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Fat Pad
"Still not fat enough!” the man said as he sighs while gazing into the mirror.

Andrew stared into the mirror as the reflection showed a man stuffed in a fat man suit. A suit made of heavy padding to make and feel that of being an actual fat man. He was so into how fat male bodies jiggle and handle the weight so gracefully.

But he wanted to gain the weight of a fat man, alas his body and metabolism won’t allow him to gain the weight. He unzipped the fat suit from the back and the suit crashed upon the floor. He stared again into the mirror and saw that of a 5 foot 11 and 200 pounds of skinny man. Not even enough flabby flesh to produce a starter belly.

He sighed again as he picked up his suit and headed to the bedroom. In his bedroom, there were many pictures of fat guys and shots of their big bellies. Some with clothing and some unclothed. Even a few that was on websites like Bellybuilders and Gainerweb, that was when his love for big bellies really launched off.

"I can’t gain weight due to my body. I can’t get the right padding to make myself look truly fat. It really seems hopeless,” said Andrew.

He started to do some web surfing to take his mind off of the sadness. He logged onto his email account to see the new message from one of the Yahoo groups that supported guys who love to pad themselves fat. He saw a new message that was posted and checked it out; it was like an advertising message and he was ready to delete it from his inbox.
But he decided to read it instead:

‘Best padding suits in the world!!!!! If you ever want to be in a fat person’s shoes, then this is the product for you. For only $12.99, you can get a self inflating pad suit that will give you cushioning pads similar to padding in the heavy fat man suits but with a twist! YOU can make the suit as big and heavy as you desire. Only a simple inflation of air or water and the suit will hold the form for several hours! ACT NOW!’

Andrew thought it over and thought to himself, "What do I have to lose? It is a pretty cheap price for a suit compared all the others I brought and wasn’t fat enough for me.” A smile came over his face as he started to click the link and being his journey to a new fat man suit.

Six weeks later, the package arrived for him. He knew what it was and grew anxious and excited unlike anything he has felt before. The suit came in a plastic wrapping, an invoice, some instructions and a long clear hose. He began to read the instructions as they read "Easy to use suit. Just insert hose into air pump nozzle or nearby water faucet. Insert other end of hose into suit and begin inflation. Pump and/or fill up suit to desired size and then detach from hose, stopper on suit will come out automatically to stop any air or water from leaking out. WARNING…”

"Oh I don’t care about a warning, I know what I need to know.” Andrew said as he threw down the instructions. He did as the paper said to do, first off he thought of doing it air inflation but it would take too long and he was getting anxious by the second! So without much hesitation, he ran into the bathroom and attached the hose into the faucet of the bathtub. He turned the water on a little bit to get the cold and hot warm to work together to get the right kind of warm water to fill the suit.

Slowly but surely the suit started to fill up with water, looking bloated and fat in the belly area first then the chest, arms, legs and other parts of the body. Andrew was able to feel the water rush into the suit like a wave of warm sexual pleasure. The water relaxed his body as the suit form around him, filling up by the second until he looked well over 300 pounds. In a matter of minutes, he looked like a 300 pounder!

He stared into the bathroom mirror with amazement as he played with the soft but squishy fat suit. It felt like a sponge to him as he squeezed and played with it like it was his real fat. "My God! It feels so fucking wonderful,” he said as he played with the love handles of the suit. He could feel his cock buried in the suit getting hard and getting stuck in the suit’s water filled blubber.

He wondered if anyone would notice him at this size now. The suit was ready made for outdoor stuff but he was a bit hesitant. "What if someone notice me and consider me a freak?” he thought to himself. But what would he have to lose? He went ahead and got the custom outfit that went with the suit, a dark gray sweat suit with a hoodie on the shirt so he can hide himself into his suit like a turtle with its shell.

Once he was dressed, he stared again at the mirror and saw a huge gray blob that wasn’t even a hint of what he looked like long ago. He was truly pleased with himself as he headed out the door. Andrew didn’t have a car so he took the bus everywhere and he could feel the heavy weight of the water in the suit slowing down his movement. He felt almost sluggish and it was the greatest feeling he had ever had!

He finally got to the bus stop only a mile down from his house as he panted and huffed like a truly fat man would with his obese girth. He knew why the outfit was a sweatsuit now! There was other bus passengers waiting for the bus as well, he noticed one of them that he usually chat with by the name of Chad. He was a husky hairy guy with a bald head and goatee. Andrew always thought of him as such the hottie but so shy to say anything but hello to him.

He had started to chat with Chad almost a week ago and never looked back on being shy with him again. He wondered if Chad would notice him if he approaches him. "Only one why to find out…” said Andrew under his breath. He walked over to where Chad was sitting almost waddling on the way there.

Chad sat there reading his magazine as Andrew in his fat suit engulfed the sunlight from him to get some attention. "Excuse me sir. You are blocking my light. Can you move, please?” said Chad. Andrew just stood there as he grinned at Chad, "Oh I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean too. Say you are that guy name Chad, right?”

"Yeah? Why you ask? How you know me? I certainly don’t know a big man like you,” said Chad with a puzzled look.

Andrew waddled over to Chad’s side of the bench and started to lift his hoodie up slightly to show some light onto his face. "You know me now?”

"Dear God! Is that you Andrew? What happened? You are so fat! You wasn’t this way yesterday!”

"Welcome to my dream coming true! I got this fat suit where I can go around looking fat and husky like you. I love the feeling here. I hope you don’t mind me fooling you like that,” said Andrew a bit sheepishly.

"Fooling me? Fuck man, you look hot!”

Andrew was a bit floored by the response but at the same time he was truly happy to know he would love him this fat. "I didn’t know you was into guys like this. I should’ve put this suit on me long ago then to get your attention,” Andrew chuckled.

Chad laughed at the statement and replied, "Not at all. I know you would’ve gotten this way either way. You seem to like being a fat boy there. It is what attracted you to me. Right?”

Andrew blushed and nodded in a reply of yes, "Maybe you can come over to my place and we can see what we can do with this fat suit. What you say?”

"Sure man, I know where you live at there since we are both nearby the bus stop. How about later this evening since I am on my way to work?”
Andrew’s eyes grew wide with excitement as he nodded with an excited yes. They both stood up to get ready to get onto the bus, as they were the last on the bus. When Andrew got onto the bus, Chad smack him on his blubbery butt as the fat suit jiggled a little bit from the vibration. That moment alone mad Andrew’s cock twitch under the fat suit as he looked forward to meeting up with Chad later in the evening.

Throughout the day, Andrew was in town as he wandered to food court, buffets and to other public places to see the reactions and disgusted looks from the people as they looked on. Even children stared and pointed at him saying, "Who is that, mommy? He is fat like Santa!” It only made Andrew happier to hear this and wondered if he can push for more size out of his fat suit.

When he finally got home, he wanted to take off the suit but it was so comfortable to him that he decided to keep it on a bit longer. Especially since he has gotten use to the water weight inside the suit, as if it became part of him over that short of time. He went back into the bathroom and noticed the hose to the suit still attached to the tub faucet.

"Maybe I shouldn’t put anymore water in this suit. It is big enough as it is,” Andrew said in his mind but the urge of being another 100 pounds heavier enticed him too much to say no.

CLICK – WHOOOOOOSH! Almost instantly the water flooded into his suit, making it bulge outward at a faster pace than what it was last time. It almost took Andrew by surprise when it happened but he controlled the flow quickly to make sure he was 100 pounds heavier in the suit and no bigger. Andrew was excited and aroused at the thought of what Chad will say when he see him in his suit at 400 pounds!

Luckily for him that once he turned off the water, there was a knock at the door. "Perfect timing,” said Andrew as he sloshed around with his newly filled fat suit.

The suit made him walk even slower than before but he was able to answer the door before the person left. And lucky for him, since it was 

Chad in his tight shirt from the bus stop, which showed off his beefy body and his round ball belly that went well with his biceps. Andrew almost dropped there in the view of Chad at his door but then he wouldn’t be able to get up due to the suit!

"Wow Andrew did you put more into that fat suit! You look even bigger than before,” said Chad as he entered the door and poking at Andrew in his fat suit. Chad’s finger squished into the suit like soft fat dough.

Andrew’s cock twitched yet again with a bit of pre cum leaking out this time but he tried to stay focused on his guest. "Well I can show you where I do the filling up of the suit,” said Andrew as he gestured Chad into the bathroom area of the house.

Chad walked into the bathroom with Andrew waiting there with the hose in his hand. "Gives you any ideas on what you want to do,” said Andrew with a sinister grin.

"Sure do!” said Chad as he grabbed the hose and started to insert the hose into his bellybutton and not Andrew’s attachment valve.
Andrew was puzzled at why Chad did this and then he started to see it happen which he couldn’t believe…Chad was filling up with water just like his fat suit!

Chad smiled a big grin as he started to grow fuller and tighter in his shirt until it finally split apart at the seams straight up the sides. Andrew has gotten seriously hard within the suit as he watched this unfold. For fearing that he might puncture his fat suit with the throbbing meat between his legs, he started to ask Chad, "What’s going on? Are you wearing a fat suit as well?”

"Well yes, I am wearing a fat suit but the thing is that I AM THE FAT SUIT!” said Chad as he chuckled and his rounder ball belly jiggled and sloshed up and down with much intensity.

Andrew was in shock to hear that answer and then he thought about the warning that came with the suit and started to ask Chad another question. 

"What happened to you to become this way?”

"I was wearing the fat suit to see what I would look like with a ball belly on me with these beefy muscles here but I wore it more than 12 hours here and it became part of my body,” said Chad as he started to turn off the water and pull the hose out of his navel.

Andrew paused and then gasps in horror as he looked down at his body. 

He started to take off his shirt and that’s when he saw that his skinny body and the fat suit has become one! The skin tone, the weight, everything was a part of him now. He was now a 400 pounder!

He stared in the bathroom mirror in disbelief as Chad moved behind him and pushed his bigger ball belly against Andrew’s back. "And you know, I was hoping you get a suit like that cause you are so destined to be someone’s big fat boy. Only thing is that you are not fat enough YET!” said Chad as he jammed the hose into the valve of Andrew’s fat suit that was now his very own fat body.

Andrew let out a huge grunt as the water started to flow into his body filling him up bigger and bigger by the second. He knew that he might end up fill up the bathroom with Chad in it but for that moment and that moment alone – he didn’t care, he was someone’s fat boy…

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