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Easter belly ...er...basket
Sam was one of those guys that everyone loved to hate. You know who I’m talking about…the people who can eat boatloads of food and never gain a pound. Yeah. Those guys. He was skinny as a beanpole, and proud of it.
Sam had light brown hair and dark eyes, the former of which was always in his face. He was a skinny kid who favored the skater-style, wearing Vans, baggy jeans and a loose T-shirt. He would consider himself average looking at best, but a lot of girls thought otherwise.
Every year it was the same thing. Summer vacation, school, winter break, school…then the coveted Spring break…which held Sam’s favorite holiday—Easter. Oh, Easter. The joyous time when family’s get together…and give him lots and lots of chocolate.
Grinning at the thought, Sam rounded a corner of the school. He just got to his locker when one of his friends sidled up next to him.
"Hey, Sam! What’s with the grin? See a hot chick last hour?” His friend nudged him in his bony shoulder, with a grin of his own.
Rolling his eyes, Sam looked at him. "No. Well…there was that Cassie chick…” He shook his head, smiling. "Anyway, I was thinking about Spring break…I mean it’s in two days!”
His friend nodded, rolling on the balls of his feet. "I know! It’s going to be SICK. I can’t WAIT to just stay at home…sleeping…watching TV…avoiding school…”
As a dreamy expression floated across his friend’s face, Sam grabbed his books and slammed his locker shut. The sound jarred his friend back to the harsh reality of the two days left until freedom. "Yeah, I’ll see you later, man. Talk to you and the guys at lunch?”
His friend nodded again. "Right. Peace.” And he walked over to his next class.

After a few hours of relentless droning, Sam glanced at the clock. Was it lunchtime yet? He had always been a man of big appetite, despite his small frame. He guessed it was his metabolism…and assumed that it must be crazy fast. Regardless, he was hungry a lot…and ate a lot.
Frustrated, he doodled in the margins of his notebook. He drew a few skulls to fill his boredom, and then the thought of Easter popped in his head again. Smirking to himself, he drew a picture of an Easter basket. He drew himself sitting next to it, shoveling countless chocolates down his throat.
Smirking wider, he drew himself having a big fat stomach. Ha. That would be the day. They didn’t call him Skinny Sam…or Skele-Sam for nothing.
The bell rang and Sam bolted out of his chair. He was the first out the door and was in the cafeteria in seconds. Hopping in line, he grabbed anything that he could find. His favorite meal was three Boscos (cheese-stuffed breadsticks) with two things of dipping cheese, a bag of Cheetoes and Doritos respectively, and two things of Gatorade. Oh, and sometimes he got fries. And if the Breakfast place was open, he snagged an Everything Bagel. Not that he ate a lot.
Sitting down at his usual table, Sam dug in immediately. His friends petered in one after another and soon the table was full of his closest friends. As he was eating, he didn’t notice that one of his friends—Jake—had begun thumbing his notebook.
"Dude. Do you even know the random crap that you draw?” His friend said, his voice a mixture of boredom and amazement.
Sam looked over mid-bite. "Yeah. I get bored. So what?”
Jake held the notebook up so that all the other friends could see. "And some weird fat guy eating from an Easter basket?”
Skele-Sam grinned. "That’s supposed to be me.”
His friends looked blankly at him. Some rolled their eyes, muttering, "Ah, here he goes with that again.”
Every year Sam claimed that over the Easter break he was probably going to eat so much chocolate that he was going to get big and fat. And every year he would come back to school…exactly the same as before. So, needless to say, his friends were getting sick of his ridiculous claims.
Jake rolled his eyes with them. "Right. There is no way that Skele-Sam could ever get this huge.”
Sam looked affronted. "Like I say every year…I am going to eat all the candy that I get. And heck, I might gain some weight. I’m probably going to be hu—”
He stopped talking when he looked at the picture. He hadn’t drawn himself like that. The picture was far more accurate…it actually looked like him. Well, a seriously overweight version of himself. There were candy wrappers littering his giant belly that now surged in front of him, and his giant, fat arm was dumping more and more chocolate into his fat face. He was disgusted with the picture.
"That’s not nice, Jake.” He said.
Jake looked at him. "What’s not nice? Telling you that you the truth? That you always say that you’re going to gain all that weight and don’t?”
Sam shook his head, a little of his brown hair getting in his face. "No. I mean modifying my picture. Turning a joke almost into an insult.”
His friends all looked at him, and Jake looked puzzled. "Sam…I haven’t touched your drawing. We all just got here a few minutes ago…there is no way that I could do that.”
Another friend jeered. "Not to mention, Jake sucks at drawing.”
The others nodded and grinned at each other. Sam however, looked at the picture again…filled with a strange feeling of dread.

The two days passed by uneventfully. As the last bell rang, everyone’s thoughts were on the blessed week of reprieve. Sam skated home on his board, like usual. As the wheels went over the bumps, the small shock waves went through his feet. It was comfortable to him now, sort of like a consistency that was much needed in his life.
When he got home he saw that his mom had gone all out to decorate in typical, cheesy Easter effects. There were depictions of eggs, little yellow chicks, and…of course…the Easter Bunny, in all his white furred, ribbon-necked, basket-carrying glory.
Shrugging his backpack off for the next week, Sam immediately went to the couch. Pulling out his cell phone, he checked the calendar. Easter was in three days. He grinned, thinking of all the candy he was going to get.
Sam’s family had interesting customs when it came to Easter. Each family member brought or made a basket for him. Since Sam was one of only three other family members considered "children”, he was lavished with chocolates and candy each year. Once he passed eighteen, the tradition would be over.
A little sadly, Sam thought of how this was going to be his last year for getting Easter baskets. But, he smiled. He would have to milk it for all it was worth then.

Three days can pass at lightning speed when all you do is stay up, play video games until 6 am then sleep until 3 pm. Sam’s mother had told him that night that he should go to bed so that the Easter Bunny could come and leave him his baskets. He was fairly sure that his mother only did this to placate herself…he knew that she didn’t honestly believe that he thought the "Easter Bunny” was coming.
He didn’t fight her on this one. Hell, he loved Easter so much that he was almost giddy as he went to sleep. But, before he did, an image went through his mind. It was of his picture. He hadn’t gone to look at it since that lunchtime. He was afraid that something worse might have happened to it…or even that it might go back to normal and that he’d imagined the whole thing.
Eventually, his mind settled and he drifted off to sleep.
The next morning he was not disappointed. His entire room was filled with all shapes and sizes of Easter Baskets, candy, and chocolates. Sam had a quick intake of breath. This was the most he had ever been given.
At the foot of his bed was a giant egg. It was at least the size of his hand, and when he went to pick it up weight at least two pounds. It was wrapped in shiny, colorful foil. When he looked at it, there was a string attached.
He pulled at the string and a note came out. It read:




And it was signed with a paw print. Sam rolled his eyes. His mother was taking this Easter Bunny thing too seriously. Plus, what a motherly thing to tell him. "Enjoy being large and in charge. Pff. I am neither, but thank you for the self-esteem boost, mom.”
When he pulled the string some more, it unwrapped the giant egg. Inside it was a delicious, shining, untouched milk-chocolate egg. Sam admired it for a long moment and then grinned. The start of the Easter binge begins now, he thought. And he bit off the top half.
It was hollow, and inside was a fluffy, pink crème of sorts. The crème was delicious and Sam couldn’t stop eating the egg. When the whole thing was gone, he looked at his empty hand sadly. It was the best thing he’d ever had.
Well, no point in stopping now. He smiled to himself as he reached over to the nearest basket. He began unwrapping some of the smaller candies in there and popping them in his mouth.
Before long, that basket was gone too. Sam pouted. What was up with all this candy disappearing so fast? As he went to reach over to the next basket, he felt strange. There was a little resistance in his midsection.
Looking down, Sam noticed that there was maybe an inch of fat on his stomach. No way! An actual inch of fat! He poked it. Yup. It was really there. He wondered how long that that had been there. And did that mean that his metabolism had finally slowed down to join the rest of the mortals?
He hadn’t noticed, but as he was worrying over that, his subconscious mind had demanded his hand to go and grab more candy. He was absent-mindedly eating a Peep when he snapped out of it.
"Whoa! I am actually eating some more! How did that happen?”
He shrugged and kept eating, unaware of the slight increases in his midsection. Candy was candy, after all.
Another fifteen minutes pass. He had been shoveling away, and didn’t even notice that he was already through three baskets of candy. Now, these baskets are no small thing. There are tons of candy choices in them, from Smarties to Peeps; they had a wide range of sweets and chocolates. The fact that he was through three in a mere fifteen minutes said something.
His mother called from downstairs. Time for Easter breakfast. He sighed and went to get out of bed. To his horror, his stomach had pushed out. It was now a noticeable bulge. He touched it with a shaking hand. It was soft. No way.
In a panic, he went through the sea of baskets to his mirror. He had chubbed out a little. His face was a tiny bit fuller, and there was that little bulge in his stomach. What was happening to him?
His mother called again and, in a flurry, he got dressed. Since his clothes were so baggy, the weight gain wasn’t noticeable…at first. Sitting down at the table, Sam felt his jaw drop. His mother had made a huge buffet of breakfast foods for him.
She smiled at him. "Good morning, sweetie! I didn’t know what to make you for breakfast, so I made everything!”
He sat there, stunned. But even more important was his usual hunger, creeping up. However, today it felt amplified. His mother went into the next room. "I already ate, so enjoy yourself. I know how much you like to eat! Just put your dishes in the sink!”
Once his mom left, Sam dove for the food. It was as if he hadn’t eaten in days. He scarfed down sausages, bacon, hash browns, eggs, French toasts, fritters, and pancakes. Like the candy, it seemed like it was over too soon.
Sam looked over the table. Not a morsel left. He pouted a little and went to stand up to take his dishes to the sink. His incredibly baggy pants were now tight against his waist. His stomach had bulged out further, making his pants almost burst at the button.
Again, his mind reverted to horror and he tried to hurry up to his room so that his mother wouldn’t see. "Thanks for breakfast mom! I’ll be in my room!”
She called from the family room. "Ok, just don’t eat all that candy in one day!”
Sam rolled his eyes. Yeah right. He was beyond full from breakfast. "Right, mom.” He called back.

When he got back to his room, Sam locked the door. He took of his pants and was left in his boxers. He was officially a chubby kid. He had a soft midsection, the start of little moobs, and a slightly chubby face.
What was happening to him? He hesitantly touched at his stomach…repulsed that he was getting fat. He had always taken his skinniness for granted. Now look at him. He was turning into a poster boy for Pillsbury!
He sat back on his bed and watched the new sensation of his stomach folding over in little rolls. Ugh. He poked it. It was so soft and flabby.
He also noticed that he had the start of love handles too. He grabbed at them, almost wanting to rip them off. All he could do was squeeze them, though. He sighed and didn’t think as he reached for another basket.
The instant that chocolate hit his tongue, he was an eating machine. He began reaching for candy like a man in a desert does for water. He clawed through the foils and paper wrappers, popping one after another into his waiting maw.
His shirt was getting tighter as his belly began to push outwards. Basket after basket added more to his weight. His arms and legs were beginning to plump up as well. When he caught a sight of his image in the mirror, Sam stopped his frenzied eating. He stood up (a hard task now that his center of gravity had completely shifted) and waded through the sea of used wrappers. 
He threw a hand up against the mirror. No way was this happening! His other hand went experimentally to the overhanging belly that seemed to be attached to his midsection now. It was with newly fattened fingers that he touched his face. He had chubby cheeks and the start of a double chin.
What the heck had happened?! His mind ran through all the possibilities. An allergic reaction? Some candy gone bad? Then he froze. He realized that his hands were reaching for more candy. He tried to stop himself, but his control was gone. The eating fest began anew.
His belly had long since abandoned its need to be sheltered in his T-shirt. It now hung large and free. His belly button had sunken into his large expanse at least a few inches. He was past being chubby. He was fat now.
He jiggled across the room; eating all the candy in sight…the only sound was his loud munchings and sounds of pleasure. However, that pleasure was short lived. Whenever he gained control of himself again, he was decidedly freaked out. He would catch a glance of his fattened form in the mirror, each time wondering who was looking back.
When he finally ran out of candy, his gut was now hanging down to his fat knees. He had rolls over his arms and at least two sets of love handles. His double chin had covered his thick neck and his legs were firmly together from the thick layers of fat around them.
He waddled over to the mirror, looking at himself. The horror had long since passed…and now there was a numb feeling. He lifted up his giant belly. When he let it fall, it jiggled freely for a few seconds after. What would he tell his mom? Could he go downstairs? Would she call the cops thinking he was an intruder?
As these thoughts mulled over in his head, he realized that his fat fingers were working at something. He heard the unmistakable sound of foil and looked down. Where had he found that chocolate? Then he caught a sight in the mirror that brought more horror than his larger form.
The candy was back.

All of the Easter baskets had refilled, and then some. Sam’s jaw dropped into his fat chins for the second time that morning. No way! What was going on here?!
The giant egg was back at the foot of his bed. He plowed through the candy wrappers and read the new note.



And it was signed with the now ominous bunny paw print as well. Sam’s hand shook as he read it. There were many realizations that hit him at once. First, the Easter Bunny was real. Second, the Easter Bunny was fattening him up. Third…the Easter Bunny had somehow modified his drawing?
Then his mind backtracked. Wait wait wait. There is no Easter Bunny. Someone is obviously messing with me. This has to be a bad dream…right? He pinched some of his flab, and it hurt. He took in a sharp breath. This wasn’t a dream.
His hands brought the new egg to his face. His mouth opened happily, but his mind reeled. Why why why? Inside this one was a white crème. The instant that he bit into it, all his hesitant thoughts vanished. He was in a sugar-induced bliss.

A few hours later, after the baskets had refilled twice, Sam was sitting on his floor. There were mountains of candy wrappers piling on and around him. His stomach stuck out a good two feet in front of him. It was now so large that it spread his fat legs apart. He leaned forward grab another basket, but his huge gut was in the way. He reached over to the side instead began dumping the candy in his mouth.
The Easter Bunny…or whoever was giving him all this candy…had been kind enough to stop giving him ones with wrappers. He could now just shovel in. Which was good because his hands were now too fat to bother with a wrapper.
As he was chewing contently, he heard a soft knock at his door. Sam’s eyes bugged out of his head. He looked over in the mirror. His face was smeared with chocolate, he was surrounded by mountains of candy wrappers, and worst of all he was at least 700 pounds!
His mother opened the door a creak. "Hey, honey. I haven’t seen you all day…where have…you…”
And he turned to look at her, smiling sheepishly. He counted down in his head. Three…two…one…
His mother screamed and ran in the room, swatting away the candy wrappers like poisonous snakes. She grabbed at his fat face and rocked back and forth. "Oh no! Not my poor baby!”
This was not the reaction that he had expected. He waited for her to continue.
Brushing a few tears out of her eyes, his mother looked over him. "I didn’t think he would go through with it…but he did. And I didn’t believe he would…be he did…”
Sam was completely thrown. "You know who did this to me?”
His mother nodded, patting her eyes once more. "When you make a deal with the E.B., you had better pull through. His threats are totally valid.”
Sam shifted his massive, fat body. "What?! What are you talking about?!”
His mother looked at him bleary eyed. "The E.B…the Easter Bunny. Our family has long since helped him by supplying the foil for wrappers. You know how your father and I used to work at the factory all the time? Well, recently we got word that a lot of kids were mistakenly eating the metal. So we closed down business.”
Sam could only look at her. So she continued. "We were the E.B.’s main supplier. With us out of business, he had no one to work with. After all, only a select few people can see him.
"So he threatened…that if we didn’t reopen the factory, then he would show us the true power of Easter.”
Sam’s mind was reeling. "So you’re telling me that you and dad have been working with the Easter Bunny…for years…and now that you shut down the factory he threatened to do something…and it ended up being fattening me up?”
His mother nodded, putting a hand to her mouth. "Exactly. But…it’s not that bad. I mean, we have a few more days. I can find you some clothes and we can get you ready for school…I hear that they have these things called Belly Lifters which make it easier to walk—”
With difficulty, Sam raised a fat arm. "I can’t go back to school! Look at me!”
His mother had been leaning against his giant belly. "Well, as you know, in this house education always comes first. So you’ll go mister.”
There was no arguing with her at this point. He resignedly crossed his arms over his fat chest. Well…to the best of his ability anyway.

Each step was so hard. The Belly Lifter was a strapping device that lifted his stomach up so that his legs could move more freely. However, they were both tree trunks as it was and were hard enough to move. Wheezing from the effort of getting out of the van and onto the sidewalk, Sam grabbed at his fat sides to catch his breath.
His friends had noticed Sam’s mom and consequently went over. They saw the fat kid and wondered who the hell he was. Then they made the connection. Jake’s face split into a huge grin.
"Aw…now way guys! Sam wasn’t lyin’ this time!! Look at him! He’s a WHALE!”
Sam teetered around, jiggling as he went. The laughter stopped. Then Jake went up and grabbed at the belly.
"Yeah, it’s real.” Sam said, his voice a little muffled from his fat cheeks.
They all held their breath and then went to touch him. Each one was amazed that such a thing was possible.
Jake finally spoke. "Dude. How did this HAPPEN?”
Sam paused for a long moment, his giant figure looking picturesque in the morning sun. "Don’t mess with the Easter Bunny.”

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