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Cliff - Part 2
That would mean you've gained over 30 pounds -- a pound a day! In the mirrors you discover it's only too true. The overhead and side mirrors show that your ass has really spread. Your cheeks look like two oversize moons -- an exaggerated bubble butt. Turning your attention to Cliff, you notice that he's enraptured by your new belly. He's standing at your side, tracing the pronounced bulge of your belly with his hand. "You're gonna be hot," he says, "real hot! You've responded really well to the special diet. In less than a week, your cut abs disappeared. In two weeks, you hand the beginnings of a bulge. And now. . ." He thumps your gut like a ripe melon. ". . .you're finally on your way. In fact, you've been such a good piglet that Daddy is gonna increase your rations. From now on, you reward will be a full half-bottle a day. That translates into a gain of about 2 pounds per day. And you're in luck. . . it feeding time!"
Cliff turns the stopcock that leads from the bottle to the tube down your throat. This done, he temporarily disappears from view around the swell of your ass. In another mirror, you see him remove the bonds from around your legs. He stands up, spreading your legs with his bulk. You lay helpless in your sling, your stomach already distending with the flow of food. Cliff reaches around your fat ass to stroke the swelling curve of your gut.
"Did you know that when you eat, I can feel you growing under my hands. It really turns me on!" He continues to caress your gut. As you swell, you can fell his cock stiffening and swelling against the inside of your thighs. You're so full it hurts more than you can bear. But you're also still hungry as the last bit of food flows down the tube. Hungry and in pain, there is something else. . .Cliff has gotten you really hot, playing with your nipples and belly. Your dick hangs stiff and hard, but bouncing up against your belly, as Cliff rocks the sling with his bulk. You can fell the heat of Cliff's gut against you. He moves one hand and begins to rub his very stiff dick against your crack. Finally, he penetrates, and between taking his dick and being overfed, you feel like a balloon -- ready to burst. Your new belly fells strange and sensitive, and it, too, has begun to bounce with the rhythm of Cliff's coming. Deep down you know you could really get to love this.
Finally you both come. . .hard and long. What with the drug in the food, the sex, and the warmth of Cliff inside you, you already begin to nod off. In this glow, you're afraid to think of how big you're going to grow when you give in to sleep. Before you fall gently asleep, Cliff withdraws, and still hard, moves in front of you. "I do that a lot, generally while you're eating. Too bad you're not normally awake to enjoy it." He wipes a stream of sweat running around the big swell of his gut. "Funny thing, though," he says as his hands return to caress his own paunch, "the fatter you get, the fatter I'm getting." Looking at him, you see it's true. He's really getting enormous. His erect dick is overwhelmed by his gut. "Clothes aren't much of a problem for somebody like you who doesn't get out much, but I'm growing out of mine. Even the leather!" He goes on to speculate that maybe its Freudian or something like that. The last thing you hear him saying is "But, on us, it looks good!"

"Daddy's boy is really getting to be quite a blimp!" you hear out of the darkness as you awaken. "But then, Daddy's not doing so bad himself." As your vision clears, you focus on Cliff. He is in the process of recording your measurements. He stands facing the board, his back to you. Even from behind, you can tell he's gained weight -- a lot of weight. Big fat love handles circle his midsection; you could hardly call it a waist. The two white globes of his ass are barely contained by a leather jock, partially buried in rolls of flesh. As he writes on the board, his body bounces and jiggles with every movement. Cliff turns. If you could gasp, you would.
His leather jock is almost hidden by his huge, hairy globe of a stomach. His chest, while still broad and thick, has grown and softened. His hairy pecs are becoming rounded breasts sitting atop his massive gut. Those big fat love handles ride his hips. Cliff laughs and strokes his gut with both hands. "Yeah, I know. You're the one who's supposed to be getting fat! But feeding you, watching you, playing with your gut. . .I can't seem to help myself. I get so fucking hungry!"
Cliff comes toward you. He stops directly in front of you, adjusting the hose that leads to your mouth. The warm swell of his hairy gut rubs against your face, blocking everything else from view. Cliff notices this and laughs again, "Like what you see, big guy? How'd you like to put your tongue against it. . .feel it under your hands. You know, that's what I do to you when you're asleep." Cliff grabs your head and buries your face in his enormous gut. Against your will, you feel yourself getting hard. At that moment, Cliff turns the valve and the fluid begins to pump down the tube and into your belly. You suddenly become aware of how hungry you are; how much you want to eat. The feeling of hunger is strong, the feeling of your belly expanding under the flow of fluid erotic and sexual.
One of Cliff's hands moves to your chest. Under his fingers, your pecs feel bigger, fuller. He flicks your erect nipple with his thumb. Cliff's hands drop to your belly. From your vantage point, you see his dick swell visibly. "Let's see how big you really are, fat boy." He reaches for a tape measure, then moves to your side. Your body shudders violently. You want to scream, "Come back here! Finish what you started! Feed me! Feel me!" But with the damn tube down your throat, all you can do is groan. For the first time, you see the board on which Cliff was writing your measurements:

Weight - 296
Neck - 18
Chest - 46
Waist - 
Hips - 42 
Thighs - 30 
Calves - 17 
Arms - 18 
% Body fat -24%

No. . .no. . .the chart has got to be wrong! This is some sort of joke. You feel the measuring tape circle your belly. Your first reaction is to suck in your gut. Cliff squats down next to you with a heavy sigh. After pausing to give your erect dick a painful squeeze (oh God, yes!), he pulls the tape taut. "Only 42 inches? No way, porky! Let's wait and see."
Your stomach muscles are already beginning to hurt from the strain of holding in your big gut against the flow of food pumping into your belly. In less than a minute, your muscles give out. Your stomach suddenly inflates to its full size. Cliff once again pulls the tape taut. You want to cry. Cliff lets out a long emphatic whistle. "That's more like it, porky. A nice, fat 48 inches." In the mirror, you can see it's true, too true. You're a blimp. Allowing for differences in height, your body is similar to Cliff's: swollen and fat.
You watch as Cliff struggles to his feet and waddles back to the blackboard, his buns in violent motion. You suddenly realize that your life as a body-builder is over and that you'll never loose the nearly 100 pounds he's put on you. And from the hunger you feel, even though your stomach is distended and full, you know you'd only gain it right back. There was only one way for you to go now, and it meant getting even bigger and fatter. From the way you are gaining, it shouldn't take long.
In the near-dark, you hear a voice: ". . .Damn your sweet-goddamn-sonofabitch'n fat ass!!!" You come awake with a start, in pain. Your legs feel like the wishbone of the Thanksgiving turkey. You gurgle a scream of pain through the tube (tubes!!!) leading down your throat. From the space between your spread legs Cliff groans again, "Damn!" You feel the palms of Cliff's hands tracing circles on your meaty butt. The head of Cliff's cock nudges against your asshole; the fat pole of his cock is almost unbearably hot, buried in the crack of your fat ass. His big thighs press painfully against yours.
"Go ahead, FUCK ME, dammit!" you gurgle to yourself, hoping Cliff will hear. By now, you've come to realize that being fucked means being fed. . .and you're SO hungry. "FEED ME!"
Cliff holds you tightly. You feel his weight on you. The sling creaks under your combined weight. Instead of pushing in, though, Cliff withdraws. As he steps back, the pain in your thighs goes away. Simultaneously, your stomach rumbles loudly. (Disappointment?) From behind, you hear the familiar voice.
"Sounds like someone wants to be fed," Cliff laughs. "Don't worry, fat boy, dinner's on its way." The nickname doesn't bother you like it did before. You know it's true. Cliff reaches from behind to turn the stopcock that starts the flow of food down the two tubes into your belly. In the dark, you hear the scrape of a stool being dragged across the floor. . .the click of a switch.
Blinding light. As your belly begins to swell with the flow of food, your vision clears. Cliff sits naked on a stool two feet from your face.
He's huge. No wonder you were in such pain. His gut is absolutely enormously gigantically round, like a fantastically over inflated beach ball, covered in dark hair. He sits open legged to give it room. Beneath the bulging gut, you can barely see the head of his cock, swollen and red. Christ! His gut nearly covers a nine inch dick! His ass has spread enough to completely cover the seat of the stool. Above his gut, his muscular pecs have become full, fat breasts. His nipples swell large and dark through the hair. Still handsome, his face is nicely rounded, framed in thick fat jowls. You feel your dick stir against your gut.
"Yeah, I know. Daddy's become a real hog." As he talks, his hand moves to caress the lower part of his fat belly. With the other hand, he cups a pec. "Do you believe these used to be so tight I could make them bounce? Now, they bounce whether I want them to or not!" As he plays with himself, you can see the head of his dick twitching below his gut. He gazes down at his belly with a wistful look on his face. "Congratulate me. Today I passed 370 pounds."
At this, you feel your now-erect dick slap against your gut.
"I'm gonna stop, really I am," Cliff says, not too convincingly. "I've got to! I'm too fat to go to the gym any more  Nothing fits. You ought to see me in the leather." You only wish you could. (Umph! By now you're beginning to feel more than a little full. Your belly is straining against the sling. . .but the food keeps coming.) As he talks, Cliff's hand has reached around and under the curve of his belly to stroke his dick up against the underpart of his fat gut.
"But see. . .I just can't seem to stop eating. You know, it's like being a heifer in a feed lot. . .I just have to eat! At first, I just wanted to gain a few pounds. Watching your grow, seeing you fill out. . .it was too much. I couldn't help myself. I had to do it.
"I started taking the stuff I've got you on. Started taking just a little at first: a glass a day. I wanted to bulk up a little. I thought I'd stop around 250 pounds. But one glass became two, two became three. . .three became a pitcher  It went on from there. 250 grew to be 270; 270 became 295. . .by the time I reached 300, I was hooked." Cliff hoists himself to his feet, continuing to talk. Beneath his beachball belly, his dick is every bit as big as you remember it. "Okay, porky, enough food."
Cliff closes the stopcock. NO! you think. I"M NOT THROUGH!
Cliff gently pulls the tubes from your throat. He spreads his legs for balance and leans back slightly. "Open up, fat boy." He stuffs his swollen dick in your mouth. Your throat begins a sucking motion, almost out of habit. You think to yourself, "Maybe if I do this right, if I do it well enough, he'll give me more food. Maybe he won't cut me off again." You can barely breathe; your face is buried in the moist hair of Cliff's swollen gut. Eventually Cliff cums. As he withdraws, you look up, expectantly.
Cliff has your tubes down his throat!
For the first time in months, you can speak. You hear yourself scream, "NO! IT'S MINE! GIVE IT TO ME! FEED ME! PLEASE FEED ME! PLEASE!!"
Cliff replaces the tubes in your mouth. He's calmer now, more relaxed. Cheerful, even.
"Alright, son. Eat. Eat all you want. Get big and fat for Daddy." He moves to your side, stroking your tits, tracing the swell of your enormous belly. He continues, "You know, you're quite a heifer yourself, son. . .prime fucking material. Only one problem: between the bull and the heifer, we've both gotten too fat to fuck. Your damn buns are the size of beachballs. I can't reach your hole any more " Cliff's enormous paunch doesn't help matters, you think to yourself. Cliff continues to stroke and fondle you. By now, your belly is grossly distended and rock hard. Cliff must have noticed, as he pats your gut. Each pat is answered with a loud "THUMP". You notice Cliff's dick is getting hard again. Cliff lays down beside you, face up, fondling your tits. Beneath you, he brings your nipples to erection, and then slips one hand between your meaty fat thighs. He brings his hand into the crack of your ass and begins to fondle your anus. Beneath you, he tongues the curve of your belly, occasionally tonguing the head of your throbbing dick. The food continues to pour into your belly.
You know you're a blimp. A heifer in a feed lot, living to eat. You also know that you're happier than you've ever been. This is what you were meant to be. You feel enormous, and the mirrors which surround you confirm the feeling. Still handsome, your face, like Cliff's, has rounded, fattened. Your chin has multiplied, your neck thickened with rolls of fat. As you admire yourself in the mirrors, you notice that Cliff is going to have to put you in a larger sling soon; you've almost eaten your way out of this one. It hugs you like a girdle and interferes with your eating.
You feel yourself on the verge of cumming. Your gut is so swollen that Cliff is having trouble manoeuvring under your bulk. Before his throat closes on your dick, before his fingers enter your ass, he remembers something.
"I almost forgot. Look at the board, fat boy. Congratulations are in order for you, too!" Your anus closes around a meaty finger.

Weight - 495
Neck - 22
Chest - 68
Waist - 84 
Hips - 60 
Thighs - 44 
Calves - 28 
Arms - 23 
% Bodyfat -68%

You cum. Hugely.

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