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Erotic Expansion
Most people have some type of sexual act that they do to themselves and never tell anyone about.  You always want to tell someone who may be interested in sharing the experience with you.  I feel that if I tell someone,  they will think that I am crazy,  lost my mind,  that the act involved is sick,  somewhat weird and why in the hell would you want to do that?   Well,  for one thing;  I CAN !   Second,  I get a very high sexual condition that I actually have multiple orgasms from this.......After doing this for a number of years, it has proven to be absolutely safe, health wise... only for ME!  I would not recommend anyone try this without the supervision of another partner........and lets face it......if you don't fit the criteria,  DON'T TRY IT  !!!! 

      When I was in the Navy,  (71-75)  I was a sheet-metal mechanic aboard the U.S.S  JOHN F. KENNEDY, an aircraft carrier with about 7,000 men (hunky men I might add!).   After working hours we would relax in the back of our shop usually in nothing but our "skivies"  and watch TV, play cards and snack from the small kitchen that we had available.  We always horse-assed around, ALOT!  We were all a bunch of nuts...always playing pranks on each other and just having a lot of fun. 
        On evening,  I had just showered and enter the shop " wreck-room"  and proceeded to strip down to my "skivies" as most of the other guys did......it was a "Guy" thing I guess.......most of all the guys I worked with were so called "straight", I was openly gay and they had no problem with it.....other than "Don't touch me attitude".........but we all got along as great friends..........  Ok, lets get to the point.. 
         One of the guys was working on a project for himself and had the air hose out using it to dry water off of the project that he had just welded up.  He used the water to cool the part down........anyways,  as soon a I finished stripping down, just to my underwear,  I got a cup of coffee and walked by him and said " Hi Bitch!"  as we always called each other names in funnin'  .   Dave said, " Hey Whore Gay Boy! Turn around here! "   Just as I turned around, Dave stuck the 1200 psi air hose nozzle in my naval........just a short shot of air,  but the volume of air that 1200 psi compressed air puts out is absolutely dangerous.  Well, needless to say,  to everyone’s surprise and mine,  I now had a Basketball for a Belly!  And I am a very slim and very fit and in shape person,  at that time..  5' 7"  with blue eyes, auburn hair, muscular and very hairy.......  Now, I look like a freak! 
          Immediately,  some of the guys helped me get dressed, in which I couldn't bend over to put my pants on and naturally could not even zip them up, and my shirt looked like 3 sizes too small........we headed for "Sick Bay".   The attending physician took one look at me and said, " Horse assing around huh?"  Evidently he has seen this before.  After getting out of my clothes again,  he made me lie down on the examining table and started rubbing, thumping and pushing on my balloon belly, asking me if I had any pain.  To my amazement, I had none only the burning in my naval.........but I was getting aroused by exam and the feeling of tightness that I had.......then all of a sudden....I shot a load in my pants and screamed with delight.......   Well,  needless to say again,  I was so embarrassed and was apologetic to the Doctor and all he said was, "Oh, that's great!  ...Now you are going to want to do this again!"   He proceeded in inspecting my naval, irrigated it with saline solution,  injected an antibiotic jelly inside and told me he wanted to see me each day for a week.  And that if I had any pain, report to sick-bay immediately....  The Doc also told me that my naval canal was open and that’s why the air entered my abdomen to easily.  He said that I should consider having it sewn up.  I didn't give him an answer.  He then replied, " You plan on doing this again,  you could really hurt yourself or become very ill......I strongly suggest that you take care of this now."  I said that I would never even think of doing this again and that it scared the hell out of me.  (The truth is... I loved it!) 
         He went on to explain that the swelling would disappear in a couple of days,  the body would "decompress"  such as divers to when they get severe bends..... 
After leaving sick bay,  by now half of the ship has heard the story and I was only display the rest of the evening......everyone patting, rubbing and poking my swollen belly in amazement and curiosity......I really felt like a freak now.......but, was getting horny over the whole ordeal....  After I awoke the following morning,  to my surprise the balloon had shrank to almost normal.  I felt fine other than the soreness in my naval,  a little tight to bend and stoop,  but I returned to work with no big problems.  ........... 
          After being out of the Navy for over 2 years,  I never attempted to recreate that day.  Until one night I was home, bored, drinking, and horny.  I thought about that day, and started to really get aroused.  I started thinking about my bicycle tire pump and thought,  what the hell,  can't hurt.   I got the pump out of the hall closet, when to the bed and propped myself up with pillows to an inclined position.  I attached the air mattress nozzle to the hose, stuck it in my naval, gave the pump one long stroke and nothing.  But I felt a sensation in my naval that was arousing to the head of my penis.  Oh, Boy,  I thought.......I've got to do this....    I pushed the nozzle in again, this time moving it around to where I thought this "hole" was and then gave another long push with the handle of the tire pump.  There was a sound of gurgling, like bubbles in water,  then just a muffled hiss of air and a feeling of tightness around my waist.  I pushed another stroke, then another.......my belly was rising with each stroke of the pump.  I was getting hot and really aroused now, my dick was at the fullest erect position ever!  I was really in a horny state now..... 
         I pushed another stroke, and kept repeating until I thought that I was going to burst.......it felt so good!  I rested, and rubbed my big balloon belly, patting it and just amazed of how it sounded.......like one of those rubber playground balls that you played with in grade school.........PING!  ...with an echo..........well, of course now I had to see what the limit was.............after about a half hour and my arm was numb from the continuous pumping,  I looked like I could have been 12 months pregnant!  And I felt it!!!    I loved it so much and got so turned on,  it happened again........I shot a stream of cum 3-4 feet in the air.......part landing in my eye.  (wear goggles if you do this!)  ..........Man, what a climax!   Looking at the mess all over my belly, rubbing in the cum and not believing how shiny and tight my belly was,  I was satisfied........................ 
         To this day,  I periodically still perform this act, not too often because I still try to stay in shape for a 45 year old..........at 145 lbs and a 30 inch waist,  I really want to keep it that way.  I use an air compressor now instead of a pump, a lot quicker and to my findings,  the body will only accept so much pressure through the naval that you can't burst...........believe me, I've tried to do that!!   I think it's time to share this with others, but want to stress the fact that there aren't but a few who can perform this act.  DON'T TRY IF YOU AREN'T SURE OR YOU DON'T HAVE A PARTNER!!!!        I don't think I would share this with my Mother............ 

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