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fat house part one
Jeff was at the park walking outside, when a car pulled up. It was a man in his early 30s, who looked very joyful. he gets out and asked if jeff liked to gain. Jeff was 12, and chubby for his age, at 160lbs. Jeff says yes and the man tells him to get in the car if he wants to be really fat, like 1,000s of pounds. This sounded like a lot so he was thinking not to because it looked sketchy, but he then see's all the chubes in the back of the car. he gets into the car. 30 min later welcome to the fat house! the man said. first thing he saw was chubes of all ages, some to fat to walk. most people came to him to greet him. Hi, Im ty. your so little, he says playing with jeffs tits. you look good to fatten. DINNER all the chubs were smiling. The man then says welcome Jeff to the fat house! for your first day you get 50 pizzas and 3 cakes! Jeff thinks, WHAT, 50 pizzas and 3 cakes!. What you dont eat we feed you, stuff you up, if its to hard to chew so fast we blend it and feed you via tube. He ate 2 pizzas before stoping PART 2 the stuffing coming soon!
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