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Corey’s Surprise
Corey scanned the club. It was a busy Saturday night and the place was heaving. The music was pumping and the dance floor a seething mass of gyrating, drink and drug fuelled bodies. Corey was good-looking. In fact he was more than good looking – he was gorgeous. Slightly taller than average, his shoulder length black hair framed his chiselled features and his piercing green eyes sought out his next fuck. This was a dude that spent a lot of time in the gym and his short-sleeved, electric blue shirt clung tightly to his body. It was unbuttoned low showing his rock-hard pecs with a silver pendant nestled in between. The sleeves on his shirt were taut around his enormous guns, showing off a Japanese sleeve tattoo on his right arm and his skin-tight black jeans accentuated his pert butt, muscled legs and the ample bulge of his 8 inch dick. He was used to attention and there was no shortage of men looking to make eye contact. Then something caught his eye. Sitting right at the back of the club in a dimly lit alcove he noticed a guy staring at him intently. It was too dark to make him out clearly and he was partially obscured by the swirling bodies on the dance floor but something about him peaked Corey’s interest. His eyes seemed to draw Corey in and he found himself picking up his beer and weaving his way across the dance floor to the alcove. When he had eventually made his way through the crowd and found himself opposite the alcove he was more than a little surprised with what confronted him and was about to walk past pretending that he was just trying to find a better spot to check out the guys on dancefloor when the man opened his mouth. “Hello stud! Come on over and sit next to me”.

“Errr, that’s OK” stammered Corey, “I’m just trying to find a bit of space to have my beer”.

“Oh, there’s plenty of room right here” said the man, patting the empty spot in the alcove next to him. “Come on in and sit down.”

“Uh, OK” said Corey reluctantly “Just till I finish my beer.” What the fuck he thought to himself. Am I actually going to sit next to this dude? But there was something mesmerizing about the guy and he found himself sitting down.

“I hope there’s enough room for you” the man said smiling, “I seem to be taking up rather a large amount of space. Name’s Lance by the way – glad to meet you”.

“Hi Lance, I’m Corey” he said as he sat down. Fuck, did I just give him my name? What the hell am I doing thought Corey to himself.

As he sat down he got the full measure of the man. It was difficult to tell how tall he was, probably about the same height as Corey, but his body couldn’t have been more different. He was morbidly obese – somewhere between 350 and 400lbs. His arms rested on his huge belly which seemed to sag between his legs pushing them out sideways. He had a short beard which failed to cover his double chin and his bald head glinted softly in the low light of the club. His trousers, stretched tight across his massive thighs were held up by braces and the buttons on his white shirt strained to contain his enormous belly. His eyes seemed to bore into Corey who found himself captivated with the corpulence of the man. Corey took a gulp of his beer trying to finish it quickly so he could make his excuses and move on.

“Let me get you another beer” Lance said as Corey drained the bottle.

“Err no thanks” said Corey

“Oh nonsense” said Lance as a waiter appeared through the crowd holding a bottle of beer “Drink up, we’re just getting to know each other!”

Shit, thought Corey. He felt utterly conflicted. There was something about Lance that was drawing him in but he was utterly repulsed by the size of the man. “Ok” replied Corey “Just the one though”.

“Oh, that’s all you’ll need - drink up.” said Lance cryptically.

Corey took a swig of beer and looked over at Lance quizzically. How does anyone let themselves get so large he wondered? He prided himself on his gym routine and how his body was sculpted and honed to perfection. He rested his hand on his stomach, feeling the ridges of his six pack through his shirt whilst staring fixatedly at Lance’s enormous gut. Corey was at a loss of what to say and took another swig of his beer. It tasted a little sweeter than normal and he took another drink to confirm that he was right. It certainly tasted different but really good at the same time and he found himself downing the rest of the bottle. Fuck, what just happened, he thought to himself looking at the empty bottle. Lance was saying something, but Corey couldn’t really make out the words. He looked across at Lance who seemed to be smirking in a rather sinister way. Holy shit, thought Corey, the cunt has spiked my drink.

“What have you put in my drink you bastard?” Corey asked Lance. As he spoke he felt an overwhelming desire to take a piss.

“Put in your drink?” said Lance “I haven’t been anywhere near your drink. Are you feeling a little bloated? Best go and relieve yourself then.”

The desire to pee was becoming overwhelming and Corey was indeed feeling a bit bloated. Shit, he thought, what is happening? A couple of beers shouldn’t make me this gassy. “I’ll be back you fucking creep!” Corey hissed, letting out a large belch as he stood up to go to the restroom. Luckily the restroom wasn’t too far from the alcove and he pushed his way across the side of the dance floor as quickly as he could. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled out his dick and proceeded to relieve himself. He let out a sigh of relief as the urgency passed. He put his cock back into his jocks and started to button up his jeans. Suddenly, and without warning, his stomach cramped violently and he doubled over in pain clutching his tummy. The pain passed and he stood up, stretching his back as he walked over to the washbasin. He looked at himself in the mirror. Fuck, I look rough he thought surveying his dishevelled hair and face which seemed to have drained of all colour. He washed his hands and then ran them through his hair to straighten it when his stomach began to cramp again. That motherfucker is so gonna wish he hadn’t picked on me thought Corey feeling his anger rising despite the pain emanating from his stomach. As the pain subsided Corey noticed that his shirt was feeling a little tight and there was a little bulge where his normally flat stomach should have been.

“What the fuck?!” he exclaimed out loud, lifting his shirt. Where, not 5 minutes earlier, he had sported a washboard set of abs, he now had a small rounded pot belly. “Holy shit” he muttered and pulled the shirt back down over his belly, trying to breathe in to make it smaller. He was starting to get really angry now. That fucking arsehole is so going to regret messing with me he thought as he made to leave the restroom. He’s going to get a piece of my mind and a bit more Corey thought as he fought to contain his rage. Before he made it to the door though, he felt his stomach go into spasm again. “Fuck, that hurts” he shouted with pain. The buttons on his shirt were straining and as his gut grew, ovals of pink flesh appeared between them. Shit, what is happening to me panicked Corey pushing on his stomach trying to make it stop growing. There was a ping as one of the buttons on his shirt flew off and struck the door. He rushed back to the mirror to observe what was happening. No longer did he just have a small pot belly, he now had a fully-fledged beer gut that was suddenly in full display as the placket of his shirt ripped completely open.

Oh no he thought with rising fear, this was not something that could be worked off at the gym with a few extra crunches. And it wasn’t stopping there. But now it wasn’t just his gut that seemed to be growing. The sleeves on his shirt, which had already been tight around his rock solid biceps, started to pinch his arms unbearably and he looked on in horror as his once firm arms started to fatten and lose all tone. His pecs were turning into soft, fleshy man boobs that rested on the top of his ever-expanding gut. He pulled off what was left of his shirt looking with increasing dismay at his enormous belly, taut and covered with angry red stretch marks. It was now so big that it had started to sag over the belt of his jeans causing him to lose his balance and stumble towards the mirror. There was a tightening in his groin as his butt began to fill out stretching his jeans tight across his dick. His muscled legs grew a layer of fat as he struggled to take his shoes off before pulling down his jeans before they ripped too. The upside was that he now had a counterbalance to his gigantic gut. He looked at himself in the mirror, not recognizing what he saw. From a solid, muscled 180lbs he looked to have gained about 200lbs. He felt a tingling sensation around his cock as his jocks started to tighten even more and knew that he needed to get them off as quickly as possible. He ripped them off and pulled his stomach up to inspect his dick. He let out a yelp of dismay as he saw that his cock was now almost completely encased in a fleshy fat pad as the weight had distributed itself southwards. His cock looked to be about 2 inches long, 3 at the most. He almost wanted to cry. He looked up into the mirror again and let out another groan of despair. His once chiselled features were now lost under a thick layer of fat and his firm jawline was completely obscured by his fleshy double chin. He brought his hand up to his face and pushed his cheeks with his finger. He then noticed a bit of scalp shining through his hair. Oh no, not that as well he thought with mounting panic. He reached his hand up to his hair, running it through as had done earlier to smooth it down. He let out an audible gasp as a handful of hair came away. “No, not my hair too” he wailed as it came out in large clumps leaving him completely bald with just a few wispy hairs at the sides and back.

He heard the door opening behind him and looked around for a place to hide himself. He couldn’t let anyone see himself looking like this. Even though he was completely naked, from the front no one would know because his gut hung so low that it completely hid his cock. He tried to squeeze into a cubicle but before he could pull the door closed a guy entered. Corey didn’t recognise him at first but then their eyes met and he let out a gasp. It was Lance – but not the Lance he’d left in the alcove. No, this Lance was gorgeous. Just the type of guy that Corey would have looked to pull for a fuck earlier in the evening. He was fit. Lean, with broad shoulders, a six pack and a nicely toned body with firm muscles that were well defined but not over pumped. In fact it appeared that while Corey had fattened up to acquire Lance’s former body, Lance had slimmed down dramatically into Corey’s old body.

Corey bristled with rage. “What the fuck have you done to me you slimy fuckwit” he shouted.

“Oh, you didn’t look like you were having much fun in your body so I thought I’d lend you mine” said Lance. “You’ll learn to love it!!”

A flicker of hope went through Corey’s mind. “Lend me your body?” he questioned “Does that mean you’ll give mine back to me?”

“Ooops! Unfortunate choice of words. No sorry, you don’t get it back. But you do get something! I thought that you might need these.” said Lance dropping his old clothes on the floor.

It was then that Corey noticed that Lance was wearing different clothes to those that he was wearing earlier. He was wearing a slim fitted shirt that showed off his muscled upper body to perfection. Only this time the buttons were straining slightly where the shirt wrapped around his firm, rounded pecs rather than over his formerly huge belly.

“See you around loser” said Lance as he turned around and abruptly left the restroom “Or maybe that should be gainer!!” He was laughing as he pulled the door closed behind him.

Corey hesitated a few seconds before waddling over to grab the clothes. He had to wear something – leaving the club naked would certainly draw a lot of attention. He pulled on the loose boxers and then slipped his arms into the sleeves of the shirt. He started to button it up feeling very odd as he struggled to do the buttons up over his massive belly. He then pulled the pants up over his gut giving him a rounded look slipping the braces up and over his flabby shoulders. He reached down to do up the zipper and in doing so brushed his cock noticing that he was hard. What the fuck he thought! He had a hard on – where had that come from? He looked at himself in the mirror and felt his dick twitch. Maybe this won’t be all bad he mused. Surprisingly his shoes still seemed to fit although they were pretty tight. He felt a pang in his stomach and got a little spooked that he was going to start growing again. He then realised that it was a hunger pang and he was actually ravenous. He needed to eat. He took one last look at himself, smoothed down the few wisps of hair that had left and then re-entered the club. He got a few stares, there were few people his size in the club, but no one seemed to recognise him. He left the club and headed straight to the nearest diner to satisfy his hunger with any thoughts of hitting the gym long gone.

It was three months later and Lance was asleep. His alarm went off and he reached over to turn it off. He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Oh fuck he thought to himself as he looked down at his belly. The six pack was gone and there was a flabby belly in its place. He rushed to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Shit, it seems to be happening sooner and sooner he mused. And then the transformation was fully underway and within 10 minutes he was back to his old, corpulent self.

It was a busy Saturday night and the club was heaving. The music was pumping and the dance floor a seething mass of gyrating, drink and drug fuelled bodies. A young, buff, good looking man scanned the crowd seeking out some fun for later. He caught sight of a man sitting at the back of the dark club in an alcove. They made eye contact and the young man was instantly intrigued. He could tell that the guy was not his usual type but felt drawn to him and made his way across to the alcove…
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