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In a rage Aren ran deep into the woods where it was said a witch lived. Hopefully, Aren would find her. His only brother, Peter, had just publicly made fun of Aren, calling him a dumb, fat little pig. 

"well, I'll show him. I'll get her to curse him so badly he wont be able to ever speak again!"

" Curse who, and why? " said a heavy, raspy voice. 

Aren immediatley spun around to see a tall dark skinned woman walking out from behind a tree. She was wearing a necklace of fangs, and a tattered brown gown. 

" i do hope you know that my services do not come at all cheap."

"uh, oh. no, I know that, but I need your help in cursing my brother. I-" 

" I only work in matters that involve the utmost pain projected onto a person, are you sure you are willing to do this? if you are, only tell me his greatest fear. "

" its, um . . ." at first Aren was tempted to say spiders, because Peter was arachnaphobic, but then he realised a much better fear that Peter almost certainly had. " His greatest fear is to gain weight."

" Finally! I have been waiting to use this talisman for so long. You see, boy, the reason I was exiled from this village of yours was that I had sought revenge on a man that had tried to kill my sister. I charmed him into succeptability and then stabbed him with this knife. He went into a coma-like state, in an eternal nightmare, but anything that happened to his body came true. he dreampt he was eternally growing fatter and so he did. Those prudes in the village all thought I had destroyed the mans soul, and so banished me. I have been forever waiting for someone to ask of this charm."

" why did you need someone to ask??" 

" because my magic does not work unless it is being used by another. its like Karma. "

"How did you curse HIM then???"

" it was my sisters knife.Now, if you are going to use this spell here this is what you must do. First," she paused to rip on of the longest fangs off her necklace, " take this. Second, think about who you want to be exempt from the spell's effects, because once the spell takes root in one persons heart, it will multiply and spread like wildfire from one person to another simply through touch, like a highfive, or handshake. Now, once you have thought of these people wait for the moon to rise." she glanced toward the sky" like it is now. Once you know your brother is asleep, go to his room and open the window curtains. When the moonlight falls upon his face take the fang and plunge it directly into his heart!" when she saw the look of appal oon Arens face she immediatley said"the wound will immediatley heal over and the spell will have 6 hours to take root. Now, here is the tricky stuff on your part. Once you have stabbed the wound you have exactly half a minute to list the names you have ome up with and also to say this incantation."

" what ioncantation???"

" this, 'grasso mudour ahlferra manchiere understand?"

" um . . . yes"

" good. Now once the sun has risen and your brother is awake touch him in some way to activate the spell. It will start slowly, with overactive hunger, but anytime he touches another man, he himself will double in weight immediatley, and the man will as well, now carrying the curse. The best part is, the once the real weight starts being gained, they know SOMETHING is wrong, but they cannot stop it, and they cannot stop eating, because the spell includes immortality, so they cant die!"

"um, cant die??? How is that a good thing??" Aren asked, completley confused by te logic the witch was conveying. 

" why, you dont see it? If they cant die, and the curse incudes the fact that they continuously grow fatter, then what do you think will happen to them after about 1 year?"

" they'll be in so much pain they'll wish they were dead but wont be able to die!!! I get it!" he glanced toward the sky," how long do I have before the time limit is up?"

" About 30 minutes. But before you leave I have a final few tidbits of information for you. First, know that whatever anyone cursed eats, will fatten them ten times what it normally would. Second, The clothing your brother wears will be controlled by his perception of his body. If he thinks that he is a slim young lad, the his clothes will react that way, and will not rip until he thinks of himself as a fat, uncontrollable mongrel who used to be picturesque. Again, I want to point out the fact that if anyone touches him, that wasn't mentioned at the beginning ceremony, they will immediatley double in weight, at the same time the victim who touched them does. The clothing idea doesn't apply here. Now, come back in one week and I will have a potion brewed for you, I'll explain its effects then. GO! Start the curse i have waited so long to start!"

Aren turned and ran, eager to see the effects this curse would have on Peters muscled body. " soon all the muscles will be buried under mountains of fat!" he exclaimed. 

As he was running he went through a quick mental list of who to exclude from the curse. All he could think of was his old best friend, Carter, but he had left the village almost 2 years ago. Concluding that only he should be free of the curses massive effects, Aren came into view of the house. 

Mark's car was home, which meant that he was probably already asleep. Aren estimated he had about 10 minutes left to get the spell started, and the moon was just now coming up above the tree line. 

Quietly hutting th door behind him, so as not to wake up his brother, Aren tip-toed up the stairs into Marks room. 

It was a mess, an old pizza box lay thrown across the floor.Aren thought he saw a mouse or two scurry across the rug. 

" this isn't the time for contemplating my brothers hygene" he thought, immediatley looking toward the window. Just as it was supposed to be, the curtain was blocking the moonlight. He fumbled in his pocket for the fang, and then made his way to the window. As he opened itthe light fell upon Marks face. It exposed his dark blrown hair and god-sculpted nose( as their mother used to refer to it as). The light also exposed his short rugged beard, the same color as his hair. If his eyes were open the light wold have shimmered in his leaf green eyes. 

" Hope you had a good night, Mark. Its the last your ever goig to have in this body." and with that he strode to the bed and stabbed directly at the heart with the fang. The weapon was so sharp it just glided through the skin and left a skin height lump of tooth directly in the center of his chest. 

For a moment, Arens brother stopped his light breathing, but then it started up again,much deeper and heavier. Just as the witch said, tendrils of skin shot across the gap and filled over the wound. for an instant Aren though he saw the tooth melting into a thick black liquid, going into the puncture wound in his heart and into the blood. but then the final strand of skin richoteted across and blocked the wound. 

Aren began to say softly, but quickly. " Aren. Grasso Mudour Ahlferra Manchiere" 

And so the curse began.

Aren woke up at three o'clock in the morning barely getting 5
hours of sleep. He immediatley ran downstairs and raided every
cupboard and shelf to find all the food in the house. Using all of the
pancake mix and anything that coud go into a pancake Aren made a total
of 46 pancakes for the soon to be pig to devour. then he waited for
9:00 when the stores opened, and then bought 6 gallons of milk, 4
galloons of orange juice, and a total of 3 pigs in sausages.
    With only a dollar left to his name Aren dashed home to make sure
that Mark hadn't woken up yet, and to his relief found his brother
sleeping soundly. Quickly he made as many of the sausages as possible,
but when 11:00 o'clock came around, and Mark still ahdn't woken up
Aren went to get him.
    Aren had missed last night seeing that Mark had managed to put on a three size too large t-shirt and some rather baggy sweatpants.
    Aggrivated at how his older brother was delaying the curse, Aren decided that slapping him across the face would both activate the curse
AND wake Mark up.
    Aren whalloped his brothers cheek and could clearly tell when the curse started.
    The moment his hand touched the bare skin of his brothers face a murky black light started emnating from his fingernails. As his eyes
snapped open it revealed the light coming from them too.
    But the light dissapeared as suddenly as it came.
    " What the hel- - - AH! man! I am STARVING!!!!!! TELL ME that there is food in the house!"
     " Uh, yeah. Tons, all downstai-" Aren was cut off by Mark
whipping the blankets from his body and sprinting downstairs, the
shirt flapping almost a foot behind him.
     " she called this overactive hunger?" Aren mused, before following the victim downstairs.
    What he saw was a natural disaster in progress. Mark was grabbing almost six sausages at a time and shoveling them into his mouth. Even
though he had been down there only a minute before Aren he already had developed a small gut, which puzzled Aren until he remembered what the
which had said. " Anything he eats will make him 10X fatter than it
usually would."
    Aren started to notice as time went by the most of the weight
went to his belly, which now was resting on the table.
    " so, stud. What you weighing these days?" aren asked, waiting to
see if Mark had noticed the change yet.
    " 205. About 45 pounds less than you!"
    " I'm only smart one."
"Yeah? well, you dont look it." he said, Poking Arens stomach as he took another bite out of a sausage.

'205? well, you wont be able to say that for long.' Aren thought, looking at the quickly growing gut on his brothers once flat chest. Now it looked like he was at the very least 245, and the weight wasn't all going to his gut. As it piled on Mark's arms started to thicken, along with his neck and thighs. His Face started to widen, and Aren could see the beginning of a double chin. 

At around 270 lbs. Mark started to notice the sudden change in weight. 

" wow, I'm really putting it away! Shit, look at this gut! But, damn, I am still SO hungry!" he said, finally starting in on the pancakes that were just starting to get cold. 

the pancakes amazingly worked faster than the sausages. Somewhere on the third one, Aren's brothers gut hit the table, which was, addmittedley, fairly close to his stomach to begin with, bt it still worked as a milestone. 

As Mark kept eating the curse just kept working its magic, but soon, Aren realised that that shirt wasn't going to rip. His brother, formerly known as thin, still was living in the past, while his body sped into the future that consisted purley of weight gain and obesity. 

As his brother continuously kept stuffing himself the shirt seemed to do anything but rip. every time he reached, ren could see a few sparks of the black magic working on his shirt, repairing itself instantly as it started to rip.
Finally, as expected, the shirt started to limit Mark's mobility.

With each bit and swig of Orange juice the shirt restricted arm movement a little more, forcing them up as it tightened around the armpits, the center of where most of the weight went, centrally in on the immense gut built up on his brothers frame and the arms, now almost a foot around. 

Finally the shirt just stopped Mark from moving his arms period. They were halted at a 90º angle. 

" What the Hell??" he bellowed, in blatant confusion. 

" Looks like you put on a little weight there slim." Aren said, with utmost elegance. 

looking down at what was once his brothers body Aren saw his brother must have put on at least two hundred pounds. His gut was basically crushing his crotch, or so it seemed with the tight shirt restricting it up close to the chest. 
Marks tits, which were once refined pecs, had turned into swaying blobs of fat. The arms had lost all definition and were just like overstuffed sausages. His fingers had pffed up considerably.

But the peice de resistance was the face. Gone were the days of defined chins and cheekbones. Now his face was simply round and puffy, his cheeks were bloated. He now had 2 chins and was starting to workd on a third. 

" Holy shi--" Mark started, but was then cut off as the shirt lost its magic power to hold together, andconsequently snapped, leaving Aren's obese brother sitting there, also bare naked, for the pants had similarily snapped. 

Aren took in the new sight. He was right about the crotch. It was definitley being crushed by the behemoth gut now attached to marks stomach. It seemed to strech at least 2 feet from his brothers back. The tits burst forward and sat primely on the gut. Now Aren's attention was brought to His legs. They were incredibly thick!

" oh my god! I have GOT to see a doctor!" Cried Mark. 

As Aren thought of the clinic, and all the male doctors who would probe mark, Aren solemnly agreed.

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