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Defensive line
Mike had finally made it - waterboy for the college football team. It was an honor to be picked for the position, and he would get to stay in the dorm over the summer with the defensive linemen. A dream come true. Mike had had a crush on several of the linemen, so this was the best he could ever dream to be near them. 

Chris was the biggest and most senior of the linemen and had pulled some strings to get Mike the waterboy position. He knew Mike wanted to be near him, and Chris wanted to be near Mike. It had worked out... Perfectly. 

The coach made the announcement about Mike joining the team, and told the linemen to treat him like one of the team - he would eat, sleep, and breathe the team spirit. At the same time, the coach announced That the Defensive linemen would be training for the upcoming season with a nutritionist. The nutritionist was hired to make them the biggest and best defensive line in the league. 

Mike was assigned to his bunk in the dorm. Unlike other schools, the dorms here were of the old School type-a large hall with several beds lining the sides. Almost military looking. The coach liked that concept, and felt the men would bond better as a team. 

Chris took the bunk next to Mike. The others soon came to the dorm, each taking a bunk. Soon the entire defensive line was assembled in the large dorm room. The coach introduced the nutritionist - Dr. William Pike, Bill for short. 

"Do as the Dr. orders" the coach said. "I will be checking in periodically on your progress. See you in the Fall." 
And he left. 
"Gentlemen" Dr. Bill began, "my job is to make sure you all get a special balanced diet that will enable you to grow larger, stronger, and more powerful. The goal is for you to be the biggest and best defensive linemen in the league. Trust me, you will achieve this goal." 
The room cheered. 

Over the next few weeks the team was fed a specially prepared diet. 3 meals a day, plus supplements. They trained 4 times a week, and were kept away from beer, or any other food beyond the diet. Chris complained he was hungry, as did most of the others, but they went with the Dr.'s recommendations. Mike too was part of the team, and ate the same diet, but did not work out as hard or as long as did the linemen. Mike often finished supplemental shakes the guys didn't finish, as he too found himself a little hungrier. 

The guys were weighed and measured weekly. No one seemed to be gaining very much- but were all in great shape. Chris, at 6'5, weighed in at 250lbs- and was solid. A few of the guys weighed more, but were not as tall nor as solid. Mike at 5'10, and approaching 190 was no slouch either. 

The coach paid a visit mid summer term. Congratulated all the men for the hard work, and excellent team Spirit. The drills they ran were flawless. 

Later that night Mike overheard the Dr. and coach talking. 

"They don't seem any larger, Bill." the coach complained. 
"Trust me, in another 6 weeks, you won't recognize them." Dr. Bill replied. 
"Ok, Bill, but they better be HUGE! Or the deal is off." The coach left. 
Mike went back to the dorm and told Chris what he had heard. Chris just laughed, and told Mike not to worry 

The next week things began to change. The supplement tasted different. Mike noticed the helpings at the meals were getting larger, and by weeks end, the meals were being served buffet style. 

Workouts continued to be as hard as ever. All the guys complained. But at least they didn't feel so hungry. They could eat as much as they wanted during meal time, and they were. All were starting to sport the extra weight. 

Chris noticed a bit of a gut starting on Mike and suggested he workout longer with the team. Mike just blushed. 

Mike began to notice other changes in the guys as well. Chris wasn't so afraid to touch him when the others were around. In fact, the guys were getting quite physical, wrestling and carousing. It wasn't until Mike was in the showers with the guys that he noticed how many were sporting hard-ons and touching each other. 

By the 6th week, all the guys were sporting guts. They had all gained 40-50 lbs easy. Dr. Bill announced the last supplement change- a new shake. 

"Take it before bed, and after a good workout tonight." 
Then he left. 

Mike was late getting back to the dorm. He had decided to take a day and go for a walk. When he arrived, the guys told him about Dr. Bill. Chris didn't seem to be surprised, he figured the Dr. had done his job. 50 lbs is a lot of weight to gain in just a few short weeks. And the coach was due back the next day. They all laughed, and took their shakes. 

Bill chugged his shake down. 

"Ughh... Yuck! Tastes awful!!" 
He ran to the bathroom. The others just laughed figuring he was just getting sick. They all in turn chugged their shakes. 
Chris raised his glass to Mike in a toast, "To a great season" 
"To us" Mike replied. 
It did taste awful. Mike thought he would heave. Bill had come back, as had some of the others none worse the wear. 

Mike crawled into bed. Others read, some went to the showers. Mike was asleep in seconds. 

Mike awoke to the strange sound of metal creaking and wood splitting. He got up. And first headed for the bathroom - he couldn't believe how much he had to go. Then back to the noise. He was shocked. Most of the guys were sleeping on the floor - no, the beds had broken - they were all too big! He heard another creak, and pop - another bed collapsed as its sleeping lineman swelled up like a balloon. Mike looked at Chris, he was fine. Mike roused him. 

"Go back to sleep - you are dreaming" Chris answered groggily. 
Mike crawled into his bed. 

Mike woke up the next morning feeling a bit tired. And had the feeling he was being watched. He opened his eyes, to find the team looking over him. All of them were immense. Their bellies swollen, arms, legs and chests huge. What were they doing. 

"Give him some room guys" Chris said. 
Mike looked at Chris, he was so large he almost didn't recognize him. He had to be close to 500 lbs. 
"Chris, what happened?" 
"We are all huge - it was the supplement. Man, the scales broke!. We figure Tiny is the smallest here at about 750!" Chris replied. 
"Uh, why are you all just looking at me?" 
"You haven't grown at all" Chris stated quietly. 
Mike tried to get up, but the team kept him there. They fitted a funnel and put it to mike's mouth. 
"Sorry Mike, but you are part of the team, maybe you didn't get enough Shake last night" Chris began to explain. 
They poured what was left of the shake, a gallon jug, into the funnel into Mike's mouth. 

Mike sputtered. Then felt very strange. Everyone stepped back. Mike began to grow. His underwear tightened, then ripped and disappeared. He watched his gut swell larger and larger. His chest heaved, his nipples hardened and swelled. Before his eyes he saw his entire body heave and swell. He felt his thighs push together, his arms press into his body and rise slightly as his chest continued to get larger. He tried to touch his belly, but as it continued to grow he found he could no longer reach it. He placed his right hand to his right nipple-he could palm it, and feel it swell like a water balloon. He was so turned on he couldn't believe it. 

"Chris" he cried out. 
"I'm here, Mike" 
"Fuck me, please" Mike pleaded 
He felt something enter him, and his cock was engulfed in the warm moistness of a human mouth. He moaned, and continued to swell larger and larger. The sensations of being fucked and sucked sent quivers through his body. He shot his load, and felt the sensation of the man inside him shoot his load. 

The other men cheered, and helped clean him up, then get him standing. Mike was so big that movement was tough, but not impossible. Chris, an the others managed to get a packing scale to the dorm. At nearly 1 1/2 tons, Mike was the largest, and fattest of the assembled. Chris, was a solid 1400lbs much to his shock. 

The door opened, it was the coach. 

"Gentlemen, congratulations. You are the biggest defensive line I have ever seen. I know this may come as a shock to you, but do not worry about your new size-with you as a line-no one will ever get past us. Your strength, if you notice is as big as your bodies, except of course for you , Mike. But we now know what this supplement can do. Enjoy yourselves, see you on the field in 2 weeks. Dismissed." 
The guys were in shock, but loving the new sensations they were feeling. They all began an orgy of slapping, and wrestling, some even kissing and fucking. The team "bonded" 

As for Mike and Chris. The 2 largest of the men, spent the rest of the day making love and eating. By the end of the week they had packed on another 200lbs, and were planning on more before the season began. Mike was replaced by another waterboy - but he didn't care - he was part of the Defensive Line.

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