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fat house part 3, ty and the gaining contest
ty whet to jeffs room because he had a pizza and 2 shakes for a snack. peaple call him mt fat beacause he was so fat he was 100 ft tall. after climeing his rolls of fat he said, heres a small snack my fatboy. jeff is done in a minute. ty then leaves to see the 2 new kids. ty and ben are going to be in a contest! the man said. jeff knew it woulb be good. both the new kids are 133 lbs. lets see which group will become the fattest! ty and ben, ty is 679 lbs. ben is 645lbs. both of you. go to the tube room the go to 700. and remember, NO tube after that, only food stuffings. after he was 700 lbs. He gain so little but felt how much fatter he got. ty and gabe the new were in the stuffing room.ty says your going to be fed, eat and dont stop, today minimum get to 350lbs. as for me I know the drill. he was not telling lies, stuff the kid and stuff him. it was simple but competitive. eat up, he said. ne did, all of it. MORE. of course fatboy, ty said, eating cakes and other foods. 6 hours webt by before they were done. ty was now 898 lbs and gabe was 569 lbs. 269 lbs over the requirment. ty was a 800 pounder but wanted 900. he ate 5 more cakes and was 901. he was so much fatter, with massive moobs and a gut that was to his kees. he could barley waddle. 4 weeks later it was sunday. the last week. ty was 2356 lbs. and gabe was 2167 lbs.. both could not waddle anymore and if he could stand hit belly would be all over the floor. Part 4 last wweek soon!
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