement, and even successfully ended up at 185 once, but I couldn't keep the pounds on. I had to eat overtime to maintain, but it'd always just melt off. So I really enjoyed coming online to chat with him and pretend I'd hit 300 pounds for at least a few hours. I clicked the microphone option. "Hey Bazz. Switch to mic will you?”

There was a click and some static. "Jeeze, too lazy to type too?” I heard him say with a laugh. "Yeah, a little. Can you blame me? Gotta conserve every calorie I can if I ever want to put on more than 3 pounds.” Bazz laughed again "true enough. Unlucky huh? I don't want to gain so I need to work out to keep in shape, and you want to gain and probably couldn't manage without a full body fat injection.” 

I just grunted in response. Bazz was quiet for a second. "Well, I had an idea. You like our little RP's, right?” 

"Yeah, of course.” I said, thinking back to all the times we'd 'fattened' me to 300 pounds. "They're always good.”

Bazz crackled over my headphones again. "How about we add a bit of realism to it? One night you go out and buy a ton of junk food, we'll chat, do an RP on cam. We can pretend you're fattening up the whole time.”

I scratched my chin. "I can't eat a whole lot... but we can give it a try, I guess.” It was actually pretty exciting. Normally the RP's were restricted to text so we could write down our most visual description. "When do you want to do it?”

"How about tomorrow night, actually?” 

"Sounds good to me. I'm looking forward to what you've got planned.” I said with a laugh. Bazz was really good at these RP's, so I have to say I was looking forward to it.

"Great. You head out tomorrow and pick up the food, and I'll get everything else ready!”

The next day came. I kept thinking back to Bazz's proposition. I headed out around noon to do grocery shopping, picking up some of my favorite stuff. Ice cream, frozen cakes, bakery cookies, brownies. It cost me 80 bucks... I'd have to tell Bazz we couldn't do it all the time. I went back home, a few bucks poorer, but an excessive number of potential calories richer. I was even counting the hours before we would start, curious to see how Bazz was going to swing this. 

I began putting the groceries away to wait the few hours before their eventual consumption when a knock came from the door. I jogged down my front hallway and opened the front door. Standing in front of me was a guy holding a small box and a clipboard. He cleared his throat. "You... Nathan... Fortune?” He said with an ambivalent expression that showed he probably hated his job.

"Yes, that's me. Got a package for me?” 

He grumbled. "No, of course not. I'm the tooth fairy. Why else would I be holding a package with your name and address on it, and a delivery sheet that needs your signature?”

This guy was a real piece of work... "Whatever, let me sign for it.” I said grabbing the pen and signing the sheet. He handed me the box and wandered off to deliver his next package. I look down at the simple brown box and see it has Bazz's address. I open it up going inside, seeing a little glass vial of purple liquid with the label "Gain Formula 012”. It weirded me out a little. I didn't really know what it was. Bazz wouldn't send me something harmful... at least I didn't think he would. Now I was nervous. I waited around the house until it was time to head online and see Bazz.

9:00 pm rolled around, and I went online. Bazz came on a few seconds later. I turned on my mic. "What the hell is up with the vial?”

Bazz laughed in response. "I told you we were going to try and make it as realistic as possible. I figure the vial is what's going to cause your 'gain' tonight.” 

"Yeah... but what IS it. I don't want to drink something I got in the mail.”

"What, you don't think I'd send you something bad do you? You know me better than that by now.”

I sighed and looked at the vial. Debating whether or not I should play along with this stuff... whatever it is.

Bazz sent me a webcam invite, so I turned it on. 

"Come on man, it's not going to kill you. It's just a little prop. It's not acid, or poison. Trust me.”

I looked at his face. He looked like he was being honest... and I had known him for a while. 
"You promise?” I said holding the vial up next to me so he could see it through my own cam.

"I promise. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. I won't make you.”

He made a little half smile. I think I grimaced. "Fine... I trust you. We can use the prop... it's just kool-aid, right?” He laughed at that, so did I. I'd use it. "One second though, I need to grab the food.” 

Bazz gave me the thumbs up and I ran off to the kitchen, gathering up all that junk food. Bringing it into the computer room on a big platter. "Okay, I think I'm ready... you want to start?”

He nodded back. "Okay... that vial I sent you today, it's a formula to cause instantaneous weight gain. I asked you to get the food, because as a result, you're going to be starving after a few minutes. It'll react with your body and cause it to replicate fat cells, growing you to your goal within the hour.” His face was so serious. It took all I could muster not to laugh. 

"So, I drink this... and I'll hit 300 pounds, huh?” I looked at the little vial and shook it. "Then I guess it's down the hatch with it!” I popped the little cap and sniffed it. It didn't smell like... anything really. Just like water. I put it to my lips and tilted it back, downing it in one quick gulp. I put the vial aside. "Alright... so what do I do now?”

Bazz was smiling wide. "We wait. You might want to tear into the food now though.” He said pointing to the ice cream tub starting to warm by the computer tower. I grabbed it and pulled it open, scooping out the creamy treat. Bazz stopped talking... he was staring really intently. "So... you going to start describing my weight gain?” I said, my mouth half-full. He shook himself out of his daydream. "Oh... well.. I won't need to. See... that stuff isn't a prop. It's real. I'm waiting to see it do it's thing.

I raised an eyebrow and snorted slightly. "Haha. Is that the best you can manage Bazz? Ohhh, it's reaaaal...” I choked back my laughter as I took another bite of ice cream. Then... I felt a weird dropping feeling in my stomach. "Urrgh... what the...?” I grabbed my stomach for a second, just to feel the sensation fade, and a warmth spread across me from my midsection and outward. Bazz was looking really alert now, he got up closer to his screen. "This is it! Yes! I was so hoping it was real!”

I leaned back in my computer chair as the warming sensation changed to a feeling of... expansion. What did Bazz send me? I groaned. My belly was beginning to swell outward. My flat stomach bowing outward, softening and growing. The expanding feeling in my arms... chest... legs... butt... Slowly but surely, Bazz watched through my webcam as the contents of the vial lived up to their promise. He was watching someone fatten in real time... It was hard to tell, but beneath my clothes, things were growing. Within a minute, I'd put on 30 very real pounds! My 200 pound body growing with every passing second.

My shirt began to pull around my stomach as I seemed to inflate. It was riding up slightly, the tightening fabric showing the depression of my bellybutton as the cloth stretched over the gap. The bottom few millimeters of a new beginner gut showing up. I could hear Bazz talking, though I wasn't entirely listening. He mentioned the "new gift” and hoped I liked it. I was getting BIG. I couldn't even process it, but I was at least 250 pounds. A heavy pot belly had formed, exposed from under the hem of my shirt. My jeans too snug, I unbutton them absentmindedly. I wince a little as a stretch mark or two forms by my navel.

"Don't worry about those too much” Bazz spoke up again. "The stuff makes your skin cells work overtime too, so you'll grow without a problem. The stretch marks just are a bonus to show people you fattened up FAST.” he said with a chuckle.

I struggled to my feet, needing to see this in the mirror by my computer. As I stand, I hear seams popping on the thighs of my jeans. I plod in front of the mirror and gasp, seeing the fat guy looking back at me. Swollen belly, chubby face, thickened arms and legs, as well as a bigger butt and chest starting to form. I hold my stomach as it grows beneath my fingertips. It was real. Bazz was making me a fat guy! "Oh my god... this..this is real!” I shouted. I heard Bazz laugh. "Well duh. I figured you'd chicken out if I told you the truth.” I began to notice my overall reflection change. I had a solid, ball gutted appearance for the first few minutes of my growth, but now gravity was taking over. Things were starting to weigh down. My chest folded onto my belly, which in turn folded over my waistband. A low rip was heard as my jeans opened on the seat, and then the thighs. My shirt following suit, ripping at the sides and exposing my new rolls.

I began tugging off my clothes, leaving only my rapidly shrinking boxers. Bazz wolf-whistled into his mic. "Looking good fat boy!” He shouted. I checked out my reflection again. I had a few more stretch marks on my slightly fuzzed belly. I thought to myself "This is about 300 pounds... isn't it?” Then I lifted and dropped my stomach. It quaked and caused my chest to jiggle slightly. The growth didn't seem to be slowing down any... I waited, I must be smaller than I thought... I watch as the body in the mirror swells and bloats, feeling heavier and heavier every second. The boxers cutting into my hips as they seem to shrink on my body.

"Bazz, it's not stopping...” I said, worried. He cleared his throat "... just means you're not 300 yet. It's nothing to worry about.” However, his assurance fell on deaf ears. I began making my way for the bathroom. I needed to check for myself. My thighs rubbed together, my backside began to escape my waistband. I could feel my rolls sliding over each other, my chest wrapping under my arm and meeting a roll on my back. Every step caused a jiggle to cascade across my gut. I managed to squeeze through my bathroom door and step onto my scale. It was fairly high grade. One part of my fantasy that I splurged on was something that was always telling me I wasn't making any progress. This time was different. I stepped on and saw the display mounted on the wall read out 405, then 406, 407. Seeming to jump up 2 pounds every second. "Oh no... no this is too much!” 

I turned and made my way out the door, turning sideways but feeling my butt and gut scrape the door frame as I waddle to the computer room. I turn the corner, just in time to let the webcam catch my boxers burst from my body and expose every inch of my expanding bulk to Bazz. I covered as best as I could as I waddle to the computer chair. I sit down only to feel the arms biting into my sides. I'm getting enormous... Bazz is laughing "Looking good big boy. Really big boy...” I panted a little, winded from my short trip in this new body. My huge belly inching down over my thighs, covering any sensitive areas. "It's... it's not stopping” I gasp a little "I... I gotta be like 450 by now...”

I grasp the bulging gut and lift it slightly to feel it's heft, then rub my fat chest to see if the huge set of moobs I was sporting was real. "What's happening Bazz? Why am I still growing?!”

Bazz shrugged "Guess I should be honest. You're still growing cause the vial I sent you was actually meant to make you much bigger than 300 pounds. You know you like the idea of being a fat guy. I figured why stop at something slim like 300... that, and well, I never really told you in our RP's, but I prefer to make guys way bigger than that.” He was interrupted by a low loud groan, then a deafening crack as my computer chair collapsed, sending me tumbling backwards. The arms cracking off as I hit the ground. Some pictures fell off my wall as my 500 pound and growing body hit the rug, jiggling and shaking all over. I felt my swollen face turn red with embarrassment as I struggled to get back up. Bazz smiling a little. "Don't worry so much Nathan. You'll like being really big. You can sit around all day and stuff yourself, work from home. You already work from home, right? Not like you need to haul your massive self to the office and break their chairs too. Though I guess your compact car might not be big enough to haul you anywhere now.”
I get to my feet, feeling my whole body shaking and shifting. My gargantuan moobs making a fairly large bit of cleavage as I face the camera, sweating, panting. I was closing in on 600 pounds rapidly, my huge thighs pushing my stance apart, my belly almost to my knees. I glance down at my dimpled knuckles and fat stubby fingers, groaning. "H..how big am I going to be?” I managed to mutter. Bazz smiled again "700 is what I ordered.” He said.

I'll be honest. I felt a little thrill at the thought... that was double and 100 extra pounds on the biggest I ever wanted to be. I was a massive blob of a guy. I wasn't scared... I was even starting to get excited again. 700 pounds. Never in my life did I imagine I'd even see another person that size let alone become one. I feel my knees shake. I need to sit down and gather my nerves. The pounds slowing down, my expansion starting to settle. I grab some of the junk food still on my computer table and waddle to the couch, which groans under me like my chair did. I begin to eat brownies and scoop ice cream into my mouth, rubbing my huge gut with my free hand.

Bazz's microphone crackles one last time. "Looks like you warmed up to it already! I'll come over tomorrow and help you start getting adjusted to life as a blimp, big guy. I'll make sure to bring lots more food!” He said with a pleased tone as his webcam went dead and mic shut off. I sat back on the couch, massaging my expansive new body, thrilled by this new development, and went back to eating.

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