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Compound G-176
Early morning sun highlighted the yellow house in the middle of Ash Street, falling on the white shutters and green grass in the front yard. A small front walk led up the wooden stairs to the front door and a wicker chair was placed nearby. Placing the notice on the seat of the chair, a young man in a black suit returned from the front porch of the yellow house and continued on his way. Stopping at each house to place a similar disclaimer, the man was mechanical in the routine of placing these packets at these exact houses. Lobby groups for Hampton Biomedical Limited had failed to prevent government regulation in notifying the public near their plants, but they had succeeded in limiting the amount of information required. 

Whenever a new product or drug was being tested with the possibility of environmental contamination, the public was to be informed via paper that such testing was being done. The loophole lay in that it was unnecessary to divulge what was being tested, what it may do, and how to contact Hampton Bio. Hence, the young intern was making the rounds in the neighborhoods that immediately surrounded Hampton Biomedical’s Agriculture facility, mostly restored Victorian houses with large numbers of college students who would pay no attention to a disclaimer with heavy legal vocabulary. Hampton Bio had chosen to build this facility near the town’s college specifically for this reason. Less investigation. 

Opening the front door of the yellow house, Todd stumbled for the Saturday newspaper, squinting in the bright sunlight of the early morning. Walking shirtless in his blue pajama bottoms, he scratched his head as he tried to shake off the hangover already pounding. His dark tan showcased the solid muscle he had built in his 20s and having relaxed a little in his early thirties, there was a thin layer of chub beginning to show. The extra weight was barely noticeable and Todd often passed for the same age as the housemates he had living with him. 

His youthful good looks paired with a charming smile had basically gotten him everything he needed in life. Working at the nearby law firm, Todd was already partner at 32. His weeks were filled with important clients during the week and parties with his younger college housemate and his friends on the weekends. Last night had been a massive celebration event and Todd laughed to himself as he remembered his Tequila shot contest with Bryan. 

Bryan was Todd’s housemate, a senior at the nearby college and a ridiculous flirt with anyone who would listen to him talk, which was anyone who saw him. 6’2’’ and an even more disarming smile than Todd; Bryan was the handsome goofy type that everyone wanted to be friends with. Todd had rented a room to Bryan at the behest of a senior partner at his law firm. Bryan’s father was a fraternity brother of the partner and Bryan needed housing. Todd was apprehensive at first to share his large house but after spending a few days with the handsome college student, he was sold. Bryan was made of the same material as Todd. Funny and eclectic, Bryan was utterly charming. He would lope into a room, already grinning his wide smirk, and have everyone giggling within minutes. 

An accomplished track athlete at the college, Bryan’s long limbs were tan from running outside and leanly muscled from the constant exercise. With track season at its close and Bryan placing third in the nation for the 3 mile, Todd had thrown him a massive party to celebrate his accomplishment and usher him into a well deserved period of rest. Track was now in Bryan’s past as an athlete, having told himself that his senior year in college would end his career. The party last night capped that off, with Bryan drinking far more than he should in celebration and dragging Todd along with him. 

Todd picked up the paper and headed back for the front door, noticing the disclaimer on the wicker chair. He picked it up nonchalantly, stuffing it into the paper. Disclaimers from Hampton Biomedical were a weekly occurrence and rarely afforded interest. Closing the door behind him, he headed into the living room, where he glanced at Bryan sprawled on the brown leather couch. His long legs were dangling off the side and eyes were shut tightly against the invading sun from the large bay windows. Bryan’s eyes were Todd’s favorite feature, dark and light green, they lit up in concert with Bryan’s smile. Pulling the roman shades to darken the room, Todd leaned over to kiss Bryan’s forehead. Not opening his eyes, Bryan murmured "Morning handsome”, his voice soft and thick with sleep. They had been sleeping together now for six months. 

Laying the newspaper on a nearby table, Todd headed into the kitchen and began to make omelettes for himself and his boy. Omelettes and orange juice frequently cured hangovers and Todd was definitely in need of a cure. Glancing back at the sleeping Bryan, Todd smiled and threw mushrooms into the cooking egg. Life was decidedly good. 


One Month Later. 

Late for class, Bryan scrambled to gather his books, tripping over the video games and sweaters littering the floor of his bedroom. Clad only in boxers, he pulled a green t-shirt over his head and snatched his jeans off his desk chair. Pulling them up, he sucked in air, the top button closing as his belly pulled into his body. Flinching as he released, he grabbed his backpack and ran down the stairs, out the door, and hopped onto his bike. Pedaling like a madman, Bryan sped off for class. 

Bryan’s thicker middle had shown up as a mystery to both Bryan and Todd. Biking to class and continuing to run in the mornings out of habit, Bryan was the picture of fitness. However, over the last month, his waist had gone from 31 inches to a 33, which Todd had verified with measuring tape. His tan abs were faded around the edges and a small roll of fat had developed under his belly button. Stepping on Todd’s bathroom scale, Bryan noticed with a little surprise that his weight, previously 178, had climbed to 186. Patting his belly, Todd grabbed his boyfriend around the waist and pulled him close. Bryan’s small belly pushed into Todd’s as they kissed. 

The same effect had happened to Todd, whose weight had notched up 6 pounds from his previous 175 to 181. 4 inches shorter than Bryan, weight showed slightly more on Todd, his belly now slightly rounded. Both men now sported small bellies and their muscled frames were filling out their clothes. Vowing to cut back on pastries, the two had made little note of the weight increase and went about their business. Bryan to school, Todd to work. It was the day that Bryan was late for school and sped off on his bike that Todd was given the first hint as to why their weight had slightly increased. 

At a luncheon that day with prominent men from the town, Todd sat at a table with several other lawyers, one of whom included Anderson Garret, the leading attorney for Hampton Biomedical. Over a lunch of Thai shrimp and pad noodles, Todd listened with feigned interest as Anderson urged him to invest more stock options in Hampton Bio. 

"You can’t lose Todd,” Anderson urged, a small noodle hanging out of his mouth. "This new product is going to hit the market in two years, once they finish the clinical trials. Hampton’s stock price will skyrocket once it does and you’ll be kissing my ass for giving you this tip.” 

Sighing and rolling his eyes, Todd took the bait. "What’s the product, Garret?” Anderson Garret was famous for giving stock tips concerning Hampton Biomedical, the majority of which never panned out. He was a shameless self-promoter and felt that if the company he represented sounded good, he sounded good. Slurping the remainder of his noodles, Garret leaned in confidentially. 

"It’s an enzyme based drug that will physically alter a human’s DNA. The government has poured funding into the project, optioning that control of this drug will provide the owner with massive influence internationally. Basically, this is a cure for world hunger.” Anderson leaned back, looking pleased with himself as if he had told Todd that he, Anderson, had personally slept with all the women in world. 

"How? How can you cure world hunger by altering DNA?” Todd asked, looking at his watch and wanting the luncheon to end. Bryan would be home from class in 2 hours and if Todd hurried through the briefs on his desk, he could be home to greet his boy. 

"Not sure exactly, they don’t tell us lawyers everything, as I’m sure you know. But from what I gather, it slows the metabolism permanently. Any food taken in, like a slice of bread, will basically function as if it were an entire loaf. We’ll be able to feed an entire village with four tuna sandwiches.” 

Rolling his eyes again, Todd smiled casually and told Anderson goodbye. Shaking hands with the rest of his table, Todd buttoned his suit jacket and left the room, signaling the valet at the front door to get his car. Absentmindedly rubbing his stomach, Todd noticed that his jacket had gotten a little snugger since he last wore it. "Tailor over the weekend” he mentally noted and tipping the valet, got into his car and sped off to work. 


Two Months Later. 

Sitting in the hot tub drinking a Newcastle beer, Bryan leaned his head back and got his dark hair wet. Having graduated that afternoon, he felt all the tension leave his body as he sank into the hot water, acknowledging that the world lay ahead of him. His parents, housed at a nearby hotel, had given him a new BMW for graduation and Todd had bought him a gorgeous suit for the interviews Bryan would soon be engaging in. Looking at the stars, Bryan thought about earlier that evening, when trying on the suit for Todd, Bryan had complained that Todd had bought pants in a 36 waist. 

"I’m not that fat Todd” Bryan protested, pulling the pants up and snapping them closed. They fit perfectly. Todd laughed and came over to kiss his boyfriend. Bryan’s weight and waist had increased more, notching up fifteen more pounds in the last two months. Bryan’s tan belly was more pronounced and his cheekbones a little rounder. A soft layer of fat pushed out from under his belly button and lovehandles had started to develop. Running a hand softly across the belly that pushed out over the suit slacks, Todd acknowledged to himself how much he secretly enjoyed the thicker Bryan. He had always loved thick jock body types, including the frequent belly that those types had. Bryan, as handsome as he was in his own body type of a lean runner, had stolen Bryan’s heart and had made him forget how much he loved a thicker boy. Now that Bryan was fattening up a little, Todd had access to everything he ever wanted. A soul mate and a chubby one at that. 

This is not to say that Todd hadn’t thickened up himself. Raising his head in the hot tub, Bryan watched as Todd closed the back door of their house behind him, carrying chocolate dipped strawberries on a white plate. As Todd walked towards Bryan, Bryan looked at the belly that bounced with every step Todd took. A pronounced potbelly now pushed over the waistband of Todd’s swimsuit, round and slightly soft looking. All his thick muscles looked beefier now and there was a slight roundness to his cheeks that matched the roundness in Bryan’s face. Settling into the hot tub, Todd put a strawberry into his mouth and leaned over to Bryan. Their lips meeting, Bryan pulled the chocolate covered strawberry out of Todd’s mouth, ending in a hard kiss, as they both tasted the chocolate between them. 

Leaning back and eating the strawberry, Bryan brought up the subject of their mutually increased girth. 

"Todd, you have to admit that something is going on here with our weight. I know you like it and honestly, I’m pretty into it as well but something’s not quite right. We haven’t changed eating styles and I still run pretty much near the same amount I did when I was training. Why then, am I suddenly too fat for my workout shorts and you had to buy all new suits?” 

Looking at his lover, Todd weighed his options. He could keep what he had discovered last week a secret and surprise Bryan or he could tell him everything he had found out. Pausing before deciding, Todd reviewed his discovery. Ducking out of work early, Todd began the drive to Hampton Biomedical, having scheduled a tour with Anderson Garret. He had watched with growing interest, pun intended, Bryan’s widening waistline as well as his own. Scouring through their recycling bin of newspapers, he had found the Hampton disclaimer he remembered placing in the paper. Reading about the new drug Compound G-176, he immediately called Anderson. Now, he would find out exactly what was going on. 

Touring the halls of Hampton Biomedical, Todd was unimpressed with the gray walls and simple aesthetics of the building. Men in white coats moved slowly from room to room and nothing of obvious importance seemed to be happening. 

"Okay be quiet when we go in this room and act like you belong there. There are actual human trials going on right now for Compound G-176.” Anderson ushered Todd into the last lab in the hall and Todd’s attitude changed immediately. Five men were standing in a line; progressively stepping up on a scale while a lab technician took their measurements. Each of the men was thick, more than thick. Prominent bellies pushed out from the front of the men, while their backs held thick love handles and wide asses. Wordlessly handed a lab manual, Todd noticed with a growing erection the progression of these men in photographs. 

These five men had started the trials as very thin men. Not even thin, almost anorexic looking. Over the span of six months, they had gone from anorexic to fat. They weren’t obese looking exactly yet but it was obvious they would be if they added another 10-20 pounds. Eagerly reading the lab write up contained in the manual, it seemed that the men were administered a very small amount of Compound G-176 daily, through a dilution in a glass of water. This slowed their metabolism to the point where two meals a day would put on an average of 4 pounds a week. They would maintain weight if they only ate one meal a day. 

"This is amazing” Todd uttered, looking up at a grinning Anderson. 

"Isn’t it? It’s going to solve a lot of the world’s problems and I hope to god you take my stock tip now. Hunger is going to be a thing of the past.” 

"Obviously” Todd said, looking at the round fat bellies of the men near the scale. It was then that Todd remembered his own small belly, pushing out slightly from his Zegna slacks. "Anderson, has their been any release of this substance to the public?” 

Anderson’s brow furrowed a little and he moved closer to Todd, confidentially leaning in. "There was some contamination of water” Anderson whispered. "When this project first began, they tested it in livestock. The compound was put into their water troughs and unbeknownst to the company, the water troughs were connected to a local neighborhood’s water supply. The problem has been taken care of but I wouldn’t be surprised if the people living in that neighbor had put on a few pounds as a results. They shouldn’t be gaining any more weight from now on but it was a problem the company had to address.” 

Todd silently made several connections in his mind. One, Bryan and his’ weight gain was due to tap water they routinely drank after working out. Two, they would not gain any more weight since the problem was solved. Three, he was too turned on by the idea of a fattening Bryan to stop. He began to probe for an answer to his question of how to keep Bryan gaining. "That water problem is disconcerting. What happens if someone drinks Compound G-176 when its not diluted?” Anderson thought for a moment and then answered. 

"Well they actually tested that. Basically, one vial of the compound when taken directly results in a 24-hour period where whatever the person eats results in direct transfusion to body fat. If a person who has taken the compound eats a hamburger, that hamburger will show up in direct size on their gut. Dangerous result because if a person eats three normal meals, they end up with a beach ball sized belly. It’s disturbing to watch occur. They ran that test in here and it literally looked like the person was growing before your eyes. A man ate half a pizza after having the compound. An hour later, his belly just started growing fatter and the transfer from food to happen fully occurred.” 

The intense erection Todd felt between his legs pushed him to realize that he had to get a vial of the substance and use it on Bryan. Luck was with him, for as the two men turned to leave the room, one of the five men being weighed went into a coughing fit, a victim of the recent flu that was going around. Everyone’s eyes turned towards him and in this moment, Todd deftly took one of the clear liquid vials from a nearby table, the label neatly reading "Compound G-176: Undiluted”. 


The steam off the hot tub was rising in the cool night air and Bryan was savoring the flavor of the strawberry in his mouth. He looked across the tub at Todd, waiting for an answer to his question. 

"So Todd, c’mon. Any idea why we’re gaining weight?” Bryan asked, clearing his throat as he swallowed the strawberry. Todd looked at Bryan and Bryan realized again in that moment how much he loved the man across from him, chubbier as he was. 

"I have a question Bryan.” Todd asked, his voice quiet and his eyes intently on the huskier form of his lover. "Do you hate the extra weight on either of us? Does it bother you to be heavy?” 

Bryan thought for a moment, began to answer one way, and then let his true feelings be known. "I love it Todd. I love your thicker love handles and the feeling of your belly pushing against mine when we shower. I love watching you walk, with your belly bouncing and pushing against your dress shirt as you dress in the morning. I love you. A thicker and fatter you is just more to love.” 

Sliding across to his boy, Todd ran a hand across Bryan’s belly, a huge smile creasing his face. "And do you know how much I love your belly?” he asked Bryan, kissing him hard and feeling himself grow insanely hard in his swimsuit. Bryan murmured, "Yes” and pushed into Todd’s kiss. 

"Will you get fatter for me, fat boy?” Todd asked softly, pulling on Bryan’s lower lip with his teeth. Bryan nodded, closing his eyes and feeling Todd’s strong hand kneading his small belly. He was surprised when Todd stood and started getting out of the hot tub. 

"Where are you going babe?” Bryan asked, watching Todd head inside. 

"Be right back handsome” Todd responded, going through the French doors into the kitchen. Inside, he poured two glasses of champagne into flutes and then topped them both off with half a vial of the Compound G-176 he had kept hidden in one of the cupboards. Rejoining Bryan in the hot tub, he knew things would be different from now on. They were both about to get a lot fatter in the next 24 hours. Toasting to their love, they downed the champagne and made love in the hot tub. They fell asleep naked in their bed that night, Todd knowing that the following day, everything they ate would show in their waistlines and bellies, fatter and thicker. 


The Next Day. 

Bryan woke up with the sun shining on his face, his legs tangled in the cotton sheets of their bed. He stretched and yawned, his long legs and arms reaching off the bed at their full extension. Lifting his head, he could smell Todd down in the kitchen, making breakfast. Standing up, he stumbled down the stairs, still slightly asleep, his small belly bouncing a little to the staccato of the steps. Todd was in the kitchen, shirtless and wearing his blue pajama bottoms. Sliding up behind him, Bryan let his small belly relax into Todd’s back, his hands caressing the soft fat at the bottom of Todd’s belly. Todd was had three skillets going, potatoes in one, bacon and sausage in the second, and omelettes in the third. Hearing a small "ding”, Todd bent over and pulled a platter of cinnamon rolls out of the oven. Bryan stepped back and laughed. 

"So I guess I should take your request for me to get fatter seriously huh?” Bryan said, grinning as Todd began plating the food and setting it at their kitchen table. Todd grinned wickedly, knowing how quickly that request would be fulfilled. 

"Yes handsome, I want you big. Sit down and eat like my fat boy” Todd said, patting Bryan’s butt as he passed. Bryan sat down and started eating, pushing a cinnamon roll fully into his mouth. Todd sat down across from and began eating as well, knowing what would happen to each bite. Together, they ate all the food, their bellies swollen with the effort. Platters littered the kitchen table, remains of food scarce to be found. Standing, his tan belly pushed out in a small round ball, Bryan came over and kissed Todd. Todd smiled up at his handsome lover, knowing that in less than an hour’s time, he would begin to grow. 

"I’m going to go take a shower Todd,” Bryan said, starting up the stairs back to their bedroom. "I’ll be down in a bit to go for my run.” Todd began clearing the table, mentally noting the time and hoping Bryan would go for one of his shorter runs so that he would be back in time to see the growth. His erection already harder than he thought possible, Todd started putting the dishes into the dishwasher. 


His shoes laced, his skin clean and hair styled, Bryan started his casual lope that he began every run with. His shoes hit the pavement and a light breeze hit his face. Running up the street and into the nearby college campus, Bryan enjoyed the rolling nature of the small streets, the green hills surrounding him and the bright Sunday sun hitting his shoulders. His white tank top was snug across his small belly and it bounced a bit with each step he took. Minutes flew by as Bryan hit his pace, his time much slower than months before during season, but for all the weight he had put on, Bryan was still a great athlete. 

Sweat now made his hair wet and the sun was higher in the sky. A half mile from his house and his pace slowing slightly, Bryan felt suddenly felt a slight push in his belly. It was as if he had suddenly eaten a double cheeseburger. He felt heavier there and his belly suddenly had slightly more bounce to it. It gave him a stomach ache and he stopped at the next street corner he came to, a block from his house. Stretching his arms above him, he paused to catch his breath and to give the ache time to go away. It didn’t. It seemed to get larger and he felt more pressure on this stomach. Running a hand on his belly, he yelped. 

His belly had begun to grow out, pushing his tank top up to ride the swelling mass. His tan belly was growing slowly but he could feel it growing. Soft chub began to accumulate below his belly button, which was already sinking deeply. He pushed his index finger into his belly button and was shocked when it sunk 3/4th the way in. Holding it there, he noticed with a growing erection that his finger slowly disappeared, until his index finger was completely submerged in the soft fat of his expanding belly. He felt his ass growing against the soft fabric of his workout shorts and his love handles push over the sides. His thick pecs grew as well, softer but still muscled, now resting on the belly that jutted out over his workout shorts, his tank top now completely riding the top of it. If he had measured it right then, his gut would have been 56 inches, his waist now a thick 40 inches. His cheeks fattened and rounded, while his thighs and calves swelled with a thicker bulk. As the growing sensation stopped and the ache in his stomach ceased, Bryan looked down in shock at the gut that now obscured his large size 12 feet. He had to show Todd immediately. Jogging again towards home, he was completely thrown off by how much his new beach ball sized belly bounced as he ran, his pecs atop it, and his large ass from behind. Lumbering up their steps, Bryan opened the door and heard the shower going upstairs. 

Reaching the top of the stairs, Bryan entered the bathroom and his eyes opened wide in surprise. In the shower was Todd, who had grown as well. A thick soft tire of fat now encircled his waist and his belly pushed out up against the shower glass. Todd’s thick muscles were encased in a layer of chub, making the handsome man look like a linebacker who enjoyed several buffet trips. His handsome face was softer and rounder, his legs the thickest Bryan had seen on anyone. Bryan opened the shower door and pushed his fat soft belly up against his husky lover. 

"You did this, didn’t you?” Bryan asked, feeling his dick pushing against the soft underbelly of Todd and himself. Todd was all smiles, looking at the expanded girth of his once lean boyfriend. Bryan’s belly was ponderous and his tan body now resembled something Samoan. Pushing Todd against the shower wall with his bulk, the water running over their fat thick bodies, Bryan kissed Todd. They began to make love and the sensation was entirely new, the hulk and softness of their bellies pushing against each other to create ecstasy. It was with a wicked grin that Todd toweled off and prodded Bryan downstairs. 

He wanted to get lunch started as soon as possible.

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