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Doug's Weight Gain Progression
Doug was an average sized male he always tried to eat right and exercise. One night Doug went out with a couple of friends and had a few drinks. When he returned home later that night he felt very sick and decided to go straight to bed. When he awoke he was starving. He didn't care what he ate he had this longing sensation to be fat now. Within a month he was up to 250lbs. He he'd no control and he didn't care. A few months after he weighed himself he became ill and had to go to the doctor. He made an appointment and went in. When the doctor saw him he was in utter shock! The doctor had one of his nurses weigh him and when the scale finally balanced out it read 350 lbs. Doug was shocked he didn't think that he had put on that much weight. When his visit to the doctor was almost over. When Doug was just getting ready to leave the doctor came in and said " Doug you really need to cut back and loose some weight you are obese type two. Doug told the doctor that he would try very hard which was a complete lie. He wasn't going to try at all he was going to do the exact opposite. When Doug left the doctors office he headed straight to the buffet. He hit up buffet after buffet for the rest of the day. He went and repeated his buffet gorging for a few months. Doug was a construction worker for a huge construction/trucking company. On one Friday just as everyone was getting ready to go the boss asked Doug to come to his office they needed to talk. When Doug got to the boss bobs office he said "what's up!" Bob then proceeded to say we have to do a physical right now. Well ok sir where do you need me to go? Doug just go downstairs and to the left a man will be waiting for you. When Doug got downstairs he met with the man who told him to undress down to his underwear. So he did and the he said get on the scale fatty. Doug listened and got on the scale the flashing red digits red off 475lbs. Doug was in complete dismay. He was told to return upstairs and meet with the boss once more. When he got there Bob said Doug you have to lose 75 lbs or I have to put you in a trucking job because of your weight. Bob I'm sorry but 2 weeks to lose 75 lbs that is crazy. No Doug what's crazy is that you became a fat guy. Doug didn't think that Bob was serious so he just kept eating and eating. After 2 weeks he was called in and was sent to be weighed in. When he got downstairs he immediately stripped and got on the scale. The flashing red numbers read 500lbs. Doug then reported upstairs and was laid off from construction and was then hired as a truck driver. Becoming a truck driver made him gain weight even faster by the end of his first 6 month trucking trip on the rod he weighed in at 625lbs. After that weigh in the company made the decision to just let him go all together. When that happen he fell under a deep depression that only made his appetite increase even more. After a few more months Doug weighed an astonishing 800lbs. By the time Doug was 45 years old he weighed 975 lbs. Doug loved being fat it was his whole world. After a year of just maintaing a weight of 975lbs Doug died at the age of 46.

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