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fat house part 2
food was everywere on jeffs belly. he was getting stuffed so fast he could not chew. they then blended it a together. at the end jeff was 320lbs. twice his weight. he was getti g feally fat. his moobs bounced as he walked, his belly hung dowh from the fat. he loved it. he finnaly went down the staircase, to find megachubs and feeding tube chambers for them. he wanted to see if they worked, so hee put add 100 lbs. after, he could feel it worked, he was fatter at 420. he waddled to the beds and slept. It was like that. eat eat eat,get fatter, play with yourself and others for hot fun, and sleep. 3 years later he was 693 lbs. Jeff was really obese, but he wanted to be to fat to walk or even waddle. he went to the tube and put in add 4597 lbs. it took 2 years to finish. has was fat. to fat to waddle. but he found out ne was NOT the fattest. the fattest was a 14 year old boy who was 107,494 lbs., a crap ton. Jeff could not walk but unlike the other boy he could roll over if he tried. ne put in add 2,474,940 lbs. years later he came out so fat. ne filled the gaint room. ne was happy, but found it could go higher he maxed it out at add 999,999,999,999,999 lbs for some reason, it took 25 min to do. he was over trillions of pounds of huge sexy fat. to fat to walk, waddle, roll. jeff was so fat he could not move a finger. all ne could do was get fatter and fatter by getting fed by the kids.
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