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Dude, Where's My Body?

I was in L.A. for a conference and didn't want to bother with the bars that evening, so I got online to see what I could find. I entered the "L.A. Leather" chat room. I didn't want to go full kink tonight, but it would be nice to find someone with potential.

Earlier that day on the drive to L.A., I drove by a man in the desert who was having some car problems. He looked like an American Indian. His car was overheated, and while my repair skills aren't what they should be, I did know how to help him out. He was gracious and handed me an amulet. "This will make the wearer what you want him to be," he said with a wry smile. I thought that was nice, and that the trinket would be a neat memento from my trip, but nothing more.

I wasn't in the chat room ten minutes when "BoyAmerican" chimed in. He described himself as boyish, cute, 24, and interested in cigars. While I normally don't chat with anyone who can't provide a pic, he sounded interesting. He didn't sound like the beefy cigar-smoking daddy/bear I usually liked, but one trait out of my list of likes is enough if he's cute. He was adamant about being discreet, saying he was an actor and it could hurt his career. Whatever. I told him to meet me at the back door of the hotel, and we'd take it from there if I was interested.

A car pulled up in the parking lot behind the hotel, and a guy about six feet tall came out and walked towards me. He was wearing a dark coat and sunglasses, but I could tell he had a fit, if not a bit skinny, body. He was cute as far as I could tell, and as he came closer, my heart skipped a beat as I recognized who it was. It was that guy from the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "American Pie". Big smile, usually played airheads in the films. I introduced myself, and he told me his name was Seann.

"Seann Scott, you recognize me, right?" he said as he took off his sunglasses.

"Umm…yeah, I haven't seen your movies, but I've seen you on 'Entertainment Tonight'." I replied nervously.

We chatted and had small talk for a while, and I invited him up to my room for a beer or whatever. He agreed to come up, and asked if I'd keep our meeting quiet. "Well sure. I'm sure it's tough wanting to play bein' in the limelight like you are nowadays, so I'm cool." He had no guarantee that I would, but considering I felt bad for some of the more famous ones who get stalked and such, I'd do him a favor and keep quiet about us meeting, and have some fun in the meantime.

When we got to the room I opened some bottles of beer and we sat down and chatted a little more. I was pretty nervous being in a room with a movie star, but a few swigs of the beer made me braver.

"So, care for a cigar?" I asked after the first beer.

He smiled and said, "Sure, that's what I came for, right?" His smile was killer. I could tell he worked hard to maintain his image of a college kid in the movies. He had a pretty thick shadow of stubble on his face, and I detected that his arms and chest should normally be hairy. That would change later on…

We fired up the cigars, and I could tell he'd smoked before. He had no problem clipping the end and lighting up. I watched him as he smoked, and it made him doubly hot. Looked like he felt the same about me, as he watched intently as I drew on the maduro cigar. A wild idea popped into my head at that moment, and I remembered the amulet the Indian gave me.

The tension had to end, and I reached for his shirt and began to unbutton it. He grinned around his cigar, and let me remove his shirt. Feeling his defined chest, I could feel the stubble growth. "They make you shave your chest?" I said as I groped around his crotch. "Mmmm…yeah, gotta keep up the boyish image," he replied as he started rubbing my leg.

I took off his shirt, and then mine, and stood him up. Face to face, we still had the cigars in our mouths. "Well, you're gonna feel like a man tonight, I promise that," I said, and blew a puff of smoke into his face. I was surprised to see him inhale the smoke as he hummed in pleasure. "Well, it's about time. I get tired of filling that image, you'll get your man tonight," he replied.

"I sure will. Hold on a minute…" I went to my suitcase and pulled out the amulet. "Here's a gift. I got it on the way to L.A.. It'll be a nice reminder of the good time we're gonna have." I put it around his neck and fastened it. What the hell, I thought, if it works, fine, if not maybe he'll keep it as a gift. We resumed puffing on our cigars, and I blew another cloud into his face. I thought I saw a twinkle in the stone of the amulet, but dismissed it as a trick of the light. He took his cigar out, I did the same, and we shared a rough, smoky kiss for several minutes. Rubbing our crotches together, we were getting pretty riled up. I pulled away to take another look at him, and to my surprise, he had a week's growth of stubble on his face. The amulet was working! "Nice scruff, it suits you," I said as I rubbed his face.

"What?" Seann said. His hand came up to his face to meet a short, rough blonde-red beard. He looked in the mirror to confirm what he felt. "What the hell?" He moved closer to the mirror, stoking his face in shock. "You're becoming the man you want to be tonight," I said. "Is that what you want?" I started smoking on my cigar, and looked at him.

After a moment, he turned around and began smoking his cigar. He had a strange look on his face, one of acceptance and desire. He liked the changes, and so did I. He took a long draw on his cigar, actually inhaling it this time. Talking as he exhaled, the smoke drifted from his mouth and nose. "That's right, there's more man to come from this boy," he said smiling as he started to unwork my jeans.

He got my jeans and shoes off, and began to work my cock, alternating with a puff or two on his cigar, exhaling on my cock as he worked it. Occasionally, he'd rub his stubble on my cock. Soon, however, the rubbing became softer. I could see his beard was growing out, becoming thicker. "Want some beer piss with that cock, boy?"

He looked up into my eyes and said "I'll take the piss, but it's Daddy to you, understand?" I happily obliged him, and he drank deep.

Coming up for air, he said he wanted some more beer. We popped open two more bottles and drank. While I merely took a few drinks, he shotgunned his down to the bottom. With a loud belch, he said "Good stuff, nothing like a couple of guys, cigars and some beer." He was absentmindedly rubbing his belly, and I noticed the stubble on his chest and arms had grown out to its natural length. He had a nice coat of fur all the way from his crotch to his neck. Reddish too. "Nice fur," I said. He looked down and was astonished at the growth. After a moment his surprise passed, and he moved forward to rub his chest hair to mine. He was startin' to look like a lean bear-type of guy, and I silently thanked the Indian to myself.

I worked his pants open to feel a good-size dick yearning to come out and play. Rubbing it, I smoked my cigar. He grabbed his stog, and we began to massage our cocks together. He reached for my unfinished beer, and gulped it down as fast as he did the last one. "Damn, don't know what's got into me tonight, but I'm lovin' it. Beer tastes good too," he said with a deep voice. "Wha…my voice?!" It was an octave deeper than before, with a butch ring to the accent. I liked this new improvement, it made him fit the image in my mind. Wow, I couldn't believe the amulet was working, but I'm not one to look the gift horse in the mouth, and moved in to kiss his newly-bearded face.

After a while, he seemed distracted. "Man, these changes…makin' me dizzy." I noticed he was sweating heavily, and seemed tired. "Why don't you sit down and have another beer," I suggested. He sat down, and I popped open another beer for him, and maybe one for me if he didn't drink it first. He sat, relaxed a bit, and seemed to adjust to his new body. After a few swigs I noticed that he seemed to have a little beer gut. His former definition was no longer there in his abs. May be his posture in the seat, I thought. But after a while I realized he was lookin' more burly by the minute…the beer seeming to fuel a new change to his body shape. His arms and chest were bigger, and downy hair was starting to grow on his shoulders, and probably on his back too.

"Ever have hairy shoulders before, Seann?" I asked as I rubbed his thick chest hair up to his new shoulder hair. He looked over to his shoulder. "Mmm…I kinda like it," he said deeply. "Makes me look more like a man, not the boy they want me to be." He rubbed his thicker chest and arms, feeling down to his tummy, which was now a full-fledged beer-gut. He looked up at me and said "Get down there, you're gonna be the boy now that I'm the man." Who was I to argue, this guy had changed from a skinny stud to a beefy bear before my eyes, and I was gonna have both of us enjoy it. As I went down on him, I saw there was a definite bald spot on the back of his head, and his hairline was receding. His body was definitely in daddy country now.

His cock was thick and hairy like the rest of him, and after a time he shot his load in my face. Looking up, I could see strands of grey hair on his chin, and at his temples. This was getting good. He smiled, "Good boy, now come up here and let me taste what daddy gave you." I obliged and sat on his lap, and we shared a heavy kiss laced with salty cum. His beard was completely full now, and I could see his skin had aged too. Lines around his mouth and eyes indicated a man of about forty. Nice age. I like this guy how he is now. As we kissed I jerked off in his lap, spraying on his furry chest and mine. He picked me up with ease, and laid me down on the bed. Holding me tightly, we both fell asleep as our cigars went out in the ashtray.

The next morning I awoke and looked over to where the burly daddy-bear had fallen asleep. What was there was not disappointing, just not the man I had fallen asleep with. There was Seann at 24, clean-shaven and sleeping like a baby. I reached over and unfastened the amulet, and tucked it away nearby. Might come in handy some other time, I thought.

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