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Egyptian's Sweet Skin
Bastet was one of the king's most favorable men. Bastet did an excellent job working the slaves to build the Great Pyramids. Bastet also took pride in his work. He would stand proudly in the sunlight showing off his strong build as a sign of power over the slaves. His green eyes pierced through any young man's soul, and the black makeup he wore around them saddened any animal. On top of his tanned skin was a large gold collar that he wore upon his shoulders. On his head, a blue and gold striped head piece that covered each side of his head. These two items showed that he was a member of the king's knights. Of course, as well, he wore a white loin cloth to hide his privates, just as any Egyptian.

Bastet's best friend was his whip. He enjoyed putting other Egyptians in pain. His main power was force, and he used it to get just about any task done. But when the Great Pyramids neared completion, Bastet was assigned another duty.

Bastet now found himself controlling the kitchen that was used to prepare food for the great king. Bastet was not so satisfied with this job, and was very displeased. But he moved his disappointment elsewhere over time and grew fascinated by cooks and their job. He payed most attention to on in particular, that went by the name Ziyad, a thin Egyptian with hazel-nut eyes and thin short black hair. Ziyad did not let this go unnoticed.

Bastet has always been fed food made by these cooks, so nothing struck him new. But one day, brave chief Ziyad walked up to Bastet with a rare item, Chocolate mixed with kiwi seeds. Ziyad handed the chocolate chunk to Bastet, who was at least a foot taller than him. Bastet looked down, confused. "What do you bring to me? "
"Chocolate. "
"Ah, I shall bring it to his majesty. "
"No, this one is for you. "
"Me, but why? "
"You're always watching us. You need a treat. "

Bastet looked at the chocolate and took it out of Ziyad's hands. I was the size of an average piece of pie, and Bastet ate it whole in one monstrous bite. After a few good seconds of chewing, Bastet swallowed the wad of chocolate in his mouth. He placed a hand on his defined abdomens and looked down at Ziyad. "I have never tasted such perfection. Does his Majesty know about this? "
"No, only you and I.
"He must know. "
"No, I just want it to be between us. "
"I cannot. "
"You can. " Ziyad had one little piece in his other hand. He waved it in front of Bastet's face. Bastet grabbed Ziyad's wrist and ate the chocolate from his hand. "Alright. Just between us."
Ziyad grinned.

After two weeks of being fed the secretive chocolate by Ziyad, a change started to take place in Bastet. His defined abdomens had started to fade away. They were still very much there, but protected by a thin pillow of fat. Bastet made sure nothing happened to Ziyad. If another guard whipped Ziyad, Bastet would whip him back. Soon, Ziyad became very respected.

Ziyad enjoyed watching Bastet engorge himself with the sweet treats he made for him. He considered himself Bastet's personal chief. And as the days went on, the more faster he could make the chocolate for Bastet.

One evening, when the sun began to set, Bastet walked over to Ziyad. His pudge had become more noticeable now, but Bastet was very unaware of it. "Ziyad. " Ziyad looked up at the new, rounded Bastet. "Yes, Bastet? "
"I would like for you to come to the palace with me tonight, into my room. "
Ziyad chuckled. "That's a kind offer coming from you. You want me to bring chocolate, don't you? "
"Indeed. "
"Alright, I will. As long as I get to stay the night.
"You shall. " With that, Bastet departed into the palace.

When the sun finally set, Ziyad was released of his kitchen duties. He manage to sneak a huge piece of chocolate up into the palace. Bastet had asked one of the palace guards to direct Ziyad to his room, which they did. Bastet thanked the guards for bring Ziyad to his room and he closed the curtain door. Bastet, who had took off his head piece revealing a bald head, looked down at Ziyad with a smile. "Did you bring it? "
"I did. " Ziyad looked at Bastet's growing midsection. "But I would like to talk to you."
"Of course. " Bastet took a seat on chair covered by a piece of camel fur. Ziyad walked over to Bastet. "Have you, noticed, anything different about you? "
"Different? How? "
Ziyad sat slightly on top of Bastet in his chair. "You're appearance. "
"My appearance? You mean I'm not wearing my head piece. "
"No, down here." Ziyad placed his hand on the rounded midsection on Bastet. Bastet looked down at his swollen stomach. His eyes widened as he placed a hand on it. "I didn't notice, how embarrassing. "
"No. " Ziyad replied, pulling out his chocolate and breaking off a piece for Bastet. Bastet opened his mouth for it and Ziyad placed it in his mouth. "It's attractive." Bastet let out a small "Mmm. " as he looked at Ziyad. "But, why. Why have you fed me these and not say anything about my stomach. Because you think it's attractive? "
"Silly you. Think of it. You're name is Bastet, ones who eats. And I am Ziyad, one who adds. And I am adding weight to you, for I feel like I have to. " Ziyad responded, feeding Bastet more of the chocolate.

"I don't understand. This sweet has made me grow? "
"You've never had any sweets. This is why you're growing. Your body does not know how to dispose all of it. "
"I see. " Bastet ate another piece of the chocolate as Ziyad rubbed his stomach. Bastet purred in affection, slowly arousing with all of the sensation. Bastet remained silent as Ziyad fed him the remainder of the chocolate.

Later into the hour, Bastet finished all of the chocolate that Ziyad had brought to him that night. "Thank you, Ziyad. " He said, letting out a small belch. Chocolate was smudged on the side of his lips. "You're welcome, Bastet. " Ziyad replied, licking the remaining chocolate off of Bastet's face.

Later the two of them would make love before going to bed. Ziyad continued to make chocolate for Bastet as he watched over him during the day. Soon, Bastet was relocated to a different part of the kingdom, separating the two. Still, Ziyad made the chocolate and had a messenger send it to Bastet. Whither it reached him or not, he never knew.

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